4 Best Golden Pastes for Dogs and Buying Guide

Golden paste for dogs has many benefits that you would wish for your dog to get. The golden paste is made by combining turmeric, black pepper, oil, and water to form a paste. The paste can now be combined with food to offer its multiple benefits. It is possible to make golden paste for dogs at home; however, some might not have all the ingredients and thus prefer to buy online.

This is guide is to help you identify the benefits of golden paste for dogs, the top options in the market, and how to choose the best products meant for dogs.

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Benefits of Golden Paste for Dogs

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Anti-inflammatory properties

Inflammation is often a big deal for anyone who owns a dog. This is because inflammation can cause a lot of discomfort in the dog. The worst is when it is chronic discomfort. However, when you use the golden paste for dogs, this problem can be resolved. This is thanks to the various ingredients in the paste that will boost the health of the dog. The ingredients will be ideal for reducing the swelling and eliminate the discomfort.

Good for dogs with cancer

The dog having chronic inflammation can sometimes lead to cancer. The last thing you would want is for your dog to suffer because of cancer. However, there is a chance of reducing the pain by using golden pastes for dogs. The paste contains turmeric, which is important for its antioxidant properties. Still, many people will love it for treating the cancer symptoms naturally. Your dog will be in less pain and will be great in terms playing around in the backyard.

Helps to relieve arthritis pain

As the dog ages, it is likely to have issues such as arthritis. Just as arthritis can be painful in humans, the same applies to the dogs too. It is why you would want to take more precautions to help relieve this pain. Luckily, the golden paste for dogs can a long way in helping deal with this problem. You will notice that after weeks of using golden paste, the dog will no longer have joint problems. The joint swelling will also be down as compared to before.

Good for the digestive health

Issues with digestion in dogs can also be resolved by using the golden paste for dogs. This is because of the many positive reviews that have shown such pastes being good for the digestive health. You can mix the paste in the food to help with its gut. Bowel movements will also be improved and you will like how the dog now responds to food.

It can be used as treats

Many people use treats as a way of rewarding their dogs for good behavior. Well, that is still an option for you to consider when looking at the golden paste for dogs. This is because these products will be flavored. The flavoring is important to boost the overall taste of the product. There is no doubt you will enjoy playing around with the dog in the backyard while at the same time giving it healthy treats.

Top 4 Golden Pastes for Dogs

Our Top Choice

Our Top Pick: Zesty Paw Turmeric Curcumin for Dogs

Product Name: Zesty Paw Turmeric Curcumin for Dogs

Product Description: This is a top choice for anyone looking to boost the digestion in their dogs. They are soft chews that the dog will like to have more often. These chews are a nice blend of natural and organic ingredients that help to promote the joint health. Other than that, the same paste will also boost the immune system of your dog. As such, the dog will fight infections better. The turmeric and curcumin ingredients in the paste also serve an important role of improving the health of the joints. It is why the same product can be used to care for the dogs with joint problems. It works by relieving the joints from the pain and swelling. The results are that your pet can start playing in the backyard once more. Coming from a top brand, we find it easy to like the paste knowing that it will live up to the brand standards. The pets will also like it since it comes with a nice flavor. Administering the paste should no longer be a problem.

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  • Ingredient Quality
  • Comfort
  • Pain relief
  • Value for money


This golden paste for dogs is liked for being versatile. It does come with many uses such as supporting the digestive health and joints alike. After using it for a few months, you should notice that your dog has better health than before.


✔️The paste is good for the digestive health

✔️It can boost the immune system

✔️It is good for the joints


❌It takes longer to start seeing results

Runner’s Up

Amazing Turmeric for Dogs Curcumin Pet Antioxidant

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This type of golden paste for dogs is made to be great for your dog by making it tastier. Dogs always love it when you offer them treats. That is how you can utilize this paste for dogs. Sometimes dogs can be stubborn to taking pills, so chews such as these ones make it easy to administer the paste.

The product is made to be 100% safe for your dog. You will not have to worry about any allergies when giving it to the dog. This golden paste is loved since it will deliver multiple benefits that your dog could use. Some of the benefits include better joint health, digestion support, inflammation relief, and much more.

The past can also help to boost the overall immunity of the dog. This ensures that you never have to keep taking the dog to the vet all the time. As for how much you have to give to the dog, check the label on the bottle. The amount varies depending on the weight of the dog. You should start to see some improvement in your dog’s health within a few weeks.

✔️The golden paste is affordable
✔️It is easy to administer as chews
✔️It tastes good since the dogs love it
❌Some dog breeds experience mild diarrhea after using it

PetHonesty Glucosamine for Dogs

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This golden paste for dogs comes with some of the best ingredients the dog will ever need. The most important which is turmeric acts as a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. The result is that the pet will have a better health when using the paste. Other notable ingredients include glucosamine for rebuilding joints, MSM and chondroitin.

Many have found that this product acts faster as compared to other products in the market. So, after using it for a few weeks, you should notice that the pet’s health gets better. The pet will also be happy because they can work as treats. Each time the dog behaves well, you can offer it as a treat. Just make sure that you do not over do it. Follow the administering instructions as suggested on the label.

✔️It is made of healthy ingredients
✔️It comes with a high amount of important nutrients
✔️The paste is safe for pets as it does not have GMOs
❌Some dog breeds do not like its taste

VET-VIRTUE Tumeric for Dogs

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Being all natural makes this golden paste for dogs stand out as the best. Many people would be comfortable using a safe product for their pets. The product is good for relieving pain in the dog’s joint. Let us say that the dog had an accident that led to an injury to the hip. This product can help with inflammation and help it get better.

The product has been inspected and passed to be safe by the National Animal Supplement Council. This makes the product ideal for your dog as you know it is safe.

The dog will further like the taste that comes with the paste. It is why the product is often used as treats when playing with the dog. The best part is that it will also improve the dog’s immune system. As such, you will not have to keep taking the pet to a vet for some ailments which could be prevented.

If your dog has digestive issues, consider using this product. This is because the turmeric ingredient will do a good job of ensuring the dog’s digestive health gets better in no time.

✔️The product is affordable for many to get
✔️It is highly effective
✔️It is good for joints and digestion
❌Small quantity. You have to keep refilling more often

How to Choose the Best Golden Paste for Dogs

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The ingredients

The ingredients will often determine the effectiveness of the product. A must have ingredient is turmeric. This is an important ingredient because of the many health benefits it has to offer. It is liked for being anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Look at the other types of ingredients that have been listed to see if they will be good for your dog. No one wants ingredients that are likely to trigger allergies in the dog.


The amount of the golden paste is important for someone who plans to use it for a long time. It is best to consider the golden paste that comes in more quantity. You do not want to keep on going back for more when sometimes it is not an option. You should try it out first in small quantities before investing in getting the product in large quantities. Sometimes your dog might be selective about the type of golden paste it can eat.

The flavor

Just like any other thing the dog has to eat; its flavor is important. The type of flavor will affect the dog’s reaction to the golden paste. Look at what the manufacturer claims to be the flavor before buying the paste. Most are likely to have a chicken flavor that the pet loves. Whichever the flavor, try it out first before buying more of the product.


Reviews about any golden paste for dogs is important. It helps to understand if the product works or not. It is why you should consider reading more reviews of a product first. If the product has a lot of negative reviews, then you would take caution before paying for such a product.

Ease of administering

It is always important to consider how you would administer the golden paste for dogs. Sometimes you might have to consider mixing the paste in the food to help the dog eat it. Some dogs can be selective when it comes to feeding them the golden paste. If the paste can be mixed with food, then you should be good to go.

In Summary

Getting the best golden paste for dogs can be something great for your pet to enjoy. Considering that golden pastes for dogs have many health benefits, it is more reason to get some today. Make sure that you look at the different ingredients in the product before buying. Do not buy a product that is likely to harm your pet. From the list above, it should be easy to find a great product for your pet.