7 Doggie Backpacks for Small Dogs

A dog backpack is actually a pet carrier that helps to carry the dog whenever you go out for a trip and you do not have the ability to keep him up. We have here the list of the doggie backpacks for small dogs. The dog backpack carrier that we have maybe supported by your back. Moreover, all of these products are generally suitable for small dogs with a weight that can be supported easily.

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Tips on Using the Doggie Backpacks for Small Dogs

Doggie backpacks for small dogs are one of the most beneficial items for dogs. Basically, this essential product of your furry buddy helps them to be happier as they enjoy being with you during your trip. They may also feel rewarded every time you bring them along with your daily walks.

Moreover, there are various ways on how to use the doggie backpacks for small dogs. The use of these backpacks to hold your pooch generally depends on the dog backpack design. Below are some helpful tips in using the doggie backpacks for small dogs.

  1. The dog backpack must include a cloth that is both removable and washable.
  2. There should be a safety collar included for preventing your pet to escape.
  3. Using the doggie backpacks for small dogs is like hitting two birds with one stone. There are actually some dog backpacks that are also used as a car seat.
  4. During your travel, the dog carriers can also be used as doggie backpacks for small dogs.
  5. Opt for a doggie backpack that is generally comfortable for your pet once they’re inside.

Basically, the recommended tips are just short, however, bear in mind that going after the doggie backpacks for small dogs highly depends on your need and own preference.   

Things to Consider When Buying the Doggie Backpacks for Small Dogs

Like other dog products, doggie backpacks for small dogs entail some important features. Below are the things that you must consider when you opt to buy this dog product.

Dog’s body type and personality

Generally, what makes the dog unique from each other are their body types. There are some breeds that come longer and sleeker. Yet, others may be shorter and sturdy. Furthermore, a good doggie backpack for one dog might not be better for the other.

Small dog breeds who have delicate limbs may find it helpful to use a dog carrier that permits them to sit and look over the mesh side. On the other hand, dogs having long bodies and sleeker necks may need a backpack carrier that let them stick out their head. Also, dogs that are wiggly inside the backpack require the one that has a leg-out or head-out design.  

Airline Approved

It is generally important to look for the “Airline Approved” tag or the TSA Certification when you buy a doggie backpack. Don’t forget to take note or get any fine print if necessary. One good advice is to call the airline and verify their regulations regarding travelling with your pet. Moreover, it is better to check the flight ahead of time to mitigate further complications.


Generally, choosing to buy the doggie backpacks for small dogs might entail a backpack design that might get into your body easily. And, an ergonomic design doggie backpack may maintain your body position in an extended hour. Basically, you like to have straps that can curve in order to follow your body angles.

Additionally, you may also benefit from a well-balanced backpack which means that the position of your dog will be maintained. Aside from that, some muscles of your body won’t get over-pressured. Moreover, you don’t need to wear the doggie backpack most of the time because it may throw your back once you did it.


There are numbers of doggie backpacks for small dogs that have features lining up with the comfort of your pooch. Having a dog backpack doesn’t need you to carry a separate regular purse. Also, bear in mind that your pet also needs a water bottle as you have him during your travel. This simply means that the doggie backpack must have any pockets in it.


Basically, regardless of the type of dog backpack, you are opting for, just make sure that your pet would get much air they need. However, in terms of breathability, the dog backpack must be both breathable for you and your dog. Remember that carrying your dog means to use a carrier that provides proper ventilation on your body.

Aside from that, carrying your dog on a backpack may sometimes let you feel that you are carrying a personal heater with you. So, knowing this means that you must have to look for a dog backpack that has well-padded mesh or breathable fabric material. Generally, this will allow carrying your pet for the long trip session.  

Adjustable Leg and Head Openings

Keep in mind that a good doggie backpack must have adjustable strap feature on the shoulder, leg and head openings. This feature generally guarantees to make your pet safe and comfortable while inside the backpack. Just remember to go in the middle as adjusting it too tight may limit the circulation but making it too much space may result to risk safety.

Chest Carrier

Another important feature to consider is the chest carrier option which will generally allow you to see the status of your pet inside the dog carrier. However, considering this feature means that the dog will always be one of your business. Basically, you are not allowed to make your regular range of motion and you will have a compromised balance.

List of Doggie Backpacks for Small Dogs

OUR TOP PICK: Texsens Pet Backpack

Product Name: Texsens Pet Backpack

Product Description: The first on the list of our doggie backpacks for small dogs is the Texsens Pet Backpack that can help you to take care of your awesome pooch during your road trip. Using the Texsens Pet Backpack allows you to enjoy and incorporate some more fun on your holiday travel with your pet. Moreover, this one of the doggie backpacks for small dogs is a perfect partner to carry your pets along with your adventure. This Texsens Pet Backpack is generally suitable for small dogs, cats, and other small to medium-sized pets. With its dimensions of 12.6 x 11.8 x 16.14 inches in terms of length, width and height, this one example of doggie backpacks for small dogs can perfectly hold small dogs up to those weighing 15-pound. The material is made of PVC mesh and Oxford.

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  • Comfort
  • Sturdiness
  • Stretch
  • Durability



Texsens Pet Backpack is highly suitable for puppies and small dogs weighing 8 pounds. Moreover, an 11-pound dog can also fit comfortably on this one of the doggie backpacks for small dogs. With small ventilation screens at its side, the backpack is easy to carry in ways – as a backpack through its padded straps or through its firm handle on its top.


  • Very satisfying

  • Durable

  • Can excellently hold the pets during their travel


  • Most people are just using this backpack as cat carrier


Petsfit Soft Pet Backpack

doggie backpacks for small dogs

The Petsfit Soft Pet Backpack has a mesh window for the purpose of providing a safe, well-ventilated, and visible doggie backpacks for small dogs. It also has sturdy straps around the shoulder which come in an adjustable style. Aside from that, there is a grip handle feature as well giving a more comfortable carry. A waist strap and chest strap are present to make the carrying of the backpack much easier.

Aside from that, there is a front and top entrance to let the dog in. To let the pet feel more comfortable, a soft fleet mat is there at the bottom. The fabric comes from Oxford cloth and the lining is from polyester material. All the materials used for this doggie backpacks for small dogs produce no harm to pets.

Key Feature

  • There is a leash present inside which connects the collar of the pet
  • Contains removable pad at the base of the backpack
  • Has side pockets to easily store snacks and toys
  • Straps on the shoulder, chest or hip are padded for comfortable carrying and adjustability
  • The zipper is durable which comes from the metal slider and nylon teeth
  • Two-way entry and exit feature – the top and front openings
  • Collapsible to fold for storing flatly
  • Offers a good ventilation


Measuring 13(L) x 11(W) x 17(H) inches, Petsfit Soft Pet Backpack features straps around the chest and waist. This is generally for the purpose of bearing the weight of your pet. Moreover, this example of the doggie backpacks for small dogs is basically suitable for small dogs weighing 15 pounds and below.

  • Comfortable to carry
  • Zipper is easy to open to conveniently poke the head out
  • Zipper on the bottom of the backpack is somehow weak
  • No extra compartments for additional storage

PetAmi Dog Backpack

doggie backpacks for small dogs

The PetAmi Dog Backpack, which is also another doggie backpacks for small dogs offers comfort during travel. It has structured sturdy bottom and various mesh windows to experience a good airflow and excellent view. There are also two access points to provide convenience in terms of pet’s entrance and exit.

Moreover, for safety and security purposes of this kind of the doggie backpacks for small dogs, it includes a buckle and leash. This security feature also helps your pet to prevent from escaping. Aside from that, there is also a padded shoulder strap that is highly breathable.

In order to utilize and maximize the use of the safety leash and buckle, the mesh window can be zipped up easily. Generally, this offers the dog more room and visibility thus providing your pet with a comfortable carrying bag. This one example of doggie backpacks for small dogs highly offers a sturdy construction for more pet security.

Key Feature

  • Conveniently fits small dogs and other small to medium-sized pets like cats
  • Has two-way easy access
  • With zip-up mesh windows
  • Includes safety straps and buckles for pet security and pet escape prevention
  • With side pouches and front pockets
  • Made of durable high-grade polyester to produce a lasting experience
  • Comes in 9 different colors to choose from


Since this one example of doggie backpack for small dogs is generally suitable for small dogs and even small to medium cats. The PetAmi Dog Backpack can let you take your dog in any place easily and stylishly. Many pet owners enjoy the well-ventilated style of this doggie backpacks for small dogs for providing lots of airflows. It has two entry portals for all-easy and comfortable access.

  • Airline approved
  • Can hold dog’s weight of up to 18 pounds
  • Zipper easily breaks
  • The bottom pad is too narrow
  • Uncomfortable to carry

K9 Sack Dog Backpack

doggie backpacks for small dogs

Another best example of the doggie backpacks for small dogs is the K9 Sack Dog Backpack. This is a great backpack for travelling and letting your dog grow closer safely, easily, and comfortably. A good feature of this doggie backpacks for small dogs is that it is an airline-friendly pet carrier. Generally, the K9 Sack Dog Backpack is extremely safe for your small pooch with excellent durability and great looking style.

The K9 Sack Dog Backpack basically fits small dogs weighing 30 pounds and less. Chihuahua, Maltese, Papillion, Pomeranian, and Teacup Yorkie are the most common breeds that extremely hold by this example of doggie backpacks for small dogs. Aside from that, it can also hold even the chubby Frenchies or Corgi.

Key Feature

  • Available in all shapes and sizes which fit from the size of the Yorkie up to big built Frenchies or Corgi
  • Backed up with a 60-day Quality Guarantee
  • Comes with accurate sizing


Generally, this example of the doggie backpacks for small dogs allows you to experience hiking or biking in more enjoyable activities. It is approved by the vet as a travel carrier for most dog breeds. This makes the K9 Sack Dog Backpack the best buy.

  • Approved by the vet as a travel carrier
  • Can be used in hiking, biking, motorcycling, and other activities
  • Straps easily detach
  • For short legged dogs only

Outward Hound Dog Backpack

doggie backpacks for small dogs

Actually, Outward Hound Dog Backpack’s main purpose is to carry your pet in the front body area while you’re out. It creates a safe, easy, and comfortable carrier for your pet. Yet, the more exciting feature is that it can also hold small dog breeds and other small animals and use it as a backpack.

Generally, this one example of doggie backpacks for small dogs is perfect to hold small to medium-sized dogs. The weight capacity of the Outward Hound Dog Backpack is around 10 to 20 pounds. Moreover, in order to keep your dog cool while inside the backpack, Outward Hound Dog Backpack has mesh siding to provide a better airflow from the outside.

In terms of durability, the material of the backpack comes from water-resistant nylon fabric. There is also an inner safety harness present for the purpose of additional security to the dog. It can be clipped comfortably to the dog’s collar while inside this doggie backpacks for small dogs.

All-in-all, Outward Hound Dog Backpack snugly fits in every small dog and other small animals for the purpose of pet’s safe containment. Bear in mind, that to guarantee more safe travel using this one type of doggie backpacks for small dogs, the pets should be seated inside.

Key Feature

  • Comes in various sizes: Small – 12 x 7-inch (Height when seated x Width); Medium – 15 x 10-inch (Height when seated x Width)
  • Contains mesh windows for cooling your dogs
  • Has nylon fabric that is water-resistant to have more durability
  • Includes inner safety harness for extra security


The thing that makes the Outward Hound Dog Backpack stands out from the rest is the presence of mesh sides to achieve better airflow. Straps, a back portion, and bottom layer have pads to give comfort to the dog and to your shoulder as well. The water-resistant nylon generally maintains your pet dry inside the backpack. Because of these amazing features, Outward Hound Dog Backpack is perfect to carry small dogs.

  • Quite roomy
  • Sturdy
  • Great looking
  • Excellent for walking
  • Great for biking
  • The clip easily breaks

Pawaboo Dog Backpack Carrier

Another great example of doggie backpacks for small dogs is the Pawaboo Dog Backpack Carrier which has a high-quality front panel for a safe and comfortable pet carrying. It is generally applicable for various outside activities like hiking, shopping or camping giving you an enjoyable hands-free carrying approach. This backpack is generally suitable for small dogs weighing 15 pounds and below.

The style of this doggie backpacks for small dogs is very considerate and detail-oriented. Pawaboo Dog Backpack Carrier aims to give more comfort for your pet by having both legs and tail-out style. Aside from that, it includes a zipper and elastic openings for more comfort. The quick-release buckles guarantee the fast installation for added pet security.

For more comfort and durability, this doggie backpacks for small dogs went innovative developments such as shoulder pads thickening and breathable mesh. Generally, you can easily wear this doggie backpacks for small dogs through a two-way application method. You can enjoy having a trip with your pooch either by carrying it through your shoulder like a backpack or front pet carrier. Or, you can hold it on the sponge pad by having a more comfortable grip on the thickened handle.

Key Features

  • Highly suitable for a small to medium-sized pet weighing 15 pounds and below
  • Have detail-oriented design emphasizing the legs-out and tail-out style
  • Includes a hoop and loop plus zipper and elastic openings for a more comfortable fit
  • Includes quick-release buckles over the tips of the straps for quick installation
  • Utilizes upgraded breathable mesh and material out of polyester fiber for durability and comfortability
  • Two-way applications – the hands-free shoulder carry either on front or backside and the hand-carry style through thickened sponge pad for easy grip


Having eight various patterns and three available sizes, Pawaboo Dog Backpack Carrier is one of the best doggie backpacks for small dogs. A breathable material made up this backpack for more durability and optimal comfort. Due to these excellent features, Pawaboo Dog Backpack Carrier is the best pick legs-out backpack for small dogs.

  • Well-made
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Great for little dogs
  • No other way of security but the zipper alone

CozyCabin Comfortable Pet Backpack Dog Carrier

The CozyCabin Comfortable Pet Backpack Dog Carrier is one of the doggie backpacks for small dogs that has adjustable straps for ease of carrying. This dog backpack has excellent features including optimal accessibility, ease of storage and comfort in travelling, safety, and convenience. Using this doggie backpacks for small dogs, your little pooch will surely enjoy the joy ride. The materials of CozyCabin Comfortable Pet Backpack Dog Carrier come from polyester and padding for additional sturdiness and durability.

Moreover, this backpack has three available sizes that are all applicable for both indoor and outdoor use. The top and front pockets are highly comfortable to ensure better airflow and ease of checking your pooch inside. For a good rest and safety traveling, the inside part of this doggie backpacks for small dogs is made of soft materials.

It is very easy to wear due to its straps that are generally adjustable which may relieve pain along the shoulder over the long time trip. Additionally, it this backpack has an adjustable strap around the waist of the user to provide pet’s safety and stability. Another good feature of the CozyCabin Comfortable Pet Backpack Dog Carrier is its scratch-resistant and high-quality canvas structure.

CozyCabin Comfortable Pet Backpack Dog Carrier is pretty much perfect as a shoulder backpack. It snugly fits small dogs, cats, and other small pets. Basically, this doggie backpacks for small dogs can be used for outdoor activities like hiking, walking, and traveling. Your little furry buddy will really enjoy this cute and lovely nest.

Key Features

  • Available in various dimensions
  • Generally applicable for most small dog breeds such as Chihuahua, Mini Pinscher, Mini Poodle, Mini Schnauzer, Mini Teddy, Pomeranian, Yorkshire, and even cats
  • Presence of adjustable drawstring in the front hole depending on the size of your pet
  • The materials come from premium quality alternating mesh fabric and oxford fabric
  • With soft straps that are generally adjustable on the shoulder to reduce shoulder pain
  • Have inner buckle for additional pet protection


Made with premium quality alternating mesh and oxford fabric, the CozyCabin Comfortable Pet Backpack Dog Carrier can accommodate small dogs weighing 12 pounds and below. Its inner buckle basically connects the dog’s collar for added security. Aside from that, the mesh sides allow you to see the inside and let your pet peeks out as you travel. Due to this, the CozyCabin Comfortable Pet Backpack Dog Carrier is perfect for as head out backpack for small dogs.

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • With adjustable straps
  • Includes safety interior buckle
  • Straps easily detach
  • No bottom support which makes the pet sink
  • No provided support for the person carrying it

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Generally, using a dog backpack has a main goal of carrying the pup along your back. Knowing this, you need to go after a dog backpack that provides comfort for both you and your dog. There must be an adjustable feature won’t allow the pup to sink in and lose the space.


A: Basically, the best method to hold your puppy is putting both hands on your pet’s chest just behind the front legs. Immediately take out one hand in order to give support on the rear. Moreover, let your other hand stay on the front legs giving support on the chest. Cradle the puppy using both arms in order to support his body.


A: Keep in mind not to hold your dog back as your own dog. Or else, the dog may want you to carry them most of the time. Most of all, the dog generally needs exercise. They won’t get that exercise if the dog will be carried on constantly. But the truth is, carrying your dog everywhere most often will basically spoil him.


A: Generally, the dogs have a various feeling of holding them because they were provided to something unnecessary the moment they are in the arms of their owner. This has something to do with nail’s trimming or handling them roughly. Actually, dogs really don’t mind of holding them, yet they are not fond of picking them up.


A: Remember that the dog’s aggressiveness once being scooped up means that he has something to communicate to you that he doesn’t really want. Moreover, there is number of dogs that don’t like to be held. Yet, there are some that are fond of it, and few simply tolerate it. In case the dog is aggressive, immediately contact a veterinarian. Bear in mind that the dog’s aggression is a trait that might be hard to control on your own.

Final Thoughts

The doggie backpacks for small dogs generally help to let your dog enjoy the daily walks or the weekend trip on a long-distance place. These products have designs that aim to give protection, comfort, and safety to your dog as you travel together. In terms of buying this dog product, there are essential things that you must take into account. These things include the design, presence of pockets, materials, and other features that come with it.

Aside from that, in terms of dog backpacks, buying a high-quality one is the best option for investment over a long time. Instead of opting for an affordable one, it is even better to invest your money on a dog backpack that maintains its durability in the long run.