Are Akitas Good Guard Dogs?

There is a thin line between a guard dog and a non-guard dog. Personally, I don’t believe that comes down to purely what breed they are.

That being said, there are certain dog breeds that excel at guarding, whether that be due to the dogs’ loyalty or the curious nature of it.

If you wish for a guard dog, you must make sure that your dog is trained accordingly. But that being said, it is worth looking into the nature of your dog to see how easily the dog can be trained. 

But the question is, are Akita’s good guard dogs? Akita are well recognized for their loyalty, bravery, and attention to detail. Akita’s were originally bred to be guard dogs, due to their skepticism of others.

The devotion of this dog is well-known, the tale of Hachiko is the most famous Akita story. This dog was dubbed the ‘most loyal dog in the world’.

Every day, Hachiko would wait at the train station for his owner after work. One day, his owner passed away suddenly while in work.

For almost a decade, Hachiko waited at the train station every day for his owner, until he, too, eventually passed away.

Yeah! Super sad but damn don’t you wish you had a dog as loyal as Hachiko.


Originally bred as hunting dogs, these dogs were also used for guarding royalty and nobility in feudal Japan.

These dogs are described ad independent, persistent and alert, these are all traits that are desirable in working dogs.

Being a long distance runner and a silent hunter due to their background and history, being a big dog but not massive, and they also aren’t overly vocal, compared to the likes of a husky for example.

So, we had a medium-sized dog that is not overly vocal, which is good news for the neighbors.

Being super curious by nature, these dogs are known as little detectives, always being super aware of their surroundings, Akita bred dogs will go to the next mile to ensure their family is safe.

Being naturally protective by nature due to the high levels of loyalty.

These breeds of dogs are naturally quite skeptical of new people, which is key for guard dogs. These dogs do however require a level of socialization to help prevent unneeded aggression to both people and other dogs.  

Physical Traits

These dogs are rather sturdy in their build, and you cannot forget the cute curled tail. Looking balanced in height and equipped with well-balanced proportions.

Male Akita’s stand between 25–27 inches in height, and the females coming in a little shorter at 22–25 inches.

Both genders can weigh between 55-75 pounds in weight. So, if an intruder broke in, the dog will be big enough to scary them!  

Dog Maintenance

With larger breeds like Akita, I cannot stress this enough, they require a lot of maintenance, and they are not for first time owners.

They are short-double coated dogs, likes huskies, so their coat needs to be brushed a minimum of once a week, regular grooming which be expected as well.

Akita, as a breed, are known for having issues with their teeth as well, so regular teeth cleaning is expected, a couple of times a week is expected.

Also, issues with ears can also be expected, so start cleaning them as a pup to get them comfortable with the process.  Being a larger dog, a higher level of exercise is also expected.

One walk day isn’t going to be enough. Being a high energy dog, without reaching the required amount of exercise, the dog will become frustrated and take it out on your home! 

A higher quality of food is expected, keep the dog mouth away from human food and keep their diet clean.

These dogs need to be socialized as a puppy, due to their skeptical nature, they are prone to aggressive behavior if not socialized at a young age.

These dogs are extremely strong-willed and are quite difficult to train, high levels of dog training s education are required. You must be constant while training this breed of dog.

Also, due to the background and double-coated nature of this dog, they do not do well in heat.

If you live in a hotter climate, think is it smart to purchase this breed? Or is it cruel? Also, Akita’s are quite mouthy, especially as pups.

So, if you have younger kids, consider whether you have the facilities to deal with this. It is advising to have older children with an Akita dog.

Due to the tall and heavy nature, even a slight movement of the dog could cause a toddler to be knocked down.

Younger kids tend to lack the understanding that quick movements and noises, the dog may see at a threat. Also, younger kids are prone to grab dogs and get into their personal space.

Akita’s are prone to aggression, sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry.  

With Other Animals

Akita’s are known for their dominating nature, so maybe it is best to keep your home a ‘one dog only’ home.

They are known to be aggressive with other dogs, if you are desperate for another dog, Akita’s are known to be more tolerant of the same breed but different sex, this helps avoid power struggles.

Akita’s also struggle with different breeds due to their top dog nature, they also have a high prey urge so smaller dogs and cats they cannot co habit with. 

Akita also consider birds, chickens, and other smaller animals as meals, so they are unable to live with them either. 

Higher levels of supervision are essential with this breed, especially in unfamiliar settings.

They needed to be socialized with other animals early on, if they are continuously socials with another dog, potentially then they will be able to co habit.

Just remember to put temporary physical boundaries like a face shield. Continuous socialization is required for Akita’s to accept anyone into their pact, animals, and humans.  


Akita is a loyal dog, one of the most loyal. Also, on the quieter side. Their skeptical nature is ideal for a guard dog, these dogs are intelligent, caring, and loving.

As all working dogs, they require a constant training, but the reward is phenomenal. I would remember that all guard dogs in general are NOT for first time dog owners.

Akita’s are not the exception, they are definitely a one dog only home due to their aggressive nature. With the correct training and socializing, Akita’s are good guard dogs.



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