Are Dobermans Good Guard Dogs?

Are Dobermans Good Guard Dogs

Dobermans are one of the most high energy breeds that require a lot of exercise. Their larger stature also makes them synonymous with guard dogs.

Dobermans have a naturally fierce and loyal nature, meaning they are often used to guard property or for other working means. But does this mean they are actually good at this job?

Are Dobermans Good Guard Dogs?

The answer of course is that yes, Dobermans make fantastic guard dogs!

These dogs have several fantastic qualities that lend themselves well to this profession.

They are naturally lean animals, with a very slim physique. They have bundles of energy, which means they need a lot of exercise to stay healthy. They also have a very keen sense of smell and hearing.

Dobermans also have the right kind of temperament for being guard dogs. These dogs are highly loyal, and are very willing to protect your family as their pack.

They are highly alert and will be fearless in the wake of intruders.

Dobermans tend to be very obedient, and are one of the easier breeds to train because of this and because of their intelligence.

Interestingly, Dobermans also make fantastic family pets. They get on well with children, and can make a highly affectionate companion for all the family.

Today, we’re going to take a more in depth look at the Doberman breed and its temperament to see whether they make a great guard dog.

Are Dobermans Protective Of Their Owners?

Yes, Dobermans are protective of their owners. In fact, this breed is highly loyal, and will work fearlessly to protect their pack.

As a valued member of your family, a Doberman will work hard to keep you all protected from intruders.

They will be more than willing to act aggressively towards intruders if they feel that these would be a threat to you and your family.

It is also worth noting that if you opt for a female Doberman, she will be more likely to bond with a single person rather than the whole family.

Males will be more likely to bond with the whole family, however, they will need to mature for longer before they are suitable for training.

If you are looking for a highly loyal dog that will make an excellent guard dog, then a Doberman is the perfect choice for you and all the family.

What Is A Better Guard Dog: German Shepherds Or Dobermans?

Are Dobermans Good Guard Dogs

When it comes to determining which is the best guard dog out of these two breeds, it can be a difficult distinction to make. That’s because both dogs have been bred with guarding and protection in mind.

So they both have excellent traits that make them the perfect fit for the job. Ultimately it will come down to personal preference between the two breeds.

Both German shepherds and Dobermans are highly intelligent breeds that are easy to train. The only thing to bear in mind is that these are working dogs, so will require a lot of exercise to stay happy and healthy.

If you aren’t able to give your dog the proper amount of exercise, they could become destructive around the home.

Out of the two breeds, German shepherds tend to be the more popular as pets. However, Dobermans make equally brilliant guard dogs and family pets, so will be an excellent choice for your home.

Dobermans will be better suited to owners who have a large property for them to run around and guard. This will ensure that your pet gets the sufficient amount of exercise they need to stay happy and healthy.

Can Dobermans Be Protection Dogs?

Yes, Dobermans can be trained to be protection dogs. It’s important to note that this is different from being a guard dog.

Whereas guard dogs are trained to guard your property, protection dogs are trained to obey your every command.

A high amount of loyalty and obedience is required in order to become a protection dog, so Dobermans more than fit the bill.

Protection dogs are fantastic at identifying who is and isn’t a part of the family, so you won’t have to worry about them accidentally biting someone they shouldn’t.

So Dobermans will make excellent protection dogs because of their intelligence and obedience, as well as how easy they are to train.

You will need to ensure that they are given the proper training so that they can become efficient protection dogs that obey your every command.

Why Do Police Use German Shepherds Instead Of Dobermans?

So if both German shepherds and Dobermans are fantastic guard dogs, why are they both not used as police dogs?

The answer is of course because Dobermans have a degree of independence to their temperament.

Whereas a German shepherd will happily repeat an action they have been taught, a Doberman will think about how they can make the process more efficient.

This of course means that it is easier for police to train German shepherds to follow the same methods, whereas Dobermans could be a little trickier in this professional respect.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Dobermans are any less an efficient guard dog. These dogs are naturally fast, so will be able to reach any intruders on your property in a pinch.

You will be able to rely on your Doberman to alert you to any threats that are nearby, and to do so in an efficient manner.

Dobermans are highly intelligent, which of course lends themselves well to being both guard dogs and protection dogs.

In Summary

So there you have it! Dobermans actually make fantastic guard dogs, and have even been bred with this and protection in mind.

These dogs are naturally more lithe and lean, and have a physique that lends itself well to the job of being a guard dog. They also have the proper temperament for being guard dogs, and are highly intelligent animals.

If you’re having difficulty choosing between a Doberman and a German shepherd, then there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t choose a Doberman.

This is a highly intelligent breed that has many fantastic qualities that lends itself well to guarding.

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