Are German Shepherds Good Guard Dogs?

The sponsor dog of guard dogs, you say guard dog, you picture a German Shepherd. ‘German shepherd live for their master’ to what degree is this true?

Now let’s address this, no dog lives for their owner, all dogs require a level of training and mutual understanding. But why are German shepherds so desirable ad guard dogs? Loyalty.

German shepherds are intelligent, trainable and super athletic. The innate breed characteristics shepherds have, makes for excellent guard dogs. Usually trained in high risk scenarios like police work, shepherds remain calm under pressure.

Shepherd have natural protective instincts, especially for the trainer (shepherds typically form a strong attachment to one person), they tend to get possessive over them.

Shepherds are notorious for being quick learners, with the correct training, your German shepherd with respect you and your family, so keeping you safe will become their goal. 


These dogs bark, a lot, very rarely will a German shepherd not be vocal. A bonus, their bark is intimating. As a German shepherd, they have a protective nature for anyone they think are in their pact.

If properly introduced to your kids, they will love them! German shepherds treat kids as their own pups.  Make sure to correctly socialize your kids with the dog, make sure the kids are aware of the boundaries, be more vigilant during the dogs’ puppy days. 

Also equipped with a keen sense of smell, this is one of the reasons they are sought out by the police force. German shepherds are known for their confidence, which is a key skill for a guard dog. 

Male German shepherds are more territorial, anything in your garden that shouldn’t be, your male shepherd will let you know. Female shepherds are more protective, especially of younger children.

So when deciding which sex you require, chose according. Although German shepherds are intelligent and quick to learn, they still require a mass amount of training.

Consistent training is a must for this working breed.  Being socialized with other dogs are a must. Due to the protective nature of these animals, being socialized at a young age will teach them that not ever dog is a threat.    

Physical Traits

Considered the super dog of the canine world, these dogs are stocky. Their appearance is that of physical capabilities, they are designed to be strong, agile, and muscular.

The nose is long which helps with their tracking abilities, their ears are erect which helps with their hearing. Ranging from 24-26 inches in height and weighing in at about 85-95 lbs, yeah, they are big dogs.

Due to the police background, German shepherds are known for being intimidating, if I was to break into a home, and I saw a German shepherds I’d leave. 

Dog Maintenance

German shepherds are high maintenance dogs, they are double-coated dogs, like huskies. You need to invest in a good, sturdy brush, in fact get a couple.

Regular grooming will help keep their coat healthy, matting is a big issue for the breed. Always give your dog a heavy brush after a walk to prevent build of mud, dirt and if it has been raining, if matting is left untended it can become quite painful for the dog.

Being a working breed, German shepherds are not a couch potato, these dogs require a lot of exercise, without a doubt at least two houses a day.

These dogs require proper attention and commitment, training is one of the best ways to exercise your dog. Due to the intelligent nature of these dogs, they always want to learn new things, so training is perfect for keeping them mentally stimulated.

As a German Shepherd owner myself, it’s worth noting that, these dogs do not know when to quit, so it is up to you as their owner to call it quit once they are showing signs to be tired. 

Hip dysplasia is one of the most common issues for German shepherds, make sure to have regular vet visits and to keep a close eye on their back legs as they tend to go first.

These dogs are quite aloof by nature, but I still recommended socializing as a pup, especially if they are in only dog household. Also, they are quite mouthy and are rough players, do be prepared, especially when they are younger. 

With Other Animals

German shepherd dogs are surprisingly okay with other dogs. Being a pact dogs, they are social dog then prefers living with company. Due to their aloof nature, meeting other dogs for the first time.

There are exceptions to this, German shepherd dogs can display aggressive behavior to other dogs, especially if they are feeling territory over their owners.

Knowing how your dog is with other dogs is vital, especially with bigger breeds like German shepherds. Knowing your dog’s backgrounds if you have recently got them, especially if they have not got a happy history.

Every dog is different, German shepherds tend to prefer bigger dogs as it is easier to play with them. For example, my own dog isn’t good with other dogs due to his history in the pound, but because he’s rather small (for a GSH), he would be outwardly aggressive to dogs bigger than him.

He knows he won’t win if they fought back. Every dog is different, know them before taking them out of their comfort zones. Smaller animals are a no-go, having a high prey count, there is no guarantee they can be trusted. 


German shepherds are highly intelligent animals, they are quick to learn and eager to please. They are highly energetic animals that require a lot of work. They are protective and guarded, which make for great guard dogs.

Not only that, but they are also capable of working with other dogs, for that extra protection. But they are working breed dogs, they are not going to be perfect guard dogs overnight, I would not recommend getting this dog if you are a first time dog owner. Always educate yourself before getting any dog. 

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