15 Best Dog Breeds for Babies and Toddlers – Friendly Pets Here!

Dogs make great companions to their adult masters. But how about babies and toddlers? With the right breed, you can find a fitting accomplice for your little one’s cute mischiefs. Also, they make great nannies when you’re busy in the kitchen or squeezing chores while your furry friend is entertaining your baby. With this, you need to find the best dog breeds for babies and toddlers.

Also, studies found that being exposed to dogs or cats in the first year of life of an infant can help reduce allergies. About 48% of infants exposed to furry pets are less likely to develop asthma and other sensitivities. Dogs are also great companions to children with autism.

Here, the Mayo Clinic tells us why dogs are good for babies and basically all of us:

Your family is just about to get bigger with the addition of these furry buddies on your crew:

1.      Golden Retriever

Topping our list of the best dog breeds for babies and toddlers is none other than the sweetheart of the animal kingdom: Golden Retrievers. This breed is a long-time favorite among families due to its extremely friendly and intelligent nature.

Goldies are also goofy dogs that always want to please its owners. Even as a large breed, they often think that they are lapdogs. So the next time they try to sit on your lap, it’s just them giving you some snuggles.

When it comes to babies and toddlers, Golden Retrievers will be cuddly siblings. They tolerate rough-housing, making them the ultimate family pet across ages, activity level, and lifestyle.

Goldies are easy-going dogs with a big heart. You just have to deal with their intense shedding.

best dog breeds for babies and toddlers

2.      Labrador Retriever

The cousin breed of Goldies, Labrador Retrievers has a characteristic not too different from the first breed. Labs are gentle, friendly, brilliant, and one of the famous dog breeds in the U.S.

This doggo bonds with everyone in the family, including babies and growing toddlers. Their energy level also makes an excellent pair to feisty kids who want to burn it in the yard.

Also, Labs are ideal for families who have an active and outgoing lifestyle. This pooch loves swimming and the outdoors, plus they need ample exercise to prevent obesity.

Remember, though, that Labs are athletic and they always want to be busy on something. If given enough exercise, they won’t mind the tight hugs and pinching from your little one.

3.      Bulldog

Don’t be fooled by the intensity of their looks! Bulldogs may look intimidating, but they are total sweethearts that will guard your baby. These stocky dogs love attention and playtime, which is something your child is more than willing to give.

Bulldogs are typically docile and quiet, so you don’t have to worry about them playing with your kid. However, never mix a Bulldog with other canines, or they will become territorial. If you’re keen to raise them in a multi-dog household, early socialization with other dogs is the key.

Also, before you let them play with your toddler, make sure that you have wiped the drool as Bulldogs tend to dribble a lot.

4.      Beagle

Never mistake their small size for a lapdog because Beagles are always up for an adventure. This breed is an adorable pet that will surely become a ray of sunshine in your family.

Beagles love a good playtime, but once they have burned the extra energy, they will relax and walk by your side. They are a joy to have and their adaptive and gentle disposition makes them one of the best dog breeds for babies and toddlers.

Beagles are welcoming of everyone and they love being with people. In fact, they can have a bad case of separation anxiety if left alone for long, which will lead to intense vocalization.

This breed can be gentle around kids with proper training and exercise.

5.      Poodle

Poodles are elegant and intelligent pets that thrive in the care of owners across ages. They make excellent service dogs for the elderly and they can also be a caring buddy for a small child. Poodles are loyal to their families and they are also exceptionally affectionate.

Also, the biggest advantage of Poodles is they shed very little. This is added peace of mind for parents who don’t want to expose their babies to excessive dander.

If you’re a first-time dog owner, Poodles are a great choice. This breed is normally gentle with kids, so you don’t have to worry about possible aggression.

Still, you should give a Poodle enough exercise and socialization. Also, you need to keep a firm hand, so they won’t think that they are the alpha of the household.

6.      Pug

Are you looking for a small furry buddy? If so, you shouldn’t miss the adorable Pug. It’s pleading eyes, stocky yet compact build, and vibrant personality makes them an excellent family pet. Still, you shouldn’t underestimate the size of this dog as they are often referred to as to “a lot of dog in a small space”.

Pugs are extremely friendly and they always demand attention. Still, they suit novice owners living in apartments. Although this dog is playful, they have a very manageable energy level, even around kids.

Also, Pugs tend to be Velcro dogs, so be prepared to be followed around by a mushy doggo. Pugs aren’t the most brilliant dogs, but they are easy to maintain and far from being aggressive.

best dog breeds for babies and toddlers

7.      Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers may look imposing and dangerous, but behind their intimidating appearance is a very affectionate dog. They love being with kids and they don’t mind living with other dogs or being petted by strangers.

Contrary to the stereotypes about the Bull breeds, Bull Terriers suit newbie owners. They are also very intelligent canines that can be taught to perform various tasks.

True to its bloodline, Bull Terriers are balls of energy. So if you have a toddler that loves to play, this breed can surely keep up.

In addition, Bull Terriers are typically quiet. Still, you should keep them busy with tasks so they won’t mouth things or wander around. This may come as a surprise, though, but Bull Terriers can adapt to apartment living.

8.      Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Is your family more of a laidback type? If so, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will thrive in your care. These cute and gentle canines are sporty in nature, but they also love cuddling and staying on your lap. As Spaniel dogs, expect that they will try to catch birds or squirrels out of playfulness.

This breed suits novice families, but note that they are very sensitive canines. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels don’t like being left alone and they always demand attention from their owners.

Although this breed loves to play, they have a very gentle intensity. Also, they are smart canines that are a joy to train. Aside from that, they prefer staying near their humans than exploring the neighborhood.

9.      Alaskan Malamute

We’ve seen a lot of families with babies thrive with an Alaskan Malamute. It may sound surprising due to this breed’s size, but this doggo surely has a big heart for kids.

Still, each Malamute dog varies in temperament. The laidback members of the pack suits families with young kids.

Overall, Malamutes love the attention and affection they get from kids. They also don’t mind being hugged and pinched. Still, training a growing Malamute is necessary so they won’t knock a toddler over during playtime.

As a snow dog and one of the oldest breeds, Alaskan Malamutes are athletic. They always want something to get busy at. Also, they will challenge the alpha of the household to try to get their way. But with training and consistency, this breed will yield to your authority.

10.  French Bulldog

If you want a dog larger than a Pug but not as large as a Bulldog, then French Bulldogs are your best bets. These doggos are bred to be companions of French lacemakers which is why they are patient and loyal pets as well.

When it comes to kids, Frenchies are nothing but friendly. They love the attention they are getting, plus they love the playtime with toddlers. Even if they are always interested in some good times, this doggo has a very laidback disposition. They don’t need too much exercise, but you surely need to mind their diet as they are prone to obesity.

Overall, French Bulldogs are relatively quiet and they prefer being with their families.

11.  Newfoundland

Known as the ‘nanny dogs’, Newfoundland canines are surprisingly one of the best dog breeds for babies and toddlers. This breed is also one of the so-called Gentle Giants because of their large size yet very sweet personality.

Though not all families love the idea of a large dog accompanying their babies, Newfoundlands make loyal and dedicated pets. In fact, they are so friendly with kids that they don’t mind the rough-housing and pinchy behavior.

This breed is also very intelligent and easy to train. They are playful but in a very gentle and calm way. Like how their sleepy eyes look, Newfoundland dogs are docile and always welcoming.

However, this breed is an intense shedder that requires added grooming attention. Other than that, they are worth the extra time.

12.  Bernese Mountain Dog

Another one of the Gentle Giants is the Bernese Mountain Dog. This breed is friendly and a perfect pet for families looking for a dedicated companion for their toddlers.

The Bernese Mountain Dog also loves playing and exploring outdoors. Still, their energy level is very manageable and tolerable.

Remember that a Bernese Mountain Dog requires enough physical activity to dampen their mouthiness and prey drive. Also, this doggo will bark incessantly if they see something suspicious. Enough training should fix this behavior.

Also, this breed doesn’t want being left alone; that’s why they are better off as companion dogs. And as a snow dog, they are not tolerant of very hot temperatures.

13.  Boxer

Like Bulldogs, Boxers may have an intimidating look. Still, this pooch has nothing but love for its owners, kids, and strangers. They are also goofy, active, and always ready for some fun. Since they have intense energy, you should give a Boxer enough exercise so they will be laidback for most of the day.

Also, Boxers have an exuberant personality. They always want to greet the person at the door with a wagging tail or by standing on their rear legs.

Although Boxers are large canines, they aren’t built to be outdoor canines. As a flat-nosed doggo with short fur, they are less tolerant of extreme temperatures.

14.  Collie

Collies are one of the most intelligent canines. They are protective of their families and they make great companions. Although Collies are large canines, they are very friendly, especially to infants. And even if they love to play, their energy levels are very manageable even for novice owners.

Collies are very easy to train, so dampening their barking, chewing, and hunting instincts won’t be a pain. This dog prefers guarding their owners instead of wandering around.

Overall, this breed is quiet and they will only bark if they find a valid reason to do so. With proper training and socialization, you can transform a Collie into a total sweetheart. Your toddler will surely love growing along with the doggo.

15.  Irish Setter

The last dog that made our cut is the Irish Setter. It shares physical similarities with a Golden Retriever, but its mahogany-colored coat sets it apart from other canines. Irish Setters are extremely friendly to everyone. They are mischievous in a good way, which will surely delight every toddler.

Just note that this breed is athletic and will require regular exercise. Still, Irish Setters have a manageable intensity, though you’d have to deal with their barking, chewing, and prey drive. Nevertheless, this dog is intelligent and highly trainable so fixing its bad habits should be easy.

Final words

Having a canine companion for your infant or toddler is a great way to boost their self-confidence. Also, dogs help reduce the allergies of kids as long as you get the right breed.

What do you think of these best dog breeds for babies and toddlers? Have you owned any of these doggos? Let us know below!

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