Best Dog Food for Corgi Puppies

Corgis are medium-sized dogs with short legs, big ears, and a huge personality. These high-energy little dogs are further divided into two breeds, although both can be referred to as the Corgi. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi are distinct from each other. They have similar characteristics. Both have elongated bodies with short chubby legs and pointed ears. Comparing the two, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is slightly larger. They are also distinct for their long and foxlike tail. Both breeds are extremely intelligent and amazing at hunting and other sports for dogs. Although the Cardigan and Pembroke are separate breeds, they have the same nutritional requirements. It is especially crucial to feed a high-quality diet for Corgi puppies. Only choose the best dog food for Corgi puppies. Good nutrition helps maintain their muscles and provide them with energy. It also provides healthy supplements that aid in digestion and promote healthy joints.

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Corgi’s Dietary Requirements – Best Dog Food for Corgi Puppies

Best Dog Food for Corgi Puppies

All dog breeds have similar needs when it comes to nutrition. They require protein and fat in their food. Protein gives them vital nutrients for healthy muscles. It is crucial to give them protein from animal sources such as meat, poultry, and fish. These contained the 10 essential amino acids. These protein sources provide a source of energy to fuel your dog’s activities.

Dogs really don’t require carbohydrates. But whole grains and starchy vegetables can be beneficial. These ingredients give your dog energy, nutrients, and crucial dietary fiber. Check out recipes that contain digestible ingredients with zero fillers, such as corn and wheat. Make sure that the recipe you follow has 3 to 5% dietary fiber.

Puppy Corgis

Since they are puppies, they require 22% protein and 8% fat in their nutrition. It helps them build grow strong muscles and provides the energy for growth and development. Giving an optimum amount of protein is better for this breed, but it is crucial to keep fat content at low levels. Your puppy needs to grow muscle and not fat.

Adult Corgis

Once your Corgi has reached the adult stage, you can transition them to an adult diet that provides 80% protein and 5% fat. Once again, higher levels of protein it is crucial to maintain their muscle mass. Steer clear from high-fat foods that might promote unhealthy weight gain.

Senior Corgis

If your Corgi is reaching their senior years, their metabolism slows down. You might want to switch to a senior recipe that has lower fat and calories. These recipes should have optimal nutrients for joint health, which is crucial for older dogs.

Besides their protein, fat, and carbohydrate requirements, you might also want to add fresh fruits and vegetables to your Corgi’s diet. These ingredients provide a natural source for nutrients, which are more valuable than synthetic sources. It is crucial to note that chelated minerals are bound to the molecules of protein. It helps increase absorption. You might also want to add to pre-biotics and probiotics as well as glucosamine and chondroitin.

Nutritional Requirements of Corgis

Best Dog Food for Corgi Puppies

Dietary considerations

Corgi breeds can live up to 14 years. It is the average for dogs their size. Overall, this breed is healthy, but they are susceptible to certain health problems such as eye problems and bone issues.

The following are some known health problems of the corgi breed:

  • Cataracts
  • Epilepsy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Patent Ductus Arteriosus
  • Retinal Dysplasia

The health problems of the Corgi can be divided into three groups: eye conditions, skeletal problems, and genetic diseases.

Eye problems

In the case of eye problems, a Corgi is susceptible to developing cataracts as well as progressive retinal atrophy. Cataracts form as opacity on the eyes. It causes partial or complete obstruction of vision. In the case of progressive retinal atrophy, it is a deterioration of the retina that can result in blindness.

Skeletal problems

Bone problems such as hip dysplasia typically occur in large breeds rather than smaller breeds. But since the Corgi has a compressed bone structure, they are vulnerable to hip dysplasia as well as intervertebral disc disease. Hip dysplasia happens when the thigh bone is not positioned properly at the hip joint. It can result in pain and deterioration of the joint. The intervertebral disc disease develops because of the long back of the breed. It can result in gait problems and weakness of the hind legs. In the worst-case scenario, it can lead to paralysis. It is crucial to add nutrients that help care for and maintain your Corgi’s joints, such as glucosamine and chondroitin.

The Corgi is also prone to several genetic conditions, which include hip dysplasia. Another disease they are vulnerable to is the Willebrand disease. This disease is a bleeding disorder. Epilepsy is also a known inherited disorder of the Corgi breed.

Aside from these known health issues, the Corgi is also vulnerable to developing bloats. It is typical of deep-chested breeds. However, this condition is more common in Pembroke. To mitigate this life-threatening health problem, it is crucial to provide your dog with ideal portions and never overfeed them. Make sure to have a physical activity for them after a meal.

Corgi Feeding Guide

Best Dog Food for Corgi Puppies

When it comes to optimum feeding of your Corgi you need to factor in their weight, age, and activity level. In both cases, Corgis require ¾ cup up to 1 ½ cups of food per day. Make sure to examine the feeding recommendation of the food dog brand according to your dog’s age and weight so you will know the amount to feed them each day.

Keep in mind that these feeding recommendations are for the whole day. Divide the portions according to the number of meals. Most Corgis will be satisfied with two meals per day: breakfast and dinner. Puppies however, will require an extra meal to aid in their growth and development. The same is true for extremely active dogs as well as Corgis utilized for herding. They need a third meal to make up for their high-calorie expenditure.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Dog Food for Corgi Puppies

What is the ideal amount to feed my Corgi?

Factor in their weight, age, and activity level as well as the number of calories in your dog food bread. Overall, your Corgi will require between ¾ cup and 1 ½ cups daily. Make sure to include the treats you give them in counting calories. Treats should not be more than 10% of their daily diet.

How many times per day should a Corgi be fed?

A majority of Corgis will require two meals per day. One in the morning at breakfast time, and another in the evening, at dinner time. When it comes to Corgi puppies, you need to provide them with a third meal for their growth and development. Corgis that work as herd dogs or engage in dog sports require additional calories to meet their energy needs. Make sure to provide high-quality nutrition that is formulated for the life stage of your dog.

What are the kinds of foods Corgis enjoy the most?

It is crucial that your Corgi eats a high-quality and nutritious meal. Make sure that their food bowl consists of natural ingredients. Corgis especially love fresh food because it provides them with excellent nutrition and digestibility. But the downside of this type of diet is it can be expensive. You might want to opt for dehydrated and freeze-dried foods, which are cheaper. However, a majority of dog owners will prefer kibble. Dry food is a lower cost option and convenient to feed. In addition, it has dental benefits. Chewing on kibble help scrape off tartar off the teeth of your dog. You also have the option of mixing it with canned food, fresh food, and other ingredients to boost the flavor and nutrition.

Top 3 Best Dog Food for Corgi Puppies



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Taste of the Wild — High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Food for Corgi Puppies

Make sure to give your furry canine a source of protein and balanced nutrition for strong muscles. This best dog food for Corgi puppies includes animal sources from bison and buffalo. These are rich proteins needed for their growth and development. This recipe has powerful antioxidants and vitamins added to support your dog’s health.

You are guaranteed a highly digestible and nutrient-rich recipe. Also, this best dog food for Corgi puppies has probiotics to support your dog’s digestive health. This recipe is guaranteed flavorful and will have your dogs drooling. It includes raspberries that are jampacked with fiber and antioxidants. Tomato adds optimal amounts of vitamin C for health and well-being. This is one of the best dog food for Corgi puppies you can offer your beloved canine baby.

High-quality protein ingredients are composed of vitamins and minerals. Fruits and vegetables are a source of super antioxidants, while the fatty acid blends are for healthy skin and coat.

The taste of the wild best dog food for Corgi puppies are guaranteed to have zero grains, corn, wheat, and filler. These ingredients are sourced from trusted and sustainable farms from around the world.

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  • Vitamins & minerals
  • Fatty acid blend
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Blue Buffalo — Freedom Small Breed Puppy Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food


Puppyhood is a crucial stage. It is important that your Corgi doesn’t grow weak. Because of this, Blue Buffalo’s best dog food for Corgi puppies utilizes a chicken recipe as the main ingredient. It is not only protein-rich but also extremely delicious. This food contains DHA and ARA, which supports your furry little pet’s eye health and brain development. Additionally, the optimal blend of carbs and proteins help strengthen the teeth and bones of your puppy. What’s even more amazing, this recipe has high levels of omega-3 and fatty acids, which contributes to the healthy coat and skin of your beloved Corgi.

This best dog food for Corgi puppies starts with real chicken. It utilizes a recipe with real chicken as the main ingredient. This puppy food supports the development of healthy muscles and contains zero grains and harmful gluten.

Let your Corgi puppy enjoy grain-free food. Blue Buffalo’s best dog food for Corgi puppies is composed of DHA. It helps support the brain development and eye health of your puppy. The formulation utilizes a balance of carbohydrates and protein to provide the unique needs of a small breed.

  • Supports healthy muscle development
  • Zero grains that contain gluten
  • Made with DHA and ARA
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Final Thoughts

It is crucial to provide your puppy with a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Puppyhood is a sensitive stage since your puppy is still in the process of building their muscles, tissues, and bones. Please give them the best dog food for Corgi puppies. Check dog food brands on the market that are made with vet nutritionist directed formulations for your dog’s optimum health. If you want a special diet for your dog or think they have special nutritional requirements, make sure to consult with a vet for recommendations.