7 Best Dog Food to Prevent Shedding [Review + Buying Guide]

Dog shedding is a normal phase that a lot of canines go through. It’s a seasonal process where dogs shed heavier on specific seasons and lighter on other times of the year. However, when shedding becomes excessive and uncontrollable, pet owners should take action to identify the reason behind it. Many times, intense shedding is attributed to poor diet and nutrient deficiencies. In this case, you should consider switching your pooch to the best dog food to prevent shedding.

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In this post, we picked 7 of the best dog food in the market that helps in shedding. We also discussed a buying guide and other useful tips that will help you manage your taste pets’ shedding.

Is your dog shedding excessively?

It’s a fact that shedding is common among canines, especially for double-coated and long-coated breeds. Some of the known heavy shedders are German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, and Labrador Retrievers.

Also, shedding is seasonal among dogs. The heaviest shedding happens at the onset of summer as canines shed their extra fur to cool themselves. On the other hand, doggos grow back a thicker fur as the winter begins. It’s a survival process that pet owners have to deal with.

So when is shedding abnormally? For some pet owners, the fine line between heavy shedding and abnormal shedding is difficult to identify. But to help you, the following are the symptoms that your pooch is experiencing an abnormal pace of shedding:

*Signs that your dog has abnormal shedding

-Dry and brittle coat
-Lumps and bald patches
-Redness or swelling on some areas of the skin
-Shedding happens unevenly
-Your dog scratches and licks shedding areas
-The dog seems lethargic and reluctant to be touched
-There’s brownish-black dust on your dog’s coat (a sign of parasites)

Potential causes of excessive shedding

A lot of conditions and external factors can affect the way your dog sheds. The following are some of the common causes of abnormal shedding as shared by many pet owners:


Fleas, ticks, and other skin parasites cause damage to your dog’s coat. As these parasites bite, your dog itches and will develop an uncontrollable habit of scratching. This will lead to shedding and bald patches. If not treated right away, parasites will also cause open wounds on your dog’s skin, which could be an entryway for infection.


Exposure to abrasive chemicals can trigger contact dermatitis among dogs. Over time, this will also cause intense shedding on the affected part.

Aside from that, your dog might be allergic to specific ingredients of its food. If you suspect that this is the case, consider switching your pet to the best dog food to prevent shedding. However, make sure that the new food doesn’t have the ingredient that your dog is allergic to.

-Hormonal imbalances

If your dog sheds heavily after getting spayed, neuter, or giving birth, the doggo is likely experiencing hormonal imbalance. This can be cured by supplementing your pooch or consulting the vet for medication.

Take note that if your dog’s skin is discolored or appears darker than it’s supposed to be, it could be an endocrine gland problem.

Take note that hormonal imbalance can also be due to poor diet.

-Liver or kidney problems

A sign of a kidney problem is an unkempt coat look even after brushing. Excessive skin tenting is also a sign that there’s something wrong with your dog’s liver or kidney.

Take note that these conditions can’t be cured by dog food alone. It’s imperative to consult a veterinarian right away.

-Intense stress

Dogs that are under intense stress can also experience intense shedding. According to experts, a major change in routines, the loss of a loved one, and separation anxiety can trigger shedding.

When your dog is stressed, a hormone called epinephrine, or adrenaline as it’s popularly known, is released in their bodies. This causes the skin to release the hair. Experts are yet to find out what causes this phenomenon, but they highly encourage pet owners to reduce any stressors that may affect their dogs.

-Poor diet

Lastly, a poor diet is a big culprit to shedding. Dogs that don’t get enough coat-nourishing nutrients will have poor coat appearance and quality. It will manifest as a dull, brittle, and heavy shedding coat.

This is why you should never feed your dog the cheapest bag of food you can find. Since it costs less, it’s also deprived of the nutrient profile that your pooch needs for better coat health.

Should I call the vet?

Abnormal shedding should always be a cause of concern for pet owners. There’s nothing to lose if you’ll phone the vet and ask some questions. That way, the dog doctor can also assess if your pooch needs further examination.

If your dog becomes lethargic during the abnormal shedding phase, we recommend that you bring it to the vet clinic as soon as possible.

Buying Guide for the Best Dog Food to Prevent Shedding

To find the best dog food to prevent shedding, you should consider the following points:

-Look for fatty acids and oils

When it comes to the best dog food to prevent shedding, fatty acids are the most critical components. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids support coat health so your dog will have stronger and vibrant-looking fur.

Aside from that, these acids and oils help nourish the skin as well. Still, dog food with fatty acids isn’t the solution to parasites.

Always look for a formula that’s rich in two fatty acids. A dose of natural extracts and oils are also a great coat health booster.

-Get a good source of protein

Another thing that you have to check is the protein source of dog food. Fish as the main ingredient is a great choice as it’s rich in fatty acids, EPA, and DHA.

Take note that the protein source of the food is also the most common cause of food allergy among canines. With that, you have to make sure that your dog isn’t allergic to the protein source of the dog food you’re going to buy.

Each dog has unique sensitivities so even if your friend’s pet is allergic to beef doesn’t mean yours will have the same immune response.

-Aim for more vitamins and minerals

Your dog’s diet should have the right balance of Vitamins A, B, D, E, and K for overall health. Also, you should look for dog food with Vitamin E or tocopherols, magnesium, choline, iodine, copper, and calcium.

Also, look for a load of antioxidants that will help flush out the toxins in your dog’s body. This will help in your dog’s coat health as well.

-Opt for natural ingredients

As much as possible, you should look for dog food with all-natural ingredients. For canines with sensitive tummies, a limited ingredient dog food might be ideal. Below, we reviewed a L.I.D. dog food option that also helps in reducing your dog’s shedding.

-Skip the fillers and additives

Fillers and additives don’t have any substantial nutrients so there’s no point in feeding it to your dog. Always look for a dog food that’s free of any artificial colors, flavors, and additives that may only upset a canine’s stomach.

7 Best Dog Food to Prevent Shedding


OUR TOP PICK: Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula with LifeSource Bits
best dog food to prevent shedding

Product Name: Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula with LifeSource Bits

Product Description: If you’re planning to switch your pooch to a new food, we recommend the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula. This has the proprietary LifeSource bits packed with loads of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that will help regain your dog’s coat health. This has real chicken meat as the main ingredient while it’s also available in fish and lamb recipes. It’s also mixed with brown rice, peas, carrots, flaxseed, blueberries, and sweet potatoes. Just take note that this food is made for small breeds only. What we love about this dog food is it doesn’t have any poultry by-product and it’s also free of soy, corn, wheat, preservatives, and artificial coloring.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Formula Quality
  • Taste and Flavor
  • Nutritional Value
  • Value for Money


Aside from that, this dog food is recommended by veterinarians as it promotes a healthy oxidative balance, better immune system health, and support in all life stages.

Each serving of this dog food contains 26% protein, 15% crude fat, and 4% fiber. Also, this has 400 mg/kg of glucosamine as well as Omega fatty acids. Also, each cup has 397 calories.

Overall, this is a powerhouse for your dog’s coat health. It’s also great for doggos with diarrhea and sensitive stomachs.


✔️Contains LifeSource bits

✔️Rich in superfoods

✔️Grain-free formula


❌The LifeSource bits aren’t appealing to picky eaters


Natural Balance L.I.D. Dry Dog Food

best dog food to prevent shedding

For doggos with sensitive stomachs, the Natural Balance L.I.D. Dry Dog Food is the way to go. This only has few ingredients with sweet potatoes, salmon, Menhaden fish meal, and canola oil as the top components. It’s also packed with Vitamins B-Complex, D, and E for optimal coat health.

Aside from that, this dog food has natural fibers that will help boost your dog’s digestion. Like the one from Blue Buffalo, this one is grain-free and doesn’t contain any artificial colors or flavors.

This dog food doesn’t have fillers so you’re guaranteed that your dog gets optimal nutrition for every bite. Also, it has real salmon with no meat by-products.

Aside from salmon, you can also get this dog food in lamb, beef, chicken, venison, and bison flavors.

Each serving of this dog food has 21% protein, 10% fat, 4.5% fiber, 0.05% DHA, and loads of Omega fatty acids.

Overall, this dog food is formulated for all adult breeds. This is why the Natural Balance dog food is a great choice for multi-canine households. But if you’re not sure yet if your pooch will love it, you can start with the 4-pound bag before getting a 26-pound supply.

✔️Made with real salmon
✔️Contains chelated vitamins and minerals for faster absorption
✔️Grain-free formula
❌It has a very strong smell

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dog Food

best dog food to prevent shedding

Next on this roundup is the Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Dog Food. This is made with salmon and ocean fish meal as main ingredients, guaranteed to entice even the pickiest eater. Aside from that, it also has sweet potatoes, peas, lentils, chicory root, and more.

Since it’s made of salmon, this dog food is teeming with fatty acids that nourish dog coat. Aside from that, this one is also rich in superfood ingredients that provide a dose of vitamins and minerals without the frills.

Also, it has a blend of antioxidants and amino acids that all contribute to better coat health. And for doggos with sensitive tummies, the Taste of the Wild dog food is also a good source of probiotics.

Each serving of this hearty dog food contains 25% protein, 15% fat, 3% fiber, and 10% moisture. It’s also rich in Vitamin E, zinc, taurine, and Omega fatty acids. All of these are made to be absorbed fast and with minimal wastage. Also, it satisfies the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for dog health maintenance.

✔️Meets AAFCO Nutrient Profiles
✔️Contains lots of superfoods
✔️Packed with probiotics
❌The kibble is a little tiny for large dogs

ACANA Regionals Real Meat Dog Food

best dog food to prevent shedding

Another best dog food to prevent shedding that we recommend is the ACANA Regionals Real Meat Dog Food. It has wild-caught New England fish as well as fresh Kentucky greens as ingredients. Your dog will surely enjoy the sumptuous taste of mackerel, herring, redfish, and silver lake that’s rich in skin-boosting Omega fatty acids.

Aside from fresh fish, it’s also packed with green lentils, pinto beans, green peas, chickpeas, squash, kale, spinach, and other loads of vegetables and fruits. Your pet will have the best nutrition on every serving of this dog food.

Moreover, this food has 33% protein, 17% fat, and 6% fiber. It’s also a great source of EPA, DHA, calcium, phosphorus, and glucosamine. This is a nutrient-dense dog food that’s made of 70% fish and 30% greens. Also, this is free from gluten, grains, potato, and other unnecessary ingredients.

Aside from the Wild Atlantic blend, you can also get this dog food in Meadowland, Appalachian Ranch, Grasslands, and Lamb blends.

Overall, this is a nutrient-packed dog food with topnotch ingredients. It helps dogs with dry skin and you don’t have to add anything else on the food.

✔️Made of various whole fish
✔️Gluten and grain-free
✔️Biologically appropriate diet for canines
❌The kibble is a little bigger than most

PURINA ONE SmartBlend Dog Food

For doggos that can’t get enough of chicken, we recommend the PURINA ONE SmartBlend. This is made of real chicken and rice that will give your dog ample supply of energy every day. Aside from that, it’s rich in various veggies that will help boost their coat health. However, you should note that this dog food contains soybean meal, which can a bad thing for canines with a soy allergy.

Moreover, this dog food has the Dual Defense antioxidant blend that will protect your dog against diseases. This includes illnesses that may trigger abnormal shedding. Also, it’s rich in glucosamine that promotes healthy joints.

Each serving of this dog food has 26% protein, 16% fat, and 3% fiber. Your dog will also get a dose of Vitamins A and E as well as Omega fatty acids for skin and coat health.

Aside from the dark brown kibble, this PURINA ONE dog food is also blended with meaty morsels that are rich in protein. Just take note that the kibble is small and suitable for small dogs. But considering its nutrient profile and price, this one’s already a steal.

✔️Dual Defense antioxidants
✔️Blended with meaty morsels
✔️Rich in glucosamine
❌Contains soybean meal (can be a problem on some dogs)

PURINA Pro Plan FOCUS Dog Food for Sensitive Skin

Another PURINA option that we recommend is the Pro Plan Focus. This is specifically blended for canines with sensitive skin and stomach. It has real salmon as the main ingredient followed by barley, rice, canola meal, oatmeal, and fish meal. This is also rich in glucosamine, folic acid, and Vitamin B-complex.

Also, the Pro Plan FOCUS is enriched with prebiotics that helps promote better digestion. And as a nod to its tummy-friendly formula, this is free of corn, soy, and wheat. Also, it doesn’t have poultry by-product or artificial additives.

Every serving of this dog good contains 26% protein, 16% fat, and 4% fiber. Also, this has linoleic acid, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, Vitamins A, C, & E, and Omega fatty acids. For aging dogs, this dog food is also a great source of glucosamine.

This is made for all life-stages and you can get the Pro Plan FOCUS on breed size-specific formulations.

✔️Contains prebiotics
✔️Salmon is the #1 ingredient
✔️Corn, soy, and wheat-free
❌The fish smell is quite strong

Hill’s Science Diet for Sensitive Skin

Our last recommendation on this best dog food to prevent shedding roundup is the Hill’s Science Diet for Sensitive Skin. It’s made of chicken, brewer’s rice, chicken meal, yellow peas, barley, and more for a filling and nutritious meal.

Aside from that, this dog food is packed with prebiotic fiber that balances the gut health of your dog. Also, this is rich in Omega fatty acids that will boost your dog’s coat health so it will grow a more lustrous fur.

Moreover, this dog food has medium-sized kibble that’s easy to chew across dog sizes. This way, your dog will receive optimal nutrition without struggling to consume the food.

Each serving of this Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food contains 21% protein, 12% fat, and 4% fiber. Aside from that, your dog will get a dose of fatty acids as well as Vitamins C and E.

✔️Prebiotics for gut health
✔️Rich in fatty acids
✔️Made with real chicken
❌The taste could be improved

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can dog food help my dog’s shedding?

A: Yes, especially if the cause of intense shedding is poor diet. Dog food that’s rich in Omega fatty acids, natural oils, and minerals helps strengthen the strands of your dog’s fur. This way, they will not shed too much. Still, you should know that some breeds shed all year round, which is normal. Dog food, in any way, can’t stop shedding totally.

Q: Does fish oil help with dog shedding?

A: Yes! Fish oil contains high levels of Omega fatty acids that nourish the skin and coat of your dog. Also, the best dog food to prevent shedding is rich in fish oil. You can also supplement it by adding a few drops on your dog’s kibble.

Q: Can I give my dog fish oil daily?

A: Yes, but always mind the dosage. Take note that fish oils have EPA and DHA on which the daily recommended amount affects the consumption of fish oil. Usually, 20 to 55 mg of DHA and EPA combined is the recommended dose of fish oil on every pound of your pet’s weight.

Q: Is it normal for my dogs to shed in summer?

A: Yes, during summer, your dog will shed swaths of hair to keep its body cool. Shedding is seasonal so a heavier shedding in summer shouldn’t be a big concern. That’s unless your dog is developing bald spots or redness.

Q: Do canines shed when stressed?

A: Yes, some dogs tend to shed heavier when experiencing intense stress. This is observed on canines with a bad case of separation anxiety. Still, the shedding shouldn’t be too heavy that your dog’s coat is starting to thin visibly.

Final words

When it comes to the best dog food to prevent shedding, you have to be meticulous and mindful of the ingredients. Above, we reviewed 7 of the best options in the market so you no longer have to dig through hundreds of products. Each one is guaranteed to provide optimal nutrition in every bite.

What do you think of these picks? Let us know below!