Best Dog House for Golden Retriever – Top 3 Picks!

Putting dogs outside the house, especially the Golden Retriever that doesn’t want to be alone, is no good. Over the years of dog existence, dog houses are really of big help most likely during emergency cases. Basically, the Golden Retriever needs to be inside, yet there are some reasons for putting up a dog house for them. If you want to filter your search, check the best dog house for Golden Retriever available in the market today.

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We reviewed here three of the dog houses suitable for the Golden Retrievers. Moreover, we will also discuss the important features that you should have to look for in dog houses. But, before that, let us have a quick overview of the different types of dog houses and their advantages over the other.

Different Types of Dog House for Golden Retriever

Below are the various types of the dog house that you might consider for your Golden Retriever:

Wooden Dog Houses

Basically, most dog owners prefer to buy wooden dog houses. This type generally becomes the best dog house for Golden Retriever because of its wood material that is sturdy and versatile. Because of that, you can usually make the design that you really want. Aside from that, the wooden houses can match the design of your home by staining or painting it to give life to the backyard decorations.

Since you can easily style the wood and it is generally costly, it is very easy to come up with a distinct design that offers a better dog life. The different features that the wooden type of best dog house for Golden Retriever can offer are windows, rooftop decks, decorative elements, and many more. Aside from that, one of the advantages of the wooden dog houses is its easy adaptation on any weather conditions. This wooden house provides a sufficient level of shade and insulation for a comfortable pup’s life.

Plastic Dog Houses

The plastic houses for dogs are one of the alternatives to conventional wood houses which are generally cost-effective. Basically, the materials of this type of dog house come from synthetic one which has lightweight and sturdy features. Some plastic houses manufacturers create a single piece or big portions of houses through the utilization of large molds. Due to this, the overall durability of plastic houses is enhanced as well as its assembling process.

Winter Dog Houses

Generally, one important consideration in choosing this type of dog house is your location. In case you live in a cold environment, then this best dog house for Golden Retriever is the perfect fit. It generally acts to battle against certain outer elements like the cold and snow. Basically, the winter homes of humans are made of wood; this winter dog houses have plastic materials which prevent leaks and rotting.

Actually, the thing that makes this winter houses from the standard dog house different is the shape and the addition of insulation. Usually, the insulation can be placed directly on the walls of the winter dog house. You may also observe that most of the insulation of the winter houses is sealed with plastic. With this, you will never have to worry about the Golden Retriever chewing behavior.

Metal Dog Houses

Compared to the wooden and plastic dog house types, the metal dog houses are not as common. However, if your focus is more on ultimate durability, the metal dog house type is the best option. The materials are primarily the metal sheet and metal frame which are really sturdy. Due to that, they can generally withstand most wear and tear situation which ensures the safety of your Golden Retriever through the storms.

Moreover, this metal dog house type does not demand any maintenance as it has a permanent color that does not fade off. Additionally, the models available come with heavy insulation in order to reduce the transfer of heat between the metal materials. Due to these features, metal dog houses are generally suitable in both cold and hot surroundings.

Fiberglass Dog Houses

Actually, this type of dog houses is not a common commodity in terms of dog products. However, if you are more of a stylish dog house, the fiberglass dog houses are worth investing and at the same time, it provides the greatest protection. Moreover, the material of the fiberglass is also resilient so leaks and rotting are not a cause for worry.

Additionally, this one of the best dog house for Golden Retriever made out of fiberglass materials has a function to make your Golden Retriever comfortable at any given temperature. In terms of the design, most fiberglass dog houses type entails a modern look which provides a distinct touch on the backyard. There are also few dog owners who add some elements to decorate such as sealed glass windows.


Basically, the tents for dogs are not a permanent option but it is highly suitable for dogs on the go. The use of this dog house type is most beneficial during travel or in case the Golden Retriever requires a safe haven in an unfamiliar place. Usually, the dog tents have the same material with that of the human camping tents. Additionally, it contains durable fabric and flexible poles for the purpose of shading and support respectively.

Moreover, there are also inflatable versions of this dog house type available in the market. Even though the plastic material is thin, the tent house for dogs holds the shape by the use of inflatable support tubes. However, the only drawback for this dog house type is that the Golden Retriever may able to chew or dig it.

Important Things to Consider When Buying the Best Dog House for Golden Retriever

In terms of buying the best dog house for Golden Retriever, you must look for the following features:

1. Ventilation

Generally, it is good to choose the best dog house for Golden Retriever that offers ventilation from the sides or the top. However, always remember that with air ventilation also comes the protection of the Golden Retriever from the outside elements like rain.

2. Insulation

Insulation is basically an excellent feature of the best dog house for Golden Retriever as it may provide added comfort for the dog especially is it is placed outdoor.

3. Portability

Another thing to consider when buying the best dog house for Golden Retriever is the regular use of it. If placing it in the same area, then assembling of the dog house would not be a problem. But, in case you plan to move it, you must have to check for the one that is versatile enough to be moved on different spots.

4. Assembling Requirement

Basically, the types of dog houses may determine the ease of assembling. Particularly, plastic dog houses have less assembling requirement despite having few pieces. However, the dog houses made out of wood have pre-drilled holes which require the assembling process a bit complicated.

5. Elevation

An elevated dog house will generally make the cleaning of messes easier that come from spilled bowls and food dishes.

6. Size

In buying the best dog house for Golden Retriever, measuring the size of the dog is highly crucial to have more space within its house. This will allow them to move freely and conveniently inside it.

List of the Best Dog House for Golden Retriever

OUR TOP PICK: Petmate Aspen Dog House Barn 3

OUR TOP PICK: Petmate Aspen Dog House Barn 3

Product Name: Petmate Aspen Dog House Barn 3

Product Description: Generally, the Petmate Aspen Dog House Barn 3 comes in four various sizes that can definitely suit the needs of your Golden Retriever. The construction comes with durability and rot-resistant plastic material. Moreover, it also has a sturdy frame for Golden Retriever protection from the outside elements. This one of the best dog houses for Golden Retriever also contains a rim which generally diverts the rain to ensure the dryness of the dog. Petmate Aspen Dog House Barn 3 has a door which is basically wide and ensures a lot of space for dog’s walking and lying down. Aside from that, it also has well ventilation panels to provide safe breathing of the Goldies due to lots of air circulation.

Offer price: 26

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdiness
  • Durability
  • Value for money

Product Features

  • Elevated internal flooring for additional insulation
  • Offer dog safety and comfort
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Provide daily essentials for pet owners


  • Easy to clean
  • Maintenance-free


  • Leaked in the rain
  • Lightweight
  • Screws not included in the package


Suncast Water Resistant Dog House

best dog house for golden retriever

Basically, the Suncast Water Resistant Dog House is one of the best dog houses for Golden Retriever in town. The style is very attractive that comes with easy to assemble design. Generally, within just a minute, you will achieve a comfortable dog pen for your Golden Retriever.

The primary use of this dog house is that it is basically sufficient during the hot temperatures as it contains a broad door and proper air vents. Additionally, it also has walk-through door flaps made of vinyl which makes it outshines during the cold months. A nice feature of this Suncast Water Resistant Dog House is its removable door flaps that can be taken off during the hot season to welcome more air inside.

Product Features

  • Generally accommodates Golden Retriever and other dogs weighing 70 pounds
  • The structure is made of durable resin material and the door is made of vinyl
  • Door opening measurement: 11-3/4 inches x 20-1/2 inches (WxH)
  • Highly durable
  • The assembling process is generally hassle-free
  • Great-looking design
  • The flooring available do not fit together

Aspen Door Off-Set Dog Pen

best dog house for golden retriever

The Aspen Door Off-Set Dog Pen is an easy-to-assemble dog house which comes in pest and rot-resistant construction. It is generally one of the best dog houses for Golden Retriever because it has elevated flooring and levelling feet that is water-resistant as well. Due to that, the Aspen Door Off-Set Dog Pen is the best choice for outdoor dogs which is really durable.

Basically, this one of the best dog houses for Golden Retriever has two different sizes to choose from. The size options generally fit the Golden Retriever and also other dog breeds. Moreover, the assembling process of the Aspen Door Off-Set Dog Pen only requires four steps.

Product Features

  • The plastic feet are generally adjustable
  • Interior flooring is also removable to have and easy cleanups
  • The flooring is elevated to have increased ventilation and insulation
  • Resistant from pest and rot
  • Adjustable and elevated flooring
  • Not weatherproof
  • Screws were missing

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Generally, dog houses resemble a safe haven for the dogs where they can rest comfortably when they are on the outdoor. Moreover, dog houses tend to be good for the dogs if they offer protection and coolness under direct heat.


A: Basically, dog houses and kennels come in a variety of sizes. The large size has a measurement of about 42 inches long. It has the ability to hold dogs that weigh 70 to 90 pounds. This size of the dog house is typically suitable for large dog breeds including the adult Golden Retriever, Labrador, Border Collie, and Dalmatian to name a few. Since they have a big body structure, they can be highly comfortable with this dog house size.


A: Our best four-legged buddy generally helps us in improving our overall wellness. Because of that, we need to protect them in return by keeping them safe inside our house. However, allowing them to have some time outside keeps them healthy in both the physical and emotional aspects.


A: A dog house should offer the dog a comfortable feeling as they lie down, stand up, or roll over. Keeping this idea in mind will lead to ending up buying a dog house that has a similar size of his crate. Actually, measuring the dog from the nose to the rump length and from the dog’s head to the floor on a sitting position is the best way to determine the size of the dog house.


A: Actually, the best direction to place the dog house is in the opposite direction of the spot where the storms come from. In the US, the storms usually come from the west and south direction. So, it is better to place the dog house facing the east.

Final Thoughts

The best dog house for Golden Retriever must have sufficient space for them to move freely and comfortably. It will generally help the dog by protecting them for the outside elements. Yet, buying this product has several factors to consider like the ventilation, insulation, portability, assembling requirement, elevation, size, and other features that come with it.

Moreover, choosing a high-quality dog house for Golden Retriever is a good investment over a long period of time. So, instead of buying a cheap one, look after the dog house that maintains its durability in the long run. Definitely, your Goldies will have a good time rest and sleep under the best and suitable dog house for them.