3 Best Dog Nail Grinder Options for Small & Large Dogs [Buying Guide]

If there’s one part of grooming your dog hates, it would be nail clipping. For some canines, it’s scarier than turning on the vacuum machine or being chased by a feisty cat. However, dog nail clipping is essential, so your pet won’t have an injured paw and so they won’t hurt other people as well. Due to the hate-hate relationship of dogs with nail clippers, pet brands have come up with a creative solution: the best dog nail grinder.

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Instead of cutting the paw nails with a clipper, you’re going to grind it. It’s less painful, plus it reduces the risk of hitting the quick.

Why it’s important to trim your dog’s nails

Can you imagine yourself going around with two inches of grown fingernails? If no, then it’s the same with your dogs. It’s important to keep their toenails short, so it won’t dig through their paw’s flesh.

Moreover, it also keeps other people from being hurt. As you know, dogs can get pretty excited at times. They could jump into the person at the door. Also, playtime will get ruff if your pooch has overgrown nails.

Also, no one wants ugly scratches on their wooden floor. And if you don’t want to go home to Wolverine-like marks on your sofa, you should get the best dog nail grinder.

Nail clipper vs. nail grinder

So here’s one question you’ve been itching to ask since the start. Why choose nail grinders over the traditional clippers?

With clippers, you’re applying pressure on your dog’s toenails. Most often, it will hurt the dog, which is also the reason why they hate this grooming process.

Moreover, guillotine-style clippers are no-match to the thick and strong toenails of large dog breeds.

Still, dog nail clippers aren’t total goners. Other pet owners prefer this since it’s faster to use. Just get your dog’s paw, place the toenail on the clipper, then snap! In a minute or two, you’ve gone through all the 4 or 5 claws.

Using nail grinders…

So where does the advantage of using a nail grinder comes in? If you have arthritis or difficulty gripping clippers, grinders are the best alternatives.

Nail grinders, also known as Dremel (yes, the brand), reduces the risk of hitting the quick. Although you can still hit this soft spot, it’s not as likely as when you use a clipper.

The ‘quick’ is the blood vessel connected to the dog’s toenail. When you accidentally cut the nail too short, it could be injured, which will lead to bleeding and intense pain.

When is the best time to trim a dog’s nails?

Once you can hear your dog’s claws clattering loudly on your floor, it’s time to trim it.

Knowing how often you should trim a dog’s nails depend on some factors. It could be anywhere between three to eight weeks.

Generally, if your dog is very active, you should trim its nails less often. This is because walking, running, and playing scratches off a length of the nails. However, if you have a couch potato, it’s best to stick to a routine depending on how fast its nails grow.

What if my dog hates nail clipping/grinding?

We know many dogs that just hate nail clipping. The key here is to get them used to the process as early as possible.

Also, most scared dogs are the product of the owners’ mistakes. For example, you might be squeezing the paw too tight, or you probably didn’t give the dog the time to familiarize itself with the tool (sniffing, licking).

If your dog hates clipping, try grinding their nails instead. This is less painful, but the sound can put them off at first.

If your doggo still resists nail grinding, it’s time to get some treats. Give your dog a small treat whenever it lets you trim a claw.

How to use the best dog nail grinder

It’s easy to use a dog nail grinder. Once you have the device, turn it on and adjust the speed properly. Usually, soft and small claws will need a slow to moderate grit speed, while stiffer nails will do well on the highest possible speed.

As the grit rotates, slowly press it to your dog’s claws. Make sure that you lift the grit after every 2 to 3 seconds. Grinding the nails in one pressing will produce excessive friction, which will hurt your dog.

Also, support your dog’s paw and claw properly. However, don’t squeeze it too much, but don’t hold it too loose either. We recommend that you elevate your dog’s paw and away from their face. This is so injuries won’t happen when they try to fight back.

 Moreover, watch over the paw fur as it can get caught in the grinder. One trick that VetStreet recommends is using old pantyhose, placing it on your dog’s paw, and letting the claws protrude. With that, you have no fur to think about.

Considerations when buying a dog nail grinder

If you’re planning to use the best dog nail grinder instead, keep the following points in mind when shopping around:

-Ease of use

This is very important, especially if you have multiple dogs in the house. The last thing you’d want is a nail grinder that will strain your hand in just a few minutes.

We recommend looking for a textured or contoured handle since it’s easier to grip. Also, look for the right handle length, especially if you have large hands. 

-Cordless vs. corded

Dog nail grinders dome in either cordless or corded models. Corded ones are ideal for those who have many dogs to groom. Also, it’s a good choice if your pet has very tough nails.

However, since it has a cord, it limits the areas where you can do the grooming. Also, it’s inconvenient whenever your dog starts a chase.

With cordless dog nail grinders, the power is somewhat limited, but it gives you the convenience of grooming your dog wherever you want. Also, it’s easier to use since no cord can get tangled. Aside from that, the moving cord will likely catch your dog’s attention, which may lead to playful pawing.


A high-powered motor is an excellent choice, much so for large dog breeds. It provides better grit performance as well as a lasting operation in only a single charge.

-Speed adjustments

We always recommend a dog nail grinder with variable speeds. This way, you can adjust the speed accordingly based on the dog’s nail hardness.

Also, these speed settings allow you to slow down once you’re getting closer to the quick. It reduces the risk of injuries.

Most importantly, a variable speed let you use the same nail grinder to all the dogs in your household.

-Noise level

The noise level is critical, especially if you have a jumpy dog. Usually, the sound of a motor will send a doggo scurrying. This is why you should look for a nail grinder with the least sound.

Still, the humming motor sound is inevitable in some models. The key here is introducing the nail grinder days before you actually use it on your dog.

Start by letting your dog sniff and lick the grinder (should be turned off!). Then, turn the grinder on and letting your dog watch it. Don’t try to press it to them. Just let your canine get used to the sound and presence of the tool. Soon enough, you can try holding their paw with the grinder on until you can finally use it to trim their claws.

-Grit type

Nowadays, nail grinders have either sanding drums or diamond grits. Both work just fine, but if you want one that doesn’t need a replacement, a diamond grit will not disappoint. However, this doesn’t come cheap.

Nevertheless, the typical sanding drum is always handy. Also, most nail grinders come with multiple pieces of this in varying grit levels. Try to look for a fine grit and a coarse grit so you can alternate it depending on the stiffness of your dogs’ nails.

Some dog nail grinders come with grit replacements. Even if your choice of grinder doesn’t have one, you can always purchase it separately for a small price.

-Safety level

Of course, the dog nail grinder should be safe to use for you and your dog. It’s crucial to check the build of the grinder. Some will have a grit enclosed in a cap where only a small portion is visible. This prevents accidental grinding.

Meanwhile, other models like Dremel have an open grit. This is safe as long as you use it properly.

3 best dog nail grinder optionsTop Picks!

OUR TOP PICK: Dremel 7300 Cordless Dog Nail Grinder
best dog nail grinder

Product Name: Dremel 7300 Cordless Dog Nail Grinder

Product Description: If you’re in the hunt for a trusty nail grinder, we highly recommend the Dremel 7300 Dog Nail Grinder. This rotary tool has a durable plastic chassis and a contoured body for easy gripping. Moreover, it has two variable speeds that allow you to set it based on your dog’s nail properties. Also, it comes with a 60-grit sanding drum with 5 replacements. This tool is powered by a Ni-Cd battery that should be charged for three hours. It also has a removable battery pack for easy charging.

Offer price: 40

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

  • Power
  • Noise Level
  • Grit Quality
  • Value for Money


In addition, this nail grinder can work in either 6,500 RPM or 13,000 RPM. This way, you can slow down or speed up depending on where you at in trimming your dog’s nails.

For its price, this Dremel tool is almost a steal. It lasts for a lifetime and it suits almost any dog.


✔️Variable speed

✔️Multiple sanding drums

✔️Durable build and motor


❌Short battery life, but not really a deal-breaker


Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

best dog nail grinder

If you’re on a budget, the Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder is the best bet. It has a slim plastic body where the sanding drum is enclosed for safety. Still, you can use it through the three opening ports that vary in size. For dogs that like giving a fight during nail clipping, this is a safe choice.

In addition, Hertzko uses a diamond bit grinder which is almost maintenance-free. And if you want to use the entire sanding drum, you can remove the lid to expose the top.

What we also like the most about this grinder is its very quiet motor. It’s also rechargeable using a USB cable.

Overall, this dog nail grinder is affordable, but it didn’t skimp on functionality and value. For single-dog households, this is an unbeatable choice.

✔️Diamond sanding grit
✔️Very affordable
✔️Enclosed sanding drum (removable cover)
❌You have to remove the battery pack when not in use since it doesn’t hold its charge

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder

best dog nail grinder

Another nail grinder that we recommend is the Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder. It has two speeds and three grinding ports with an enclosed sanding drum.

Also, it produces minimal noise and vibration, which is likely to scare off your dog or puppy. We also love its built-battery that lasts for up to 2 hours in a 3-hour charge. That’s more than the Dremel and Hertzko could give in terms of power.

This unit comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. If something is broken, you’ll get a replacement no matter when you purchase the unit. For a nail grinder that uses a diamond sanding drum, this is an irresistible offer.

Overall, the Casfuy nail grinder is slim and can be used on either the left or right hand.

✔️Uses a diamond grit
✔️Long-lasting charge
✔️Variable speed
❌The body can be slippery for those with sweaty hands

Wrapping Up

Nail grinders are excellent alternatives to clippers. And if you’re looking for the best dog nail grinder, nothing beats the classic Dremel 7300 dog nail clipper. It’s a durable tool that comes with various accessories.

Take note that as much as nail grinders are easier to use, you should always be careful. With proper handling and regular grooming, your pooch will become used to this process.

What do you think of our suggestions here? Share it with us in the comment section!

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