9 Best Mid Size Dogs For Apartments and Small Houses (2023)

If you’re living in an apartment or a small house, you’re not stuck with small dog breeds forever. You can consider the best mid size dogs for apartments so you can have a doggo that’s not too small to cuddle but not too large to eat up space.

Also, most medium-sized dogs have a quieter disposition and a manageable energy level.  These two characteristics make them ideal pets in apartment settings.

Here are the 10 best mid size dogs for apartments in a nutshell:

1.      Basenji

Known as the dog that doesn’t bark – the Basenji breed is perfect for apartments with single-wall divisions. This breed was originally bred in Congo and has a clever yet adorable personality.

Moreover, Basenjis are great for novice owners. They are very affectionate, even to kids and other dogs in the house. However, since they have thin coats and a slender body, they don’t tolerate very cold temperatures well.

best mid size dogs for apartments

Still, this short coat is an advantage since Basenji dogs shed very little. However, you have to be watchful since they drool a lot. They are very easy to groom and only requires regular brushing and bathing.

When it comes to the intelligence department, Basenjis gets an A grade. They are smart canines, but since they have a strong prey drive and mouthiness, training them is a big challenge. Also, they love exploring around, which also makes them excellent escape artists.

Since they were bred as hunting dogs, Basenjis have high energy levels. Usually, they vent this energy to exploration. Unlike other breeds, they aren’t into playtime that much so they must get enough exercise through long walks and mentally stimulating tasks. 

2.      Boston Terrier

You might be surprised to know that these mid-sized sweethearts were actually bred for dogfighting. Boston Terriers are docile canines and they adapt well to apartment living.

Nowadays, Boston Terriers love relaxing on the couch and cuddling with their humans. They also like being with children and other household dogs.

Also, Boston Terrier dogs shed very little and they don’t drool that much. They are fairly easy to groom, but you have to watch out since this stocky breed is prone to obesity. This breed can be voracious, so portion control is really important.

 Boston Terriers are also loud snorers and they can be gassy (typical to deep-chested breeds).

Overall, Boston Terrier dogs are smart and easy to train. Also, they don’t have any strong hunting instincts and they don’t like chewing on things. However, this doggo loves wandering around, which can get in the way of training.

In addition, this breed needs daily walks and playtime due to its high energy level. If you can keep up with their activities, this dog will become affectionate companions.

3.      English Bulldog

Known for their sleepy look and couch potato disposition, English Bulldogs will thrive in your apartment. They are sweet and kind dogs that love being with people and socializing with strangers. However, they don’t like being with others, unless introduced at a very early age.

Also, Bulldogs can be whiny, especially as they go past the “teenage years”. They will throw a tantrum when you don’t give in to their begging or if you give them your attention.

best mid size dogs for apartments

In addition, English Bulldogs don’t shed a lot, but they are notorious droolers. Despite that, they are easy to groom.

The common issue with English Bulldogs is their susceptibility to obesity. Since they are not active dogs, they prefer lying on the couch or floor all day. If you are to own this breed, make sure that they get enough exercise. You should also control the portion of their food as they have a massive appetite.

Moreover, English Bulldogs aren’t the easiest to train. They also tend to bark and howl, though they aren’t known wanderers. English Bulldogs aren’t speedy canines so expect a laidback experience with this doggo.

4.      Brussels Griffon

Formerly a Belgian street dog, Brussels Griffon is a cuddly dog that loves snuggling with their owners. Although they are affectionate, they aren’t lapdogs as they love burning their energy and goofing around.

As much as this breed thrives in an apartment setting, they are not for novice owners. They have a strong sense of self-importance which requires an alpha and an experienced owner. If not, they will reign over the household.

Nevertheless, this dog is smart. But since they are willful, they can be challenging to train, plus they are escape artists. This breed also loves vocalizing, especially if they are left alone for an extended period. Patience and consistency are required if you want to have this breed.

When it comes to grooming, Brussels Griffon is fairly easy to handle. They shed and drool lightly, a few things that make them one of the best mid size dogs for apartments.

As an energetic dog, you need to give this canine enough exercise and playtime.

Also, some Brussels Griffon can be gluttonous while others will be finicky eaters. So to be sure, always practice portion control on their meals.

5.      Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Charming, regal, and affectionate – what’s not to love about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? These doggos have won the hearts of many dog owners due to their friendly and docile demeanor. They are also a joy to be with due to their vibrant and playful attitude.

They are considered to be one of the best candidates for the “top tail-wagger” title. They are always delighted to do things and be with people.

Also, this Spaniel breed is ideal for first-time dog owners since they are easy to manage in terms of grooming, health, and activity level.

Take note that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loves being with humans, so living them alone for long is a bad idea. This doggo can be a barker and a chewer when separation anxiety kicks in.

You should always watch out over the diet of this breed as it’s prone to obesity. Also, make sure that you groom them properly by lifting their long ears and checking for accumulated dirt.

Overall, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is intelligent and easy to train.

6.      Bull Terrier

Initially bred as a fighting dog, Bull Terriers have its share of stereotypes. Still, they can be affectionate and reliable companions if trained and domesticated well.

You’ll recognize a Bull Terrier when you see one: long, egg-shaped head. They have the most unique head structure among most dogs.

Even if they are very active and intense dogs, they can surprisingly adapt to apartment living. They are also great for novice owners who are looking for dogs that will be affectionate to kids and other canines.

In addition, Bull Terriers are easy to groom since they have short coats and drool very little.

As for training, this breed has the smarts. You just have to implement a firm hand to fight off their prey instincts, mouthiness, and urge to explore around.

Another thing that you should watch out for is a Bull Terrier’s weight. They are prone to obesity and they tend to be big eaters too.

During winter, Bull Terriers should be wrapped in a cozy blanket and maintained in a heated room. Due to their short coats, they have a low tolerance to cold weather.

7.      Dachshund

Dachshunds are scent hounds used to go after badgers, squirrels, and rabbits inside long, skimpy tunnels. This explains why they have an equally elongated yet stunted body size.

Nowadays, they are family dogs with intense energy and willingness to play games. Also, due to their hunting background, Dachshunds love wandering around the neighborhood if not kept in a fenced yard. They are also notorious barkers with an affinity for hunting and chewing.

Dachshunds are intelligent, but due to their bold traits, they are challenging to train. You have to be patient and consistent so that you could be a step ahead of their determination. And as scent hounds, these dogs are bent to follow a smell once they get hooked to it.

As much as Dachshunds are lively and energetic dogs, some can grow lazy under the care of a negligent owner. They will become obese, which will strain their fragile back and very short legs.

Also, you shouldn’t let a Dachshund swim alone or without any floater. Since they have tiny legs and long bodies, they could drown easily.

8.      French Bulldog

French Bulldogs, also known as Frenchies, look like miniature Bulldogs. They are great companions and have a background as a ratter. Nowadays, they are one of the popular family pets due to their goofy personality.

French Bulldogs are great for novice owners and they are also ideal for small homes and apartments. They also get along with kids, other dogs, and even strangers.

The only issue with Frenchies is their whiny attitude. These dogs often have the attitude of teenagers. They will throw a tantrum, just like Bulldogs, when they don’t get what they want. Still, they are easy to train since they aren’t escapists and they are not hunting dogs.

In addition, French Bulldogs love playtime, so make sure that you give them enough to stay happy.

Like its Bulldog ancestors, French Bulldogs will eat as much food as they can, even if it means having gastric torsion. With this, they can get obese quickly and they also tend to be gassy.

During hot days, French Bulldogs should be kept hydrated and within cool premises. This breed doesn’t handle heat well and they can overheat fast during summer.

9.      Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hounds are the national dog of Malta. It’s an ancient dog that was first bred about 5,000 years ago for kings and pharaoh – thus, their name. They have a hunting and companion nature, which also makes them a potential household pet.

This breed loves clowning around and they are also very affectionate to their humans. Even as a hunting dog, they get along in a multi-canine household.

As low-maintenance dogs, they suit novice owners living in apartments. They are also smart and easy to train, but you need to be firm to hamper their hunting and wanderlust instincts.

In addition, Pharaoh Hounds don’t like being left alone for long. If you do so, they can be destructive chewers that will give a fit of barking.

Although this breed loves playing, they don’t have high energy. Short walks and playtime should keep them in good shape.

During winter, Pharaoh Hounds can get very chilly since they have short coats and a slender build. In this case, you should keep them warm indoors.

10.  Portuguese Water Dog

Bred as retrievers, fishing companions, and herders, Portuguese Water Dogs are certified working canines. They are well-loved by pet owners, including former President Obama with his Portuguese Water Dog named Bo.

Although some of these doggos are still working, most of them are retired and enjoying their time as household pets. Even as an active breed, they can live in an apartment and thrive in the care of a knowledgeable owner.

Like other retrievers such as Goldies and Poodles, the Portuguese Water Dog is affectionate and welcoming to everyone except strangers. They have a watchful eye when someone they didn’t know is around.

Moreover, this breed doesn’t drool or shed a lot which makes grooming manageable. However, they tend to have thick coats that require regular brushing.

Do you know what’s more interesting about this breed? They have webbed feet! It’s something they retained from working as water dogs.

Also, they are intelligent, easy to train, and always keen to accomplish a task. You just have to put up with their chewing, intense energy, and the need for physical and mental stimulation.

Wrapping Up

The best mid size dogs for apartments make great pets without consuming too much space. Also, most of these dogs have an affectionate attitude toward their humans.

If you’re planning to get a mid size dog, make sure that it matches your personality and expectations. Each dog has a unique temperament, traits, and characteristics. Choosing the right breed is crucial so you won’t end up regretting it.

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