3 Best No Pull Harness for Husky (2023)

If you own a Husky, you might be thinking, what is the best no pull harness for a Husky? It is crucial to have the best equipment when you walk your dog outdoors, especially in busy streets. Keep in mind that your Husky is stronger than they look. They were bred as sled dogs, and they are used to pulling heavy stuff. Expect your Husky to be super stubborn, so you need to apply optimum control. Huskies are also amazing runners, so if they escape from their collar or harness, it can be a hassle chasing after them. Huskies are not the easiest breed to train to walk on a leash nicely. To repeat, you need a quality harness.

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Things to Look for in the Best No Pull Harness for Husky

Best No Pull Harness for Husky

There are different designs of harnesses. To help you choose the most suitable harness for your Husky, you need to factor in several crucial features.


A Siberian Husky’s size will depend on their age and sex. But overall, they will be in the range in the following measurements.

A Husky is considered a medium to large size dog. Their neck will have a circumference of 16 to 22 inches. The chest size is 36 and 32 inches. These are only guidelines, and your Husky may have a completely different size.

Make sure to measure around the neck and chest. It is where you will fit the harness. Every harness will come with its own size chart. Compare the measurements of your Husky to the chart.

Because of your Husky’s size and strength, the width of the material utilized in the harness should have an extra 1 inch. If the size is less than this, it might be too thin and dig into their skin if they pull. Pulling might cause him harm and injury.


A common material utilized for dog harnesses is nylon. The material is fine if your dog doesn’t suffer a skin allergy from nylon. If they react nylon, you might want to choose a leather material.

Nylon is super strong and water-resistant. There are different types of nylon available. Some will be stronger, softer, or harder.

Many dog owners have bad experiences with plastic buckles. It can be chewed through. Although it doesn’t happen in every case, it does happen often. Instead, look for harnesses with heavy-duty buckles since it is more secure and durable.

You might also want to consider nylon harnesses with reflective stitching. It is a helpful safety feature that will help keep your Husky visible in low light.


When it comes to the padding, make sure to choose harnesses that are military grade. These types of harnesses utilize excellent padding. They have wide support designs. It offers maximum comfort for strong dogs such as Huskies.

Never use a harness that does not have wide support material. A small width can dig into the skin of your Husky. It also doesn’t offer extra support for the chest. For smaller breeds, these harnesses are fine. But it is not advisable for stronger and bigger dogs such as Huskies. This breed requires padding in their harnesses.


Features such as Velcro straps are extremely useful. Other crucial features to look for are heavy-duty buckles and reflector strips. Side pockets are also useful. These extra features provide better functionality for you and your Husky.

Some harnesses can be adjusted in multiple places. This ensures a snug fit in every area instead of just one part. Not every harness will have this design, so it is crucial to look for these functions in the harnesses you are purchasing.


Keep in mind that Huskies are super strong pullers. You will need a harness with durable materials. Although you can get away with stylish and cute harnesses for smaller breeds, your Siberian Husky will require functionality and quality over style.


Your dog mustn’t suffer pain and discomfort while wearing the harness. Look for a harness with padding to mitigate pressure. Choose outer materials that will not cause chafing. You also want to feel the edges of the harness to make sure that nothing pokes at your dog. Everything should be smooth and rounded.


Although Huskies are classified as a medium breed in the AKC, keep in mind that these dogs can weigh up to 60 pounds. Males are typically on the higher end.

It is not logical to purchase a harness just because the label says that it is good for Huskies. When it comes to Huskies, one size does not fit all. Before you purchase, make sure to measure your dog’s chest and neck and keep this reference handy.


You might also want to check on how the leash will be fastened to the harness. Again, choose functionality over style. You will need a harness that can hold up to tugging and pulling, especially when you are training your Husky to walk on a leash. Choose a design with multiple attachments. It must have front clips and back clips.

Benefits of the Best No Pull Harness for Husky

Best No Pull Harness for Husky

Utilizing a harness has plenty of health and safety benefits for you and your Siberian Husky.

Better control

If you need to walk your Husky on a leash in a busy street, then you need to be prepared to hold back and control your Husky if the situation warrants it. Utilizing a harness makes it more difficult for your Husky to pull. It allows you optimum control.

Minimize risk for your Husky

It is possible for your Husky to seriously injure himself with one powerful tug while wearing a collar. One common injury that can result is a neck fracture. It is a serious injury that will cause severe pain in your Husky.

Dogs wearing collars often have neck strain. It can be very uncomfortable for your Husky. The main issue with neck strain is that it often goes undetected until the injury has developed into something severe.

Tracheas issues are very common for dogs. This condition is when the windpipe gets compressed while pulling and wearing a collar. When your Husky tugs intensely, they might have a trachea collapse. In this case, they will require an emergency vet intervention.

Mitigate injuries to yourself.

Your Husky tugging at the leash might cause you to have an injury on your shoulder and wrist. If not, you’re lucky. Utilizing a harness helps minimize the tension on your joints as tugging power will be taken away from your dog.

Improve training capability

Utilizing a harness isn’t just for taking your Husky on walks. You can utilize it inside your home and yard when you train your Husky. It will help if you have optimal control to speed up the training of your Husky. It Is crucial to start training your Husky at the puppy stage. Make sure you have the proper equipment during training, such as a high-quality harness.

Various Types of Harnesses for Huskies

Best No Pull Harness for Husky

Utility harness

Huskies are extremely happy when they are doing a job. Huskies were bred to pull sleds and all sorts of loads. If your Husky is hyperactive, it is crucial to get them a utility harness. You might want to attach it to big objects for moving or pulling. These harnesses are super strong, and they were designed for comfort and security. These are adjustable at several areas and can also be utilized for walking and running with your Husky.

Outdoor wear harnesses

Keep in mind that Huskies are northern bred dogs. They enjoy snow and freezing weather. You might want to purchase a harness that is durable for extended outdoor wear. These harnesses are made to be weather resistant. They utilize heavy-duty buckles and other functional features. In many cases, these harnesses have outstanding safety features. It is extremely durable even in the roughest weather.

Tactical dog harnesses

This harness design is excellent for Huskies who are utilized as a working dog. These are made from military-grade materials. It will often resemble a vest and equipped with a water-resistant cloth as well as adjustable chest and neck straps and buckles. Tactical harnesses will often have Velcro and bungee -type cord.

Top 3 Best No Pull Harness for Husky



Product Name: 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness & Leash

Product Description: This best no pull harness for Husky utilizes connection rings at the chest and the back. It gives you optimum control when steering your Husky when they begin pulling or jumping. There are four points on this dog harness that can be adjusted for best fit. The heavy-duty nylon material is extremely strong and durable. This best no pull harness for Husky also includes a double connection so you can have optimal control during walks and other activities. It is made in the USA and perfect for Huskies of every size. This best no pull harness for Husky minimizes and completely eliminates pulling. Because of this, neck strain and chances of escape are mitigated. The Freedom Harness is recommended by experts. It offers optimal flexibility, control, and ease for training. Vets recommend this harness because it is ergonomically designed for your dog. It supports its spinal cord alignment. Rescue groups love this harness because of its ease-of-use.

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  • Materials
  • Durability
  • Comfort


This best no pull harness for Husky is comfortable and durable. It utilizes a soft velvet lining that prevents rubbing, chafing, and sores. Unlike other brands, it provides the ultimate comfort for your dog. The webbing is designed to be turned out to keep them from chafing against your dog’s skin. This is a well-constructed harness that can withstand even the strongest dog.


  • Minimizes and eliminates pulling
  • Eliminates the chance of escape
  • Recommended by trainers


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Ultra-Paws One Adjustable Pulling Dog Harness

Best No Pull Harness for Husky

This best no pull harness for Husky is an amazing multi-use dog harness. It was created for any dog who requires a comfortable dog harness that fits well. The neck and upper body areas have padding for ultimate comfort. It also utilizes several adjustment areas to help the harness fit your Husky perfectly. Experts and reviewers love that the design of this best no pull harness for Husky has a belly strap. It is helpful if your Husky tries to escape and wiggle out of the harness. It also provides an extra cozy fit. If you utilize your Husky to pull the sled by wagon or any heavy object, this harness is equipped with attachment rings for such activities. By far, this is the best Husky sled harness.

This best no pull harness for Husky is padded throughout the neck and upper body area for optimum fit. It can be adjusted at the neck, chest, and belly areas. It comes in three sizes and can accommodate dogs between 15 to 120 pounds.

This harness is best to use for dogs in medium to light activities. It comes equipped with an O-ring to mitigate stress on your dog’s hips when pulling at a certain angle. This best no pull harness for Husky is equipped with a belly strap to prevent your dog from escaping out of the harness.

  • Padded throughout the neck and chest
  • Ideal for pulling
  • Comfort fit
  • No negative reviews so far

NOx gear Light Hound LED Illuminated & Reflective Dog Harness


This best no pull harness for Husky gives your husky ultimate visibility under low light. It is equipped with a USB rechargeable LED light and military-grade fabric. NOx gear best no pull harness for Husky is waterproof and can be utilized under rough conditions such as snow and rainy weather. It is machine washable so don’t worry if it gets dirty. You might also enjoy that this best no pull harness for Husky has several different light modes. It helps make your Husky visible from any angle. Even though this harness utilizes state-of-the-art technology, it is ultra-comfortable, lightweight, and fully adjustable.

Enjoy all the colors in one vest. You can switch between eight different super bright colors. Some of the colors available are magenta, blue, purple, and pink. Enjoy the eye-catching multicolor flashes and slow fading color modes. You also have the option of setting this harness in disco mode, rainbow, and many others aside from the colors mentioned. The special illumination setting was designed based on visual science to give your pet’s optimum visibility to motorists. You can easily select a setting at the press of a button. It is easy to adjust the harness during walks, runs, and backyard play.

  • Special illumination modes
  • Provides visibility to your pets and warning to motorists
  • Built to be durable with military-grade fabric
  • No negative reviews so far

Final Thoughts – Best No Pull Harness for Husky

A Siberian Husky’s strength shouldn’t be underestimated. They were bred to be hard-working dogs. It is crucial to have high-quality equipment to help you manage the strength and power of this breed. Choose only the best no pull harness for Husky. There are plenty of choices that offer state-of-the-art material, construction, and features. Choose the best option that aligns with your budget and needs.