7 Best Treats for Husky Puppies (2023) – Tasty Options Here!

Dog treats play a big role in your dog’s diet. It helps augment your dog’s hunger in between meals, plus it can be used for training and rewarding good behavior. With hundreds of products to choose from in the market, it can be a little tricky to find which suits your little Husky. So for this post, we reviewed 7 of the best treats for Husky puppies so you no longer have to second guess.

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Buying Guide for the Best Treats for Husky Puppies

If you’re planning to buy the best treats for Husky puppies, you should keep these points in mind first.

-Check the ingredients

This is the most critical part of purchasing a dog treat. Always check what’s on the bag before buying it or giving it to your Husky. Avoid treats with too many additives, artificial coloring, and filling. You’d want an all-natural treat packed with nutrients that will be beneficial for your dog’s health.

Aside from that, you should check the calorie content of the treat. You should avoid those that are packed with too many calories as your Husky will still eat full meals per day. As a large dog, you should never let your pet gain too much weight.

-Consider grain-free options

For pups with a sensitive stomach, a grain-free treat might be the best option. This is to prevent any negative reaction to the product. Also, avoid treats with soy and too much corn as these two are the culprits behind food allergy among canines.

Still, grains aren’t total evil. You just have to limit it as much as possible.

-Opt for smelly and tasty treats

For pups who are always distracted, a smelly and tasty treat is a great way to catch their attention. You can even use this for training as a form of positive reinforcement. Also, tasty treats won’t be snubbed by your dog, especially picky ones.

-Get the right size

Another important thing to remember is to get the right treat size. Very small bits might be difficult to chew while very large ones might be a choking hazard.

If you happen to purchase a large treat, you can tear it to pieces before giving it to your dog. That way, your supply will last long.

-Easy-to-eat treats vs. chew treats

Easy-to-eat treats are ideal for training as it reduces the possibility of distracting your pooch. Also, it will keep your pooch wanting for more while training.

On the other hand, chew treats are also ideal if you want your pup to stay busy for a few minutes. However, you should always supervise your dog when giving large chew treats. This way, you can act when something goes wrong.

-Value for money

A high cost doesn’t always mean that the treat has high-quality. On the other hand, very cheap ones don’t necessarily mean that it’s substandard. The key here is to check the ingredients of the treat and its nutritional value.

7 Best Treats for Husky Puppies


OUR TOP PICK: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Turkey Biscuits
best treats for Husky puppies

Product Name: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Turkey Biscuits

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best treats for Husky puppies, you shouldn’t miss the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Turkey Biscuits. This is a grain-free treat and free of any by-product so your pup gets the ideal nourishment in every bite. This is made with real turkey, which is guaranteed to be irresistible for pups. It’s also crunchy and each piece bears a paw print, which is a cute touch for a pup treat.

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  • Formula Quality
  • Flavor
  • Chewiness
  • Puppy-friendly


Aside from turkey, this treat contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids as well as flaxseeds to support coat and tummy health. With that, each piece has 30% protein, 15% fat, and 3.5% fiber. This is also free of any preservatives or artificial flavoring.

However, you should note that this biscuit contains 41 calories for each piece. We recommend breaking it into pieces so your dog won’t consume too much at a time.

Overall, we like the high-quality ingredients and the fact that our dog will do anything to get one. Aside from Huskies, this treat will surely be irresistible for all breeds.


✔️Packed with Omega fatty acids

✔️Free of soy, corn, and artificial add-ons

✔️Tasty and made of real turkey


❌Contains more calories than other treats


Wellness Natural Grain Puppy Treats

best treats for Husky puppies

If you’re looking for a softer treat for your picky doggo, the Wellness Natural Grain Puppy Treats is the one to buy. This is made soft so pups can easily chew and swallow every piece.

Aside from that, this treat from Wellness Natural makes a great training treat, thanks to its smelly and tasty flavor. It’s made of real lamb and salmon with a natural smoked flavor. It’s also infused with rosemary, green tea, and spearmint extracts. Also, this is rich in DHA to support the brain development of growing pups.

Moreover, this treat is free of corn, soy, by-products, and artificial colors. Each bite will give your Husky optimal nourishment, even if this is just a treat.

Each piece of this moist treat contains 14% protein, 16% fat, and 2% fiber. Also, each one contains a measly 4 calories. This way, you can give more to your dog without hurting their regular diet.

✔️Low in calories
✔️Packed with DHA for pups’ brain development
✔️Natural smoke flavor
❌Some pups got soft stool while on this treat

Zuke’s Training Dog Treats

best treats for Husky puppies

One of the best treats for Husky puppies that we recommend is Zuke’s Training Treats. This is available in chicken, duck, pork, salmon, rabbit, and peanut butter & oats recipe. With such sumptuous flavors, it’s impossible for your dog not to love this.

Aside from that, each piece of this treat only contains 3 calories. You can use this as a training treat without worrying that you’re giving too much.

Aside from real meat, this treat is also rich in turmeric and cherries to give your pooch additional nutrients. In fact, each piece contains 10% protein, 7% fat, 2% fiber, and 30% moisture. This is the perfect treat for very young Huskies that just got weaned from its litter.

 We also like that this is free from wheat, soy, corn, and artificial colors. It’s also very moist and soft, making it easy to chew for pups that are still teething.  This will surely be a big hit for young doggos.

✔️Available in 6 delicious flavors
✔️Low in calories
✔️Corn, soy, and wheat-free
❌Very strong smell

Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Mini Biscuits

best treats for Husky puppies

Is your dog fond of biscuits? If so, the Old Mother Hubbard Mini Biscuits might suit them well. This bag is made of an extra tasty assortment of biscuits with flavors like peanut butter, cheese, and liver. Each bag is stinky and smelly, which will attract even the most finicky dog.

Also, this has an all-natural formula with no preservatives so even Huskies with sensitive tummies will be safe with this treat. This has a bone shape and a very crunchy texture that every pup will love. However, it’s a little large so it’s best to break the bone biscuit in several pieces.

What we also like about this treat is it’s made by Old Mother Hubbard, which has been making dog treats for over 90 years now.

Each piece of this treat contains 12% protein, 7% fat, and 5.5% fiber. However, you have to watch out since each bone inside the bag has 33 calories. Nevertheless, each piece is big and can be broken into several pieces.

✔️Assorted flavors
✔️All-natural formula
✔️Infused with green tea and rosemary extracts
❌A little big for pups (can be snapped into pieces)

Buddy Biscuits Oven-Baked Biscuit

Another biscuit that dogs love is the oven-baked Buddy Biscuit. This is perfect for Husky pups with a very sensitive tummy as it only has four ingredients. This is made of whole wheat flour, peanut butter, canola oil, and mixed tocopherols.

Even if it has limited ingredients, these biscuits are delicious and will surely entice the tastebuds of your doggo. It also has a gingerbread-like shape and can be split into several pieces.

This is suitable for all dogs and available in chicken and bacon & cheese flavors. Each biscuit has 46 calories, 12% protein, 6.5% fat, and 3% fiber. In addition, this is a healthy and satisfying treat for all canines.

Overall, you’ll get six packs of this treat for a very low price. It’s also a big plus that this treat doesn’t have too much sugar. So if your pooch has diabetes, this treat will fit its diet.

✔️Made with only 4 ingredients
✔️Very appealing taste
✔️Low price
❌The wheat ingredient might be an issue for some canines

Blue Buffalo Health Bars

If you’re on a budget and looking for a bag of treats with the best value, we recommend the Blue Buffalo Mini Bars. This has an old-fashioned recipe made of oatmeal, pumpkin, flaxseed, and more for a nutrient-packed treat for your Husky.

As one of the best treats for Husky puppies, this Blue Buffalo bag is free from corn, soy, meat by-product, and unnecessary colorings. Also, all the flavors on the treat are natural.

Each piece of this biscuit contains 12% protein, 5% fat, and 6.5% fiber. Also, you can get this treat in different flavors including banana & yogurt, chicken & cheddar, and blueberry & yogurt.

We really like the small size of the bars, which suits Husky pups. It’s also crunchy and rich in nutrients to nourish every dog.

✔️Rich in natural fruits
✔️Free from by-products, corn, soy, etc.
✔️Available in four different flavors
❌A little stiff for very small dogs

Canidae Pure Heaven Biscuits

The last treat that made our roundup is the Canidae Pure Heaven Biscuit. It’s made of real duck and chickpeas that will be irresistible for your dog. If you find the pieces large for your pup, you can snap it into tiny bits easily since it’s very crunchy.

Aside from that, you can also get this treat in salmon & sweet potato and bison & butternut squash flavors.

Each piece of this delicious treat contains 30.8 calories, 14% protein, 2% fat, and 5% fiber. This is also rich in chicken fat, rosemary extracts, sesame seed, turmeric, and avocado oil.

This is a wholesome treat that will not upset the tummy of your dog. Aside from that we, like that it comes in a resealable bag.

✔️All-natural ingredients
✔️Easy-to-snap pieces
✔️Resealable pouch
❌A little large for small breeds

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Huskies chewers?

A: Yes, Huskies can be chewers, especially if they don’t get enough physical and mental stimulation. You have to get the pooch the best treats for Husky puppies or a chew toy, whichever suits them best.

Q: Is rawhide safe for Husky puppies?

A: As much as Husky pups are bigger than other breeds, you should avoid giving them any rawhide-based treat. Rawhide is a choking hazard for both young and adult dogs. Aside from that, this material isn’t edible and will only expose your pet to harm.

Q: How many treats should I give my Husky pup?

A: This depends on how many calories each treat has. But generally, you should only give a 10-calorie treat about 5 times a day. This way, you wouldn’t make your dog too full for whole meals.

Q: Can I give my Husky banana slices as treats?

A: Yes, you can give your pup some banana. Still, avoid giving too much as your pooch still needs to eat full meals. If your Husky is teething, you can freeze the banana slices to make it a more appealing treat.

Final words

The best treats for Husky puppies won’t just make your dog excited for training and playtime. It will also give them an extra dose of nourishment aside from their full meals. Just make sure that you’re not giving too much so you won’t hurt your pup’s diet. Have you tried any of these treats on your dog? How did they like it? Let us know below!