Best Way To Cool Down A Dog

When the temperature rises and bright sunshine rays start beckoning us to soak up the vitamin D, you will want to bring your dog to summer trips. However, it is crucial to note that dogs will respond to heat differently compared to us humans. They might have trouble cooling down after being under high temperatures. Get a heads up on the best way to cool down a dog. Find out if things are getting too hot for them and find ways to cool them down. Keep them safe and comfortable during the summer heat.

12 best way to cool down a dog

Best Way To Cool Down A Dog

Find some shade

How can you cool down your dog’s personal space? It is recommended that you have an outdoor thermometer on shaded areas to help you find the best spots for your dog during summer days. Although a large tree may not be available, a small shaded patio area is sufficient and even a canvas canopy. Shade tents with a collapsible feature are widely available at home and garden supplies and can be installed effortlessly, folded and stored away as needed.

Give your dog frozen toys

Is your dog crazy over toys? Your dog will easily warm up to their icy toys. Your dog can play and at the same time, keep cool. Typically, these icy toys can cool your dog in a couple of ways:

Freezable treat toys can be filled with food and then frozen. Your dog will be licking this icy treat and fishing out the food from this frosty toy.

Freezable juice ice, on the other hand, can be filled with water and then frozen. As your dog chows down on the frosty toy, it will cool them.

Go on a swim but be careful 

Best Way To Cool Down A Dog

If you are fortunate enough to have a pool in your house or live near a lake or any body of water, you might be tempted to dive in with your dog. This seems like a great option, especially if you find your dog is uncomfortably hot. However, be cautious. If your dog is extremely hot or bordering on heatstroke, it might make matters worse. Reducing your dog’s skin and the surface temperature quickly might result in further heating up their internal organs. Taking a dip may overheat the core of the body.

One option you can do is to recognize that your dog’s feet can help with regulating their body’s temperature. Get them to enter the water slowly. Guide your dog to stand with just their feet immersed in cold water for several minutes. Ideally, you should monitor their temperature with a thermometer. Once rectal temperatures indicate 103°F you can stop cooling down your dog.

If you don’t have a pool or lake nearby, a child’s small wading pool can be installed on a small patio or deck to give your dog a chance to stand in the water. Be reminded that footpads of dogs are one of the ways heat can be dissipated. The foot area is also one of the few places where they sweat. 

Hose down your dog

Best Way To Cool Down A Dog

If you don’t have space for a pool, one option is to hose down your dog. Turn on your garden hose and spray water on your dog. As the cold water flows on your dog’s body, it will cool them down. Some dogs will enjoy this treat while others won’t. In some cases, breeds such as pugs, Yorkshire Terriers, and Shih Tzus might be repelled by this. 

You’ll get a heads up if your dog doesn’t enjoy being hosed since they will be running for cover. If your dog really enjoys the water, or if you have many dogs, consider getting a sprinkler attachment to double the fun.

When it comes to sprinklers, get a model that shoots water in all directions randomly. It makes cooling down a fun activity as your dog tries to chase after the waters darting off. 

It is crucial to note that hosing down long-haired dogs with thick coats may have adverse effects. This is especially true on humid days where there is low airflow. If you hose heavy-coated dogs, the water might weigh their coat down which can trap heat underneath.

For these dog breeds, focus on hosing the chest area, and paws. In this way, you can take advantage of the cooling effects of the flowing water while body heat escapes through the hairs on the top of your dog.

Use cool towels to reduce your dog’s temperature fast

Drape cool, wet towels over their neck, under the forelimbs, and between the hind legs to cool them down. The towels on your dog should be cool but not cold. Avoid using ice or ice pack since you need to reduce their temperatures slowly. If you lower their temperature abruptly, it can be as harmful as overheating.

In the absence of towels, you can cool your dog by pouring room temperature water on their body.

Moistened their ear flaps as well as their paws. Majority of a dog’s sweat glands are on their paws and cooling these areas help reduce their temperature. 

You may also try evaporative cooling by applying isopropyl alcohol on their footpads. The evaporative cooling method uses the same principles as sweating. As the alcohol evaporates, it reduces the heat from your dog’s body.

Create a breeze

A cool breeze can make hot days much more tolerable and simply placing a window or shop fan outdoors can create a cool breeze for your dog. You might get envious and want one for yourself. The breeze or cooling fan is especially helpful in supporting evaporation. However, since dogs don’t sweat as much, you may have to simulate the evaporation process.

Try some mist

A garden hose wastes a lot of water, and in some instances, dogs are terrorized by it or could even be injured by the pressure. One option is using a mist creating device that attaches to a water source and sprays a very fine and cooling mist of water on a small area. These devices are available at home supply centers and should be affordable. Many places also sell small-sized sprayers, and some even have fan attachments. They are a great way of cooling your pet as well as yourself.

Buy your dog cooling clothes

You might not be keen on dressing up your dog since it really doesn’t serve a functional purpose. However, you might have a change of mind about clothing that can keep your dog cool on hot days. These cooling clothes come in a wide range of styles. Some are vests that can be fitted under a harness. Others are bandannas that can be placed over your dog’s head. You can place these bandannas over your dog’s head to cool them down. When you scour the market, you will find a wide variety of clothing that can keep your dog both looking and feeling cool. In many cases, your dog will hate to wear clothing so be prepared for the possibility that they will resist. However, once your pup gets the hang of it, and realizes its cooling sensation, they’ll be thankful you dressed them up.

Use a wet blanket

Applying a hand towel or better yet, a bath towel that has been moistened and kept in the freezer offers a great relief in cooling down your dog. Alternatively, you can also use a bag of frozen peas as an ice bag over your dog’s head or placed on the neck or groin where the big blood vessels are located. 

Ice drink

On hot days, you will have an urge for a cold drink. The same applies to your dog. Put fresh water on their bowl always and cool it by replacing it often. To give them an extra treat, put ice of the water bowl to help lower their temperature.

Popsicle and icicles

A dog will not refuse a popsicle and frozen juice bars. If your dog detests fruit flavors consider giving them frozen bars made out of plain water with a touch of beef flavor. It may be unpalatable to you, but your dog will adore them. It is crucial to note that treats should never have sweeteners since it can be toxic for your dog. Consult your vet for safe flavorings.

Always carry water

Always make sure that when you are away from home with your dog, you have plenty of water with you. A liter of bottled water can be frozen easily and can fit in a cool insulated bag. 

IMPORTANT TIP- best way to cool down a dog

Be reminded that if temperatures are too hot for you, it will also be too hot for your dog. On some days it is better to just spend time indoors with cooling air conditioners. On these days you can rent a movie and chill off. Be vigilant with the signs of overheating and impending heatstroke in your canine. If your dog shows any signs of overheating, cool them down gradually, and take them promptly to the vet. Remember that it is never a good idea to leave your dog in a parked car on a hot summer day.

The best hot weather dog breeds– best way to cool down a dog

Overall, dogs that have short, thin coats such as Beagles, Chihuahuas, and Dalmatians adapt to heat well. Dogs with blunt noses and thicker coats are likely to be less comfortable when temperatures rise. 

Dog breeds that originated in hotter climates are predisposed for the heats. Breeds such as Basenjis and Pharaoh Hounds are just some of them. Swift footed hounds used for hunting and racing mostly from the hound group are all adaptable to beating the heat. Their long noses allow them to cool the air and their huge lungs and heart disperse oxygen evenly throughout their body. Breeds such as greyhounds and whippets are an example of this high-speed group.

Climate-sensitive breeds– best way to cool down a dog


Overall, most dogs can tolerate hot summer months, given enough hydration and environmental control. A minority of dogs are going to have a challenging time, however. Every snub-nosed and brachycephalic dog will have a tough time regulating their body temperatures due to their shorter nasal passages. Examples are Bulldogs, Pugs, and Boston terriers, which are all extra sensitive to increasing temperatures. Other dogs that will need special attention during heatwave season include giant breed dogs such as Great Danes, as well as senior dogs, overweight dogs, and diabetic ones.

The signs of heatstroke — best way to cool down a dog

  • The temperature of 101.5° is normal
  • Look out for signs of rapid breathing as well as panting
  • During a heatstroke, your dog might expel excess and thickened saliva
  • Your dog will exhibit signs of fatigue and depression
  • Muscle tremors, as well as staggering, may be observed

If you observe these signs on your dog, get your dog promptly to the vet. Wrap a cold, wet towel on your dog, especially in the areas of the underarm, belly, and groin area. You can use a fan on your dog to cool them down. Every five minutes check your dog’s temperature and stop the cooling process once the temperature reduces the 103°. Never cool them too quickly, or it may cause shock. Allow your dog access to cool water, but don’t force them to drink. If dehydration is a concern, your vet can give them IV fluids.

To shave or not to shave- the best way to cool down a dog

If your canine baby is double-coated like Mastiffs, Spitz, and Terriers you may be inclined to simply shave off all that furry coats in the hope of cooling them down. Before you whip out the razor, you should know that there can be some disadvantages to this course. It may result in a sudden lack of insulation and reduced sun protection. Furthermore, since lengthier guard hairs will have a different growth sequence compared to inner insulation hairs, it may take your dog a lot of years to regain their original appearance. 

Final thoughts

You want your dog to be in first-rate health regardless of the season. Some breeds are not suitable for extremely hot weather so you should be vigilant with them. Other breeds will be more adaptable to heat so you can take it easy. Give your dog the necessary care and maintenance when things get too hot. Be on the loop and know the signs of dehydration and heatstroke. In these cases, knowing the best way to cool down a dog can help you respond to emergencies.