Small Dog Look Teddy Bear

Are you looking for a teddy bear look-alike small dog breeds that can protect you and your family? If your answer is yes, definitely, you are in the right article.  

As we all know, dogs are the wittiest, cutest, and friendliest ever! And that makes sense that they are not just called the man’s best friend for nothing right? but with almost hundreds of dog breeds to choose from which one would be the best and perfect match that will suit you and your family needs? Let’s find out, but before that, we took 5 things into consideration. So, without further ado, let’s get started!  

Small Dog Breeds That Look Like a Teddy Bear

5 Things into Consideration in Choosing the Small Dog Breeds That Look Like a Teddy Bear

  1. Lovable- dogs will give the unconditional love that could anyone give and there was one of your kid’s needs too.      
  2. Friendly- it is important to choose a breed known to be friendly to avoid impatiently, nervousness and violence.      
  3. Sturdy- to make sure you and your kids’ safety you need a dog that’s resilient and patience because we all know that kids aren’t as gentle and they play too rough and pull so hard.    
  4. Energetic- the dog should do not become lazy, irritated or exhausted, they should be playful should be able to keep up playing with children.      
  5. Intelligent- dogs should be trainable so they know what is acceptable to do and when to stop when they get to be excitable.     

Top 14 Small Dog Breeds That Look Like a Teddy Bear 


These dog breeds are certainly not a giant dog at its 22-33 pounds but don’t mistake its small size as being a weakness. These dog breeds are best known for its corded long coat that looks like a ringlet, they are hardworking and a family companion dog. Lively and energetic this dog breed that looks like a mop is larger than it is due to that peculiar coat. With family, this small guard dog is affectionate and friendly though with strangers not so much. They are very strong-willed, protective, devoted and courageous to their humans, but are wary to strangers, suffer fools lightly and when annoyed, it will be attacked without warning. These dog breeds are also quite sensitive to the needs of the elderly and sick-making them a great therapy dog. They are highly independent and intelligent dogs which are common among herding breeds.    


These breeds are largely considered one of the smartest dogs, they are outgoing by nature, friendly with everyone they meet and gentle, and besides they’re often distinctive haircuts these breeds happen to be huggable, they are also a great watchdog because of their sensible, mild and protective instinct. These breeds are available with both miniature and standard sizes meaning you can choose the specific color size that best matches your living environment, they’re great for people with allergies and they shed very little. Each breed comes with different perks and standard free.  


These dog breeds are a powerful dog that has a natural guardian instinct to guard livestock and other property. It is also known as the Hungarian sheepdog with a long-corded coat which is also sometimes referred to as “mop dogs”, While these dog breeds are affectionate towards family and even kids, this dog does not welcome strangers fondly. However, being intelligent, smart and easy to train along with low-intensity levels makes the breed a better choice for those not highly skilled in dog training. Obviously, this dog breeds comes with responsibility, though, you still need to be a confident leader to win the respect of these dog breeds. The meek and inexperienced dog owner need not apply.    

Lhasa Apso- these dog breeds are really good guard dogs; they love to sit on your lap and can alert and protect you for any threats, like a rottweiler if the situation calls for it. Many say that Tibet, The Buddhist Monks have created this adorable small breed and for sure, they are so proud.  Despite active and wild personality, these dog breeds are small which is only on its 13- 15 pounds. However, they are not so tiny and cannot beat around by other animals because they are like a mini wolf. They maybe don’t look like a wolf, however, according to some sources, about 4,000 years ago in Malaysia, the Lhasa Apso was bred from the species of a wolf.  And, surely you don’t want to go with a wolf, protecting their families.  

Scottish Terrier- these dog breeds are excellent watchdog and to act as property guardians, they are the breed that hunts vermin, maintained a real terrier temperament, confident and strong-willed. They are great watchdogs and typically aggressive towards strangers. Although these dog breeds have a loud boisterous bark, their barks are not a Scottish accent. With that said, they have a strong connection with their families and that makes them be a good family companion.  

Miniature Schnauzer- these dog breeds may be small but they are independent and courageous, this dog breed has a strong-willed and was originally used as a hunter dog. They have a terrier-like personality. They take their responsibility seriously which makes them be a great watchdog. These dog breeds do bark a lot. Though they are not big they are usually less than 15 pounds but they are not fearful. They are easy to train and will usually stop when you told to.  

Chowchow- this dog breed comes in a quite range of sizes, they can weigh as much as 70 pounds or as little as 40, although, at 40 pounds, these dog breed would be considered toward the medium-sized classification, in fact, it is qualified as one of the best small guard dogs and many people would choose these breed as their top pick in the list, this dog breed is solid in muscular and in terms of their genetics, they are closest to wolf, the breed temperament had a reputation of aggression, they are extremely loyal and often bond hard and fast to one person, This breed will react instantly and aggressively to any threat. Although, a well-trained chowchow can be a superb guard dog and loving companion.   

Cocker Spaniel- these adorable dog breeds are hard to imagine as a guard dog but don’t be a fool to their adorable look because these dog breeds are aggressive. In fact, this dog breed can be aggressive to the point of no return and that is not a good thing. They are a very popular companion dog and because of their popularity, they have ended up being over breed in some instances that have led to a condition known as rage syndrome in which the dog becomes aggressive towards anyone even family members. With that said, if you are one of those people who will consider this dog breed as their pet you should be very careful to buy this dog from a reputable breeder, keep in mind that you should also see the parents of the puppy that you brought and once you get it on your home begin the process of socialization. A well-socialized cocker spaniel from a good breeder can be protective. These dog breeds are also good with other animals and gentle with children.    

Pomeranian- these dog breed with fluffy coat is a great watchdog, while they found to be associated with the top-notch things in life due to their floaty fluffy coiffed hair and charming looks, they are boisterous barkers, in fact, one of the biggest complaints in this breed is that they keep on barking in anything but the good thing about this breed is they don’t trust other people easily especially when they are outside the house of their family which leads them to keep on barking at strangers. However, you can’t maintain to have this breed with training and when they are trained correctly that barking will be their powerful alarm at your home.  

Shih Tzu- these dog breeds are friendly, loyal and hypoallergenic, they have a coat that does not shed and hairs that only falls out when it was broken and brushed out. As of now, this pet is the most favorite pet of many, they are best known as the “little lion dog’’, which comes with a variety of patterns and colors. This toy dog is lively and sturdy, which often describe as aggressive and arrogant due to its proudly big head and curl shape tail, this dog breeds can be a wonderful pet at home, their gentle, and they don’t easily trust strangers which makes them an exceptional companion. Although, given its small size, this dog breeds can be good and effective guard dogs. They are quite protective of their home and family.    

Bichon Frise- these breeds are truly non-shading small dogs who have hair like humans instead of furs. They are affectionate and playful dogs and they are an ideal pet for people with allergies but they are not maintenance-free. Obviously, their hair grows continuously which requires frequent brushing, grooming, and an occasional bath in order to keep up with their powder puff looks. Bichon Frise can get along well with other animals as well as with children. They might not know for barking but they are active dogs.  

Bolognese- these dog breeds are like bichon frise, they have a floaty fluffy coat which is composed of human hair rather than furs, their dead hair must be brushed, bathed regularly and their coats require regular grooming or trimming to keep them looking at their best. However, unlike the Bichon Frise, this dog breeds hair flows in wavy locks giving them a look like a fairy tale dog. Although, these dog breeds are protective and good companions.    

Havanese- these dog breeds were used as a watchdog and guardian dog. This dog offers its owners both spunky charm and a coat that doesn’t shed. However, their hair requires weekly brushing and regular baths to keep them healthy and clean. This dog breeds fit and do well in all types of housing. Though even they are friendly and small they probably bark when they hear a strange noise and see someone passing by the house. The good thing about this breed is it doesn’t bark just for the sake of hearing its own voice. They may be wary and shy to new people but they are not aggressive. Overall, Havanese is protective of their owners, families, and territory which makes them a good watchdog.   

Skye Terrier- this dog breed has a long thick coat, they are lovable as they are rare, Similar to many Terrier this dog breed is found in Scotland, this is one of the oldest terrier breeds in islands, though, its origin is not there, its name come from the island of Skye, this dog breeds are very loyal and amazing watchdog. In fact, according to legends, this dog breed stood by the side Mary, the Queen of Scots in her entire punishment and execution day. Although these dog breeds can be an excellent companion for people and older children if they are properly socialized, they can also be aggressive towards strangers but they get along well with other dogs and animals they raised with.    

Final Thought:   

If you’re new to the dog-owning world, getting a dog for the first time ever is both exciting and nerve-racking. There are so many breeds to choose from, they’re all so cute and adorable and if trained and socialized properly it can be a wonderful pet for your family. A pet whom you will love as a part of your family. One of the most important aspects is finding a dog that will best suit your family and kids ages, whether your kids are big or small, chill or hyperactive, quiet or boisterous, you need to choose wisely if what will be the best breed that perfectly matches their personality and lifestyle and that won’t be as that easy. You should always be careful and vigilant about you, your family especially your kid’s safety because some dog breeds are not good pets. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the dog breeds that you will consider to have to try to choose one of the small dog breeds that looks like a teddy bear, yes, they might be so cute and huggable but they can also protect you in any danger and threats that you will encounter.