Do Boxers Make Good Guard Dogs? Boxers Guide 2020!

The Boxers are dog breeds which fall under many dog breed category and also have various tasks working on. Part of these is their being bull-baiting canines, butcher’s helper within some portion in Germany, and working-class dog breed. Give credits to their muscular body build for successfully working on those tasks. Yet, after World War 1, the Boxers were already imported to the United States making them good pets and loving members of the family. That’s why many pet owners are wondering about do Boxers make good guard dogs?

Basically, because of those reasons, the Boxers gained the reputation of a smart guard dog, unlike other breeds. Moreover, they are also one of the best companion dogs and loyal pets for the whole family. Due to that, the Boxers can also get along well with the kids despite the intimidating looks that they have. In this article, we will share to you some information about the Boxers and the answers if do Boxers make good guard dogs.

Do Boxers Make Good Guard Dogs? What is Their Personality?

The following qualities below are the distinct personalities of the Boxer which will help us determine if Boxers make good guard dogs:


Generally, the Boxers love to be with people even if they have a sturdy body build. They really want to have fun that’s why you would always see them jumping around with others. That’s why most people think that it might be a dangerous dog’s behavior for kids. Since they do love to hang up with people, do Boxers make good guard dogs? Continue reading and let’s find out below!

High energy levels

The Boxers usually require regular exercise because of their high level of energy. In case you opt to have this dog breed, make sure that you would give him a vigorous exercise. However, a long walk will do the job if you have a relaxed Boxer. Basically, insufficient exercise may create a Boxer having destructive behavior when alone.

Stubborn and sensitive

Because they also have a job of a working-class dog, they excel in this field through their stubbornness. That’s why they need to be handled in a persuasive manner as they tend to linger around outside with people. But they are a sensitive breed of dog; the Boxers do not stay on the outdoors away from their family for a long period of time. Due to this, you won’t have a problem with how to keep your dog from running out the door.


The Boxers generally have a good sense of hearing and because of that; they are always alert on any situations. This basically triggers the question do Boxers make good guard dogs.

Boxers as Good Guard Dogs – their Aggressiveness

do boxers make good guard dogs

Generally, the Boxers have a muscular body which makes them look aggressive at the first glance. So, do Boxers make good guard dogs? Actually, the aggressiveness of the Boxers is rarely to be seen. You may just basically see them playing with other dogs, pets, and even kids.

Moreover, the Boxers are a little bit territorial which is a good indication in terms of do Boxers make good guard dogs. This only means that this dog breed will bark and protect their territory the moment there is any suspicious activity. However, it is very important to remember that the Boxers may also get aggressive at some times. Yet, their aggressiveness is not that much compared to other breeds.

So, do Boxers make good guard dogs? Actually, the Boxers are dogs that are very loving, mild-tempered, and affectionate. These natural behaviors of this dog breed generally alter their aggressiveness. Yet, the Boxers may get aggressive most likely during times that they do not get enough time to play.

Do Boxers Make Good Guard Dogs? Their Trainability

Based on some pet trainer experiences, the Boxers are among those dog breeds that are not that easy to train. Yet, training a Boxer is a little bit hard compared with training a Labrador. Moreover, this dog breeds is not that really difficult to train. But, keep in mind that the maturity of the Boxers may generally take time which means that they can be as playful as long as they already reached that age.

However, this does not mean that Boxers are less smart. In fact, the Boxers were initially introduced to the police group in the US. And until now, this dog is still part of the military forces in different parts of the world. If the Boxers are difficult to train, how they could make it to be a part of the above-mentioned forces?

Since they were bred smart, proper training is the key to create the best companion dogs and make Boxers good guard dogs. This is especially true in the case of the blinds. Moreover, aside from proper training, patience is also another factor when it comes to training the Boxers.

Important things to remember when training a Boxer

Bear these things in mind when you train this dog breed:

  • Consider training the Boxers at the early stage of their lives. Initially, give them small instructions such as sitting and standing. Always allow them to be familiar with the word “come”. Doing this properly will answer the query do Boxers make good guard dogs.
  • Another thing that is a factor in terms of do Boxers makes good guard dogs is providing positive reinforcement during the training. And, one way to motivate them is to offer them rewards.
  • Let the Boxers have enough time in comprehending and following the instructions. Do not ever attempt to punish them as it may lead to negative response of the Boxers to the training.
  • In order to address the stubbornness of the Boxers, treat and offer them love and respect.

Generally, the most important of all when it comes to training is to avoid this dog to go outside. Remember that the Boxers are indoor dogs and it is actually better to train them not to sneak outside the house especially when you are not around.

How Boxers Protect Their Owners?

do boxers make good guard dogs

The Boxers are basically family dogs that are really loving and loyal to every member of the family. In fact, once they sense that their owner is in danger, they quickly hurry to get into the scene. This behavior comes out from their being territorial in nature. So, because of these traits, do Boxers make good guard dogs?

As what we’ve always mentioned, the Boxers have been worked before as working-class of dogs and as hunters. The traits that come out from those tasks are their protectiveness. This can be generally expected from Boxers in homes with kids. Well, you do not have to worry as this dog breed love to go along with the kids and they always wanted to protect them.

The Boxers and the Kids

Due to their aggressive look, many people think that kids are not safe when there are Boxers around. On the contrary, the Boxers are very subtle, delicate, and protective with the children around them. They basically have playful behavior which makes the kids fall in love with them. Aside from that, this temperament also leads the Boxers to be an ideal dog at home.

However, because of their high energy, most people believed that it is threatening to have Boxers at home. Because of their high energy levels, the Boxers will have to jump over someone once they get excited. This is actually a dangerous canine’s behavior when there are kids around which most people assume.

So, through this, do Boxers make good guard dogs? Generally, this dog is knowledgeable, and they tend to be careful not to harm any members of the family, especially their pet parents and the kids within the house. That’s why the Boxers can get along well with kids and even with babies. But, it is always important to still supervise them from time to time.   

Leaving the Boxers Alone – Is it good?

The loyal behavior of the Boxers would always make them want you to spend ample time with them. They will generally have the tendency to develop separation anxiety once they were left unattended for long periods of time. This will then lead to some unwanted dog’s behavior like too much barking and digging.

Moreover, leaving the Boxers alone inside the hours for few hours may make them quite destructive. That’s why it is very important to ensure that you will have to invest more time with them before bringing them home. Keep in mind that this dog breed would always want to spend more time you and everyone within the family.

Final Thoughts

Do Boxers make good guard dogs? Generally, because of their intelligence and protective temperament, they are capable of being a guard dog. Despite the aggressive look that they have, they tend to seek for their owners attention and they tend to be gentle most of the time.

Since they are loyal to their owner and with every family member, the Boxers may chase a stranger or potential thief away to protect and save his family. Basically, this highly depends on the proper training of the Boxers. With this, you would create good guard dogs out of the aggressive-looking Boxers.