How to Keep a Jack Russell Terrier Busy?

Having a really active pet can be so much fun with all the giggles you won’t be able to suppress. At the same time, it may be a challenge to you, especially if you’re the kind of owner who’s laidback. When a fur parent and his/her fur baby differ in personalities, it can indeed be a handful. Speaking of lively dogs, a frequently asked question by fur parents is “how to keep a Jack Russell Terrier busy?” Be sure to stick around until the end of this blog post to know why!

A Jack Russell Terrier’s Profile

Before diving into the main topic, let’s first take a quick look at the Jack Russell Terrier’s profile. By doing so, we can better understand why it must really be busy most of the time.

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Origin of Breed

This dog breed is an innate hunter. It was originally bred by Reverend John Russell around the early 19th century. His vision was to create a new breed that will have the same drive of a terrier (since it’s a variation of the terrier dog) with regards to chasing foxes going to the ground. Moreover, he saw this new breed with a distinct high stamina than the original terriers. Furthermore, he made sure that this breed is harmless and can definitely drive the foxes out of their places without resulting into any mess.

Appearance, Size, and Coat

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A Jack Russell Terrier’s head is of moderate width and it has mobile V-shaped ears of moderate thickness. It also has dark almond-shaped eyes. In addition to these, the end of its muzzle is a bit defined with a black nose. Moreover, its body length is the same as its height and its tail is set high. Lastly, the most significant body part of this dog breed is its chest since it’s a working terrier. Being naturally inclined to dive into burrows, a Jack Russell Terrier’s chest mustn’t be large where it can’t enter one anymore.

In terms of size, it can stand as tall as 13 to 14 inches, as well as weigh from around 13 to 17 pounds.

Additionally, a Jack Russell Terrier has two types of coat: smooth and broken. These two are both double coated and have a certainly coarse texture. At the same time, the coat’s color ranges from white, white with black or tan markings, as well as tricolor: white, black, and tan. To take care of the dog’s coat, it needs weekly brushing. Furthermore, rough coats must be stripped for once or twice a year.


First and foremost, the Jack Russell Terrier is a friendly dog. And because of the innate hunter within them, they are also naturally inclined to explore. It isn’t that hard to grasp why this breed is just naturally upbeat and energetic. Moreover, due these reasons, it’s also plain obvious why a Jack Russell Terrier loves digging a lot!

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If you own one, you must prepare for the possibility of waking up with a pile of dirt and mess in your garden or lawn. Consequently, you should already have a plan, so you can easily deal with it while not losing your temper.

Moreover, when you’re walking this dog, it should be on a leash since it will really wander off — there’s no doubt about that! Owners or fur parents of Jack Russell Terriers that are reading now go “Where’s the lie?” and probably laughing at the moment. Furthermore, if you have a yard, see to it that it has fences that will confine this incredibly active dog.

In terms of relating to people and other pets, a Jack Russell Terrier is okay for older children — but not very likely for smaller ones since their hostile side may come out from time to time. Little kids won’t likely to be able to handle this snapping of mood properly.

With other pets or animals, this dog certainly needs to be socialized with them at an early age. It’s because this dog naturally thinks of other animals as prey. Without a doubt, they will most likely chase or kill smaller animals. Even bigger dogs don’t scare this dog breed away! Once again, these are all because they’re bred to hunt one of the most ferocious animal in the world which is the fox. So you may not be able to blame a Jack Russell Terrier for being a badass with almost no fear at all!

Different Ways on How to Keep a Jack Russell Terrier Busy?

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After all the facts you just read, you know by now that this dog needs physical as well as mental/psychological stimulation. These will contribute to their overall well-being. If these natural needs won’t be given to them, they may get sad and their body may worn down.

Consequently, the dog will exhibit odd and alarming behaviors. Some of them are abnormal panting and pacing, refusing to eat, getting so lonely, and etc.

For this reason, we know that being a responsible fur parent to a Jack Russell Terrier means a big effort. You must really be incredibly knowledgeable. So here are some amazing tips of what you can do to really give this dog that stimulation they need:

1. Lots of Exercise

A Jack Russell Terrier needs an exercise routine that lasts for around 40 minutes or more. In training this dog, praise as well as food treats or rewards will really go a long way. At the same time, go easy on scolding since they can be stubborn from time to time. Furthermore, schedule for an activity where it can do whatever it wants without a leash. This will burn the dog’s excess energy and let it tire. By doing so, it won’t be aggressive anymore with its built-up extra energy.

2. Food Puzzles

With this, you’re just basically feeding your dog. Although, there’s a twist! You’re going to make him/her search for the food as if there’s a game or challenge! You can avail a dog treat dispenser to make treats time more fun! Your Jack Russell Terrier will absolutely love the adrenaline!

Best Pick for Dog Treat Dispenser: Furbo Dog Camera - Treat Tossing

Photo Credit: Amazon

This is actually a camera that also tosses treats to your dogs via the free Furbo iOS/Android app. All you need to do is plug it into a power outlet, download the Furbo app, and then connect to your home WiFi. Then fill it with your dogs’ favorite treats and prepare your pet for a game of catch.

Take note that this product can accommodate round shaped treats with a diameter of around 0.4 inches.

Moreover, it features a 1080p full HD Camera that’s also for night vision. It allows you to monitor your pet with a 160° wide-angle and 4x zoom. Additionally, it has an adjustable barking alert and 2-way audio. This product will really ensure that you got your pet covered!

✔️Works with Alexa (add voice control by combining with a screen Alexa device)
✔️Features real-time smart alerts
✔️Easy 3-step setup
✔️Charger included
❌Bark detector may sometimes go off for other noises

3. Jam-packed Playtime

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Playing with this dog breed isn’t the same with others. You must be ready for exhaustion since it’s just plain inevitable. For the dog’s energy to burn and don’t have any excess, you must tire him/her. One of the ways is by having a playtime session that has varying activities. In short, do fetch, tug-of-war, chase, hide-and-seek, fly-ball, and more!

4. Chew Toys

These toys are the best options for a Jack Russell Terrier since they love chewing so much! Don’t try giving them stuff toys because they’re going to just tear those apart. Make sure also that the chew toys are durable, so that your pet will have a great time biting. Yes, these toys can really get their full attention.

Best Pick for Chew Toys: Nylabone Dura Chew Large Original Flavored Knot Bone

Photo Credit: Amazon

It’s the best pick for chew toys with its irresistible chicken flavor that your Jack Russell Terrier will enjoy! Built to withstand the toughest chewers, this durable nylon dog toy is perfect for aggressive chewers. Moreover, this features unique knotted ends which help clean your dog’s teeth and massage their gums.

Furthermore, Nylabone ensures that lonely dogs will have something to put their attention into, so they can be busy and happy. They also recognize that boredom in dogs is indeed a common problem that’s important to address. By making sure that this chew toy product is of top-notch quality, Nylabone promises to prevent your pet from destructive and even dangerous behaviors such as digging and excessive barking.

Take note that since every dog has different chewing style and strength, Nylabone offers other chew toys in various sizes, shapes, flavors, and textures. At the same time, when you avail this product, you may also buy Nylabone’s dental solutions that offers dental care through establishing a simple dental care routine. First, the chew toy can help alleviate puppy teething pain as well as instill positive chewing habits during your Jack Russell Terrier’s critical stage. Second, the dental solutions will help your dog to be healthy and well-adjusted!

✔️Features fun knotted ends to keep dogs busy
✔️Features delicious chicken flavor
✔️Durable nylon dog toy for aggressive chewers
✔️Large chew toy for dogs up to 50 lbs
❌Some dogs may not like it because of a matter of preference

5. Road Trips

Take your dog with you in fun road trips. He/she may not be able to play around in the car. However, the sights along the road can really stimulate a Jack Russell Terrier. Just make sure you have all of your pet’s essentials in the car, so you’re both ready to hit the road.

6. Another Jack Russell Terrier Companion

File:Jack Russell Terrier Eddi Jumping.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Yes, you read that right. You may already be thinking how this dog is certainly a handful, but you’re still being told to get another. Well, this is just a mere suggestion. What can level up to a Jack Russell Terrier that will really give him/her happiness? Another one of its kind!

Let them play around and tire themselves in the front yard. A companion indeed can help to make this dog breed busy. Just take note that it’s more advisable to get another dog of the same breed. Because once again, this dog sees almost every other animal as prey. Being with their own kind will make things so much easier for them and for you.

7. Dog Walker

This goes for fur parents that are either laidback, busy, or both.

Never underestimate a Jack Russell Terrier’s stamina. When you think it has already done a lot, you’ll be surprised on how lively it still is. It’s as if its energy levels just get refilled! Now, this is a challenge if you can’t keep up with him/her. Because of this, hiring a dog walker is a good idea.

With a dog walker, your Jack Russell Terrier will have his/her regular walks. It means that the dog will burn his/her energy regularly and in a gradual manner. You don’t need to worry anymore that it won’t let you fall asleep at night with its nagging to play.

Final Words

Once again, these are the ways on how to keep a Jack Russell Terrier busy. We can all agree after finishing this blog post that this dog breed is high-maintenance. However, what’s all that effort in comparison to this dog’s cuteness and loyalty? You may really invest time and energy on this unbelievably active dog, but it’s worth it! The moment a Jack Russell Terrier loves you, he/she will be dedicated to you like how they’re dedicated to hunting!