Steps for Dogs to Get Into Car – Our Top 5 Pick

Do you love travelling with your dog but you are having a hard time getting them inside the car? Well, worry no more as there are available steps for dogs to get into car which may be very beneficial for them. We reviewed here five of the best steps for dogs in the market today that you might consider and might be beneficial for you as pet owners as well.

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Moreover, we also have here the ways of helping the dog to get inside the vehicle. Aside from that, you can also see below the basic steps on how to train your dog to get into a car. So, if you want to get started, let’s check them out below.

How to Help a Dog Get into a Car?

Actually, there are some helpful ways to help the dog get into a car. As a pet owner, you must consider doing this especially if you have travel plans with your dog.

Getting the dog into a car all by yourself

Oftentimes, dog owners generally pick up their dog in case they can’t get into the car on their own. Lifting up a small dog and place them inside the car is easy. Yet, when it comes to medium and large breeds, doing this is not the best option as they are much heavier. Ideal, for large dogs, it is better if you put their front paws on the car’s floor and hold up their hind while lifting them and helping them to get into the car.

As you do this, always ensure that you always put as support over the hind end of your dog. Additionally, do not put any strain on their abdomen or back legs during the lifting. Generally, lifting your dog is one effective way of getting your dog inside a car but it may also be hard for your body. This method will basically save much pressure over the joints of your pet yet it gives a lot of stress on your back and extremities.  

Getting the dog into a car through dog ramps or stairs

Generally, the best method of getting the dog inside a car is through the use of a dog ramp or dog stair. These products are basically designed to boost your dog in climbing high cars, SUVs, trucks. Some pet owners prefer to use the dog ramp because of its advantages for senior dogs and those dogs suffering from hip issues. Aside from that, the dog ramp also comes in a much simpler design.

Regardless of what you opt to use between the two, always ensure that you choose a product that suits the model of your car. But, take note that these products do not always specify which particular vehicles the ramps or stairs are made for. So, it is basically important to have your measurement.

steps for dogs to get into car
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Actually, helping your dog to get into a car is not a hard thing at all but as a pet owner this is one of the important information that you should have to know. The dog’s overall health is one of the major benefits that you can achieve in using a dog ramp or stair. Moreover, it is also a great way to maintain the shape of your dog’s joints.

Situations when your dog need a ramp or stairs:

The dog ramps or stairs can generally reduce the load being put on the dog’s joints through habitual movements. Basically, depending on the breed, physical condition, and age of your dog, the ramps or stairs are essential and beneficial for the following:


Like humans, when dogs get older, they may suffer from wear and tear conditions all throughout the years. Generally, getting up on an elevated place may benefit an old dog a lot more.


Hopping up and down can create pain, deteriorate the joint, and may be impossible to do for those suffering from arthritis. Having this dog condition, a dog ramp is highly recommendable than the stairs. This is due to the reason that the dog ramp only necessitates reduced mobility. You may also try to read the 5 Best Supplements for Older Dogs with Arthritis.


Most small dogs love to jump on and off the furniture all of the time during the day. Yet, it does not mean that if your little furry buddy keeps on doing this comfortably all day long, he should. A time goes; these activities may give pressure on the joints thus causing injuries and further will lead to canine arthritis. Basically, dog ramp or stairs may reduce your dog’s frequency of leaping thus protecting their tiny joints.


Puppies generally do have developing joints and bones. Continuous jumping, a hard fall, or an awkward leap may basically lead to immediate injury or potential problems on their latter years. However, puppy training for dog ramp or stair is generally minimal because they are always treated as kids playing around. But, always remember that dog stairs or household stairs may be introduced to puppies, even those energetic ones, and should not leap off the last steps.


Generally, the helpful way to get dogs in a car or climb elevated places after surgery is the dog ramp. This is due to the fact that ramp is easier to use compared to the dog stairs. It is also beneficial for handicapped dogs.

Basic steps to train dogs to get into car

In case carrying your dog physically during your trip is not actually possible, it is highly recommendable to consider having the best steps for dogs to get into car. Generally, numbers of dogs do not find any trouble using a dog step or dog ramp. However, there are a few that find the dog ramp a little bit intimidating and somehow scary so they refuse to use it.

Below are the basics steps to help your dog to get into car and build their confidence over time.

1. Make a positive reinforcement

For most kinds of training, the reward based approach really works. By having a positive reinforcement you will get a much better outcome compared to training that entails punishments the moment the dog do not perform well. However, training a dog to get into car using steps is daunting especially for those that have never been agile. Basically, it would be easier to make the training experience positive by providing treats and praise.

2. Begin using a flat ramp

Introduction of unfamiliar things to your dog may be a great help. Let them be familiar with the steps for dogs to get into car. Allow them to inspect it, sniff over it, and sit on it.

Basically, position your dog on a leash for them to walk over the dog steps beginning from one end to the other. In case they seem not to be keen in entering the ramp, provide some treat and a hand lure. Using a lure necessitates to use this process continuously until such time that they will enter the ramp without any hand help. In case the walking on the dog steps already seems simple for them, train them without the leash and walk with them alongside.

However, bear in mind that removing their leash may let them more excited and might stop responding on the training. That’s why it is very crucial to continue doing the process and get them always under your control.

3. Elevate the dog steps a little bit

Once they get familiar walking over the dog steps, begin stimulating your dog on using it by propping it up on sturdy object. Keep in mind that the dog steps shouldn’t be wobbling at all because it will generally put your dog off. Generally, the best place to put the dog steps on is over an existing flat surface. Remember that using bricks to raise the dog steps will only encourage your dog to go down the other end which will be deterring.

Moreover, at this time, the walking would be without the leash. Yet, if it seems to be a hard process, continue using the leash if really needed. Sometimes, you will notice that the fold within the dog steps may make the dog nervous. Knowing this, make use of your hand and give them treat as a lure to help your dogs overcome any lumps on the dog steps.

4. Elevate the dog steps a little bit more

Now, you need a good location to place the dog steps. It could be on the main door of your house, in a porch or the decking. Generally, a flat surface over the top of the ramp is really crucial. The main objective for this phase is to elevate the incline real enough to train the dog not to be scary with it.

Basically, during this stage, the dog will be apprehensive enough in adopting a similar process of treat lures and using the leash when necessary. Moreover, the same with the other stages, positive reinforcement is always a requirement. Aside from that, you must have to guarantee that the dog will enter and exit into the ramp safely.

5. Place the dog steps into the car

After all, it is now time to put the training activity in actual use. Put the dog steps into the vehicle and do the same thing as you have done before.  

steps for dogs to get into car
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What to Look for When Buying Steps for Dogs to Get Into Car?

Like humans, dog’s joints start to stiffen as they get older. As they had to suffer from joint-related issues, you may notice that leaping on a higher level like the car may become difficult for them. Due to this, you might consider providing them steps for dogs to get into car. Moreover, German Shepherds, Labradors, Mastiffs, and other large dog breeds may be genetically susceptible to joint problems such as the Hip Dysplasia.  

The steps for dogs to get into car generally involve a wide range of selections and take note that dog ramps and steps come with difference and uniqueness. In relation to this, check the following important things that you should look for when buying for the steps for dogs to get into car.

* Accessibility to get in

Basically, there are some dogs that usually ride inside the vehicle’s compartment. Because of this, they are required to get into the car’s rear. Fortunately, there are some dog owners that allow their dog to sit into the main car’s seat that actually needs one of the car’s doors to enter inside. Take note of this when you opt to buy a ramp for your dog. Generally, measure the gap when the dog will have to enter through the door to ensure the safe fit of the ramp on a right angle of the car.

Moreover, you also need to check for the parking space of the car. Check if you will be using the side of the rear part of the car to get your dog inside. Doing so will let you have enough space for door opening so that the dog steps can be placed. You can see that there are steps for dogs that have various lengths or come with an adjustable feature yet they all have a fixed width. 

Generally, sleeker steps for dogs are applicable for standard car door access regardless of the car model. But, when it comes for rear entry, any width of dog ramps will do the work. Most smaller ramps have a width measurement of around 15 inches to 16 inches wide. Yet, the dog size may also be taken into account along with the width of the dog ramp.

* Length of the ramp

In case you have an elevated car and you purchase a short ramp, you will generally have a ramp that is very steep to climb up by your dog. With this, the entire objective of the dog ramp will be defeated and the dog will not be able to use it happily. Take into account the height of the car from the ground and the required minimum length of the ramp. Basically, the ideal angle of the steps for dogs would be in the range of 18 and 26 degrees.

However, there are dog steps that come in fixed-length which may only be applicable for a smaller car. Meanwhile, some dog steps have fully adjustable feature providing a good long length that may be good for larger cars. This simply means that knowing the right angle is highly crucial when buying the best steps for dogs to get into car.

Meaning, make an appropriate measurement so that you will guarantee that you will have a ramp that snugly fits your car and your pet. Also, take into account the space behind the car in order to extend the ramp.

* Dog size

There are actually various materials that made up the steps for dogs to get into car. You may some that are basically shorter compared to others. Moreover, most dog ramps have a maximum loading capacity. In order to stay on the safe side, it is better to add an extra 20% on the weight of your dog when you check on the suitability.

Most of the steps for dogs to get into car can usually support dog weight until 135 lbs on average. Yet, there are also dog ramp products that are generally suitable for large dog breeds which can accommodate until 400 lbs.

* Portability

Generally, the material structure of the steps for dogs has a great impact on weight. Cheaper dog steps have materials made out of molded plastic. Yet, those ramps having an optimum load capacity seem to come from light aluminum material. Moreover, in terms of portability, the styles vary a lot.

Knowing this, there are dog steps that can be folded into two or three sections. Meanwhile, there are dog ramp models that utilize a telescopic technology which works by extending the one section and the other overlaps. However, some dog steps are also folding, yet there are still dog steps that are available in fixed feature making it not portable.

Basically, an 8ft long or even longer is the best angle for the steps for dogs to get into car. That’s why it is also important to know the compactness of the dog steps when not in use. There are also models of dog steps that include a carry handle within their side while some have a cover to protect the dog steps when not in use.

This simply means that the collapsed size of the dog steps must be taken into consideration. Aside from that, also take note of the ease of putting the dog steps into your car’s luggage compartment when you have a trip.

* Possibility for the dog to get hurt

Some pet owners seem to notice that dogs usually fall from the dog steps due to the design which lacks a lipped edge. If there’s someone who knows your dog well, it is none other than you. This simply means that you must consider if a lipped type or a flat board feature suits better for your dog. Generally, old and confused dogs or those suffering from visual impairment may require a lipped type of dog steps.

Moreover, it is also essential to consider the materials used for covering the ramp. Cheaper plastic ramps usually make use of ribbed molding to have an anti-slip feature. There are also other dog steps that utilize impregnated sandpaper as its non-slip property. Yet, some dogs usually don’t like the gritted surface. Further, a carpet or astroturf can be seen over more luxury dog steps which offer a non-slip and delicate on dog paws feature.


OUR TOP PICK: PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp

Product Name: PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp

Product Description: One of the best steps for dogs to get into car which is also an excellent and helpful dog product is the PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp. This is perfect support for your dog to walk up and get out of the back of vehicles. Aside from that, your dog can able to get on and off any home furniture such as the table, sofa, bed, and the stairs. Basically, this example of steps for dogs to get into car includes a smooth slope to offer assistance for pets that leaping on high surfaces may be difficult. Another feature that makes the PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp the best one is that it comes on a foldable format. Its material comes from premium quality plastic which results in a sturdy and durable dog ramp. In order to guarantee your dog’s safety, these steps for dogs to get into car have a non-sip rigged surface which is highly exceptional from the rest. However, the surface is also gentle over the pet paws.

Offer price: 24

Currency: usd

Availability: InStock

  • Portability
  • Ease of strorage
  • Ease of cleaning


The PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp is generally one of the longer and graceful ways for the dogs to get into car. Having a good level of ground clearance, this one example of steps for dogs to get into car is highly suitable for most vehicles including SUVs and trucks. Because of its high-quality materials and heavy-duty features, PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp is actually the best choice to quickly get your dog get into car.


Product Details:

Dimensions: Open – 70x17x2.5 inches (LxWxH) / Folded – 36x17x5.75 inches (LxWxH)

Surface: Ridged rubber – non-slip type

Capacity: 500 lbs

Weight: 18.5 lbs


  • The surface is made of non-slip rubber materials

  • Can accommodate up to 500 lbs weight

  • Ease of cleaning


  • Heavy

  • Too steep


PetSafe Extra Long Dog Ramp

steps for dogs to get into car

Another one of the best steps for dogs to get into car is the PetSafe Extra Long Dog Ramp which offers a leg up for your dog during your adventure. It is generally easy to carry and transport inside and outside the car with a weight of around 18 lbs. The ramp is made of highly durable aluminum material which can hold even the biggest four-legged animals weighing up to 300 lbs.

In case the dog has an average height to get into the car, PetSafe Extra Long Dog Ramp offers him to walk in and out of the vehicle easily. Moreover, the extra-long ramp features of these steps for dogs to get into car that gives you the ability to customize the ramp length. This customizable length that ranges from 47 to 87 inches is generally applicable for vehicles having steeper inclines.

Additional Product Details

Furthermore, this one of the best steps for dogs to get into car includes a surface and side rails with high traction. This is basically for the purpose of letting your dog walk up and down the ramp with great confidence without the worry of slipping and falling. It also has a safety latch feature that allows for convenient ramp storage. Aside from that, the opening of the PetSafe Extra Long Dog Ramp may be prevented during travelling.

Basically, these steps for dogs to get into car are about 42% bigger than the PetSafe Folding Dog Ramp. This extra size offers a more delicate climbing angle and the additional walking space assists the dog to climb on high elevations. In order to provide an excellent mixture of strength and durability, the aluminum and plastic design is blended well for these steps for dogs to get into car.

Product Features:

  • Ramp Dimensions: 47 to 87 x 20 x 4 inches (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Easy to carry feature
  • Offer longer length adjustable sizing that can allow getting in and out of steeper inclined vehicles
  • Durability is tested and supports dogs weighing up to 300 lbs
  • The surface and the side rails are constructed on a high-traction feature
  • Contains safety latch for convenient storage
  • Includes ramp accessories for an easy setup process
  • Sturdy
  • Highly suitable for large dog breed
  • Foldable feature
  • Easy to carry
  • Extra long for gentler incline
  • Non-slip surface is not effective
  • Slightly bulky

Pet Gear Free-Standing Foldable Dog Ramp

steps for dogs to get into car

If you want to experience a different type of steps for dogs to get into car, you can go for a free-standing ramp that does not require an attachment method over the vehicle. Generally, this type of steps for dogs to get into car is applicable for large dogs. One best example of these steps for dogs to get into car is the Pet Gear Free-Standing Foldable Dog Ramp which basically supports the extra weight of dogs without excessive bending.

Moreover, if you want to get over with those conventional dog ramps, the Pet Gear Free-Standing Foldable Dog Ramp is the best alternative. It has two extra-large platforms for the purpose of easy maneuverability of bigger pets in and out of the car. Aside from that, the dogs can also have the opportunity to have an access to other places that are hard to reach through this Pet Gear Free-Standing Foldable Dog Ramp.

It can generally accommodate dogs weighing up to 350 lbs due to its sturdy feature. To guarantee sure-footing for dogs, these steps for dogs to get into car have elevated edges and soft treads of carpet. Additionally, these treads are removable to have an easy cleaning process. Basically, Pet Gear Free-Standing Foldable Dog Ramp does not require tethering into the vehicle’s bumper making it easy to carry on the go.

Product Features:

  • Product Dimensions: 60x19x23 inches (LxWxH)
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Has washable and soft-touch carpet tread
  • Foldable in a compact size for easy storage
  • Includes rubberized materials for the bottom gripper
  • With elevated edges to avoid slipping on the side
  • Ease of folding and storing
  • Removable carpet treads
  • May not be safe for smaller breeds
  • Somehow costly

Pet Gear Lite Ramp

steps for dogs to get into car

Another one of the best steps for dogs to get into car under Pet Gear is the Pet Gear Lite Ramp which makes your dog get into the vehicle in an easily accessible manner. Moreover, these steps for dogs to get into car can assist your dog to climb hard to reach areas with better grip support. It features a supertraX mat that is highly removable and activated by pressure. This only means that by simply putting on weight over it, the dog will easily grip into the mat.

The dog paws can have a greater surface area with the ramp due to the supertraX mat carpet treads that it has. Due to this feature, these steps for dogs to get into car produce greater stability. Moreover, the mat comes in a removable form so that the Pet Gear Lite Ramp can be cleaned up easily. Aside from that, the ramp keeps its position stable in place due to the inclusion of bottom grippers and safety tether.

Additional Product Details

In addition, there is also a built-in carry handle in the package of these steps for dogs to get into car to easily transport it. Furthermore, a highly patented Tri-Fold design is present so that the storage space may be reduced. Generally, if you are looking for steps for dogs to get into car that are perfect for SUV attachment for the use of injured or old dogs, the Pet Gear Lite Ramp is an excellent choice. These steps for dogs to get into car will snugly fit into SUVs and it can be folded easily and put inside the car.

Further, this Pet Gear Lite Ramp is basically wide and long which can be highly suitable with all cars’ height. The good thing about these steps for dog to get into car is that it is available in 5 various sizes based on your preference. A side door option is also available in case the dog rides within the car seat.

Product Features:

  • Product Dimensions: 71x16x14 inches (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Can accommodate pets weighing up to 200 lbs
  • Contains a supertraX mat which is soft to touch to give protection on dogs’ paws and the car interiors; it is also removable to have an easy mat cleaning
  • Includes an activated grip which is pressurized so that the paws of the dog can grip easily into the mat
  • The edges are elevated to prevent slipping of dogs over the side
  • Easy to fold and have a built-in handle for easy to carry and portability
  • Designed with patented Tri-Fold feature to guarantee compact storage
  • With excellent grip coating
  • Available in 5 various sizes
  • Foldable style
  • Elevated edges
  • Can only accommodate up to 200 lbs dog weight

PetSafe Folding Dog Ramp

steps for dogs to get into car

The PetSafe Folding Dog Ramp is actually one of the best steps for dogs to get into car as you can provide your furry buddy with a leg up during your entire road trip adventure. It basically weighs around 10 lbs which makes this dog steps and easy to carry one. Aside from that, these steps for dogs to get into car and be lifted up and out of the car with great ease and convenience. Despite its lightweight, the PetSafe Folding Dog Ramp is also strong and durable which can able to hold dogs weighing up to 150 lbs.

Moreover, these steps for dogs to get into car is exclusively made in the USA thus allowing the dog’s safety in getting up and down the ramp without experiencing stress on the joints. Generally, the PetSafe Folding Dog Ramp is the most economical dog ramp version and also the lightest one available in the market. It also comes with ramp accessories that give access to the car’s side doors.

Product Features:

  • Most economical steps for dogs to get into car available in the market
  • Lightest in weight for only about 10 lbs
  • Walking surface with high-traction
  • With four feet embed with rubber
  • Has a safety latch
  • The feet are made of non-slip rubbery material
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not suitable for large and older dogs
  • Easily collapsed

Final Thoughts

The steps for dogs to get into car are generally beneficial to keep the joints of your pet in proper shape. There are actually different types of dog steps that are also suitable based on your dog’s needs, age, and breed. Basically, buying this product needs to consider the accessibility to get inside the vehicle, length, dog size, portability, the potential for your dog to get hurt, and other features that come with it.

Moreover, when we speak of steps for dogs, buying a high-quality one is the ideal choice for investment over a long period of time. So, rather than to go for a cheap dog ramp or stair, it is actually good to place your money on something that maintains it durability over the years.