11 Dog Breeds Least likely to Bite (2022)

Are you considering to buy a dog breeds least likely to bite but having a second thought in mind because of your daknophobia? As we all know, every dog has the ability to bite especially when they are harm, however, there are certain dog breeds that least likely to bite and if you are one of those people who are scared but thinking about purchasing a dog.    

I’m sure you can now breathe with a huge sigh of relief because we’ve got good news for you!     

Here, I will share with you the list of the dog breeds that least likely to bite which can surely enlighten your mind to have one, but, before that let me give you a little insight with the 3 important things you should consider before purchasing a dog. So, without further ado, let’s get started!  

Dog Breeds Least Likely to Bite

3 Important Things you Should Consider Before Purchasing a Dog  

  1. Make sure you really want to have a dog- having a dog is not for fun, you need to be ready for a long-term commitment, because like babies you need to take care of them. Basically, consider having a dog is like volunteering yourself to be a dog parent. 
  2. Research before you buy- before you get a dog you need to know if what type of dog breed will suit you and your family. Getting a dog is not easy because you need to know everything about the breed, whether it’s a puppy or older dog you must need to research if what will you expect when they already join your household.   
  3. Consider your living situation- your specific living situation will go a long way in informing you if what type of dog breed will you get whether you live in an apartment or your own home or whose living with you, all of these things matters because it will give you the specific dog breeds that will suit your lifestyle.   

12 Dog Breeds Least Likely to Bite  

  1. Scottish Terrier- these dog breed has been described to have a stubborn personality but also being very loving and loyal to their family, they are an independent, athletic and wise dog, these dog breeds are originated in Scottish Aberdeen and before they were called as “Aberdeen Terriers’’. According to some sources, the Scottish terriers were the favorite breed of King James VI, in fact, he made them popular outside Scotland. Since this dog breeds were bred to chase small prey that lives in the underground dens some owners say that they have a cat personality because they are a natural digger, they love digging a lot even they are not a hunter they might dig for comfort and out of boredom, these breed needs a lot of physical and mental exercises to prevent them from digging. Although, the Scottish terrier is affectionate towards their family and can be very suspicious towards strangers.  
  2. Poodle- these dog breeds are great for allergy sufferers as they shed a very little, they are considered as the second smartest breed, they are perky, elegant, well-proportioned and squarely built. They carry themselves proudly with dignity and a springy gait. Whether they are large, medium and small this dog breed can steal your heart and attention. The breed may look like a “frou-frou pups’’, but they are bred to hunt. In France, this dog breeds are called “duck dog’’. They are athletic and swimmer dogs were, in fact, they were used by hunters to retrieve ducks and other birds from the water. This breed has a soft mouth so they can gently pick up anything without damaging it. Though unlike other dogs that shed, their fur grows continuously and as a result, they will need to have regular grooming. On the upside, these dog breeds are odorless and hypoallergenic. These dog breed can bring comfort to those people around them; they are loving and nice to strangers, Overall, they also have a great sense of humor.   
  3. Chihuahua- these dog breeds are incredibly one of the popular breeds in the world they usually have the longest life which sometimes can be over to 20 years old, they can be aggressive but they rarely inflict any serious dog bites, they are friendly and nice with children and even with strangers. They can easily adapt to their surroundings, they can fit living into apartments or small houses, they don’t usually want to be alone because they love to be around with people. The name of chihuahua comes from the place they were found which is in Chihuahua Mexico. According to some sources, during the time of Toltecs civilization, this dog breeds was a wild dog that was domesticated. Despite being a small dog, they are one of the bravest dog breeds and considered as vivacious, restless, devout, sociable, intelligent and faithful dogs. This dog breed can create a strong bond and attachment to their owners and relates wonderfully with all breeds of dogs even with cats, however, they prefer to spend time with their own breed.  
  4. Beagle- these breeds are one of the most favorite breeds in the world, they are happy to go lucky breed that loves to be around with people, they are described as energetic, cheerful, sociable and friendly by nature dog. They are a calm temperament that makes them a great choice. If you love the outdoors this dog breed is the right breed for you since they love nothing more than exploring outside and taking them to trails, they are very tolerant with kids and never too tired in playing games and they usually get along well with other animals or pets too except for a bit chasing them.   
  5. Boxer- these are a large breed dog that can scare you a little bit for its appearance but you can’t imagine how affectionate and playful this breed is, they possesses great energy so it can spend hours outdoors playing with its owners and even with other dogs, this dog breeds it doesn’t need much health care, a few hours of exercise and proper nutrition will be enough to keep it strong and healthy which make it ideal pet for active people who like sports and the outdoors, usually it’s somewhat restless for that reason one must have firm hand with it and it is necessary to educate it well, since, some can learn to dominate their owners. It is a faithful dog that loved to be caressed and pampered by its owners being paid attention and treated with respect. These dog breeds are very attached to the people who take care of them and distrustful strangers that is why you must teach them to be socialized from the start. These breeds are patient and spirited which makes them fun to play for children and they are also protective so you can be assured that your kids are safe with them.  
  6. Bulldog- these breeds are actually a patient devoted pup, affectionate and quietly sweet breeds that even the rambunctious children will be unlikely to get a rise out with these breeds. These breeds are affectionate, but these breeds don’t win any awards as the most energetic dog, a friendly and docile loyal dog which can get along well with other dogs and pet too, these dogs will comfortably live in small apartments as well as in large house. They are compatible with dogs and other pets and they are pleased with visitors outside which makes them a perfect fit for a busy social family.    
  7. Yorkshire Terrier- these dog breeds are the most popular type of terrier breeds; they were originally used to killed rats, they tend to bark a lot but are not normally aggressive, this breed might be in a small size but they have a big personality, they usually are feisty but loving companion, the breed has a lot of fan because of its devotion with their owners, elegant looks and suitability to apartments living. They are often known as big dogs trapped in little bodies; they always want to look out for any adventures and troubles. The most defining features of this breed are probably their coats, their hair is shiny and straight which grows long and as a result, you just need to brush it regularly. This breed does not shed much which makes them good pets to people who have allergies. They do well at everything from sports to agility and even therapy works that’s why they are a great travel companion as well as a family dog. However, they can be snappy towards children if they are not treated well and they can also be aggressive towards other small animals but some can live peacefully with other dogs and even cats.  
  8. Golden Retriever- these breeds are largely recognized as one of the friendliest dog breeds out there due to their loving and gentle personalities. They are smart, kind, confident and a very loyal dog neither aggressive or timid these breed is extremely patient which makes them a perfect match for you, while the breed needs a lot of exercises they love to play often, and that you will find them a fun-loving breed that is affectionate and obedient as well-meaning you will fall in love with them instantly, while the breeds need to live outdoors, they’d really prefer indoors with their humans most of the time.  
  9. Labrador Retriever- these are one of the most famous dog breeds, they have a good reputation as being the best family pet, they are described as playful, patience, reliable, protective and lovable dogs. Their pain tolerance is higher than other breeds which makes them a great choice for police search and rescue work. Another perk of these breeds is being highly intelligent and take well to training whether any of its variety of colors you will found out that all of them share the same sense of strength, stamina, and obedience that makes them such a famous dog breed. They are very gentle and patient especially with children when properly socialized and trained. They are good-natured dogs that can get along well with people, other pets or animals and with everyone they meet which makes them a great family pet.   
  10. Newfoundland- these breeds are very large known for their gentle nature and love for kids. They will keep an eye on your kids at all times. These dogs have a great personality, they are reliable, loyal, intelligent, always full of energy and above all affectionate. No doubt they are the perfect pet for the family. These dog breeds forms such a strong bond with its owners and so attached to it, they easily adapt to other environments to which they are not accustomed and they always looked for ways to please it’s owners or family and can be super creative when it wants to make them feel better or have fun with them and in addition, it can coexist well with other pets and has endless patience.   
  11. Collies- these breeds are known for their majestic flowing coats; they are one of the best dog breeds for a big family. They suited well for a large active family because they have a great deal of energy to expend and the best thing is, they are ideal dog to play with children which will allow you to not worry for your kids getting bitten because they are best known as one of the most less likely to bite dogs. They can also protect your kids from any harm as they practically act like a guard dog.   
  12. Irish Setter- these dog breeds are known for their coat, they are recommended for families with older children especially those active and energetic children who need a dog that will play with them, they are described as playful, energetic and lively dogs, they love being around with people and children, in fact, they love being with their family all the time and don’t want to be alone, basically, they are on their best behavior when they are around with their loved ones. Though this dog breed might need a lot of exercises, they are really great companions. They are the perfect breed for those people with a yard because of their playful personality. Another good thing about this breed is being nice with new people coming into your home.    


Nowadays, dog bites can be a very serious problem with many dog owners. Obviously, we know that, whether they are a puppy or older dog there will be no guarantee that they won’t bite you. In general, a dog is still a dog and you can’t avoid them to bite you if you didn’t treat them well. Getting a dog is not easy, you should be ready to take responsibility to be a good pet owner. Therefore, if you are one of those people who wants to have a dog as your family pet but worried about the dog bites, I recommend you to try and choose one of these lists of dog breeds that least likely to bite for you to breathe with a huge sigh of relief when it comes to bite problems.  However, doing some research at https://www.google.com.ph/ is still needed in order to know more information about something like https://bestprotectiondogs.org/pet-sitters-that-stay-in-your-home/.