Top 23 Ways Your Dog Shows Love and How to Spot Them

As a pet owner or a dog lover, you will be able to write down a long list of things you did to show your love to your pet dog. You may even go to say that you are the best fur parent in the world. Now, other fur parents may not agree with you because of course, they will say that it is definitely them. But your dog will surely agree that you are indeed the best of the best. However, have you ever thought of your pet’s side of the story? Have you ever thought of all the ways your dog shows love to you?

Dogs are animals known for their impeccable loyalty to their owner. With this loyalty comes their conviction that they will do everything for the safety of their human, even if that means their life will be put at risk. That right there is already the grandest manifestation of love that your pet dog can do. It is the reason why dogs have achieved the title “man’s best friend.” Even with all the delicious treats or the fancy toys out there, their connection to their human is always going to be their most treasured possession at the end of the day.



A no-brainer sign of affection of a dog for you is if it follows you wherever you go. Some dogs are clingier than the others and may even follow you to the bathroom when all you are going to do is pee. Dogs do this behavior because they see you as their leader and they are very loyal to their leader. This can easily be dismissed as a sign that of your dog showing affection. At the same time, it can get a bit annoying to you, especially if you are late for work and you are stressed going around the house to get ready. You may say that your dog following you around just makes things more messy. But stop for a moment and think that your dog just wants you to know that it adores you!


Another one of the ways a dog shows love is this one. If your dog nudges you on any body part, it may mean that you are just blocking its path and wants you to move to the side. On the other hand, and most of the time, this behavior is your pet’s way of saying that it likes you. You can also tell that it is definitely the case of the latter if your dog gives you a deep stare before nudging you.


This behavior can mean either of two things: they want to seek your protection or they want to protect you. Either way, it just means that it loves you so much to the point that it is relying its life on you or that it is ready to fight any danger that come towards you.


Another one of the ways a dog shows love is tail wagging. First, know that this behavior can mean a lot of things such as emotions of fear or anxiety. On the other hand, if you have a good and loving relationship with your dog, this tail wagging will only mean that it is happy with your company. Additionally, some research experiments say that if this behavior is leaned a little bit to the right, then your dog is way happier at the moment.


This is another no-brainer. If you walk into the room where your pet dog is and then suddenly its ears are already standing up, it just means that your pet is so excited. It is so happy to find its favorite human around the same vicinity.


Wriggling is also one of the ways a dog shows love. This behavior is playful and if your dog does this especially if you just came back home, it means it missed you a lot and is very happy now that you are back.


Take note that this behavior of dogs is because of their nature as social creatures. Licking or grooming another dog is always done as a way of forming a deep bond with each other. So if your dog licks you, it is technically grooming you. With this grooming is the fact that for your pet dog, you aren’t just a close human but a member of the family.


Another cone of the classic ways dogs show love is cuddling. Touch is important to canines as it is to us, humans. If your pet cuddles with you, it loves you. Now, if your dog has a bed or a place to sleep but it chooses to nap on your lap or knee, then it really loves you so much!


You may find this behavior annoying but sometimes, it just means that your dog loves you! How? Dogs are creatures with an impeccable sense of smell. At the same time, your smell is technically imprinted in their memory already for being close and having a tight relationship. Now, your smell will drag onto your shirt and other things you use. Sometimes, your pet will chew on these stuff just because these things smell like you. You can interpret this as your dog, literally, can’t just get enough of you.


This behavior combined with tons of laughter on your pet dog’s part clearly indicates that it enjoys working off some of its energy with you.


Just like us, humans, dogs smile when they are nothing but just happy at the moment. If your dog smiles at you, even if you don’t have treats on your hands, then it just means that it is grateful that you are on its side again. 


Another one of the classic ways dogs show love is jumping. Sometimes, this behavior gets to our nerves, but the truth is dogs do this because they are ecstatic to be with you. Take note that when they do it to you as soon as you come home, they are also trying to get all the scents that has rubbed on you from the outside. It is because your pet wants to be able to relate to you.


Another no-brainer is when dogs look at you. Remember though that it isn’t just a normal stare but indeed a sparkly one. You can see that their eyes seem dewy and that is because they are so mesmerized by your presence. Additionally, according to researchers, eye contact induces the release of oxytocin or the love hormone. So if you want your bond to get stronger, look more intently at your dog when it stares at you. 


Sighing is also one of the ways your dog shows love towards you. When you hear your pet dog let out a long and happy sigh when you are around and then it stretches out next to you, it means that it is contented with your company.


Studies have shown that dogs can detect human emotions and they can show empathy to you, especially if you are having a bad day. This is the reason why if you are quiet because you are tired or stress, your pet will come over you and cuddle or nose you. Also, this is the reason why when you are crying, it will suddenly come to you and put its head on your lap. Your dog loves you so much that it wants to take away your pain and sadness. 


Added to the list of the ways your dog shows love is this. Dogs in the wild, and as per their nature, sleep in pack as a sign of their loyalty. So when you always wake up with your dog’s face at your face, it just means that your pet is showing its loyalty to you.


When you dog gives you its favorite toys, it is saying that it can share its most prized possession with you because you are its favorite human. Your pet wants you to enjoy and have a great time too which is what it gets when it plays with the said toys. 


Do I really have to still explain this? I mean, we, humans, kiss people we like or love. Dogs are the same!


Sniffing is part of a dog’s nature. Since they have a keen sense of smell, they always sniff things. But if your dog does this almost always to you, it means that it wants to know what you have been up to doing. For example, it wants to know where you went, so it will try to get the scent from you. It means your dog is curious of what is going on with your life because it loves you. 


Bear in mind that a dog will most likely respond to anyone’s voice calling its name. On the other hand, take note of how it is always responsive to you, especially if you are not calling your pet’s name. If you see your dog going over to you as soon as you speak when you enter a room, it mostly means that it just heard its favorite human’s voice, so it needs to follow.


This one is related to how dogs are empathetic, especially to its favorite person. Studies say that yawning after someone yawned is normal to humans because we are social creatures who are innately inclined to connect with others. Yawning after someone does means that we can feel the energetic level of that person. So when it comes to dogs, its behavior of yawning after you just yawned most definitely means that it is that connect to you. The bond it feels towards you is already deep that is why it can feel your energy level and the state of your temperament at the moment. This sign of affection is so subtle that you may be able to just dismiss it, but yes, it means more than that.


If you are playing, training, or teaching your dog some tricks, pay attention to the reward that it wants. Of course, it is just normal if your pet goes crazy when it sees treats in your hands. On the other hand, if your dog will react more positively from a touch from you as a reward for doing great in an exercise, then it means that it really likes you that much. If it prefers belly rubs over delicious treats, it means that it fancies your attention more than food.

This is another sign that can be easily missed by fur parents. It can be easily perceived as a dog having a great time or being tickled that is why it likes its belly getting rubbed. But again, it can mean more than that. You just have to be a bit more observant with your fur baby.


Another one of the ways a dog shows love is when they follow your rules. First, it applies to dogs of all kind, whatever their temperament is such as if they are docile or a bit outgoing. If your dog follows your rule about all things such as in eating, playing, exercising, and more, then it means it loves you. Why? Dogs are people pleaser in general. They want to show their favorite human that they are obedient to please their owner. Clearly, your pet wants to land on your good side.


Undoubtedly, dogs are a real top contender as one of the most loving animals in the world. Their ability to connect with human beings is far excellent compared to other animals. Their ability to empathize with humans is spectacular and always a source of fondness. Humans can’t get enough of dogs, but it isn’t a one way street. Dogs feel the same! Just as how we want to pinch their cute cheeks, rub their ears, or play with their belly, they are also that fond of their favorite human. If it can only speak, you will be smitten by what it has to say.

With these in mind, you have to be really observant with your dog’s behaviors and actions. Sometimes, it does subtle things to communicate that it loves you so much, but you may just missed them. If you happen to spot one subtle one, allow your heart to feel the awe. Remember that there are many ways dogs shows love and that every dog differs from the other. It means that one dog’s love language can differ from another breed. You just need to know your dog best to be able to decode its overall actions.

What you can do when you realize at the moment that your pet dog is saying it loves you, is to encourage it more. For example, don’t scold or be annoyed when it jumps up and down repeatedly as soon as you enter the door. When it chews your stuff which can really be stressful from time to time, don’t rush into screaming at your dog.  Also, when it licks you out of nowhere and really surprised you, for example is if you just wake up, try to understand that your dog just finds you cute. Just bear this fact in your mind: you love your dog and now, it is clear that it loves you too. We all know that reciprocated love is always a reason to celebrate life! So bask with the gift that is given to you.