3 Best Elevated Dog Dishes for Large Breeds To Buy Today

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It is common for most pet owners to use a dog dish that sits on the floor. What if we told you that you can get elevated dog dishes? These dishes are known to be great for large dog breeds. They do make it easier for your dog to feed. So, what are some of the best elevated dog dishes for large breeds? That is what we want to look at in this guide.

Benefits of Elevated Dog Dishes

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Improves the dog’s stance

Since the dog will be eating while standing, it goes a long way to improve its stance. Your dog will no longer have the problem of a curved spine or even keep their head down all the time. After several months of using the elevated dog dish, you will notice that your dog has a better posture.

Elevated dishes reduce bloat in dogs

Bloat is a serious condition in dogs and it can be worse when it is present in large dogs. This condition can be deadly for dogs by age five to six. With the help of an elevated food bowl, your dog will eat slower and thus reducing the chance of having bloat.

There is an improvement in digestion

Think of how humans eat. We do it while sitting upright. That is the posture that your dog adopts while eating from an elevated bowl. With this posture, the food can get down the digestive tract easily and thus better digestion.

It keeps your dog from laying down just to eat

It is common for large dogs lie down as a way of getting closer to the food bowl. Eating while laying down is likely to cause some health problems which your dog can avoid. With an elevated bowl, your dog can now eat while standing and maintain its health.

An elevated food dish is good for arthritis

For a large dog breed with arthritis, it is important to do everything possible to help it combat any pain. Whenever a dog has arthritis, its neck is going to hurt a lot and thus the need to have an elevated food bowl. With such a bowl, the dog does not have to go so low just to eat its food.

Promotes better hygiene

You must have noticed that dogs tend to cause a mess when eating from a bowl down on the floor. You will be surprised to see a change whenever you switch to an elevated food dish. With better hygiene, you will love owning this type of bowl for your dog.

Prevents the bowl from sliding around

The mechanism holding the bowls in the upper position is great to ensure you never have to worry about the bowl sliding around. Sometimes it is hard for the dog to eat when the bowl keeps sliding from it. Also, with the bowl in place, you should not to worry about the dog making a mess in the room.

Relationship Between Bloat and Elevated Dog Dishes

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Bloat is also known as gastric dilation and volvulus (GDV) condition. It is an emergency medical condition whereby the dog’s stomach rotates along its axis. As a result, it twists itself, making it hard for gases and fluids to exit the stomach.

Bloat can be dangerous for your dog and it requires surgery to correct it. Depending on how long the condition has existed in the dog, sometimes you might end up with more complications.

What causes bloat?

There have been various explanations, but the main cause remains elusive. Here are some of the associations regarding the bloat condition.

  • Large dog breeds are more likely to suffer from the condition as compared to medium and small sized dogs. For a dog that weighs over 99 pounds, it is likely to suffer from bloat in its lifetime.
  • Deep chested dog breeds such as Dobermans, Great Danes, and German shepherds are likely to be victims of bloat. If you own such a breed, having regular vet visits can help detect the condition early.
  • For dogs that gobble down their foods, they tend to have the condition too. This is because they will end up swallowing a lot of air while eating. The same happens when the dog gulps water.
  • Dogs that eat an extremely large meal all the time are also likely to face this condition than those that eat smaller meals.

Can elevated food bowls help?

Studies show that with the use of elevated food bowls, it helps the dog eat with the right posture. This is especially for those likely to end up with the condition. They would also eat slowly and thus reducing the chances of bloat. It is why vets will recommend the use of elevated food bowls for large dog breeds likely to face the condition.

How to Choose Elevated Dog Dishes

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Get the correct height

Even if you opt to get an elevated dog dish, you still have to get it in the right height to make it useful. It might help if you measure the dog’s standing height to determine the right bowl height too. You do this by measuring its height from the floor up to the top of the shoulder and then subtract 5 inches.

For a small dog breed, the ideal bowl height should be 2 to 6 inches depending on the dog size. As for medium size breeds, the ideal bowl height should be at 7 to 12 inches. When you own a large sized breed, the go for a bowl height of 12 to 18 inches.


Many people would also love it when they have a functional food bowl. Depending on the model, some come with inbuilt storage. With this storage, it gives you enough space to store any dog food. You will love the convenience of having the dog food within reach each time you have to feed the dog.

The Design

Just because it is a dog bowl, it does not meet it should not look great. You will be amazed by the different designs available on the market. You can take your time to check out various models to see which one would fit in your existing décor in the house. Visitors might just be impressed by your sense of style, even if it is a dog bowl.

Height Adjustability

For large dog breeds, they are always growing. It would be better to get a model with the option of adjusting its height. This allows for the pet owner to adjust the height depending on the growth of the dog. You will not have to buy a new feeding bowl each time you notice that the dog has grown.

This type of bowl can still be great for breeders, groomers, veterinaries, and any other person who has to deal with different dogs in their space.

Bowl Material

Bowls come in different materials. The most common include ceramic, metal, and plastic. If you wish to get a stylish design, then you will go for the ceramic bowls. The plastic bowls are the cheaper option, but be careful which plastic material they are made from. Some materials can cause allergies to your dog. The safest and most durable option is to opt for stainless steel bowls.

Top 4 Elevated Dog Dishes for Large Breeds

If you are in the market for some of the best elevated dog dishes for large breeds, here is a list to help you out.

FOREYY Raised Pet Bowls for Cats and Dogs

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The model is water resistant and anti-slip. These are two important features for any pet bowl. Since it is made from bamboo, it should live up to any wet conditions for long. Its anti-slip feature ensures that it remains put even for an aggressive eater. As for the bowls, they are of a standard size, making them ideal for different breeds.

With its elevated design, it should keep the feeding area clean and easy to clean when necessary. Getting the bowls from the stand is still easy. No more going down on your knees to scrub the feeding area when you have such a stand.

The model includes two premium quality stainless steel bowls. You will not have to buy additional bowls for your stand. Also, the steel material is safe and durable.


  • It is affordable
  • The unit is water resistant
  • It comes with two stainless steel bowls


  • The design is not as sturdy as advertised

Yangbaga Elevated Dog Bowls

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You will love the type of workmanship you get with this model. Since it is made out of pine, it looks good even for a dog feeder. The well-finished corners and additional smooth surface should make it worth all the money you spend on it.

The model is set at the best height for most dogs. If you have an older dog with back and neck problems, then this can be an ideal dog feeder for it.

For its size, it is suitable for most homes. You will also find it has two stainless steel bowls that handle enough food for your dog. Since they are two bowls, one can hold the food while the other water. The size of the bowl can hold up to 6 cups of water.

The anti-slip feet at the bottom makes the model not to slide around when the dog is feeding. Since it does not slide, the model will not lead to scratches on your floor. The unit comes with a piece of dog mat. This is to make it slip even less.


  • It comes with great workmanship
  • It has anti-slip feet
  • The unit features a piece of dog mat


  • It takes time to set up

Pawfect Pets Premium 7” Elevated Dog and Cat Pet Feeder

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For those with large dog breeds, this is a perfect pet feeder to consider. It is designed to be spill proof even for large dogs. Since it is a sturdy stand, large dogs cannot knock it over. It weighs 6 pounds so it would not tip over easily, even if a strong dog nudges the bowls around.

The design is seen as great for reducing cases of bloating and neck strains in a dog. For those dogs with arthritis and neck problems, they find relief in using this type of pet feeder. As a pet owner, you will notice a dramatic improvement in the digestive health of the dog once you start using this feeder.

When other models come with two bowls, this one comes with four stainless steel bowls. This allows for you to maintain hygiene. When the other two bowls are not in use, you can have them cleaned. You will always have a fresh bowl ready whenever you need one.


  • A highly durable unit
  • It comes with four bowls
  • It is leakproof


  • It is expensive

AVERYDAY Raised Dog Bowl

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The design allows for having a clean eating area for your dog. With its anti-slip feature, the stand does not move around. No more splashing of water around when the dog needs to have a drink. Other units might have bowls sliding around all the time, but not this one as the stoppers hold the bowls in place.

Another feature that makes the unit stand out is the height adjustment option. You can easily adjust it to 4 heights. So, depending on the size of the dog, you have the option of getting the right height with the feeder. It is also easy to assemble, making it desirable for many owners.

The bowls are made from stainless steel making them rust resistant. With 4 bowls included, you should have plenty of bowls to feed your dog. The bowls are still dishwasher safe. This means that you never have to worry about cleaning them.


  • Impressive collapsible design
  • Rust resistant bowls
  • It helps to reduce neck and back strain


  • It is an expensive unit

Final Words

From the guide above, we see that there are many health benefits associated with elevated dog dishes for large breeds. These dishes not only help to alleviate neck and back strains, but also hold the bowls in place to avoid any mess around the eating area. As part of making sure that your pet has a better life, you should then consider getting such products.