Top 5 Best Dog Brushes for Cocker Spaniel And Buying Guide (2022)

Grooming is an essential part of keeping your pet looking good. It is why we have to look at the best dog brush for cocker spaniel to help you maintain its look. Just like any other breed, your cocker spaniel breed needs regular brushing to help remove the dead dog hair and distribute the oil allover its body. Once you have the right brush, it should be easy for you to maintain a clean look of the dog’s coat. Let us see the top types of brushes first before getting into the list of the best brushes.

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Types of Brushes for Cocker Spaniels

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As part of picking the best dog brush for cocker spaniel, it is necessary to identify the differences between these brushes. Also, different brushes might have different applications. Below are the common types of brushes for your dog.

Bristle brush

The dog brushes vary a lot in terms of construction. Some will have closely-spaced or widely-spaced bristles. Depending on the spacing, a brush might be ideal for certain dog hair. A bristle brush might not be strong enough to go deep into the spaniel’s long coat, but it should leave it with a beautiful shine.

A soft bristle brush is ideal for those looking to groom puppies. This is because they are gentle on their skin.

Metal pin brush

The best dog brush for cocker spaniel should be made of metal pins. The metal pins are important as they can easily penetrate deep into the coat. The pins are also great for removing the dead and loose hair from the dog’s top coat. This type of brush is still good for going deep to brush the undercoat.

Slicker brush

Slicker brushes are among the most popular dog grooming tools you can buy right now. They are built to have very thin wire tines for grooming our dog. The tins are good for going deep into the coat of your dog and does not scratch the pet’s skin. The result is that your dog will always be comfortable during a grooming session.

A slicker brush can also be great for smoothing the coat once you are done grooming with a pin brush. The best part about this brush type is that it works with any coat. However, we would recommend it for the long-haired breeds.

Steel combs

You might also come along steel combs as part of the best dog brush for cocker spaniel. Steel combs are popular and for many reasons. They are loved because they always get the job done. It can be an ideal tool for brushing the top coat of your dog. The comb is also ideal for removing the loose hair and dander that might be in the coat to leave it with a healthier coat.

There might be many other brush types for dogs, but those mentioned above will be largely used in the grooming of cocker spaniels. Below we look at the reviews of the best brushes that you can buy to keep your dog looking good.  

Top 5 Best Dog Brushes for Cocker Spaniels

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: The Pet Portal Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

Product Name: The Pet Portal Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

Product Description: For its size, we find it being ideal for both long haired and short haired dogs you might have in the house. It is not just for dogs, but also for cats. The brush is good for removing mats, tangles, loose fur, and dirt from the pet’s coats all while using minimal effort. The design and brush action are all geared towards keeping your pet feeling comfortable. This means that the pet will enjoy its grooming sessions all the time. Other pets might not like grooming, but with the comfort they can get with this brush, that might turn around for the better. The self-cleaning feature is important for removing the dog hair from the brush. It takes just five seconds to completely clean the brush before storage.

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  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to hold
  • Quality
  • Design


The model is designed to be versatile as it works great for both cats and dogs. It is comfortable on the skin of the pet to keep it more comfortable. It is a nice choice for groomers, pet owners, and vets. The lifetime full money back guarantee should appeal to many.


✔️It has the self-cleaning feature

✔️It is versatile as it can also work for cats

✔️The brush promotes comfort to keep the dog at ease


❌The brush pins easily bend after a few uses

Runner’s Up

Hertzo Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

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This is another best dog brush for cocker spaniel as it is built to work effectively on different coat types. It is an ideal brush for removing loose hair, tangles, knots, trapped dirt, and dander. The result is that you end up with a clean dog. The manufacturer recommends it for all sizes and hair types, thus making it versatile for different dog types.

This brush’s bristles are soft on the skin of your dog. The result is that you end up with an easy time grooming your pet. The fine bent wires will penetrate deep into the coat making sure that it gets to untangle any knots. This brush will not scratch the dog’s skin, so it should be comfortable with each grooming session.

When it comes to cleaning the brush, it is easy to accomplish since it comes with the self-cleaning feature. With the press of a button, the bristles will retract leaving the hair behind making it easy to remove all the dirt from the brush.

✔️It has soft bristles to keep the dog comfortable
✔️It is easy to clean before storage
✔️Works for all hair sizes and types
❌The brush durability could be better

Friends Forever Dual Side 2-in-1 Pet Grooming Combo

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This is an all-purpose tool you should consider getting. This brush will remove mats from the undercoat and breaches. The comb will also eliminate the tangles that might be hard to remove with other brush types. Other than using it to brush the coat, you can still use it during a bath. It gets deep into the coat to remove most of the dead hair and dander.

The dual head is another feature you will like. The 9-teeth side is for dealing with the stubborn mats and tangles. The 17-teeth side is good for deshedding and thinning. The result is that you can now achieve professional grooming and dematting of the dog’s coat without paying extra for a professional grooming session.

The soft ergonomic anti-slip handle provides you with a strong and comfortable grip. The aim is to help you remain relaxed even if you groom your dog more often.

✔️It is an all-purpose tool
✔️Good for washing your pet
✔️Has a comfortable and anti-slip grip
❌The handle junction is weak as it can break easily

Pet Neat Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

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The best dog brush for cocker spaniel is one that can perform multiple functions. That is what you get with this model. It is made to remove loose dead hair, tangles, dander, trapped dirt, and knots. The best part is that it will work for both dogs and cats. If you have these two pets in the house, you can use the same brush to groom them.

The last thing you would want is to hurt your dog when brushing its coat. To avoid this from happening, this brush comes with fine bent bristles. These bristles can reach deep into the coat to untangle the hair without necessarily scratching the skin. The result is that the dog feels comfortable and relaxed each time you groom it.

Cleaning the brush once you are done with the groom is easy. It is done by pressing a button that retrieves the bristles. You will now find it easier to remove the dog hair from the brush before storing it.

✔️It comes with a durable design
✔️The brush feels comfortable on the pet’s skin
✔️The brush is highly versatile
❌Not the best for dogs with sensitive skin

UPSKY Dog Brush with Self Cleaning Feature for Grooming Dogs

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This is another best dog brush for cocker spaniels to buy right now. It is among the top models because of its versatility. We find that it is gentle when it comes to removing loose fur, mats, dirt, and tangles. It is also a nice tool for massaging the pet so that it enhances blood circulation for better living of the pet.

For any dog, the comfort during grooming is important. Luckily, that is what you would be getting with this unit. The fine and curved steel bristles are designed in a way to promote comfort while grooming the dog. They are also able to reach deep in the coat to remove the knots without necessarily hurting the dog.

The ergonomic handle should also make the pet owner have a good time when grooming the pet. It feels comfortable in the hand for you to enjoy the activity.

✔️It is good for removing loose fur, mats, and tangles
✔️It comes with an ergonomic handle
✔️The brush does not scratch the pet’s skin
❌Cleaning the brush is not as easy as advertised

How to Choose the Best Dog Brush for Cocker Spaniels

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The Type of Brush

Before buying the best dog brush for cocker spaniel, it is important to understand the type of brush. We have mentioned some of the common brush types you are likely to encounter on the market. From the brushes reviewed above, it should be easy to identify which brush would be ideal for the long coat of a cocker spaniel breed.


A brush can be great for dogs and cats too. It all comes down to how it is built. For this reason, many would want to get a model with multiple uses. If you own cats too in addition to dogs, it should be great to own a brush that can work on all the pets. Always look at the uses of the brush before buying.


The quality of the brush goes a long way to determine its durability and overall usability. It is best to invest in getting a durable cocker spaniel brush. There is no point of buying new brushes every few months. Considering you might have to brush the dog’s coat more often, it should be more reason for you to get a quality product.


Depending on the brush, you might get some being more versatile than others. As a result, you need to understand what a brush can or cannot do. This ensures that you always end up with the best brush for your dog. Some brushes are only ideal for top coat brushing, while others can go deep where necessary. For a cocker spaniel, you need a brush that can go deep into its long hair and remove the loose hair and dander.

Comfort and safety

The brush that you pick should be comfortable for your dog’s skin. There are brushes that might scratch the dog’s skin, making it hard for it to remain still while grooming. Some dogs have a sensitive skin, if you scratch the skin, it can result to more health problems. Also, the brush should be safe for the dog age. The brush you would use on an adult spaniel is not the same you get to use for a puppy.

Brushing Frequency

Someone who is new to brushing a cocker spaniel dog might not be sure how often to do it. The brushing frequency depends on the dog’s activity level and type of hair. It is recommended that you brush the coat at least once a week to maintain is look.

Whenever you notice that the dog has too much loose hair, you should consider reducing the brushing frequency. It might be because it is getting to the warmer months and that is when cocker spaniels shed the excess hair.


There is no doubt that right now you have an idea about what to get when looking for the best dog brush for cocker spaniel. All the brushes we have mentioned above are great in terms of performance and will also work for other pets such as cats. The brushes are all good for removing mats, tangled hair, dander, and loose hair. It should be easy right now to maintain the dog’s coat when you buy the right brush.