What Are Some Large Dog Breeds That Shed The Least?

Dogs make amazing pets and companions, this much is true. But one thing that makes them frustrating to deal with is the fact that they shed – a LOT. If you have allergies or if you generally don’t like to deal with mess, generally you do not want to have a dog that sheds a lot of their fur for the reason that you’ll end up having to deal with it a lot. You’ll need to be vacuuming often, for sure! And if your allergies are bad, you’ll end up needing to deal with that too… can you imagine all the sneezing and sniffling? This is precisely the reason why a lot of people end up asking “what are some large dog breeds that shed the least?” After all, if you have a large dog, it’s best for you to pick one up that doesn’t shed as much… that way there is much less to deal with.

Finding a dog that does not shed as much is essential in preventing you from needing to constantly vacuum your home. You also won’t need lint rollers as much, either. It’s an appealing thought, to be honest! Shall we talk about the large dog breeds that shed the least? Let’s get started!

Before We Begin

Before we actually begin talking about the large dog breeds that shed the least, we need to remember that all dogs shed – all of them. However, the difference is that some dogs shed more than others, and some dogs also have fur that is more allergenic than others. Therefore, you should keep in mind that if you have really bad dog allergies, it is still absolutely best to avoid having dogs altogether. That, or you may want to have some allergy meds always in stock. That’s all you can really do!

Note, as well, that dogs are transmitters of pollen. It is for this reason that if you are allergic to pollen you may experience your allergies getting triggered by the dog dander! Also remember that thicker dog coats also mean more pollen, and more allergens!

Debunking Some Doggie Shedding Myths

There are actually many different myths and misconceptions revolving around dogs and dog shedding. We’ll discuss some of them today before we talk about the large dog breeds that shed the least!

MYTH 1: There are dogs that do not shed at all.

As we have mentioned earlier, some people might believe that there are dogs that do not shed at all. However the simple truth is that all dogs shed, so if someone tells you that they have a dog for you that does not shed… this is an utter lie (maybe not intentionally – they could also just be unaware). This misconception stems from the fact that some breeds of dog simply don’t shed all that much at all. In some cases, it’s pretty undetectable! When this is the case, it becomes pretty obvious why some people might think that there are dogs that don’t shed.

MYTH 2: Dogs that shed less don’t need brushing and maintenance.

This is another misconception that a lot of people have. Some people think that just because a dog doesn’t shed a lot it means that they don’t need to be brushed, or that they don’t need regular trims and grooming.

MYTH 3: Dog hair is what causes allergies.

Nope, nope, nope! Hair is hair, and it’s not exactly what causes most allergies in us humans. In fact, pet DANDER is what causes allergies. Pet dander is basically dead skin flaking off dogs (hey, we humans do that too!). When the particles hit the air, that’s when you get a problem!

Remember that dog hair does not cause allergies, but it CAN carry pollen. So if you have issues with pollen allergies, it may be good to choose dogs with shorter fur, or dogs that shed less.

MYTH 4: There are Hypoallergenic Dogs.

Another thing that people believe about dogs is that there are hypoallergenic dogs. This one is actually true! It’s not that the large dog breeds that shed the least are 100% allergy free, of course (as in they won’t cause you any allergies). Rather, it’s more that some dogs are not as likely to cause any allergy attacks. Hypo, after all, means less than normal – therefore, hypoallergenic dogs are less likely to make allergy sufferers get any problems. Hypoallergenic dogs are so because they basically make much less dander than other dogs. Now, remember that dander is usually the source of the allergens! Luckily, you can easily solve dander issues by simply bathing your dog more.

Top Large Dog Breeds That Shed The Least

Now that we’ve discussed some of the myths and misconceptions revolving around dogs, dog fur, and shedding, it’s time to finally talk about the large dog breeds that shed the least. If you only really want a dog that sheds less for the reason that you want less cleanup, this list might be very helpful for you! If you want a list of dogs that are more ‘hypoallergenic’, this list may still be helpful, but not as effective as a dedicated list.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

This pup that certainly qualifies for large dog breeds that shed the least has wiry hair. It originates from Germany and the Netherlands, and as an adult can weigh around 23-27 kilograms (50 lbs to 60 lbs). They can grow to a height of 51cm (20 inches) to 61cm (24 inches), and live an average of ten to twelve years. These dogs were originally bred to be kept as hunting dogs (hence the word pointing in their name).

The coat of this dog is coarse, and is also kind of hard, making it not as soft and cuddly as other long haired breeds. Because of the wiry fur, the tendency is also for them to have a sort of unkempt look about them – even if you thoroughly groom them. However, wirehaired pointer griffons have a big advantage: they barely shed – if at all. Their coat is medium length, and also only really needs occasional grooming.

This sporting breed is also nicknamed “supreme gun dog”. They’re rather good swimmers and runners, which means they are very energetic and athletic. This does mean, however, that you will need to give them plenty of daily exercise all year round. This dog is certainly one of the large dog breeds that shed the least. Owners of these breed lovingly call these pups eager, outgoing, and trustworthy.


The Saluki is of middle eastern origin and has a 12 to 14 year life span. This dog, originally bred for hunting, can weigh anywhere from 18-27 kilos (40-60lbs) and can reach a height of 58-71 centimeters (23-28in) as an adult. This dog is actually considered the royal dog in Egypt, isn’t that a fun fact?

These dogs are often kept with their coats short, which makes it possible for them to require grooming really rarely. Salukis are often compared to Greyhounds because they are quite similar in appearance, and they are explosively quick too! In fact, Salukis can even outrun our fastest Olympian sprinters (like Usain Bolt). Because they are so active and energetic, they will need a lot of exercise and training too.

Salukis are often described by their owners as gentle and independent.

Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier looks a lot like the Schnauzer, but there definitely are some differences. This dog originates from England and was originally bred for farming and hunting. With a lifespan of 10 to 12 years, an adult Airedale Terrier can weigh around 19 to 25 kgs (42 to 55 lbs) and grow to a height of 53 to 61 cms (21 to 24 in).

Normally, you would think a terrier would be much smaller in size. But the Airedale Terrier is still indeed a terrier – in fact it is one of the largest ones. This pup is one of the large dog breeds that shed the least, but it still needs to get its coat brushed multiple times a week. Therefore, if you are looking for a low maintenance dog, you might want to stay away from this one.

These dogs still do shed, but it’s very little and if you brush them regularly, you can completely prevent shedding. Remember that as a large dog breed, you do need to give them exercise regularly as well. Airedale Terriers are often described to be rather sweet, friendly, and even dignified.

Irish Water Spaniel

The coat of the Irish Water Spaniel very much resembles that of a poodle’s. This breed originates from (as you may have guessed) Ireland, and was bred originally for hunting purposes. With a life span of eight to 12 years, this large dog will give you many happy years to come. This large dog breed, as an adult, can weigh 25-30kg (55-66lbs) and grow to a height of 56-61cm (22-24in).

The Irish Water Spaniel is another on the list of large dog breeds that shed the least. However, due to the curly nature of their coat, you do need to brush and comb them regularly in order to avoid getting matted knots. You also want to make sure that your pup gets regular baths because their long, curly coats can get dirty quickly. This way you can keep their coats neat.

If you are looking for a dog that is hypoallergenic, the Irish Water Spaniel is certainly one you can consider! This is also a sporting dog, which means you will have to give them a lot of exercise on the daily. These dogs are usually considered to be brave, playful, and agile.

Bouvier des Flandres

One more on the list of large dogs that shed the least is the Bouvier des Flandres. This breed originates from Belgium and was originally bred for herding. With their wavy black coat, they make really adorable multipurpose dogs used in farms! This breed does only shed a little bit, but remember that because they have long, wavy coats, they can usually pick up a LOT of debris. Therefore, you will need to pick up after this breed a lot, and often.

These dogs were very smart, which is exactly why they were used in farms as herding dogs. They were even used to pull carts, and as guard dogs. Bouvier des Flandres are not as energetic as the other ones on this list on this list, but they do still need to be given regular exercise. If you feel as though you cannot give your dog daily exercise, perhaps you would like to consider a toy breed instead. This way, you will only need to give exercise in short walks.

Standard Poodle

large dog breeds that shed the least

Poodles are unique in that they are literally the only breed on earth that comes in three different sizes. You have the toy poodles, the miniature poodles, and the standard poodles (small, medium and large). Poodles were originally bred as hunting dogs, and as companions. These dogs are certainly one of the most popular breeds on earth – and it is for this reason that we won’t get into their stats as much. Standard poodles are often considered show dogs too, by the way!

These dogs are considered to be very elegant, clever, and loving. However, even though they do not shed as much, it is important to remember that their curly coat WILL tangle and mat fast. As a result, you will have to give this pup regular (daily or at least every other day) brushing. They will also need a lot of regular exercise – there is no way around that.

Giant Schnauzer

The Schnauzer is another dog that many people know about all over the world, and indeed it belongs on this list of large dog breeds that shed the least. These dogs originated from Germany, and originally were bred for herding and farming. They don’t usually shed, and when they do, they don’t shed that much. Weekly brushing will make sure that they don’t get matted fur. However, this large dog breed will need a LOT of exercise – up to two daily walks! This is because if you do not give your Schnauzer enough exercise, you will likely end up getting some behavioral issues from your pet. These dogs are often considered to be agile, loyal, and of course, playful.


We hope that this very long and detailed list of large dog breeds that shed the least will help you to find a pup that will work well for your family’s lifestyle. Remember that no matter which pet you choose, you will still need to maintain them and give them proper grooming and exercise. Regardless, we hope you find the right dog to love for years to come!

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