What Dog Has the Strongest Jaw? Guide 2023!

Dogs are generally versatile making them be loving furry buddies, amazing playmates, and excellent athletes. And, there are also some dog breeds that were born to have a strong personality. Most of the times, these dogs tend to have sturdy muscles which allow them to be highly capable as working dogs or guard dogs. These dogs basically use their jaws in defending their pack from the outside elements or threats. But, what dog has the strongest jaw?

There are dog breeds that are naturally gifted with extremely strong jaws. This feature of the dogs is measurable through psi or pounds per square inch. Do you want to know what dog has the strongest jaw? Let’s check them out below!

The Dog’s Bite Force

Before we dig in discovering what dog has the strongest jaw, let us first understand some information related to the jaw strength of canines. Initially, this entails the bite force of the dog. Bite force actually pertains to the measurement of the dog’s bite pressure. Generally, if there is a high amount of pressure exerted by the dog, there is also a high probability of damage on someone being bitten.

Actually, factors in the determination of the bite forces are lining up, yet it is believed that the dog’s head size matters a lot in the exertion of pressure within the jaws. Usually, the unit of measurement in determining the bite force of canines is the pounds per square inch or psi. There is actually an average psi exerted by the jaws of the animals.

However, the pressure generally varies which is also based on several factors such as the object to be bitten, the dog, and the dog’s mood. To make it clear, let me cite some examples of comparison. Basically, the humans exerted an average bite of 120 to 140 psi, while the Nile crocodile can bite on a force of about 5,000 psi. For dogs, their average bite force usually ranges from 230 to 250 psi in which other breeds have more strength.

Reasons for having a stronger bite force by some dog breeds

what dog has the strongest jaw

Basically, knowing what dog has the strongest jaw may help a lot in determining the bite force of the dog. Actually, the jaw shape, dog’s body size and skull are the major factors in determining the strength of the dog’s bite force. Moreover, dogs with the biggest heads and biggest jaws also have the strongest bite force. So, what dog has the strongest jaw?

Well, based on the explanation, the Mastiff breed falls on the number one spot. Yet, there are still other dog breeds that may bite you strongly. If you want to know more what dog has the strongest jaw, then check the following dog breeds below.

What Dog Has the Strongest Jaw?

The Mastiffs:


What dog has the strongest jaw? Well, one of them is the Kangal having an amazing bite force of about 734 psi. Usually, they were bred in Turkey to protect sheep and livestock and to neutralize the danger. Moreover, the Kangal are excellent guard dogs because of their gentleness with kids and other pets. They generally have an adorable and very unique multi-colored coat.

Cane Corso
what dog has the strongest jaw

The Cane Corso is a large dog from the Mastiff breed. They basically have a muscular build and powerful structure. It was in Italy where this dog breed was originated to protect livestock. Their bite force falls under the measurement of about 700 psi.

Moreover, Cane Corso was also recognized as a war dog. Basically, they are low maintenance due to their short coat that demands minimal shedding. Aside from that, they are easily trainable, quiet, and calm.

English Mastiff

What dog has the strongest jaw? Basically, the English Mastiff has a bite force strength of about 556 psi. This dog breed generally has a big size but it is safe for families and children.

Presa Canario

Dog Canario is the other name of the Presa Canario. This is one of the mastiff breeds that originally came from the Canary Islands. As same with the other dogs in the mastiff breed, the Presa Canario has bite force strength of about 540 psi.

The Presa Canario is also a war dog of ancient times because they are aggressive, brave, and loyal. Due to that, this dog is one of the excellent guard dogs. Exercise, big space, and mental stimulation are the primary requirements of this dog breed. Aside from that, the assistance of the professional trainer is also what they need.  

Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is actually a rare breed of dog. However, it appears like white Pitbull. At 500 psi, the bite force strength of the Dogo Argentino is determined. Due to this, you may include this canine if you are looking at what dog has the strongest jaw.

Good reflexes and sturdy posture are the physical traits of the Dogo Argentino as they were bred to be a game hunter. This dog is low maintenance because they are less shedder. And due to their high energy level and friendliness, they become perfect for a big family.

Moreover, their strength and independence necessitate them to have an experienced trainer. At an early age, they need to undergo socialization and obedience training.


What dog has the strongest jaw? The Bandog or the crossbred from mastiff and bulldog is one of them. They are loyal and generally eager to guard their packs. The Bandog has the strongest bite force of about 730 psi. Their formidable look is not a barrier to make them fit on a family who enjoys playing and working on routines with love.

The Bulldogs:

American Bulldog

The heads and the necks of the American bulldogs are the keywords which help to identify what dog has the strongest jaw. They are playful but also become protective with just a snap. However, compared to the Mastiffs, the American bulldog has an average of 305 psi bite force.

American Pit Bull

Aside from the muscular body composite, playfulness, affectionate, and high levels of energy, the American Pit Bull has a jaw strength of about 235 psi. Due to this, better watch your back as you will not win the Tug o’ War with them.

The Shepherds:

German Shepherd

Over decades or so, the German Shepherds are good guard dogs because of their enormous strength. They generally protect sheep and other livestock on the farm. However, in terms of reputation, the German Shepherds have great intelligence, affectionate, gracefulness, and playfulness. Their 238 psi jaw strength can’t keep away the ball from their mouth.


The Belgian Malinois is a smaller version of the German Shepherd. Their excellent features include alertness, braveness, intelligence, and playfulness. Due to their muscular build, they are powerful which also includes their jaws resulting to have 195 psi jaw strength.

The Miscellaneous Breeds:


What dog has the strongest jaw? Generally, the wolf or the dog hybrid has a jaw strength of about 406 psi. They are naturally wild having muscles and snarl which is a factor that makes someone become wary. However, they always see that their human families are their packs.


The Rottweiler is a dog breed that is very loyal, work really hard, and has high energy levels. In terms of the physical aspect, they have muscular bodies and mouths. Despite being family-oriented, sociable, and loving, their extreme protective attitude comes out once their family is in danger. If you want to know what dog has the strongest jaw? Well, the Rottweiler has jaw strength of around 328 psi.

Chow Chow

Because of their coats that appear to soft and fluffy, the Chow Chow doesn’t look fearsome. However, they were originally used as herding dogs in China and go alongside of the Mongolian armies during the war. Moreover, this dog does not have the high energy that you expected. Yet, once danger is on the way, the Chow Chow exhibits their jaw strength and bite force of 220 psi.


Another dog breed that may fall on the concern of what dog has the strongest jaw is the Doberman. It generally has a high level of energy and if not trained properly may lead to aggressiveness towards strangers. Moreover, this dog breed is the popular one used in the military forces of police groups. Thanks to their jaw strength of 228 psi on average.

Generally, they have a large build yet a beautiful, slender and graceful body. The Dobermans have a brave, loyal, and affectionate attitude making them an effective and excellent watchdog. They are easily trainable due to their intelligence and sensitivity. However, they still need socialization and pack leader.


Still, wondering what dog has the strongest jaw? Well, the Boxer also makes it on the list having jaw strength of about 230 psi. They are very affectionate with family and the kids and also with other dogs. Because of their intelligence, training the Boxer is not a problem.

Moreover, the Boxers bark and roam in an average manner. They also love places with mild climates. Yet, leaving them for a long time is not good for this dog breed.

Final Thoughts

What dog has the strongest jaw? Basically, there are factors that will determine the jaw strength and bite force of the canine. These include the dog itself, the size of their head, and their mood to do so. Well, averaging on around 230 to 250 psi, the dog will already exhibit great jaw strength.

Amazingly, there are numbers of dog breeds that have jaw strength higher than that. This dog breed is the Mastiffs which have a bite force and jaw strength of about 500 to 700 psi. Yet, despite the strength of their jaw and hardness of their bite, these dogs will still be a lovable pooch if provided with proper training and socialization.