What Is The Best Dog Food For Pugs?

Finding the right dog food for your pug can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know their health requirements. Although they may not look it, pugs are highly energetic. They love to spend all day playing. Eating is the only thing they love more than playing. The dog food you put on your grocery basket should be formulated strategically to give them the energy they need without making them obese. Get a heads up on what is the best dog food for pugs. 

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Things to look for- what is the best dog food for pugs?

What Is The Best Dog Food For Pugs

Quality Proteins

Protein should be a top consideration when it comes to ingredients. Proteins coming from wholesome sources are the best. These sources include chicken, beef, fish and turkey. Look for ingredients that are easy to identify. Veer away from odd-sounding ingredients and overly processed byproducts. These ingredients may be harmful. 

Your pug will need around 18% of protein formula. However, if you have an extremely active pug, you can choose foods that offer 30% or more. Compared to other breeds, pugs aren’t as muscular, so an 18% protein in their diet is suitable.

Beneficial Fats

Raw fat content at around 5% is sufficient for pugs. Fats are vital to keeping their energy levels balanced. Also, fats contain plenty of flavors to enhance the food. If you want to provide your pugs additional health benefits and go the extra mile, go for foods that have tons of omega fatty acids.

Look for ingredients with fish and flaxseed oil. These two powerful ingredients are filled to the brim with a beneficial fatty acid, which supports heart health, and keeps the skin soft.

Steer clear from foods with particularly high levels of fat. Pugs tend to become obese as they reach their senior years, so you want to keep fats at low levels.

Complex Carbohydrates

Although there isn’t any guideline set as to how many carbohydrates dogs need to be healthy, it is a fact that complex carbohydrates are more beneficial than simpler ones. Simple carbs break down fast and convert to glucose. This process does increase energy but results in a subsequent crash.

Complex carbs, on the other hand, such as those coming from sweet potatoes and peas are processed slowly throughout the day. Because of this, your dog will have a more balanced supply of energy which they can utilize to stay active. Besides, complex carbs can aid in reducing the chances of diabetes in your dogs.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements

If your chosen dog food has a healthy supply of vitamins and minerals, you can’t go wrong. Foods with tons of fruits and vegetables are good for pugs. These nutrients will aid in the function of your dog’s organs as well as help the immune system.

When it comes to supplements, you should opt for foods that have healthy extras like antioxidants which support joint health. Antioxidants minimize cell oxidation and fight off free radicals.

Also, supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin bolster the cushion between the joints so it will be kept in good condition to keep your pug pain-free as they reach their senior years.

What About Puppies? — what is the best dog food for pugs

What Is The Best Dog Food For Pugs

Pug puppies simply melt your heart and will have their specific nutritional requirements. As with any other breed, pug puppies will require a lot more calories compared to their adult counterparts. The reason for this is their bodies are still growing rapidly in the first year of life.

It is crucial to give your puppies; puppy formulated formula with sufficient amounts of nutrition to aid in their growth.

Pug puppies will require at least 22% protein which will have about 8% of fat. This formulation is a bit higher than what adults need. They will also require foods with higher calories since puppies tend to eat much more compared to adults.

Finally, you will need vital minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, to help aid in the development of their skeletal system.

Pug Feeding Guide– what is the best dog food for pugs?

Pugs are greedy eaters. They will chow down anything you put in front of them. Because of this, they are prone to weight gain and diabetes. Obesity can lead to joint diseases and skeletal deformities. Thus, it is crucial to feed your dog correctly.

It is recommended that pug should be fed twice a day. A single meal in the morning and one in the evening should be sufficient. Do not leave food for your pug to eat whenever they want. Allowing your pug to free feed will cause weight gain since these dogs don’t have discipline when it comes to food.

Overall, adult pugs will weigh between 14 to 18 pounds. They are a small breed. Healthy adults will require 40 calories per pound of bodyweight. Puppies, on the other hand, will need 50 calories per pound.

Factors to consider- what is the best dog food for pugs?

What Is The Best Dog Food For Pugs


It is crucial to look into your pug’s lifestyle because what they will require will vary because of this. For example, active dogs may need a slight increase in their calorie intake to restock their energy. 

On the other hand, dogs and seniors will need less to avoid obesity. Look into your pug’s body condition and ask a vet to get a better idea of the individual needs of your dog.

Health Issues to Be Wary of

Aside from obesity, there are other health issues that you should be vigilant about. Years of selective breeding has resulted in a pug’s exceptional short snout. Unfortunately, a pug’s snout is the bane of its existence.

The shape of their snout has resulted in many adverse health conditions. It causes them breathing difficulty, which often forces these pugs to lead inactive lifestyles. Also, it makes them susceptible to infection, such as sinus problems and more.

There are added risks which include bone issues. Dry eyes and corneal ulcers, as well as retinal conditions, can also happen to them. When it comes to bone problems, pugs are predisposed to developing hip dysplasia, vertebral deformities, and many more.

The Right Diet

Although many of these health conditions can be traced to genetics, your dog’s nutrition also plays a part in their health. These diseases cannot be avoided. But you can do some prevention to support the healthy parts of your pug by providing them with a top-notch diet. 

There are some foods which can even give them relief. For example, foods that contain joint supplements can minimize the effects of arthritis, while nutrients such as beta-carotene can aid in eye health. 

Dry vs. Wet- what is the best dog food for pugs?

Dry Dog Food for Pugs

There are advantages and disadvantages to feeding your dog dry food compared to wet dog food. 

One pro about dry food is that it is great for your dog’s teeth. Dry dog food requires your dog to chew and crunch to process their food which helps break down tartar on the teeth.

Dry dog food is also more filling compared to wet dog food since it contains additional carbohydrates. But, a minority of dry dog food brands contain preservatives, added sugars and many other artificial flavors compared to wet dog food.

If you opt for dry dog food for your pug, ensure that you are selecting a high-quality brand. Avoid feeding your pugs something that may irritate their digestive system.

Also, since pugs have that unique flat face, they will sometimes have difficulty eating their food and chewing it.

The best dry food for pugs will have to be smaller in size. It needs to have a special shape so dogs like pugs can easily pick them up and chew them effortlessly.

Wet Dog Food for Pugs

When it comes to pugs with food sensitivities or digestive issues, wet dog food is the best option. Wet dog food can help minimize digestive problems in your pug and help those with gas.

But wet dog food does contain a lot more water and fewer carbohydrates compared to dry dog food which means it can be less filling and can leave your pug hungrier in a shorter time after mealtimes. 

If you think that wet dog food is beneficial for your pug, select a wet dog food that is high quality. Check the label for proteins. Go for a brand with zero fillers.

What is the best dog food for pugs?- top three choices



Product Name: Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Pug Adult Dry Dog Food

Product Description: What is the best dog food for pugs? This company has had a long history of making canine kibble and has been in the industry for 50 years. Royal Canin works with veterinarians, nutritionists as well as other animal experts to formulate breed-specific diets for dog breeds that need extra attention and help when it comes to their health. Pugs are one such breed since they have very specific jaw shapes. What is the best dog food for pugs? Royal Canin ensures that the ingredients of their food support the pug’s body once ingested. It has a formulation that ensures improvement on the skin, coat, bone, and joint health. The kibble size and shape are created to improve both chewing and digestion. What is the best dog food for pugs? Royal Canin supports the skin and coat of pugs. The kibble has an ideal shape and size fit for a pug. The nutritional balance this brand provides helps avoid weight gain. L-carnitine is also included to promote a healthy metabolism. What is the best dog food for pugs? Royal Canin aids in strong bones and joint health and is created by experts.

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Royal Canin is a dog food that is created to match the nutritional needs of purebred pugs that are ten months and older. What is the best dog food for pugs? It has an exclusive kibble design, especially for pugs so they can pick up their food easily and chew it. 

What is the best dog food for pugs? The formulation of this brand toughens the skin barrier with vital nutrients to support the health of the skin and wrinkles. 


  • designed to meet the nutritional needs of purebred Pugs 10 months and older
  • Exclusive kibble design 
  • Reinforces the skin barrier


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

What Is The Best Dog Food For Pugs

What is the best dog food for pugs? Blue Buffalo is available in varying ranges of flavors. This should give you plenty of options for treats for even the fussiest of canines.

What is the best dog food for pugs? Blue Buffalo’s pride lies in its use of high-quality ingredients in their products that do not include byproducts that should be otherwise thrown in the trash. Instead, all their ingredients are human-grade quality such as 100% protein-rich chicken.

What is the best dog food for pugs? Aside from using top-notch ingredients, they also include all of the vitamins minerals and antioxidants to help your pug achieve optimal health. What is the best dog food for pugs? Blue Buffalo steers clear from using common ingredients that result in allergic reactions such as soy, corn, and wheat. 

If you are anxious about getting your fussy dog to eat a new dog food brand, you can mix blue Buffalo with some warm water or chicken stock to make it extra tasty.

What is the best dog food for pugs? Blue Buffalo does not contain meat byproducts and steers clear from corn, wheat and soy. The kibble size is small enough for your short-snouted pug to pick up.

  • Features real meat
  • High-quality protein for healthy muscles
  • Contains wholesome whole grains, veggies and fruit
  • No negative reviews so far

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small Paws for Small Breed Dogs

Hill's Science

What is the best dog food for pugs? Aside from being vitamin-enriched, Hills brand includes tons of veggies and fruits in their foods. You may think that all these ingredients would turn your fussy pet off. However, Hill’s brand has created a clever recipe that can keep your small dog healthy and entice their appetite.

What is the best dog food for pugs? Hill’s brand is suitable for fussy dogs and those suffering from reduced appetite due to illnesses.

They use top-notch ingredients which include barley, fat, flaxseed, spinach, as well as dried grape, fibers and folic acid. Human grade ingredients are included in the mix, including supplements, whole grain sorghum, and vitamin B12.

What is the best dog food for pugs? The added supplements should be great for your dog’s bone health. The easy to eat tiny kibbles are perfect for your short-snouted pug. Additionally, this brand contains antioxidants which will aid in a stronger immune system.

What is the best dog food for pugs?

This brand also has a wet variety to appease fuzzy eaters. Everything is made in the USA so you can be assured that it has met quality control and uses top-quality products.

What is the best dog food for pugs? Hill’s brand is recommended by veterinarians and guarantees a great balanced diet for your pug. 

  • made with highly digestible ingredients
  • has Nourishing omega-six fatty acids and vitamin E
  • Provides high-quality protein for lean muscle
  • No negative reviews so far

Final Thoughts

Some dogs will have very specific requirements because of their unique features. The lovable heart-melting appearance of pugs comes with a few downsides. Pugs have serious health issues compared to other dogs due to their unique anatomy; hence they will need a special diet. What is the best dog food for pugs? Fortunately, there are tons of products on the market that can meet a pug’s health requirements. These veterinarian-approved food brands can help stave off any health problem in your pug and has the additional benefit of being tasty and flavorful, making mealtimes extra fun.