What is the Best Guard Dog for a Family? The Perfect 1 for You!

The dogs are already been domesticated animals for long periods of time. Since then, their human counterparts use them in order to guard their homes. There are generally dog breeds that are able to comprehend well their pet owners. Meanwhile, there are other dogs that can get along well with other family members and able to protect them as their own territory. Knowing this, most first-time pet owners are wondering what is the best guard dog for a family?

As we go along, we will give you the list of dog breeds that are considered to be the best guard dog that meets the needs of your family. This list will also help you to filter down your choice for the best dog to guard your home and protect your kids. However, it is still important to make your own research about the dog breed that you think suits your needs perfectly.

What is the Best Guard Dog for a Family? The List of the Best Breeds

If you are wondering what is the best guard dog for a family, below is the list of dog breeds that you would consider as the perfect choice. There are also some guard dogs highly suitable for kids.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherds have natural instincts of listening, learning, and following instructions. In terms of what is the best guard dog for a family, the German Shepherds position on the number one spot. They generally have a good appearance with thick fur in order for them to adapt to cold temperatures.

Aside from that, it also adds to their toughness. Moreover, German Shepherds have a good relationship and connect well to their homes. And because of their great size, they can easily let any human to get down on their knees.

Their Origin

If you want to know more what is the best guard dog for a family, then let’s have a quick look at the origin of the German Shepherds. Well, this dog breed was just bred during the 19th century within Germany. Afterwards, they were immediately introduced to the United States wherein they were used as part of the forces during the World Wars.

Part of their natural behaviors is the ability to find the scent of their enemies. Because of this, the German Shepherds are commonly used as police dogs of today’s time. They are also a perfect dog breed to accompany K9 units as they have a great response to commands. So, if you are wondering what is the best guard dog for a family, the German Shepherds will be a good choice.


Generally, the Rottweiler is an aggressive dog breed if there are small children within the area. However, if they are to be trained properly, this behavior of the Rottweiler will be addressed. Aside from that, proper training of the Rottweiler will lead them as the perfect choice for protecting the home and the entire family. What is the best guard dog for a family? Then, you would consider the Rottweiler.

The Rottweiler is basically part of the smartest dog breeds over the globe. Knowing this, they are generally highly trainable and make them be excellent guard dogs. However, training the Rottweiler usually needs the assistance of a professional trainer.

Moreover, this dog breed is a good option to guard and protect families provided they are properly handled. If you do that correctly and appropriately, even the kids would be safe with the Rottweiler around. Since they are intelligent enough, the Rottweiler can be a very obedient dog breed. Aside from that, they are loving and can able to please other animals.      

Their Origin

Why the Rottweiler is one of the best choices for what is the best guard dog for a family? Well, if we look back on their history, this dog breed was used to guard the Roman armies during their rest and help them to attack during the battle. The Rottweiler is also good police dogs due to their excellent intelligence and aggressiveness. Moreover, most pet owners used them as their personal guard within their home and during travelling.


Generally, why the Bullmastiff easily claimed a spot as the best guard dog is because of their natural instincts and they also get in touch within the family settings. They easily learn their pack in which they belong and that’s why they will protect them as possible as they can. Moreover, the Bullmastiff is very sensitive to the things that are happening in their surroundings. They also have an intimidating appearance which easily keeps the intruders away.

Their Origin

You will basically consider the Bullmastiff if you would ask what is the best guard dog for a family. In terms of their ancestors, the Bullmastiff generally comes from the crossbreeding of a Bulldog and a Mastiff. This is also where its name comes from.

Initially, it was in England where the Bullmastiff was bred. They worked quietly as an excellent tracker during the night. After that, they suddenly became a domesticated animal and moved out from exploring the outdoors. Yet, early training and raising them as subordinate are the keys to create an excellent Bullmastiff.

Doberman Pinscher

What is the best guard dog for a family? Well, the Doberman Pinscher would not be excluded from the list. This dog breed is generally loyal, athletic, and has great agility. Aside from that, the Doberman Pinscher has good size and tend to be alert with people whom they are not aware of.

Generally, they follow the commands of their owners which make them excellent in protecting the families. And once they growl and bark, the intruders will basically get intimidated and will not have to enter the house. Moreover, the Doberman should be raised in a home surrounded by kids. But, as they grow from being a puppy, they should not be brought inside a house having small children.

Their Origin
what is the best guard dog for a family

Historically, Germany is the breeding place of the Doberman Pinscher during the 20th century. The main purpose for their breeding is to create a guard dog out of them and it was successfully done. And, until now, the Doberman maintained that responsibility. So, if you are looking for what is the best guard dog for a family, the Doberman is generally a good choice.

Basically, there is a wide range of breeds in which the Doberman came from. But, most pet owners assumed that this dog breeds closely inherit the looks of the Greyhounds and the Terriers. Because of this great breed combination, the Doberman acquires excellent athleticism and loyal behavior.

Great Dane

The Great Dane or the German Mastiff generally has an intimidating appeal. So, if you would ask what is the best guard dog for a family, would you consider the Great Dan. Actually, this dog breed has basically an innate gentleness. And, despite being intimidating, the Great Dane gets along well with children and exhibits even temperament with other dogs.

They have balanced strength and not clumsy. With their great size, the Great Dane is good to be placed within your home. However, despite being a guard dog, this dog breed is also a good watchdog.

Their Origin

Basically, this dog breed is a breed way back on the old times and their ancestors came from hunting and guarding canines. The actual birth location of the Great Dane is generally unknown. However, many pet lovers assume that they originate from Germany and England. While there are others who believe that they came from Rome and Egypt way back 3000 BC.

This dog breed became famous during the World War and they generally have a good sense of smell. Because of that, the Great Dane tracks the enemies within the field. And due to their size, regular exercise is highly necessary for the Great Dane.


What is the best guard dog for a family? Generally, the Boxers have high levels of energy which makes them perform their job well. However, compared to other dog breeds, the Boxers are smaller thus they grow with a weight of more than 100 pounds. Having a threatening look, if you still look at what is the best guard dog for a family, the Boxers would generally fit in.

what is the best guard dog for a family

The Boxers are really smart and assertive. Aside from that, they have a great desire for everything they do. They are also passionate about the kids and adults and oftentimes offer love and affection. Moreover, in terms of their protecting behavior, this dog breed is generally cautious about their surroundings. Additionally, their athleticism is the key for them to protect their family.

Their Origin

Generally, the Boxers and the Bulldogs are a long distant cousin that’s why this dog breed also has an intimidating look. It is during the 16th century when the Boxers had been originated within Germany. However, the bloodline of the Boxers is pupped with a wide range of dog breeds from Europe making their real pedigree still unknown.

Fila Brasileiros

Brazilian Mastiff is another name for the Fila Brasileiros which is not a very popular dog breed. Fila Brasileiros are generally loyal and highly protective. Aside from that, they also have the ability to attack unfamiliar people especially if they feel something unusual. Moreover, if you train this dog breed properly, you will make them a great dog for kids.

So, what is the best guard dog for a family? Well, the Fila generally tend to be comfortable and loyal to their families. That’s why if you want them to be a guard dog for your family, the Fila Brasileiros is a perfect match. However, be aware of this dog breed’s temperament.

Their Origin

Basically, the breeding purpose for the Brazilian Mastiff or Fila Brasileiros is to guard livestock. Their origins were generally rooted from Brazil in which the farmers were in need of breed to protect the homes. Moreover, during the 19th century, the Fila was introduced into the US and used to look after prisoners.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Another breed that may generally answer your query what is the best guard dog for a family is the Bernese Mountain Dog. Basically, it guarding and protecting behavior is highly connected to their Roman ancestors. However, in the past years, the guarding ability of the Bernese Mountain Dog is already been ignored. Since they are smart enough and tend to be wary of unfamiliar people, this dog breed became a popular guard dog for homes

Their Origin

Another contemporary dog breed on the list, the Bernese Mountain Dog that was initially used to guard cattle and homes of the Romans. Generally, this dog breed is the inheritors of the wolves. And because of their loyalty and strength, they basically moved from being a farm dog to guard dog.

The Bernese Mountain Dog doesn’t seem to tire down, yet their life span may only last for only a short period of time. Fortunately, they do not have lots of health-related problems that should need to address upon. What is the best guard dog for a family? You could go for a Bernese Mountain Dog breed.

Great Pyrenees

An excellent guardian for livestock, the Great Pyrenees is also the best guard dog for a family. However, they should undergo proper training and must be given with ample attention to creating a good guard dog out of them. They are generally large and have thick furs which are of big help for them to work outside and inside the house.

Moreover, this dog breed is basically gentle in nature and has loyalty and protective characteristics. The good thing is that the Great Pyrenees is intelligent enough to comprehend the concept of home and at the same time being aware of the guests and strangers. They would be a good companion dog and guard dog if trained properly. Having that said, what is the best guard dog for a family? The Great Pyrenees is actually an excellent option.

Their Origin

2,000 years ago, the Great Pyrenees ancestors would be traced back. And it is actually within Central Asia in which this dog breed generally comes from.

Saint Bernard

If you are still searching what is the best guard dog for a family, you need to include Saint Bernard on the list. Why? It is because this dog breed is generally friendly and get along well with every member of the family. Amazingly, Saint Bernard has a very big size which allows them to grow up to 180 pounds.

Their Origin

It is basically in the Northern part of Europe where Saint Bernard originally came from. Within the high altitudes of the country, this dog breed was used to look after their target within the rough terrain.

Final Thoughts

Determining what is the best guard dog for a family is generally a big help to protect your home and your kids for the intruders. Actually, there are numbers of dog breeds that have the ability to guard you and your entire family. However, it is very important to remember that even if they work as a guard dog, they should still be treated as a member of the family.

Having that in mind, don’t forget that you should not depend on the safety of your family on your guard dog as your initial defense system. Instead, treat them as a barrier for intruders in which they are very effective working.