Which Dog Has The Strongest Bite Force? 9 Powerful Biters of the Canine Kingdom!

Are you afraid of dog bites? If so, this post will send tingles down your spine. Unlike typical dog bites, some canines can chomp hard for as much as 743 psi. To give you an idea, an average dog will bite at 200 to 250 psi and a wolf at 400 psi. Meanwhile, humans have a bite force of just 162 psi. Although there are many known powerful biters in the animal kingdom, the canine world also has its own roster. Which dog has the strongest bite force? The 10 breeds I list below are just some of nature’s strongest chompers.

How is a dog bite measured?

An animal bite is measured through pounds per square inch or psi. This refers to the pressure exerted on a surface at any given point. So if a dog bite is 200 pounds per square inch, that means there are 200 pounds of weight being exerted into a square inch of surface. If applied to human skin, it could pierce the flesh and cause injuries.

This measurement system is widely used and very common. Aside from animal bites, the most common application of the psi system is measuring tire pressure and other industrial engines.

But how do experts take the measurements? This is an interesting question, with an equally interesting answer. Experts use a force gauge connected to a long handle. They will let the dog bite it and the gauge will start measuring and recording the bite force. Take note that this should only be done by experts.

Which Dog Has The Strongest Bite Force? 10 Powerful Biters

Dogs with a strong bite force are often seen as dangerous. But with proper training and the right handler, these canines will be as disciplined and affectionate as other dogs. Just because a dog has a strong bite force doesn’t mean it’s outright vicious or something to avoid.

For example, the Bullmastiff has a strong bite, but it’s affectionate and kid-friendly. Most of the time, the strong bite of the dog is due to its jaw structure and overall size. In short, the bite force of a dog shouldn’t become a measurement of their temperament.

When it comes to bite force, these 10 breeds are the strongest in the canine world:

1. Kangal – Bite force: 743 psi

which dog has the strongest bite force

Boasting a bite force of 743 psi, Kangal is the world’s strongest canine biter. This pooch stands at 28 to 32 inches and weighs up to 145 lbs. Kangal is a Turkish dog bred to be guard dogs so they are heavy-boned and ready to snap on an intruder.

Despite their strong bite, Kangal dogs can be family pets. You just need to curb their aggressive tendencies through proper training. With this, Kangal dogs are best entrusted to experienced owners who can be the pack leader.

Sometimes, Kangal is referred to as the Anatolian Shepherd Dog, but some kennel clubs consider this as a separate breed.

Take note that Kangal dogs are working dogs so they’re not best for families with young kids. Also, they are aloof of strangers and will often stir dog fights with other canines. Aside from that, Kangal dogs aren’t easy to train because they are wanderers and have a strong will.

2. American Bandogge – Bite force: 730 psi

which dog has the strongest bite force
Photo Credits – Animalso

A runner up to Kangal is the American Bandogge. This big boy is easy to mistake for a giant Pit Bull, but they have a stronger bite at 730 psi. This is strong enough to decapitate a limb or leave a lifelong scar on anyone who will try to harm the doggo.

Like Kangal, Bandogges were bred to be courageous guard dogs. It’s not clear where they come from, but one thing is for sure, this doggo isn’t one to mess with!

Take note that this dog isn’t for newbie owners and families with small kids. While the pooch is intelligent, it has a strong personality that requires serious training.

Overall, the American Bandogge can grow up to 30 inches in height and 120 lbs. in weight. They aren’t pet-friendly and they sure hate strangers. If you want a guard dog that won’t back down, this doggo might be the best option. 

3. Cane Corso – Bite force: 700 psi

which dog has the strongest bite force

The third breed on our list is the Cane Corso with a bite force of 700 psi. This dog was bred as hunting canines, but they turned out to be affectionate once trained. Take note that Cane Corso may or may not have cropped ears.

Expect Cane Corsos to be athletic, intimidating, and scary. These characteristics are also the reasons why they are effective guard dogs for large yards. They are intelligent and easy to train, though their strong prey drive might get in the way.

Usually, Cane Corsos won’t bite or bark unless they have the reason to do so. Still, first-time owners should stay away from this breed. This doggo requires a firm handler that can control their negative tendencies.

Also, this breed requires a lot of physical and mental stimulation to stay happy. They are also demonstrative canines that love producing sounds to talk to their humans.

4. Dogue de Bordeaux – Bite force: 556 psi

which dog has the strongest bite force

The Dogue de Bordeaux breed may have a strong bite, but they’re affectionate enough to suit families with kids. They are confident, loyal, and brave canines that will be your dedicated guard dog.

Nicknamed DDB, this pooch has a temperament far from their frightening bite force. They surprisingly thrive in an apartment setting and quite good with kids given proper training.

Aside from that, Dogue de Bordeaux can be couch potatoes. Still, it’s important to give this dog enough exercise as they are prone to weight gain. They also require early socialization to grow as disciplined and kind dogs.

For those who are planning to get this breed, take note that they are excessive droolers. Despite that, Dogue de Bordeaux remains easy to groom since they have a short coat.

However, this doggo isn’t the easiest to train. DDB isn’t in the smartest bunch, plus they love chewing and hunting. 

5. Tosa Inu – Bite force: 556 psi

which dog has the strongest bite force

Tosa Inu is a Japanese breed that’s often mistaken to be Mastiffs. Similar to the latter, Tosa Inus are big, stocky, and has skin folds on the facial area. Pair that with a bite force of 556 psi, this canine makes a great watchdog for your home.

Normally, a Tosa Inu is quiet, patient, and tranquil. Still, they maintain a vigilant demeanor so they can step in when harm ensues. They were bred for dogfighting but they now thrive as guard dogs for families.

While Tosa Inus don’t like other canines, they are unlikely to be extremely aggressive toward humans. Nonetheless, strangers should keep their distance as this pooch will not back down when threatened.

In terms of grooming, this breed is easy to maintain. They don’t shed a lot and their coat is short. Just note that this is a big dog that grows up to 200 lbs.

6. English Mastiff – Bite force: 552 psi

The English Mastiff has a biting force of 552 psi. Even though this is much lower than that of Kangal, this force is still strong and can cause serious injuries.

This breed is already ancient, being around for about 5,000 years. They used to be vicious war dogs, but they have toned down as guard dogs with an affectionate side. In fact, English Mastiffs are good with kids and loyal to their families.

However, you should know that this doggo is aloof of strangers and will take time to get along with another canine. Also, Mastiffs aren’t easy to train because they tend to be stubborn and their mouth is often busy chewing something.

Aside from that, English Mastiffs drool a lot and are prone to flatulence. Still, they can be apartment dogs with proper training and enough stimulation. You should also socialize a Mastiff to curb their aggressive tendencies.

7. Dogo Canario – Bite force: 540 psi

Dogo Canario is an ancient breed, but their strong bite force hasn’t faded over the years. This pooch shares the same ancestry as Mastiffs and Berdino Majeros. They were bred as working dogs that herd livestock so they love being outdoors and getting busy.

Take note that this dog requires a skillful handler that will be the pack leader. Dogo Canario dogs are very doubtful of strangers and can be aggressive if not trained properly.

If you have other dogs and young kids, this breed isn’t for you. Sure, they are protective dogs, but Dogo Canarios are sensitive and can snap on an insistent child. They are pretty strong-willed as well, which will manifest as being stubborn.

Early socialization and rigorous training are necessary for Dogo Canario dogs. Also, you should never let this pooch go outdoors off-leash. They are excellent runners and will be difficult to get back.

8. Dogo Argentino – Bite force: 500 psi

At 500 psi, the Dogo Argentino dog proves to be a fierce hunter and excellent protectors. But with proper training and enough socialization, this doggo will be affectionate to its master. Just don’t let them mingle with young kids and other canines. They are also standoffish toward strangers.

Moreover, about 10% of Dogo Argentino dogs suffer from pigment-related deafness on one or both ears. If you want to get this dog, it’s best to deal with a legitimate breeder to avoid such issues.

As a dog with a bold temperament, it’s important to socialize this dog as early as possible. They are not easy to train, either, so you should be patient and consistent with your efforts. Aside from that, you shouldn’t let them off-leash outdoors because they love wandering on their own.

Considering its personality, a Dogo Argentino is definitely not for beginners. This pooch requires an experienced owner with a large yard.

9. Wolfdog – Bite force: 406 psi

Wolfdogs were bred by mating a domestic canine and a gray wolf. The result is a pooch with an appearance similar to a Husky. But don’t underestimate this breed. It has a biting power of 406 psi, which it got from its wolf lineage.

As much as this breed has an attractive appearance, they are not friendly. They can be affectionate after training, but they are not safe for kids.

Still, this breed is intelligent and highly trainable. Just make sure that you give them enough exercise so the pooch won’t become destructive and aggressive. They may look like Huskies or Malamutes, but their personality is a far-cry.

The Wolfdog isn’t recognized by the American Kennel Club and only a few breeders produce them.

10. Leonberger – Bite force: 399 psi

The last power biter on this list is the Leonberger. This breed is a mix between a long-haired Saint Bernard, a Great Pyrenees, and a Newfoundland. The result is a strong-biting yet softie doggo suitable for families.

The Leonberger is a gentle giant, just like its originating breed. They love their families and they’re very patient with kids. With proper introduction and training, this doggo can go along with another canine.

Still, Leonberger’s lion-like looks and loud bark are enough to drive an intruder away. And if the burglar pushes through, he or she might experience the bite of this dog.

However, Leonbergers aren’t easy to train. They like mouthing things and their prominent prey drive can get the best of them. Still, this pooch is playful and passionate, although they are not as popular as the breeds where they came from.

Lastly, Leonbergers are large and they can grow as big as 170 lbs. They are also intense shedders aside from being droolers.

Final words 

Which dog has the strongest bite force? The Kangal dog tops our list with 743 psi. This is trailed by American Bandogge, Cane Corso, Dogue de Bordeaux, and Tosa Inu. The likes of English Mastiff, Dog Canario, Dogo Argentino, Wolf Dog, and Leonberger also made it to our list.

Despite their strong bite force, it’s not fair to judge these canines. Most of them can be affectionate pets when trained and raised well.