15 Facts about Golden Retriever for Kids

Actually, the Golden Retriever is such a wonderful dog breed that makes a great family pet dog. Because of this, they tend to be one of the most popular dog breeds. They are also a devoted companion and get along well with other pets and the kids. Surely, the kids will definitely love them too. However, in order for them to know more about this dog breed, here are the facts about Golden Retriever for kids.

Various Facts about Golden Retriever for Kids

1. Golden Retrievers connect their historical bloodlines to Scotland

For about many years, there are stories showing the roots of the Golden Retriever. They said that this dog breed from the Russian circus dogs. However, those assumptions were put into the trash right after the releasing of records of Lord Tweedmouth of Scotland.

He purchased a yellow retriever and bred the dog to a Tweed Water Spaniel. This gave birth to a lovable Golden Retriever. So, if your children want to own a Goldies, this is one of the good facts about Golden Retriever for kids that you may have to tell.

2. Golden Retrievers are sporting dogs that require lots of exercises

Basically, the Golden Retrievers are active dogs which include them on the group of sporting dogs. Regardless of the actions, they’re in, whether fetching, swimming, or hiking, they are always ready for it. Moreover, they are very athletic in nature that makes them great on various sports. This is one of the good facts about Golden Retriever for kids. For sure, they will definitely love to have that dog as their pet.

3. The breed that is actually hard-working

There are actually lots of jobs that the Golden Retriever were tasked to. They are basically bred for hunting, tracking games, rescue, and also work as a service dog. Even though playful, they are also a fast learner and can easily adapt to multiple skills. The Golden Retriever are almost everywhere as they learn too fast and they are very much eager to please and be on top of every situation.

facts about golden retriever for kids

Because of their hard-working ability, people always use them for sniffing and tracking of certain things at some places such as the airports. The Golden Retrievers are also a big help in the disaster search and rescue operations. Generally, their tracking abilities are so great plus their strong sense of smell. These two traits of this dog breed are excellent factors for them to find missing people.

In fact, the thing that makes the Golden Retrievers popular rescue dogs was during the 9/11 incident. There was a two-year-old Golden Retriever named Bretagne who was a trained rescue dog and aided to search for survivors. Aside from that, Bretagne also helped in the search and rescue operations when Hurricanes Rita and Katrina hit the land. This is another one of the great facts about Golden Retriever for kids that they may truly love to hear when it comes to dedication and bravery of the Goldies.

4. Golden Retrievers also work as therapy dogs and land on the top of the list

The Golden Retrievers generally work as therapy dogs in order to help in soothing and calming the people. This dog breed tends to have full of stored love and empathy. Basically, a Golden Retriever calms and comforts everyone around him as there is something unusual inside him that makes this happened.

5. The Golden Retrievers are always young at heart

Basically, the exuberant puppy behavior of the Golden Retriever may remains for a long period of time compared to the other breeds. They are really playful as their maturity develops slowly which is another one of the facts about Golden Retriever for kids.

6. They really love to eat

Golden Retrievers munch on anything around them. The food in their bowls, your shoes on the floor, kid’s toys, and paper – all of these are good things to take into the mouth of the Golden Retriever. And there may also be instances that this dog breed may actually overeat.

That’s why as pet owners you’ll need to feed them with the appropriate diet. Oops! Before you tell this one of the facts about Golden Retriever for kids, make sure that they are already informed about the possible health risk of the Goldies in terms of too much eating.

7. This dog breed tends to be mouthy in nature

Generally, the Golden Retrievers like to carry something on their mouth as they roam around. They usually have toys, sticks, or a piece of cloth within their mouth as it is sufficiently soft to pick and hold games like birds without letting it to get damaged. In fact, there is a story saying that they have the ability to carry a raw egg using their mouth without cracking.

In addition to that, the Golden Retriever can also hold the maximum of six tennis balls inside their mouth. The Golden Retriever in Texas named Augie held five balls and got the Guinness Book of World Records for that. But, Finley, a Goldies in New York broke that record having six balls inside its mouth. This is one of the facts about Golden Retriever for kids that they may really love to hear as well.

8. They are exceptionally great in event competitions

The Golden Retrievers have great intelligence, very athletic, and generally excel in dog sports competitions including the agility, obedience, and dock diving. They actually excel in dock diving because of their love for the water as they have water-repellent coats.

9. Golden Retrievers are generally a popular dog

Basically, the Golden Retriever is included in the most popular breed of dogs within the United States. Actually, the most recent ranking reveals that the Golden Retriever sits on the third spot against the 195 breeds.

10. They are the fourth smartest dog breed

facts about golden retriever for kids

Another one of the facts about Golden Retriever for kids is that aside from being a popular dog breed, the Golden Retriever also has recognition. They are also the 4th smartest dog breed as well.

11. Golden Retrievers are the pets of the famous

Two of the famous presidents had Golden Retrievers as their pets. Those were Presidents Ford and Reagan who also took their Goldies in the office. Liberty is the name of the Golden Retriever owned by Ford and Reagan’s named his as Victory. Aside from that, you may also see celebrities having this dog breed including Adam Levine, Emma Stone, Jimmy Fallon, Miranda Lambert, and Oprah. This is another one of the great facts about Golden Retriever for kids.

12. Golden Retrievers have three different types

Generally, in 1925, the American Kennel Club officially recognized this dog as a breed. And, there are three official types of Golden Retrievers. These are the American, British, and Canadian.

Among the three, the British type has a good body built and is structurally muscular. Yet, the American type has heavier weights and thicker coats. Moreover, both the Canadian and American types of Golden Retrievers have similar body build but, the Canadian has a thinner coat.

In terms of their coat color, you can normally see the light golden to white color among the British type. For you to be able to easily recognize the coat color of the Golden Retriever puppy, simply take a look over its ears. Basically, the tip of the ears of the Goldies will reveal the true color of the puppy after they lose the puppy coat.

13. This dog breed is a perfect family dog

The Golden Retriever is generally known as a pack-oriented breed. In case you left them alone for a long time, they will generally become depressed. With their gentleness with the kids and other animals, this dog breed becomes a good family pet.

 Aside from that, they are also naturally kind and loyal. In fact, based on a study, the Goldies are one of the six least dog breeds that may likely show aggressive behavior. This is a good thing for children making this one of the excellent facts about Golden Retriever for kids.

14. Golden Retrievers are popular movie stars

You may often see movies and television shows featuring Golden Retrievers like that of the Air Bud and Homeward Bound. It is generally obvious that the Goldies are lovable and adorable. However, their trait that gets the spotlight is mellow behavior in combination with their good trainability. If your children love movies this is one of the good facts about Golden Retriever for kids. 

This dog breed is easily trainable and once they perform, they do it with reliability and consistency. Due to this, they become first on the AKC Obedience trials during their introduction back in 1977.

15. This dog breed is a breed of record holders

Aside from Augie and Finley that took the Guinness Book of World Records for holding five to six balls in their mouth, there are also other Golden Retrievers the made incredible records and included them in this great book. There is an Australian Golden Retriever that made a world record for having the loudest bark. This bark was about 113.1 decibels which are louder by 3 decibels than that of a buzzing chainsaw. Surely, the kids would love to hear this one of the amazing facts about Golden Retriever for kids.

Golden Retrievers and the Kids

facts about golden retriever for kids

Since the Goldies are wonderful and loving dogs it is no wonder that they can also get along well with children. Despite the amazing facts about Golden Retriever for kids, there is a lot more about the Goldies and their way of dealing with the kids that you need to know. Generally, the Golden Retrievers can get along well and great with kids. Because of their sweet, playful, and loving nature, they tend to be a good part of the family.

Moreover, this dog breed is able to be soft and subtle with the babies and toddlers. Older kids and adults who also love the Goldies can also play with them even with rough and tumble games. And aside from one of the facts about Golden Retriever for kids that they can get along well with them, the Goldies are also good for kids. Actually, growing up with this dog breed can help the kids to be responsible and offer them a reliable best friend.

Golden Retrievers and the Babies

One of the facts about Golden Retriever for kids is that they are a very gentle and loving dog. That’s the reason why this dog breed is great even around babies. However, as parents of both, you need to take extra caution in building up their relationship. Basically, make the introduction phase a little bit slow between them and ensure that you always supervise the actions of the dog around your little ones.

Also, be very careful in exposing your baby to the Goldies because being a dog their mouths can carry some germs. But, aside from the facts about Golden Retriever for kids, there are also tons of amazing stories about the Goldies sleeping with the kids. This is actually a great moment to capture, so if you have them both, don’t let this precious time slip away. Take pictures and make more memories.

Golden Retriever and the Toddlers

Basically, Golden Retrievers also tend to be good with the toddlers. One of the facts about Golden Retriever for kids that may justify this is that they are really patient and aiming to get attention. On the other hand, the toddlers have the traits of being curious and love to touch things around them. Because of their characteristics, they will actually make a perfect match!

But, similar to the babies, you also need to supervise them when being together. Never ever leave the toddler with the Golden Retriever alone. There may be instances that the toddlers can step over the dog or grab them. These actions may basically scare or annoy the Golden Retrievers. So as long as being good with toddlers is concerned, keep in mind the supervision is the key.

Golden Retriever and the Older Children

Golden Retrievers basically want to play around as they are being playful in nature. Along with this, the kids are one of the best playmates. Actually, Golden Retrievers really love to chase and in return, they also love to be chased as well. And these actions are being achieved by playing with energetic children.

Aside from that, the older children are also good cuddle buddies and are great in keeping secrets. Meanwhile, the Goldies is of great help to teach them about responsibility. Taking the Golden Retriever out for walks, grooming them regularly, feeding them with nutritious foods, and letting them for potty breaks are some of the things that older children can learn. From this, they can basically take care of another great living creature.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of amazing stories and great facts about Golden Retriever for kids. Being one of the best dogs for families with children, the Golden Retrievers are generally sweet and gentle with them. This is also the reason why most people love this dog breed. But, always keep in mind that you need to supervise the dog every time he is around with your little ones. However, older children tend to learn from the Goldies as the Golden Retrievers are also being taken care of at the same time.