Maltipoo vs Yorkiepoo- Differences and Comparison

Let’s talk about Maltipoo vs Yorkiepoo, have you ever wondered about the differences between them? Both breeds are maybe in common characteristics and their morphology shares certain similarities far away.  

However, do you know how to differentiate between them? It is not a simple difference of color but a matter of different breeding appearance, personality, and characters, both of them are incredible dogs but which one might be better suited to you or your family. Read on and you’ll find it out.  

Maltipoo vs Yorkiepoo- Differences and Comparison
Yorkiepoo and Maltipoo

Maltipoo vs Yorkiepoo- Origin, History and Original Purpose

According to research, back in the late 20’s when the poodle craze started, the people have mixed poodles with different breeds of dogs in order to obtain a dog with hypoallergenic coats along with various desirable characteristics.  

In history, both Maltipoo and Yorkiepoo are originally from the United States and the results of their first-generation parents.   

The Maltipoo is a crossbreed between a Maltese and a Poodle, it was also known as “malt-a-poo”. The original purpose that their parents bred together was initially planned to develop by the original breeders to create a highly trainable, low- shedding and hypoallergenic dog.  

The Yorkiepoo is a crossbreed between the Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy or Miniature Poodle, it was also known as “Yorkipoo”. The original purpose that their parents bred together was initially developed to create a perfect toy size companion dog with hypoallergenic coats and free from health problems from their parents.  

Although, both Maltipoo and Yorkiepoo are hybrid or crossbreed dogs they are not yet recognized as a standardized breed by some breed associations.   


Maltipoo vs Yorkiepoo- Description and Appearances (Size, Color, Weight, and Height):   

Since both dogs are bred from two purebred parents, there’s no doubt that their sizes and looks different depending on what they inherit to their parents.  

The Maltipoo or also often known as the ‘’cutest dog ever’’ have a dark round eye, a short muzzle nicely finished off the dark nose and dark colored tight lips. Their ears are wide apart and set high which falls down when they are excited and alerted but hang down on the side when they are relaxed. They can have a tight curly coat of the Poodle and the long wavy coat of the Maltese or anything between the genes of their parents. They have a variety of colors such as white, gray, peach, cream, brown, fawn and black but their apricot and white color remain the most popular. They can range the height between 8 to 14 inches which are 20 to 38 centimeters.  

Unlike other pure breeds, the Maltipoo has no proper weight range, nevertheless, their unofficial weight range is 5 to 20 pounds which is 2 to 9 kilograms though there are some of them are excepted on that rule.   

The Yorkiepoo or also known as the ‘’fun-loving dog’’ have a dark round eye and a tiny button nose and a fluffy ear. They can have a long, silky and straight coat of the Yorkshire Terrier and the fine frizzy or wooly coat of the Poodle or anything between the genes of their parents. They have a variety of colors such as brown, black, gray, white, silver and gold. Many of them are two-toned in pattern color similar to their Yorkshire Terrier parents with chestnut or cream body and legs while silver or gray on the ears, collar, and top of their head.   

Just like with other crossbreeds the size of the Yorkiepoo can vary a lot. They can range the height between 7-15 inches which is 15 to 38 centimeters and they can weigh between 3-14 pounds which are 2 to 6 kilograms.  


Maltipoo vs Yorkiepoo- Personality, Adaptability, and Temperament  

Both Maltipoo and Yorkiepoo can inherit the traits and behavior of either their parent’s breed. There is no doubt that the combination of their purebred parents has brought us a wonderful generation crossed breeds.  

The Maltipoo has a sweet temperament, they are well known as an affectionate, playful, intelligent, loyal and loving companion.   

Being a mixed breed of Maltese and Poodle, they are outgoing and friendly, they believe that everyone they meet is their best friend. Most people can’t resist their spunky attitude. They are a gorgeous dog for anyone who wants a friendly and fun companion. They are a people-placer dog that tends to enjoy going for a walk and playing with toys in both indoors and outdoors. In fact, they have a great energy which they can able to play without feeling tired, their most loving act is to play with children. However, they are not recommended for the outdoor environment situations where they can be left alone for the exterior period of times. They are gentle and quiet dogs; they do not make any unnecessary noise but they might bark to warn and get your attention when they see or hear other people are around. Despite being a small breed, many people preferred them as a pet because they satisfy the needs of their owner with their great intelligence.   

The Yorkiepoo has a lively, affectionate and big body temperament, they are well known as an affectionate, gentle, loyal and loving companion.  

Being a mixed breed of Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy or Miniature Poodle, they are active and outgoing, they are always ready to entertain anyone they meet. In fact, they always love to be a part of human activity. They always crave attention and mostly happy every time they receive lots of it. Most people can’t resist them because they are truly a canine clown. They have plenty of energy to burn off and love to play when they are not on your lap. Most of them love to travel, maybe some dog breeds rather like to sit, sleep and wait for their owners return at home but not with them, as they always want to be part of any human activity, they can get bored and lonely when they are left at home. Barking is their favorite past time; however, they can be trained to bark less but still expect to hear their noise when they see or hear that something suspicious is going on to your home.   

The fact that both Maltipoo and Yorkiepoo are intelligent no wonder they are really a great companion and excellent watchdog.   

Maltipoo vs Yorkiepoo- Training and Adaptability  

Since both Maltipoo and Yorkiepoo are intelligent and have a small body you can easily train and manage them.   

The Maltipoo can fairly easily be trained however the results will come gradually. They need to be trained at the early stage because there will be a possibility that they will not bark.   

Generally, if you train them with any positive reinforcement techniques, showing them what you like by rewarding them with play, treats, and praise, they will likely learn quickly and enjoy showing off the tricks they know. Also, they can be easy to potty a train.  

Maltipoo has a moderate adaptability, they can live comfortably and quietly in a condo or apartments, they are affectionate to their owners, good with kids or children, nice with a stranger and they can get along well with other animals, however, they are not good with young kids that can be too rough with them.  

The Yorkiepoo is a highly trainable dog however they can tend to be independent and stubborn. They need plenty of reinforcement and plenty of fun because there will be a possibility that they will rebel and they will stop learning due to they got bored with those of their repetitive tasks.   

Generally, they are an easily trainable dog, they are always eager to please their owners, they can quickly learn basic commands and typical parlor tricks such as dancing, playing dead and crawling. Their desire and enthusiasm to entertain people will keep you, your family and friends entertained and laughs.  

Yorkiepoo has extreme adaptability, they can live comfortably and peacefully in houses and apartments. They can do well with children and get along well with other people and animals; however, they are not recommended for young children since they can be easily injured when they are improperly handled.   

In addition, they can have the potential of having a great obedient prospect and agility, as well as becoming a great therapy dog. Also, they can be highly competitive in any variety of dog sports.  

As you can see, they have similar adaptability, they are both gentle and loving dog breeds. Good thing, right?  

Maltipoo vs Yorkiepoo- Maintenance: Health Care and Exercise Needs  

Like the other breeds, Maltipoo and Yorkiepoo need health care and exercise.  

The Maltipoo needs to have a regular exercise, they are fond of playing, walking outside and doing exercises, however, they are mostly an indoor pet and do not want to be outside for an extended period of time.   

The Yorkiepoo does not require a lot of exercises and most of their exercise activity can do through indoors. They have the ability to jumping high and running faster.   

Both Maltipoo and Yorkiepoo are quite healthy to cross-breed but just like all dogs they can still suffer from some serious illnesses.  

The most common health issue of  Maltipoo is hip and liver disorders, epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy, and thyroid problems.  

On the other hand, their biggest health concern is their allergies due to some reasons for contact, environmental and food energies.  

Maltipoo crossbred dog needs a lot of grooming in order to keep their coat from becoming knotted and tangled. Their coats need to be combed daily and their teeth need to be brushed at least once or twice a week to avoid any dental problems.   

Generally, they will only need once or twice a year trimming though you still need to keep their hair around their eyes and head short with a monthly trimming.  

The most common health issue of Yorkiepoo is hip, knee and elbow displacement and epilepsy. On the other hand, they can sometimes have thyroid and dental problems.   

Yorkipoo crossbred dogs do not need much shedding because they do not shed though they will still need to be brushed and shampooed when necessary.

Generally, they should be trimmed on a regular basis, especially around their ears and eyes. 

Maltipoo vs Yorkiepoo- Are they Hypoallergenic?  

According to some research, there are no 100% hypoallergenic dogs since they produce dander and saliva which can carry any allergens.  

However, since both Maltipoo and Yorkiepoo are non-shedding dogs they are considered as hypoallergenic dogs which means they are good for those people who have allergies, though that doesn’t mean that they should rush to run out and buy one.  

Maltipoo vs Yorkiepoo- Litter Size and Lifespan 

Wondering about what is Maltipoo and Yorkipoo’s life expectancy and how many puppies can they have? Of course, dogs are dogs, it can be hard to identify the exact number of how many puppies can they produce and how long can they live. However, when it comes to their life expectancy you do not need to worry about being outlived by your pets.  

Generally, with proper care and maintenance of your dog’s health, you can expect their life span to extend and longer more years.  

Similar to each other both Maltipoo and Yorkiepoo have an average of 12 years’ lifespan and range extended to 10 to 15 years.  

Dog’s pregnancies can be faster and easier than humans, some of them can pop out a puppy and others can range between 4 to 10 puppies.  

With that said, the Maltipoo dog breeds litter size average can range to 4 to 6 puppies while the Yorkiepoo dog breeds can range to 3 to 5 puppies at their most. 

Maltipoo vs Yorkiepoo- My Final Thought

Now you know a lot more detailed information about these dog breeds and you can see their similarities and differences which can make them both incredible and wonderful pets.   

Perhaps, deciding to see their characteristics is when you will finally meet one of them by yourself and see how you can get along with them. So, which one of them do you think will best suit you? The Maltipoo or Yorkiepoo? Who do you think have win your heart? It’s all up to you! The important are you do some research to gather more information about these two incredible dog breeds.