7 Best Low Energy Hypoallergenic Dogs for Every Household (2022)

For someone who loves dogs as pets, there is a chance to enjoy owning one even if you are easily affected by allergies. What you need is low energy hypoallergenic dogs. We say low energy because some people have a busy lifestyle to accommodate a high energy dog right now. In this guide, we look at why you should get the hypoallergenic dogs, top hypoallergenic dog breeds, and many other tips on the same type of dogs. Let us see what low energy hypoallergenic dogs are all about.

Hypoallergenic vs. Non-Hypoallergenic Dogs

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We are sure you must have heard that there is nothing such as hypoallergenic dogs. Well, that is not always the case. This is because we have dogs that do not shed and produce less dander. In the case of such dogs, the allergy triggers are less and thus end up being hypoallergenic dogs.

So, why should you opt for hypoallergenic dogs over the others?

Hypoallergenic dogs have hair in place of fur

Dogs that have fur will tend to shed it after some time. It is the fur that leads to allergies. However, dogs with hair do not have the same problem. They have a coat that grows continuously just like human hair.

No more dander around the house

It is worth noting that dog dander leads to many allergies. For a dog that shed regularly, it also means that it will be spreading dander around your home. That is not the same for a dog that does not shed. With no shedding, it means there is less spread of dander around your home.

Less dog hair to clean up

Considering that dogs not shed hair, then cleaning up after your dog is easier. The same cannot be said for a dog that regularly sheds fur in your home. Sometimes it is hard to get the fur out of your furniture if the dog regularly jumps onto your seats.

There are more hypoallergenic dogs for everyone

Considering that there are more than 20 hypoallergenic dog breeds available, then it means there is a wide range of dogs to choose from. Anyone looking for the best hypoallergenic dog should have an easy time finding one.

Top 7 Low Energy Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Maltese-Poodle mix

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This is a highly intelligent and sophisticated designer dog originating from mixing Maltese and Toy Poodle. You might find some places calling it as Maltipoo. Just know it is the same dog breed. The dog is hypoallergenic, making it a perfect companion for anyone easily affected by puppy dander.

The dog maintains its puppy-like appearance over its lifetime. Maltipoo is also friendly, so you should find it being a good dog for your family. Some find it ideal for children and seniors. Just make sure you give it love and affection as it loves cuddling with people.

You will also find that Maltipoo is good with other pets in your home. Let us say you have a cat. The two will bond nicely after a proper introduction.

Maltese Terrier

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You should find Maltese Terrier dogs easy to get along with, mild-mannered, and playful. Many find this type of dog breed as the best companion dog to get right now. Considering that the dog is easily trusting and devoted to its owners, it will be a perfect lapdog for many.

Their compact size makes them ideal for apartment living where there is no much space for the dog to move around. It can be active indoors, but not too much that you feel it is a high-energy dog. Regular walks should help keep it fit.

Shih Tzu

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Shih Tzu is a cute dog that many easily fall in love with whenever they get one. For their size and being lively charmers, we find that these dogs are ideal for children and the seniors. This breed is ideal for spending most of its time in houses and not outdoors. As such, the dog will be ideal for anyone who lives in an apartment building.

As part of caring for the dog, make sure you feed it high quality food. Take it to the vet more often to ensure that it does not end up with some common dog health conditions. You still have to regularly groom its long coat to leave it looking great.

Brussels Griffon

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Sometimes this dog breed is referred to as Monkey Face because of its appearance. It is a small sturdy dog that is also quite intelligent and lively. The dog has hunting instincts as it was first bred to be a hunting dog in Belgium. The breed can be sensitive and sometimes moody. It needs more attention from the owner to keep it happy.

This breed easily gets along with other pets around the house. So, if you have a cat, make sure they are introduced properly and you should not have any problems with the two.

Bichon Frise

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Anyone who is looking for a small sized low energy hypoallergenic dog, then this one should be ideal for them. The breed has a white hypoallergenic coat with a plush and velvety feel to it. These dogs tend to be more friendly towards anyone. Even strangers should easily love the look and affection they get from the dog.

For their size, you should find the dogs being ideal for city housing. Take the dog for regular walks so as to keep it from getting overweight. They do not demand a lot of exercising, but a bit of it should not be bad.

Teacup Goldendoodle

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This type of dog breed is relatively still new in the market. However, it should still be relatively easy to get one if it is something you want. We find that this breed is small sized, making it great for your small home. Also, such dogs would require less exercise and grooming as compared to larger dogs.

These dogs are also friendly and affectionate. You should have an easy time keeping one in your home. Take it to the vet more often to deal with any emerging health problems.

Yorkshire Terrier

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This is another top option for anyone looking for low energy hypoallergenic dogs in the market. We find that this breed is always full of itself. For its long silky coat and an additional perky topknot, the dog does attract a lot of attention wherever it goes.

Yorkshire Terriers are generally affectionate towards people. As such, they make great companion dogs that you can enjoy. It is worth noting that they can be aggressive towards strange dogs. Always keep one on a leash when walking it.

How to Choose Hypoallergenic Dogs

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Decide the ideal dog size for you

Even if is a hypoallergenic dog, you still have to get the right size. The decision about the best dog size is based on several factors. The most important is space. For someone who lives in a small apartment, then go for small sized low energy hypoallergenic dogs. Such dogs would not need a lot of space to remain active.

Another consideration to keep in mind is caring for the dog. Larger dogs will demand more care as compared to smaller dogs.

Figure out the dog’s personality

Different dogs will have different personalities. It always comes down to the breed. We have highlighted some of the best breeds you can buy right now on the market. The breed that you choose should be in line with what you like in dogs. Most people would want a friendly, affectionate, and loving dog. Such a dog would be ideal for a family companion as you can comfortably leave it with your child.

Do more research on potential breeds

Once you have identified the potential breed, you should take the time to learn more about what you can get with the breed. Look at the potential exercise requirements the dog might need. For someone who chooses low energy hypoallergenic dogs, they need one that does not require a lot of exercises.

It is not just about exercising, but also other things such as the grooming needs, food, and much more. Always get a dog that you can take care of easily without straining.

Look for options at a shelter

If you are always concerned about dog overpopulation in the shelters, then consider adopting one hypoallergenic dog from the shelter. The best part about these shelters is that they would have many dog breeds available. Talk to the staff to see which type of dog is hypoallergenic in their care so that you can adopt one.

Whenever possible, visit several shelters to find the right dog for your needs.

Contact a breeder if necessary

Breeders are also an alternative to getting the best low energy hypoallergenic dogs in your area. The difference between the breeder and shelters is that you get to pay a lot more at the breeder. However, you should end up with a well-cared for dog from a breeder.

Just as at the shelter, the breeder might also have several options for you to choose from as your best dog. Ask as many questions as possible to see which dog would be ideal for you.

Grooming and diet needs

Considering that hypoallergenic dogs will have hair instead of fur, you need to look at the grooming needs of such dogs. Check out various videos on grooming dog hair to ensure that you are ready to take care of your dog once it finally gets home.

Also, you need to understand about the dog diet for your new pet. Different dogs will thrive differently when on the same diet. So, it is best to know which type of food will be ideal for your pet.

Benefits of Using Hypoallergenic Dog Food Diet

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The type of food that you feed the dog is important. It is why we want to look at the benefits of using a hypoallergenic food diet.

Yes, hypoallergenic food will mostly be quality food that your dog can enjoy eating. Considering that dogs also need all the nutrients, then hypoallergenic foods will be great for them. We find that this food type comes with essential proteins and enzymes. The results are that your dog ends up with the best nutrition.

Hypoallergenic food is also good at offering fast results. This is because the diet has the proper nutrients, making it easy for the dog to look better within a few weeks of using the food. Its vitality will also be better as compared to how it was before using hypoallergenic food.

For a dog that also suffers from allergies, we should find that this type of food is ideal for them. The food will provide them with the right nutrients, without the owner worrying about possible food allergies.

You will be surprised that hypoallergenic dog food is also affordable. It is time to put an end to spending a lot of money on other specialty dog food when there is an affordable option. The results of using hypoallergenic food is that you will have a happier and balanced dog.

In Summary

At this point, it is easy to see why someone would opt for getting low energy hypoallergenic dogs for their homes. These dogs are safe for anyone who might have trouble dealing with dog allergies over the years. It is also easy to get hold of a hypoallergenic dog breed today. With multiple options available, anyone can choose the right dog that suits their needs.