19 Best Medium Sized Low Energy Dogs (2022)

Depending on the needs of a person, you can get a high energy or low energy dog. For someone with a busy lifestyle, then it is best to get medium sized low energy dogs. These dogs not need daily exercise and stimulation to remain fit or active. The low energy dogs can also be ideal for people living in apartments where mobility might be an issue too.

If you are interested in owning medium sized low energy dogs, then our list below should be ideal for you. We look at the top breeds you can buy today to suit your busy lifestyle.

Top 20 Medium Sized Low Energy Dogs

French Bulldog

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The Frenchie or French Bulldog is one of the most liked medium sized low energy dogs you can buy right now. In the recent years, the breed has got so popular to a point it is a top breed in most countries. People love this breed for having a characterful appearance and personality. These two make the breed so easy to live with.

When it comes to caring for it, you just have to do the simple stuff. Take it to a vet on a regular basis. Make sure that you watch out for skin conditions as the breed is prone to such conditions.

Shih Tzu

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This breed is popular with many families and elderly households. These dogs are extremely sociable, making them great to keep you company. As much as they are social, they are not high energy to keep you on toes.

They do not need any much care other than when exercising during the hot weather. As part of keeping the dog fit, take occasional walks. They can get playful while outdoors, but not too much.

You have to keep an eye on its coat. The coat of the breed requires more maintenance to keep it looking good.


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The mastiff is your ideal dog for someone who does not want to deal with a dog that is always running around. For this reason, many find it being a slightly lazy dog. It will not do much unless you push it to do so.

As much as they might have an intimidating size for some people, these dogs are exceptionally loyal and friendly towards family members.

Mastiffs tend to be protective in nature. As a result, they do not end up with socialization training. It is why most might exhibit territorial behavior at first before getting used to the new owner.

Japanese Chin

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Those who need a noble, intelligent, low energy, and laid-back dog breed, then the Japanese Chin should be ideal for them. They love to snuggle so expect them to try and get onto your lap more often. As much as they are low energy dogs, they do prefer huge daily walks.

As for caring for the dog breed, make sure to exercise caution during the hot weather season. They might experience overheating when the room is not well-ventilated.

Grooming is not an issue as they do not need excessive grooming requirements. They are prone to eye and joint problems, so watch out for such conditions.

Lhasa Apso

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These are other medium sized low energy dogs that you can own right now. Their size can be compared to Shih Tzu. Such breeds are loving, playful, and easily adaptable. Even if they are playful, it is not too much as compared to high energy dogs.

Such dogs also do not need excessive exercises to remain fit. It does not mean that you should not give them long walks. Take it for walks at least four days a week and that should be enough. Your attention should be directed towards grooming to keep it looking good.

Irish Wolfhound

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This dog breed is known for being laid back, calm, good with children, and affectionate. So, if you still have children who love to play with dogs, then you have the right breed to consider right now. The dog does not need excessive exercises to remain active.

What you should note about them is that they tend to have a high prey drive. This means you should take care when keeping them around small pets.

The Irish Wolfhound would thrive best when in company. Leaving it alone for too long might lead to separation anxiety.

Saint Bernard

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Saint Bernard is one of the gentle medium sized low energy dogs you can own today. It is also affectionate, easy going, and loyal. Because of the size, they might need additional care, but the dog breed is generally good with your children.

As for exercises, moderate exercising should be okay for the breed to remain active. Take decent walks throughout the week whenever you can. They do not need a lot of exercises as compared to larger dog breeds.

You should take more care during the hot weather. They tend to overheat quickly during the summer months.

Shiba Inu

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This is a popular pet dog in Japan. Families love it for being confident, friendly, and independent. With this breed, you need to give it regular walks to keep it fit. When we say regularly, it can be 3 to 5 days a week. That is not a lot for most people.

The breed is also loved for being quiet at home. They are not noisy as compared to some breeds, which might make it hard for you to enjoy peace in your home. Just make sure you give the dog enough stimulation to prevent it from being destructive.

Shar Pei

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For anyone who is a novice dog owner, then the Shar Pei breed is ideal for you. This is because the breed is low energy and does not need daily walks to keep it happy.

It is worth noting that they can be aloof and sometimes slightly aggressive. The overbreeding of the dog means that they are now prone to several health conditions. It is best if you take it to the vet more often to ensure such conditions are treated early enough.


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This dog breed is not completely sedentary, but still does not have high exercise requirements. People love this breed for being playful and smart. Even when it comes to training, the breed is easy to train.

The Bolognese breed is also extremely affectionate, friendly, and calm. As such, you can leave it with your children and not worry so much.

Bernese Mountain Dog

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This dog shares a lot of characteristics with Saint Bernard. It is a gentle dog and thus the reason people get it for their families. As for exercising, they will not need a lot to keep them happy and fit. However, such a dog can still join you for a hike without a problem.

It is worth noting that this breed is prone to developing cancer. Regular trips to the vet should help keep it in good health.


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Many might be surprised to see greyhound on this list. Yes, greyhounds can be low energy dogs suitable for your home. As much as they are fast moving and can grow big, they are still low energy dogs.

Greyhounds are regarded as total couch potatoes. You are likely to find them relaxing on your couch without much movement throughout the day. They do like company, so do not leave them alone for too long.

Basset Hounds

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This dog breed is one the laziest you can get among medium sized low energy dogs right now. Apart from being lazy, these dogs are still gentle and laid back. They do not need many exercises to keep them happy. A gentle walk daily should be ideal for the dog to sniff around and remain active.

These dogs are also stubborn. They might need a lot of reward-based training to keep them in check.

Since they have long droopy ears, you should find that these dogs tend to be prone to ear problems. Much care should go into keeping the breed from getting overweight.

Great Danes

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They can be large dogs even for those looking for medium sized low energy dogs. As much as they might have a larger size, you should find that they do not have a lot of exercising needs. You will still find this dog breed is playful and goofy. This makes it great for kids to play with all the time.

They can be fun dogs, but they do not have the best longevity. So, enjoy every moment with your dog as you might have to say goodbye sooner as compared to other dogs.


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A bulldog breed is easily recognizable as it is a popular dog breed you can get in many sheds. It is also known for having low exercise requirements. The dog needs extra care during the hot weather as they tend to overheat.

Bulldogs are laid back dogs and still friendly. Even if you have visitors, such dogs would be welcoming them.

It is worth mentioning that bulldogs also tend to be prone to several health problems. Such include eye problems and respiratory issues. If you notice something is wrong with the dog, take it to the vet right away.


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Pugs are quite popular around the world. People love pugs for being loving, unique, and sometimes mischievous. Pugs can be playful even though they do not need a lot of exercises to keep them active. Just as bulldogs, you still need to take care when exercising them during hot weather.

Pugs are also prone to eye and respiratory conditions. It is why you should consider taking them to a vet more often for regular checkups. Also, pugs can get overweight quickly. You should then consider controlling their diet carefully.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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For those in search of medium sized low energy dogs could use this breed. The breed is known as an extremely adaptable breed even newbies to keeping dogs can consider getting it. For those with a busy lifestyle, then this is a great option as it does not need a lot of daily walks to keep it active.

The breed is also very gentle and affectionate. As a result, many people would feel comfortable leaving the dog with their children. Since the dog loves to be showered with attention and love, children will be the perfect company for it.

Chow Chow

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Chow Chow dogs are not as popular, but when you get one, it is one of the best to own right now. These dogs are loved for being loyal to their owners and they are generally calm. Many find the breed easy to keep as the dogs do not have high exercise requirements. However, they are not the best for novice dog owners.

These dogs tend to be very clever so keep an eye on them. To make it easy to control them, such dogs require regular training and socialization. They do love attention and affection, so make sure that is something you show your dog.


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These are other best medium sized low energy dogs to get right now. These dogs are affectionate, low energy, loyal, and intelligent. The breed is also known for having a bit of stubborn streak though. It thus needs a lot of reward-based training to keep the dog behaving well.

The dog might be low energy, but you still have to consider regular grooming. The long coat of the breed needs regular grooming to avoid any cases of tangling.

Even if you like to exercise your dogs, make sure that you do not over do it. They might overheat, especially during the hot weather.


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Anyone who wants a low energy and friendly dog, then the Whippet breed should be your top consideration. The dog is also quiet and easy going even for new dog owners. It is why many consider it as a great family pet to get right now.

The breed enjoys occasional walks throughout the week. Taking it for walks at least three days a week should be enough to keep the dog happy. Also, the dog breed loves cuddles, so make sure to give it enough attention and affection.

In Summary

The list above of the top 20 medium sized low energy dogs are ideal for anyone who does not have enough time for a high energy dog. We have looked at 20 breeds so that you can have a variety of options to choose from right now. Even if these dog breeds to not need too many exercises, you should watch their diet to prevent them from becoming overweight. Go ahead and pick the one that you feel works great for you.