7 Best Husky Mix (2023)

The Husky is one of the world’s most beautiful creatures, and they have stood by man’s side for hundreds of years.

This descendant of the wolf was originally bred to haul sleds over long distances, by an indigenous group of people in Siberia called the Chukchi.

Huskies grow into fairly large dogs; they weigh up to 60 pounds and can reach a height of 24 inches.

There are plenty of pros when it comes to getting a husky, so it is not surprising that they are frequently mixed with other breeds to make people’s dream dogs.

Firstly, huskies are innately friendly creatures, so make great family pets and are really good with children and adults alike.

As well as being great companions to humans, huskies are also generally very friendly towards other dogs, particularly when they have been well trained and socialized.

On top of their great demeanor, huskies are also very attractive dogs; their white and grey coats make their wolf ancestry clear, and some dogs are even graced with beautiful ice-blue eyes. 

Because of their many attributes, huskies are bred with a variety of other dog breeds. Take a look below at some of our favorite husky mixes, where we have listed the characteristics, pros, and cons of each one. 

Rottsky – Husky And Rottweiler 

Best Husky Mix

First up is a cross between the husky and the rottweiler. The result of combining these two breeds is a muscular dog with incredibly strong endurance.

Just as huskies were used to pull sleds, rottweilers used to be used to pull carts and to herd other animals.

This means that both dogs have incredible power, and their mix does too. Because of this, Rottsky dogs make great working dogs, as well as effective guard dogs.

However, because of their immense strength, they are not very suitable for families with young children, or for anyone that is not up to the challenge of trying to restrain them on a leash!

In terms of their appearance, the Rottsky is elegant and majestic, The sand and black colors of rottweiler fur combine with the slender face of a husky to give the dog a unique and eye-catching look.

If the Rottsky gets handed a set of sparkling blue eyes from the husky line, the black fur contrasts dramatically with them and results in an absolutely stunning animal. 

Pomsky – Husky And Pomeranian

Best Husky Mix

If you love the appearance of the husky but cannot manage their size or strength, why not get a Pomsky?

Mixing huskies with Pomeranians results in small little bundles of joy that look just like mini huskies.

Because of their small size, they are much easier to handle than regular huskies, and can make cute lapdogs. Pomeranians are very affectionate and love cuddles, so Pomskies really enjoy spending lots of time with their owners.

Despite their small size, the husky within them means that Pomskies still need a lot of regular exercise.

Whether you go on long walks or play games throughout the day, you need to make sure that you are keeping your Pomsky active.

Because of how fluffy they are, these dogs do need to be groomed fairly regularly; they shed a lot so may not be suitable if you have dog allergies. 

Hug – Husky And Pug

Best Husky Mix

Similar to Pomskies, the result of mixing a husky with a little pug can be a very small dog. However, because of the difference in size between a pug and a husky, it is difficult to determine whether a Hug will be large or small.

Some Hugs are nearly as big as regular huskies, while some are as little as pugs. Unlike Pomskies, these dogs have quite short fur, so are a good alternative for anyone with allergies.

Just like huskies, pugs are very loyal dogs, which makes their hybrid an incredibly devoted companion.

In fact, Hugs are so loyal to their owners that some dogs can experience separation anxiety when they are separated from their owners, so if you are thinking of getting one, be prepared to have it by your side 99% of the time!

Make sure you train these dogs when they are young, too, because they are renowned for being pretty stubborn, so need help implementing healthy behaviors from when they are puppies! 

Pitsky – Husky And Pitbull 

Best Husky Mix

 Pitbulls are just as active as huskies – and even more playful – so their hybrid really needs to be kept active in order to be happy and healthy. 

If you are into hiking or long walks, these dogs would make the perfect hiking buddy! Pitskies like being kept busy, so would much rather come out with you on your daily errands than sit at home by themselves.

They are known to become quite irritated if they are left alone, and might start howling if they feel anxious.

Most of these dogs are blessed with bright blue eyes from their husky parentage, but the colors of their coat vary from dog to dog.

Another thing that is unpredictable about their appearance is their ears; they can either be long or short, and pointed or rounded. 

Goberian – Husky And Golden Retriever

Best Husky Mix

This is, in our opinion, one of the cutest and prettiest husky hybrids. The golden coat of the retriever combines with the dark tones of the husky fur to create a beautiful dog with a dramatic looking coat.

When they inherit the classic blue husky eyes, they are even more amazing to look at.

Golden retrievers are renowned for their friendly nature, so when they are combined with the playfulness of the husky, the result is an outgoing and affectionate, and perfect for young families.

If you are falling for the charm of the Goberian, just be warned that they can grow into pretty big dogs, and can reach up to 80 pounds heavy and 24 inches high!

Both the parent breeds are very active dogs, so your Goberian will need to be exercised a lot each day. Overall, this is a great dog to have around all ages, and it will get along with anyone and everyone! 

Alusky – Husky And Alaskan Malamute

Best Husky Mix

Malamutes are big dogs that have been bred to be strong, and to have great cardiovascular endurance. This is because, exactly like the husky was, malamutes were used to pull sleds and other heavy loads.

So, when you combine them with the muscular sled-pulling husky, you get an incredibly powerful pup. Their physical attributes are not the malamute’s only similarity to the husky; they also look very similar.

Just like huskies, malamutes have medium length grey and white coats, and a fairly pointed face. The bulkiness of the malamute does make the Alusky a little bit chunkier than regular huskies.

Both parent breeds of the Alusky are very intelligent, which can mean that they can learn things easily, but also have a mind of their own!

They can be quite stubborn, so may need to be trained from a very young age in order to develop good habits.

If you are interested in getting an Alusky, it is important to note that they need to be kept on a leash nearly all the time, due to the fact that they have a super high prey drive and will often chase after smaller animals. 

Gerberian Shepsky – Husky And German Shepherd

Best Husky Mix

German shepherds are equally as intelligent as huskies, so their mixed breed is super smart. Because of this, they really enjoy being mentally stimulated, and love playing games with you.

Their high intelligence does mean that their owner needs to be assertive and pay a lot of attention to them, because they really do have a mind of their own!

Alongside their strong mental capacity, Shepskies are also very strong physically, and require daily exercise.

If you get one of these lovely dogs, be prepared to take them out multiple times a day in order to keep them happy.

It is difficult to describe what your Gerberian Shepsky will look like, because their parent breeds can produce a wide range of looks.

Sometimes this dog will have the grey and white coloring of the husky, and the dark eyes of the german shepherd; sometimes they will have the tan and black coat of the german shepherd and the bright blue eyes of the husky!

However these dogs turn out, they are all beautiful and very interesting to look at. 

Cusky – Husky And Corgi

Best Husky Mix

When you combine a Corgi with a Husky, the result is a cute looking dog with a cheeky personality. These dogs can either have the tan and beige coloring of the corgi or the grey and black husky coat, or a combination of those colors.

Because corgis are much smaller than huskies, the Cusky is most commonly smaller than huskies and bigger than corgis.

Cuskies are very emotional dogs, and can often suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone for too long. These dogs are lovely and will likely form very strong bonds with their owners.

However, they are not always suitable for families with small children; because of the Corgi’s herding instinct, Cuskies can sometimes try to herd small children and risk hurting them in the process.

Ideally, the family of a Cusky will be active adults who are experienced with dogs. 

Final Thoughts

Although huskies can be bred with a wide range of other dog breeds, we have included our top eight choices.

All of these mixed breeds are great dogs, that are stunning in both looks and temperament. No matter what type of dog a husky is bred with, the result will be a very active and intelligent dog that requires a lot of exercise, and a lot of attention.

So, if you are looking into getting a part husky puppy, be prepared to give them a lot of your energy! 

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