Are Bulldogs Good Guard Dogs?

Bulldogs are known as happy, silly looking, and chubby dogs. They were bred for baiting bulls, hence their name. Bulldogs were prized in dog fight shows for their strong bite, endurance, and aggression. They can withstand attacks and escape from harm. They have a distinct look due to their loose, wrinkly skin. Fortunately, dogfighting has been outlawed for a number of decades, making the Bulldog a more docile breed. Currently, the Bulldog has an enduring appeal for millions of dog lovers all over the world. It is consistently among the top five most popular breeds in the AKC rankings. Over the years, bulldogs have become couch potatoes instead of the gladiators of yore. Now the Bulldog is a friendly, curious, and happy dog. But every owner requires their dog to be in fighting mode when the situation warrants it. The question is: are bulldogs good guard dogs?

Bulldog Personality – Are Bulldogs Good Guard Dogs?

Are Bulldogs Good Guard Dogs

Bulldogs are famous for their stubborn attitude. However, they are not notable for their intelligence or trainability. Meaning your Bulldog will likely have trouble learning and following commands. In contrast to other breeds bred for work and require jobs to be fulfilled, bulldogs have no such motivation. They won’t follow commands just to please their human. Are bulldogs good guard dogs?

However, simply because they are difficult to train doesn’t make them bad pets. Overall, a bulldog is an extremely loving animal with an awesome personality, which can be a fun addition to your household. But if you are searching for a highly intelligent and trainable dog that will perform all kinds of tricks, Bulldogs aren’t the breed for you.

Bulldogs are more than stubborn; they can be downright willful. If they refuse to do something, your Bulldog will just stare at you and turn his back without budging.

Unfortunately, many dog owners reinforce this behavior because they find it cute. However, it should be corrected if you can help it. You don’t want a stubborn dog, no matter how funny it may seem to you.

Despite these disadvantageous traits, you should still attempt to train your Bulldog. You need to put your foot down and let them know you are in charge. But do this through positive reinforcement methods. Offering them treats may be the only way to encourage your dog. So, make sure you have treats on hand when you start training.

Bulldogs as Guard Dogs

Are Bulldogs Good Guard Dogs

Are bulldogs good guard dogs? A bulldog can be an effective deterrent from their looks alone. However, they might scare off harmless visitors because of their temperament. A bulldog can be aggressive when they sense a threat and can run distances fairly quickly. He is extremely protective of his family and territory. He will be in fighting mode if there is an intruder.

One reason a bulldog might make a good guard dog is his strength. Pound for pound, the Bulldog is one of the strongest breeds on the planet. He is extremely muscular underneath those layers of wrinkles. You are unlikely to overwhelm them in a game of tug of war. Are bulldogs good guard dogs?

His strength helps support his stubbornness. It makes him extra difficult to move if he refuses. Because of this, Bulldog owners often need to utilize a harness instead of a collar for optimal control. Because of his powerful build, a Bulldog’s neck is thicker than the width of the head. A collar will simply slide off.

Top 3 Guard Dog Traits of Bulldogs – Are Bulldogs Good Guard Dogs?

Protective and loyal

The Bulldog is brave and not afraid to stand his ground. He is extremely protective of his owners and territory. In a well-trained Bulldog, these traits can become something positive. It can make the dog very loyal and loving to his family. He will form lifelong bonds with humans he loves and trusts.

Aggression towards strange dogs and animals

A Bulldog is a people pleaser with those he considers part of the pack, humans, and familiar pets. He might exhibit aggression toward other dogs. It is particularly true of male Bulldogs, especially if they have not been properly socialized.

The best way to correct this behavior is to start socializing your Bulldog puppy with other dogs. You might want to take your Bulldog to puppy training so he can interact and see other dogs in a controlled environment.

Exposing him to other dogs at this early stage can make him more accepting of other dogs as he grows and develops into an adult dog. Socialize your Bulldog with your other pets such as your cat, other dogs, and other animals.

Protects his food

An area where the Bulldog is extremely territorial is his food. A Bulldog protects his meals and snacks and will never be willing to share them with other pets or animals. During feeding time, it is crucial to keep your children away from the Bulldog. You might also want to feed your other animals at a distance from your Bulldog. A Bulldog is extremely protective of his food and loves it to the max. He might even scavenge your garbage. Never leave him alone around your human food, nor allow your kids to give him table scraps.

Bulldogs have a strong and muscular physique. They are motivated by food, leaving them susceptible to weight gain and obesity. It is crucial to make sure that you provide him with a healthy diet and moderate physical activity. Excess pounds can cause limb and back strain, which can result in other health problems. Measure your Bulldog’s food and be watchful of their weight.

Bulldog Temperament: A Summary


Are bulldogs good guard dogs? The Bulldog was bred as a fighting dog. Their physical features are telling of this with their strong shoulders and fearsome faces. But over the years, careful breeding has resulted in tempering down their aggression. Although they are strong-willed, they are eager to please and are devoted dog companions.

Several factors influence the temperament of this breed. It can vary from dog to dog. Each dog’s bloodline will play a crucial role in your pup’s temperament. When you purchase a Bulldog from the breeder, try to check on their parents. If you find that they do not exhibit an even temperament, the puppy will likely inherit these traits as well. But this is not a guarantee.

Training and socialization help mold your Bulldog’s personality. Bulldogs that have been trained at the puppy stage despite their resistance will likely grow up into mild-mannered adult dogs you can bring anywhere.

Awesome family pets

Bulldogs are amazing family pets despite their aggressive history. They are known for their patience and affectionate nature with children as well as their courage. You can count on your Bulldog to have a wrestling match with you and your kids. He will be very patient and gentle with children who don’t quite know a dog’s boundaries yet.

However, don’t rule out that a Bulldog may bite. If a child pushes the Bulldog to its limits, it may happen. However, it takes some time for things to reach the tipping point. Make sure your children are supervised around your Bulldog to be sure no accidents happen. Your kids must learn to be gentle with your Bulldog and vice versa.

Bulldogs are extremely protective of their family, especially when there are strangers. They exhibit hostility with unfamiliar dogs. However, they can learn to get along with other pets, especially if they have been raised together. Just remember to distance them during feeding time.

Bulldogs are couch potatoes

Bulldogs are known couch potatoes, and it might be true. Although this breed requires some physical activity to keep them fit, Bulldogs are adaptable to apartment living because they are content just lounging around. If you want the ultimate cuddle buddy, a Bulldog is a great option.

With such a lazy disposition, Bulldogs will enjoy a good cuddle and snuggle. They are happy to nuzzle you on the couch all day. A majority of Bulldogs will roll on their backs and present their bellies to be rubbed. They will take as much affection as you can give.

Activity Requirements

Bulldogs don’t require high levels of activity. In fact, too much vigorous activity can be harmful to their health. This breed should not be exposed outdoors to exercise, especially in hot weather. They are prone to overheat, and their short muzzles make breathing a challenge.

Because of this, you should only regularly walk your Bulldog to keep him fit. Since they tend to become overweight, it can result in several canine health problems. A Bulldog is contented with apartment life because they only need a warm and cozy spot to sleep on while you are away during the day working. Overall, they are sedentary dogs.

The Bulldog will enjoy playing with you as well as other dogs. But as jogging partners, they are rather unreliable. They are one of the slowest dog breeds and have nearly zero stamina. Make sure to walk them according to their abilities. When your Bulldog is exhausted from walking, they will let you know.

What to Expect From Your Bulldog?


Since they are lazy, they are one of the most easy-going and laid-back breeds on the planet. But puppies are a little more rambunctious and have a bit more energy. As they age, Bulldogs become mellower and will enjoy naps, food, and belly rubs.


Bulldogs are a dependable and gentle dog that makes awesome family pets. They are loving to people as well as other dogs and animals.

Sociable and sweet

This breed is a sweet and sociable dog in contrast to its fearsome look. Although their ancestors are notable for their bravery, the modern Bulldog is more of a lover than a fighter. However, they can be stubborn, but they aren’t mean and slightest. Bulldogs are rather slow learners, but once he has learned something, it is learned for life.


The unique personality traits of the Bulldog makes them extremely funny companions. They are notorious for snoring and grunting just like a human. You will have hours of laughter with a bulldog with their fun antics.

Bulldog Breeds That Are Best at Protecting – Are Bulldogs Good Guard Dogs?

The following are the most popular Bulldog breeds:

  • French Bulldog
  • English Bulldog
  • American Bulldog

The following descriptions of the breed answer the question: are bulldogs good guard dogs?

French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are known as lapdogs. They have tremendous energy. Your little Frenchie is a bundle of joy which is extremely social and loves attention.

Because of this, your French Bulldog protecting you in an emergency might be slim to none. This should come as no surprise. Because of their size and weight, and they don’t offer much in terms of being an effective guard dog.

English Bulldogs

Are bulldogs good guard dogs? English bulldogs are extremely social animals. They are noted for being friendly with strangers and other pets. But you really can’t count on an English bulldog to attack intruders after your family heirlooms while you are away.

They are likelier to offer a friendly paw to whoever is breaking and entering. But if an English bulldog senses that its human owners are in distress, it might come to protect when it has been trained to do so.

English bulldogs are devoted and protective, and they won’t care about the opponent’s size. Keep in mind that they fought actual bulls.

American Bulldogs

American bulldogs are notable for their agility, speed, and long legs. They are similar in appearance to pit bulls, depending on the breed’s quality. Are bulldogs good guard dogs? American Bulldogs are extremely loyal and affectionate to their humans and can be trained as guard dogs.

Final Thoughts

Bulldogs are known for their looks and robust muscular physique. The presence of a Bulldog alone will scare off intruders and burglars. But when it comes to the actual fight, Bulldogs really don’t make awesome guard dogs right off the bat. They need to undergo training to enhance their protective and fighting instinct, making them a dependable guard dog.