Are Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs?

Learn about rottweilers, which personality traits make them good guard dogs, and the things to consider before having a rottweiler as a guard dog.

This very protective breed needs to be properly trained and socialized before it is recruited as the family guard dog.

Are Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs

Rottweilers are a highly loyal and protective breed of dog. They have a natural desire to form bonds with their families and keep them safe.

A rottweiler that has undergone appropriate training and socialization properly from an early age will be even-tempered and relatively neutral toward strangers, but will be highly alert to danger and jump into action when required.

What Makes Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs?  

Rottweilers have lots of great personality traits that make them excellent guard dogs. Read on to find out more about these traits.


Some people believe that rottweilers can be aggressive and hostile towards people and animals. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Rottweilers are extremely loyal and committed, they make excellent pets because of the strong bonds they form with their owners. They’re hardworking, diligent dogs, and normally rottweilers who show aggressive behaviour have been mistreated or improperly trained.

Training a rottweiler efficiently from puppyhood is key to unlocking it’s full potential as a loyal and even-tempered guard dog, especially because of how protective they are of their home and family. 

Great For Families 

Rottweilers need a lot of attention and form strong bonds with their owners. They also love children, and will be very protective of them.

Taking your rottweiler on family days out such as to the beach or park will socialize them more with other people and dogs.

Rottweilers need this so they can get used to strangers without thinking that they are a threat, but also so that they can have the chance to keep their family safe!

Enjoy Work 

Rottweilers are highly diligent dogs. They enjoy working and training, so a career as a guard dog is brilliant for them.

Protective Of Children

When trained appropriately and exposed to children from a young age, rottweilers will get along well with kids and be highly protective over them.

It’s very important to supervise your rottweiler and children closely regardless of their temperament and training. Also, ensure that your children are taught how to treat the rottweiler well, as any dog can become aggravated if a child treats it carelessly.

Watch Out For Aggression 

Rottweilers are fantastic dogs, but future owners should carefully consider whether a rottweiler is the right breed of dog for them, and if they are willing to put the time and effort into training it.

Rottweilers can be dangerous if not socialized and trained properly, or if they are mistreated. If they sense a negative emotion in somebody they love, they can act on their impulses, which may cause negative consequences.

A bad temperament is never the fault of the dog, but rather the owner who has not socialized, trained, or cared for it properly.

Signs Of Aggression In Rottweilers

Signs of aggression in rottweilers include baring the teeth, and loud, consistent barking. The rottweiler may hunch its back legs and lower its body.

Keep an eye out for these signs and make sure to understand what triggers might cause the rottweiler to become aggressive. If the rottweiler has come from a bad background, its new owner can help it learn to reduce aggressive behaviors.

Key Points To Think About Before Recruiting A Rottweiler As A Guard Dog

  • Socialize your rottweiler from an early age and keep socializing it often throughout its life.
  • Teach it basic commands and how to be obedient as soon as possible.
  • Male rottweilers are normally more proficient guard dogs than female rottweilers.
  • Keep an eye out for signs and triggers of aggression in your rottweiler so you can help it to tone things down when appropriate.
  • Ensure that you are committed and complete some training with the rottweiler every day to let your dog practice, and make sure to adequately praise it when it has done a good job.
  • Ensure that you supervise your rottweiler carefully when around other animals and people, especially children and babies.

Some Final Things To Consider

Think About Your Location 

If you live somewhere strangers always come and go past the house, such as on a main street or near a store, you may want to reconsider having a rottweiler as a guard dog.

The dog will constantly bark every time someone passes, which can be annoying for both you and your neighbours.

Understand The Risks Involved

Having a rottweiler as a guard dog is a great security option, however, if your dog attacks someone by accident or even on purpose, you could get in serious trouble and your dog could be euthanized.

Make sure you understand the risk of having a rottweiler as a guard dog, and the importance of proper training and socialization to avoid severe consequences for both you and your dog.

What Are The Consequences Of A Rottweiler That Has Not Been Trained Or Socialized Properly?

Are Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs

Your dog could be euthanized if it has injured another person.

This is clearly the worst possible outcome for your dog, who is not at fault for improper training and socialization, so ensure you can put the time and effort into making sure your dog and others are safe in the future.

Also, you could end up dealing with a lawsuit if your dog (which is your responsibility) has attacked someone and injured them. 


Rottweilers make outstanding guard dogs due to their unwavering loyalty, diligence, and protective nature.

A guard dog is a great security option for those that want to protect their family and homes, however, it is very important to consider all factors before having a rottweiler as a guard dog.

You need to ensure that you have the time to properly train and socialize the dog, and that you are able to supervise it around other animals and people, especially children.

It’s also important to consider your location and understand that there are risks involved in having a guard dog. A rottweiler can be a welcome addition as a guard dog, but it takes some hard work and determination to help the dog reach its full potential.

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