7 Best Brushes for Old English Sheepdog for Easy Grooming (2022)

Dog brushes are staples for grooming. But if you have an Old English Sheepdog, you need to get a brush that can pass through their long and coarse coat. It will ensure that your dog’s coat will be in good condition. For this post, we have scouted for the best brush for Old English Sheepdog and the seven option we have here turned out to be the excellent options.

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 Background of the Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdogs aren’t the easiest to groom. Being in the sheepdog family, they have long and coarse hair that requires a special brush to penetrate through their double coats. Their fur is also prone to matting and tangling, which stresses the need for a handy brush to use. Take note that even if you’re not bathing your dog, you still have to brush them daily.

Also, Old English Sheepdogs are heavy shedders. If you’re a clean freak or has an allergy to dander, this breed may not be for you. For owners, it means endless vacuuming cleaning.

Nevertheless, you can manage the shedding of your sheepdog with the use of a brush. It will let you remove shed hair so it wouldn’t get stuck on furniture and add up to the things you’d have to clean.

Below, we reviewed seven of the best options in the market together with a buying guide to help you choose the right one.

Buying Guide – Best Brush for Old English Sheepdog

-Choose the right type of brush

Nowadays, you can find a bunch of dog brushes in the market. Each one works for a specific coat or has unique features. To help you choose which one suits your Old English Sheepdog, here are some of the types of brushes and their functions:

*Slicker brush

Slicker brushes help remove tangles and knots. It works for almost all dogs, especially those with medium to long coats. Also, it’s a common option for curly coats and canines that shed a lot. Slicker brushes have dense and penetrating pins that will rake shed fur.

This works for Old English Sheepdogs, but not as a daily brush. It’s effective in removing loose hair, which can be used once a week. On other days, you can use a pin brush instead to limit the damage to the dog’s coat.

*Pin brush

Pin brushes are very similar to the pin brushes that humans use. The dog version has metal and long pins with nubs on each end to prevent hurting the skin. It removes tangles too, but without a more abrasive feel of slicker brushes.

This works for all types of coats and provides a smooth finish. This can be used as a daily brush for your doggo. However, it’s not ideal for short-coated canines as the pins will poke their coats.

*Rubber brush

Rubber brushes have been gaining traction in the market. Unlike typical dog brushes with a handle and bristles/pins, this one has runner nubs. It’s ideal for short-coated canines and not suitable for Old English Sheepdogs.

The major issue with rubber brushes is that it doesn’t have a handle. Also, it’s no match to the thick coats of Old English Sheepdogs.

*Bristle brush

Bristle brushes are the softest type. It smoothens the hair, and it helps distribute the oils all over their coats. This can work on all breeds, depending on the density of the bristles.

However, when it comes to Old English Sheepdog, you have to look for long-bristled brushes. Also, you should look for stiffer bristles as the coat of this breed tends to be a little coarse.

*Double-sided brush

Double-sided brushes are usually a pair of a pin brush and a bristle brush in one. It’s a typical choice for dog owners as they get the value of two brushes at the price of one. This is also an excellent choice for Old English Sheepdogs as long as you get one with long bristles. 

*De-shedding tool

A de-shedding tool is made of metal teeth that help remove shed fur. It’s ideal for Old English Sheepdogs, too, but not as a daily brush. It’s a handy tool that helps manage the shedding of double-coated and long-coated canines.

-Go for an ergonomic handle

Once you’ve chosen the type of brush that your doggo needs, you should check the handle next. We always stress the value of getting a brush with an ergonomic handle.

Brushing an Old English Sheepdog will take at least 15 minutes. If the brush has a slippery handle, you’ll have a hard time getting tangles and mats out. Look for textured and contoured handles if possible. It’s just a small detail that adds value to the grooming tool.

-Get the right size

Next, you should get the right size for the best brush for Old English Sheepdog. For Old English Sheepdogs, you need large ones as these dogs are on the bigger side. A small brush may work, but it will just tire your arms and hands. Besides, a large brush will make the grooming faster.

-Price point & warranty

Lastly, set an amount you’re willing to spend for a dog brush. Dog brushes aren’t really very expensive, but you should avoid very cheap ones as well. Just get the right trade-off between quality and value. Sometimes, adding a few dollars will make a big difference in the quality of the grooming tool. 

7 Best Brushes for Old English Sheepdog


OUR TOP PICK: Andis Premium Dog Pin Brush
best brush for Old English Sheepdog

Product Name: Andis Premium Dog Pin Brush

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best brush for Old English Sheepdog, you’ll never go wrong with the Andis Premium Dog Pin Brush. It can remove tangles, loose hair, and dirt off your doggo’s coat. It’s also a great brush to stimulate the production of natural oils on the dog’s skin. Also, this brush has pinhead bristles to prevent hurting your dog’s skin. It also works as a massager to calm your pet.

Offer price: 15

Currency: USD

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  • Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Value for Money


Aside from that, we also like that it has a Soft-Grip that’s very easy to use. It reduces hand fatigue so you can brush your long-haired canine without the stress.

Some dogs don’t like the scratchiness of slicker brushes, so pin brushes really make a big difference. We also like how affordable this brush is. And if you want a full grooming experience for you doggo, you can get more of Andis’ dog grooming tools to pair this brush.


✔️Rubberized grip

✔️Long bristles

✔️Works well in removing tangles


❌We wish it comes with a bristle brush on the other side (not a biggie)


Chris Christensen Pin Brush

best brush for Old English Sheepdog

Another pin brush that we like is the one from Chris Christensen. It has long bristles with polished and round tips to protect your dog’s skin. It glides smoothly through a dog’s coat, and the pins will last long since it’s made of stainless steel.

We also like that the head and handle are made of durable beech wood. It has a nice grip and a very stylish look. Overall, this brush is 8.5 inches long, which is more than enough to brush an Old English Sheepdog with ease.

This brush also gives your dog a scalp massage. It will stimulate the production of natural oils for better coat health. The pins give the right pressure without stabbing the skin.

Also, the fur that accumulates in this brush comes off easily. You’ll be saved from the hassle of pulling out fur after the brushing session.

✔️Massaging effect
✔️Sturdy beech wood body
✔️Polished pin tips
❌Not ideal for puppy feet

Oster Combo Dog Brush

best brush for Old English Sheepdog

For those who are looking for a combo of pin and bristle brush, the Oster Combo Dog Brush might be a perfect choice. The pins of the pin brush have rounded tips to keep your dog’s skin safe. It also removes tangles and mats as well as a dead undercoat.

Meanwhile, you’ll also get a high-density bristle brush to match the pin brush on the other side. Both of the brush sides are connected to it ergonomic handle for easy use.

This is made for large breeds across coat lengths. It will leave your dog’s coat shiny and clean with daily use. Take note that this brush is long at 9.4 inches.

What we like about this brush is it’s not prone to rust. The body is made of durable plastic, and the pins are made of stainless steel.

Overall, it’s a perfect brush combination for all dogs. It will also serve a good purpose in multi-canine households.

✔️Double-sided brush
✔️High-density bristle brush
✔️Not prone to rusting
❌Doesn’t collect shed hair pretty well

Hertzko Slicker Grooming Brush

best brush for Old English Sheepdog

If you’re looking for a slicker brush to use on your Old English Sheepdog, you must consider the Hertzko Slicker Grooming Brush. It can remove the nastiest mats and tangles on your doggo’s coat. Aside from that, it suits dogs of all sizes and breed.

This slicker brush has mildly angled pins that help collect shed hair. Also, it comes with a very ergonomic rubber handle with a thumb rest to keep you comfortable.

What we really like the most about this brush is its one-click clean button. After brushing, simply press the button, swipe the fur away, and you’re good to go.

Aside from that, your pet will love the brushing since the slicker brush will massage its skin. It’s also a large brush, which suits large breeds and those with thick fur.

If you’re tired of vacuuming dog hair around the house, do yourself a favor by getting this grooming tool.

✔️Easy-click clean button
✔️Large brush
✔️Grippy handle
❌Mild off-gassing from the package

Paw Brothers Hard Pin Slicker Brush

If you want to save a few bucks, you can also consider the Paw Brothers Hard Pin Slicker Brush for the best brush for Old English Sheepdog. It’s made of stainless steel pins angled to help rake shed fur. It’s suitable for dogs with medium to long coats, even those with double coats.

Aside from that, it has a non-slip grip with a hole so you can hang it on a hook. Overall, we’re impressed by the quality of this slicker brush, given its very affordable price.

The 1-inch pins of this slicker brush can penetrate deep into the coat of your dog. Aside from removing tangles, shed fur, and mats, it also gives a gentle massage as long as you don’t apply too much pressure.

We also like that the pins are longer on this brush than the standard slickers you can find in the market. It can glide through the coat of an Old English Sheepdog easily.

✔️Long stainless steel pins
✔️Durable construction
✔️Very affordable price
❌You should avoid holding it too close to the dog’s skin

Safari Ergonomic Pin Brush

If you’re looking for another pin brush for a low price, you can check the Safari Ergonomic Pin Brush. It’s effective in removing dirt and shed hair on a dog’s coat. Aside from that, it does wonders on boosting the health of your dog’s coat by stimulating the production of natural oils.

Overall, this is suitable for medium to large breeds as well as canines with double coats. Each pin has polished and blunt ends to prevent irritating the skin.

This brush comes with a simple but nice handle for easy use. It’s also large enough for quick brushing without being too cumbersome. It’s ideal as daily or general use brush for your large doggo.

We consider this a must-have for all dog owners, especially those with Old English Sheepdog. It’s a very affordable brush that can hold up for long.

However, when it comes to serious mats and tangles, you may need to use a slicker brush to get the job done without hurting your pooch.

✔️Blunt pin tips
✔️Ergonomic handle
✔️Massages the dog’s skin
❌A bit challenging to get the hair out of the brush.

BV Two-Sided Dog Pin Brush

Our last recommendation for the best brush for Old English Sheepdog is the BV Two-Sided Dog Pin Brush. Like the one from Oster we reviewed earlier, it comes with a pin brush and a bristle brush in one. The pin brush has nubs on the tips so you can brush your dog without scraping its skin. On the other side, you’ll get a high-density bristle brush.

This combo is suitable for all coats as a general brush. It can help remove mild tangles and knots as well as dirt on a doggo’s coat. It also comes with an ergonomic handle that will prevent your hands from getting strained while grooming.

This brush is already a steal for its price. You’ll also get a one-year limited warranty on your purchase. That’s already a great deal for such an affordable grooming tool. It’s so cheap you can purchase two or more without breaking the bank.

✔️Combo brush design
✔️One-year limited warranty
✔️Very affordable
❌The bristle brush is a little stiff

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Old English Sheepdogs hypoallergenic pets?

A: This breed is a heavy shedder and drooler. They are not suitable for owners with sensitivities and allergies. As much as no breed is 100% hypoallergenic, Old English Sheepdogs tend to aggravate allergic symptoms.

Q: Can I shave my Old English Sheepdog to stop shedding?

A: It’s never a good idea to shave a dog closely as it will damage their undercoats. Some dogs that have been shaved don’t grow their coats back normally. If you want to manage shedding, you can give your dog a trim paired with daily brushing and periodic bathing.

Q: Will Old English Sheepdogs smell bad?

A: Unlike other dogs, Old English Sheepdogs don’t have the distinctive ‘doggy smell’. When their coats get wet, they tend to have an odor similar to a wet wool sweater. It’s much tolerable, but they can get stinky over time if the owners fail to groom them.

Q: How often should I brush my Old English Sheepdog?

A: You should brush your Old English Sheepdog daily for at least 15 minutes. Unlike short-haired canines, OES will take more time in brushing due to their thicker and longer fur.

Q: At what time do Old English Sheepdogs shed the most?

A: Old English Sheepdog sheds all year round, but they tend to shed more as the season shifts. This is to prepare for the potential low or high temperatures. Unlike other dogs with fur that falls automatically, OES requires brushing as some of their shed hair remains stuck in their coat. If not brushed, it will lead to matting.

Final words

The best brush for Old English Sheepdog will help you manage the shedding and daily grooming of your pet. You can find a wide range of grooming brushes, but make sure that you choose one that suits the needs of your pooch. Most of all, make sure that the brush you’re buying will last long.

What do you think of these brush options? Did you find your preferred tool? Share it with us in the comment section!