Best designer dogs for apartments

Nowadays, many people live in the apartment and deciding to have the best designer dogs for apartments to share your life with has a lot of considerations including your house living and lifestyle.  

Basically, you might think the size of your home should determine the size of your ideal dog because all dogs need spaces too and with that said, definitely, you will want to consider having a designer dog breeds.  

The designer dog breeds are adorable and lovable dogs, they might be quite intriguing but they are great family pets.  

So, if they pique your curiosity you must continue to browse through our list and read until the end.  

Here, we’ve picked out the list of best designer dog breeds for apartment living, but before that, we dig more information about the designer dog breeds. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Best designer dogs for apartments

What is a designer dog breeds? 

The designer dog breeds are labeled as the intentional cross between two purebreds, they are known as a “crossbreed or hybrid’’, and according to some sources, the designer dog breed becomes popular when many celebrities showed interest with them and because of that the marketing and popularity of these breeds continue to increase. In most cases, because they are crossbreed dogs, they have various characters from the other breeds. However, they don’t shed and they are hypoallergic breeds. The designer breeds often quite expensive like other purebred and if not, they can be more expensive.  


7 Best designer dogs for apartment living

Goldador (Golden Retriever + Labrador Retriever)  

The two quintessential dog breeds mixed them up and you got their name “’goldador’’, they are both considered as the best breed among other breeds for family pets, they are described as a devoted, energetic and loving dog, this mixed breed dog is prized for their good-natured ability and trainability. They can get along with anyone, natural with kids and social with other animals which makes them a great family member, also they are bred for the abilities to serve as a guide for drug detections and search and rescue dogs. As a companion, they do not yet gain popularity as other so-called designer dogs are, but many love them because they are loyal and great companions. In fact, they love to be around with people, you can’t live them alone periods of time as they need structure and guidance in life. They are truly family-oriented dogs.    

According to history, it was developed years ago hoping the two-parent crossed in creating a tolerant and sensitive working dog. Alike, their parents are intelligent and highly trainable people pleasers. Although, their ideal home is a house with a yard they can also do well with condo and apartments.   

Labradoodle (Labrador Retriever + Poodle) 

These designer dog breeds become one of the most famous breeds as family pets because of their affectionate personality and can quickly be a child’s best friend. They are considered as the pioneers of hybrid breeds. They entered the limelight in 1998 when they are successfully crossed by an Australian breeder to create guide dogs for their Royal guide dog association. They gained popularity because of their hypoallergenic nature and calm demeanor. In the genes of their parents breed they are naturally trainable, sociable, intuitive and loving breeds. They require companionship and crave stimulation which makes them a great dog for any families especially with those with young kids. As they have a good reputation for being a hypoallergenic meaning, they can supposedly be tolerated by people with allergies and as they are becoming popular some celebrities are showing interest with them. Although they might not yet consider as official designer dog breed they are included in the category of the canine partners and other hybrid breeds for competitions. Although because of their size their ideal home is large houses when adjusted and trained they can live quietly and peacefully in apartments and other smaller living areas.  

Puggle (Pug + Beagle)  

Crossed the two adorable breeds, surely you will get to have an intelligent, active and energetic companion. As they are gentle and loving they can be a great companion to any family with children of all ages, they are highly sociable dogs, they can get along well with everyone especially with children and they are isn’t known as an aggressive breed in other animals. Given in having a friendly nature basically they will not be a good guard dog. The breed is documented in the year of 1990 and bred by the year of 2000 for pet owners who want to have a distinctly different companion. They are very active and playful; they are not contented to just lay around the house and they play energetically both indoors or outdoors whether digging or running. They are good walking companions but not a great choice as a jogging partner. They shed and needs regular brushing and also require special care. Though they are difficult to train with time and patience, they can get their jobs fairly done. As they are a people lover dog, they can easily adapt to any living situation including apartments or smaller houses.   

Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel + Poodle)  

Back in the 1960’s these breed is one of the designer dogs, they are adorable breeds with the clown personality, they are intelligent and people-oriented dog, you can easily train them, they are affectionate which in fact, they will never leave you alone, they like running a lot showing their agility course and tricks to company or even hanging on your lap. Being affectionate and playful they are a great family companion; they quickly bond with their family and want them to be with all the times. Also, they have a strong desire to please people and their new owners can be shocked to see how quickly they can respond to commands. Generally, they are a bright mix breed that comes from the crossing of two brightest parents on the planet. Being active dogs that love to romp and play a walk throughout your neighborhood will be a good thing for them. Another thing is they excel in obedience and agility pieces of training. Although in this time they are not yet considered as a designer dog breed they can apply and be recognized as a viable breed. Since they shed frequently, they need regular grooming. With these breeds, you will have a long companion as they have an average of 14 to 18 years of life expectancy. The fact that they are adaptable breed they can live in the apartments though some of them may struggle in apartment living.  

Schnoodle (Poodle + Schnauzer)  

These designer dog breeds are one of the most popular hybrid dog breeds, they are incredibly active, intelligent and adorable dogs. Across between their parents breed they can be found in many sizes and colors. These breeds have a good reputation as being a family dog, therapy dog, and performer dog. Described as the “forever happy’’ designer dog they always have the willingness to pleased people. Lovable and playful these designer dog breed, they live to have fun and center of the attention. According to some research it was developed in the year of the 1980s due to the interest of poodle mixes. Although it might not be as popular as other designer breeds, they are gaining some following due to their low-shedding and playful good-natured. They can tend to become intelligent and curious which makes them investigate their environments. Also, they are active dogs that can frequently excess to burn off their energy and running laps or even indoors. Due to their intelligence they can take training fairly well, they are also friendly and can get along well with the family, children and other animals or pets. These designer dog breeds enjoy human interactions and attention. Some breed associations do not yet recognize these breeds as a designer dog; however, some major clubs do accept the registration of mixed breed and crossbreeds for performance and competitions. Despite the fact that they have a fluffy shedding coat they are a great choice for allergy sufferers and since it comes from two different breeds their estimated exact lifespan is very difficult to determine. The good thing about these designer dog breeds is they are adaptability with almost everything including their house living which means they can suit to live in a large, small or medium house as well as in the apartments.   

Peekaboo (Pekingese + Poodle Mix)  

These designer dog breeds are one of the oldest hybrids of designer dog breeds that can leap into the hybrid of dog scenes with a wondrous charm and adorable disposition. Many describe them a smart, affectionate, friendly and cute dog, they are charming designer dogs that can suit in a wide range of households. Depending on the size of their parents their size is unpredictable. The breed was developed in the year of 1950’s crossing their parent’s breeds to have a companion dog. They become quickly a popular pet because of their charm and friendly nature personality. Although there’s no exact origin story about these breeds breeders quickly began to develop them for their pleasant nature and low shedding coats. Alike, too many of the designer dogs, they are the first-generation dog with purebred parents. Crossing these breeds is rare though some breeders are allowing them in crossing other breeds. As intelligent, they respond well with any possible training methods however early training and socialization are important for them in order to see how they react to any situations and people. In order to encourage them, you will need to praise them or use some toys and tricks. They are loving, loyal and good companion dogs, they are a very active and attentive member of the family. Probably, they like to go anywhere you go and cuddle on your laps every time you sit down with them. As being intelligent and smart they are always eager to learn and be around with kids. They don’t extend their affections to strangers because they have the nature of being suspicious in strangers. The good thing about these breeds is they can live happily, quietly and peacefully in an apartment or condo.  

Yorkipoo (Yorkshire Terrier + Poodle)  

The designer dog breeds that are truly a canine clown, they are best known as the friendly loving designer dog, they are gentle, caring, affectionate and they perfectly suited into apartment life, they have plenty of energy to burn off and love to play. These designer dog breeds are trainable, they can do basic commands quickly, learn tricks such as dancing, crawling and playing dead. Also, they are eager to please their owners. According to some sources, about decades, they are part of a growing trend of breeds. It was initially developed as a companion dog with hypoallergenic coats and free from health problems from their parents. Alike, other designer breeds they inherit their traits and most of them are a result of their first-generation parents. These breeds do not require a lot of exercises and most of their exercise activity can do through indoors. They have the ability to jumping high and running faster. Despite having a body size of a dog, they are not considered as a toy breed dog. They are an excellent companion with people who have allergies. Although barking is their favorite past time but with the proper training they can barkless, they are nice and great in greeting strangers, in fact, they allow other people to lavish and pet them. These breeds mostly like to travel that makes them a great travel dog.  



Living in an apartment with a dog pet is very challenging especially if your apartment doesn’t have a lot of spaces, however, getting the dog breeds like the designer dog breeds that can probably suit your household living will be the best decision you will make.   

Nowadays, designer dogs are continuously growing in the market and some pet owners choose to have these adorable crossbreed dogs than the purebred ones, well you can’t blame them because who can resist those beautiful dogs.  

Whether you choose purebred or a designer crossbred hybrid dogs, it’s all up to you, what important is that you do some research in this subject thoroughly before you decide to get one. You may also check this tips.