7 Best Dog Blankets for Chewers and Destructive Canines (2022)

Having a chewer dog means a shredded couch, ripped shoes, and torn blankets. It’s an annoying and expensive habit. But as much as you want to keep valuables away from your pooch, it’s also important to keep them comfy, much so during the cold season. Your furry baby needs a place where it can nestle and stay cozy. It includes warm blankets to keep them toasty. But what if the doggo chews it too? This is where the best dog blankets for chewers come handy.

Too long, can’t read? Here’s a quick look to the best dog blankets for chewers:

Pet Ami Waterproof
Dog Blanket
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Alissandro Fuzzy
Flannel Fleece Pet
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West Paw Design Big
Sky Dog Blanket
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PetFusion Premium
Pet Blanket
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Pawsse Sherpa Fleece
Dog Blanket
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Bone Dry DII
Microfiber Pet Blanket
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UEETEK Waterproof
Pet Dog Blanket
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Does my dog really need a blanket?

Yes. Dog blankets play an important role in satisfying one of the instincts of canines: burrowing and denning. This roots back to their ancestors who seek cramped and small spaces to protect themselves from predators.

Also, since dogs live in packs in the wild, blankets mimic the feeling of sleeping in a pile. This is much evident during puppyhood where the litter sleeps close together. Such a snuggly feeling is what canine blankets provide.

Aside from that, the dens of dogs in the wild provide shelter from frigid temperatures and inclement weather. This allows them to nest and feel safe.

With this, dogs can sleep better and feel more relaxed. Like human babies, dogs like the wrapping feeling. This is why the term ‘dog burrito’ was coined.

Besides, like humans, your dog needs to layer up when it’s cold. A nice, thick blanket will do the magic here. It also prevents your dog from seeking your own bed at night.

No blanket is 100% chew-proof

As much as we have listed durable blankets here, you should know that no blanket is chew-proof when it comes to a destructive dog. The least that you can do is find a blanket that can withstand a higher level of chewing force.

Take note that training and discipline are very important if your dog to stop chewing. A blanket alone won’t fix it, but a durable one will surely save you some money from repetitive purchases.

Types of dog blankets for dogs

Before we discuss the best dog blankets for chewers, you must know the various types available in the market nowadays.

-Bed blankets

Bed blankets are the most common. It’s a large type that’s usually thinner than most. Bed blankets are used for added softness on your dog’s bed. It can also serve as a wrap across all seasons.

-Car blanket

Car blankets are fitted at the back seat to shield your seats from scratches, bites, and other damages. It also prevents your dog from lunging to the driver seat. You can find this in hammock-style construction that prevents fur and dirt from getting into your floor or seat.

-Couch blanket

Similar to the car blanket, couch blankets are used to protect your beloved furniture from damages. In fact, some car blankets can double as a couch blanket as well. It’s usually made of absorbent material and can be machine-washed.

-Cooling blanket

During summer, cooling blankets are excellent choices to keep your dog comfortable. The cooling has a lightweight and breathable material. Although called a cooling mat, it doesn’t have any electronic parts or the need to put the fridge.

-Heated blanket

The opposite of the cooling blanket, heated blankets come handy during winter. The soft blanket is stuffed with heating electronics that must be plugged into an electrical source. It keeps your dog toasty all day long.

-Horse blankets

Lastly, there’s the horse blanket. Unlike other blankets that you drape on your dog, this one is worn. It’s called a horse blanket since it looks like an extended horse saddle. This usually covers the entire body up to the neck of your pooch with enclosures.

Considerations for the best dog blankets for chewers

The best dog blankets for chewers are a great investment. But to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money, you must consider the following points:


Any bed, blanket, or accessory that you buy for your dog must be sized properly. Aside from the size of your dog, you must also consider the area you want to cover. Sure thing, you’re not supposed to get a blanket that fits your dog’s body by the inch.

Although it can be difficult to wash, you must get a blanket that’s big enough you can make a dog burrito. That’s the assurance that your pooch will be comfortable using it.


Another important consideration when purchasing dog blankets is the material. If you want to keep your dog warm, look for fleece material. This is also the softest option where your dog can snuggle comfortably.

You can also find polyester material, which is less warm and ideal for summer. There’s also waterproof lining added to some dog blankets to repel moisture or accidental elimination.


When it comes to the best dog blankets for chewers, you should invest in durability. Chewer dogs will take more time, or at least get discouraged if they can’t shred the blanket too easily.

Look for reinforced stitches and thick construction. Also, some dogs don’t shred blankets they find extremely cozy.


Ease of cleaning is an important factor too. You wouldn’t want to deal with the burden of handwashing blankets with thick hair, saliva, and dander. We always aim for machine-washable blankets for convenience.

Machine drying is just a bonus for us since you can always air-dry it outdoors.

-Design and color

This is just a bonus, but the design of the blanket adds value to your purchase. You can opt for a blanket that matches the theme of your house or the other accessories of your dog.

However, you should always prioritize the quality of the material above all.

7 Best Dog Blankets for Chewers


OUR TOP PICK: Pet Ami Waterproof Dog Blanket
best dog blankets for chewers

Product Name: Pet Ami Waterproof Dog Blanket

Product Description: If you’re looking for a quality blanket for your pooch, we recommend the Pet Ami Waterproof Dog Blanket. This is made with Sherpa fleece that’s very soft and cozy to sleep on. You can use it on your dog’s bed or as a throw blanket on the couch. Aside from that, this Pet Ami blanket has a waterproof lining that repels fluids. So even if your dog eliminates at sleep, its bed will remain clean and dry. This side is useful during summer when you want to keep your dog cool.

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  • Material Quality
  • Comfort Level
  • Value for Money


During winter, the fleece side will offer warmth. It’s like a 2-in-1 blanket for a price of one. It’s very durable and contains a 460 GSM premium microfiber polyester fabric.  This is also machine-washable and can be tumble-dried for utmost convenience.

This blanket is so soft and comfy you’d wonder if you can get one for yourself. Anyway, take note that this is only available for puppy sizes.

A big bonus here is you can choose from a variety of styles and colors.


✔️Double-sided with water-resistant lining

✔️Extremely comfortable



❌Small and good for puppies only


Alissandro Fuzzy Flannel Fleece Pet Blanket

best dog blankets for chewers

If you’re looking for a thinner fleece blanket, we recommend the Alissandro Fuzzy Flannel Pet Blanket. It’s made of 350 GSM flannel fleece that retains the body heat of your pooch during winter. This will keep any doggo cozy and warm all day long.

This is light but still comfy and warm. And if you want to protect your furniture from scratches, this is also a good drape. The Alissandro blanket is available from 32” x 24” to 80” x 64”. It suits small to medium-sized doggos.

Take note that this blanket is highly absorbent. It’s also machine-washable so you wouldn’t have to do any manual washing.

As a bonus, this has a nice bone and paw print design that’s available in blue and pink colors. It’s also easy to fold and roll for convenient storage.

Overall, this is durable and shed-resistant. It can take the beating of mild chewing and scratching. It’s also very soft that your dog would drag it around and roll on it.

✔️Very soft flannel fleece material
✔️Fancy printed design
✔️Can resist mild scratching and chewing
❌Size runs smaller than normal sizing charts

West Paw Design Big Sky Dog Blanket

best dog blankets for chewers

For those looking for a larger double-sided fleece blanket, this one from West Paw Design is a great catch. It’s made of faux suede on one side and a silky soft fabric on the other. Unlike the one from Pet Ami, this one doesn’t have a water-resistant lining.

Another thing that we like about the West Paw Design blanket is its color variety. You can get this blanket in storm blue, jade, smoke, coffee bean, and crimson ice colors.

This is currently available in small to large sizes, with the largest measuring 73” x 56”. The small one can cover a single chair seat while the medium blankie can cover couch seats. Lastly, the large one suits a bed.

If the blanket gets soiled, just toss it to the washing machine. You must wash this on cold water and dry it on low heat. It’s also advisable to air dry the blanket on sunny days.

Also, many dog owners said that their chewer dogs don’t chew on this blanket. It can be due to the comfy feeling they get from it.

✔️Available in various colors
❌Fur sticks to the suede surface

PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket

best dog blankets for chewers

Another soft option that you can consider is the PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket. It’s made with microfiber polyester that’s very plush and comfy. Aside from that, it has dense fibers that don’t pill easily. It also has stylish seams that can withstand mild chewing.

This will shield your furniture from clawing and scratching. You can use this in the car, crate, floor, and your dog’s bed. It’s also machine-washable.

The best thing about this PetFusion blanket is it comes with a 12-month warranty if there are manufacturer defects.

Overall, this blanket is stylish and will blend well with your home. Aside from being a furniture protector, it’s also a great security blanket for canines and felines.

Just take note that this blanket doesn’t have a waterproof layer. Still, it offers reversible sides that will give utmost comfort to your pooch.

✔️12-month manufacturer warranty
✔️Dense fiber
❌A little thin but works well

Pawsse Sherpa Fleece Dog Blanket

For those who are looking for blankets for large dogs, the Pawsse Sherpa Fleece blanket might be a perfect choice. It has a plush microfleece that will keep your dog warm and cozy. On the flip side, it has lamb’s wool that adds more warmth during the freezing winter.

This blanket makes a great bedding pad and wrap for canines. It’s also useful in preventing scratches on your furniture.

The Pawsse blanket measures 60” x 50” and can be machine washed. Your pet won’t get enough of the softness and plush feel of the blanket. And at such a low price, this blankie is already a steal.

For those with Labrador Retrievers or Golden Retrievers, this blanket is a perfect match. It’s large and comfy – the two things that matter most when looking for a wrap.

Overall, this is a durable piece that holds up well for years. As long as your doggo only has mild chewing habits, this blanket gives the best bang for the buck.

✔️Extremely warm for winter
✔️Large enough for large breeds
❌Slides around on smooth surfaces

Bone Dry DII Microfiber Pet Blanket

If you’re looking for an all-around wrap for your doggo, we recommend the Bone Dry DII Pet Blanket. It’s made from pure microfiber polyester with refined stitching. This blankie lasts long and can be used on kennels, cages, crates, and furniture.

When washing this blanket, use cold water in a gentle cycle. You should also dry it at low heat to prevent damages to the material.

Overall, this is an all-around blanket for all seasons. It’s also a great choice if you’re traveling with your dog or bringing them on picnics. You can also gift this blanket to other pet owners who have small to large doggos.

We also like that this blanket doesn’t pill too much. It can withstand regular washing without getting damages. This is a great wrap for your dog’s bed. However, watch out if you have a massive chewer as this blanket is thinner than the usual fleece pads.

✔️Will not pill easily
✔️Made of 100% soft polyester
✔️Lightweight yet durable
❌A little thin

UEETEK Waterproof Pet Dog Blanket

To complete our roundup, we have the UEETEK Waterproof Dog Blanket. This is useful for indoor and outdoor activities, thanks to its waterproof side. One side of this blanket has oxford cloth that resists moisture. Meanwhile, the flipside has a suede-like material that’s soft to touch.

If there are any manufacturer defects, UEETEK will send a replacement free of charge. Overall, this blanket is ideal for a wide range of uses. It can be used on the floor, the couch, and your lawn. This is also handy to keep snow off your car seat if you’re taking the doggo outdoors.

The blanket is 40” x 27.5” and comes with a storage bag. It’s the perfect blanket for small dogs that need extra warmth during winter.

During summer, this blanket also works well as a cooling pad if the oxford cloth side is used. This blanket can take the beating of daily chews and even mild chewing.

This is also easy to clean and can be machine washed in a gentle cycle.

✔️Waterproof oxford cloth side
✔️Free sling bag for storage
❌A little small

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my dog like being wrapped on a blanket?

A: Dogs are denning animals, which means that they seek small and cramped spaces to burrow in for security. This instinct remains true even on domesticated canines nowadays. So if your pooch can’t sleep without being tucked with a cozy blanket, this is probably the reason.

Q: Why does my dog keep on chewing the blanket?

A: If you have a young pup, teething can be the reason. This should subside in a matter of weeks. However, if your adult canine is shredding blankets, it means that the doggo is bored. Physical and mental stimulation will help reduce this destructive behavior. Training will also go a long way for a chewer dog.

Q: How can I stop my dog from chewing the blankets?

A: Some dogs have hard-wired instincts to chew, especially if they are bored. So one thing you can do here is giving your pooch enough exercise and playtime. Focus on mental stimulation so your pooch can take its thoughts away from the chewing habit. You can also give your dog some chew toys so you can vent their energy on other things.

Q: Is my dog chewing things to get attention?

A: Yes, it’s possible that your dog’s aggressive chewing is an attention-seeking behavior. However, you should never punish the pooch for this. What you need to do is to redirect the pooch’s attention and energy into something productive. You should also give the dog enough time.

Final words

If you want to keep your dog cozy, the best dog blankets for chewers will be a big help. During winter, these blankets keep your pooch tasty. Some pieces are also useful during summer as a comfortable wrap.

Whatever your choice is, make sure that it has high-quality material and stitching. This way, the blanket will last long and endure mild chewing.