Top 5 Toys for Dogs that Destroy Everything (2023)

One of the common behavioral problems of canines is aggressive chewing. Some breeds have a hard-wired tendency to chew while others develop the destructive habit along the way. Take note that destructive chewing should be addressed right away to prevent damages on your property and to avoid physical harm to your pooch. So for this post, we listed and reviewed 5 of the best toys for dogs that destroy everything. This way, you can divert your dog’s chewing habits into a less damaging routine.

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Aggressive chewing among dogs

Aggressive chewing is common among large breeds. Although some small breeds may also exhibit a chewing habit, it’s not as intense as herding and hunting dogs.

For most, it’s an instinct that can be managed with enough exercise and the use of chew toys.

However, chewing can also be a developed habit or a behavior secondary to other lingering issues.

Whatever the reason behind it, it’s important that the dog is trained and encouraged to divert its energy into other things.

Below, we discussed some steps that you can do to limit or arrest aggressive chewing. We also reviewed 5 of the best toys for dogs that destroy everything that you can consider for your pooch.

Reasons behind destructive chewing

Aggressive chewing is a multi-faceted problem. The reason behind it can be a hard-wired instinct or just the short-lived phase of teething. To give you an idea, here are some of the leading causes of destructive chewing:


If you have a pup, the pooch may be still in the teething phase. Take note that dogs will undergo the teething phase twice during its lifetime.

The first one is when the baby teeth sprout starting on the second week of the pooch’s life. The next one would be on the 12th or 16th week of the dog’s life. By the 6th month, all of the baby teeth should be replaced with mature daggers.

In addition, the process of teething is uncomfortable and painful for dogs. Like human babies, they will use biting and chewing to ease the discomfort. To prevent damages on your possessions, you can give your pup soft chews or cold carrots. These would relieve the gum discomfort while keeping them from munching on other objects.

-Separation anxiety

Another notorious reason for chewing is separation anxiety. Dogs left alone for long will experience intense stress. To ease off the steam cooker in their minds, they will chew things and destroy any object that comes their way.

Worse, some dog owners punish this behavior. Doing so will only branch out into more behavioral problems.

Take note that some dog breeds are prone to separation anxiety than others. The likes of Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Pitbulls, Bulldogs, and so on are just some of the examples.

If the aggressive chewing is accompanied by accidents in the house, whining, restlessness, and pacing, you should consider crate training your dog. This way, they will be calm whenever you’re leaving the house. It will also keep them away from your belongings.

-Being weaned too early

One reason that veterinarians cite for destructive chewing is the possibility that the dog was weaned too early from its mother. This leads to fabric sucking and can cause intense chewing in the future.

This compulsive behavior can be corrected with proper training and patience. At all cost, never punish your dog for fabric sucking. Toys for dogs that destroy everything will help here.


Did you leave your dog without feeding it first? If that’s the case, don’t be surprised if you’ll arrive on a shredded sofa and a messy kitchen.

Hungry dogs will try to look for food, which will lead to the destruction of the objects around your home. This will also happen to dogs that are under a calorie-restricted diet.

-Breed instincts

Some breeds have a hard-wired tendency to nip, mouth things, and chew aggressively. Usually, these are athletic dogs and canines with an active disposition. If left alone or locked in isolation, these doggos will look for things that will keep them busy. The easiest of which is chewing and shredding any object they desire.

Some of these breeds include Jack Russell Terrier, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Sheltie, Beagle, and more.

If you own such breeds, you have to ensure that they were given enough physical and mental stimulation. This will drain the extra energy while it also helps reduce separation anxiety tendencies.

In this case, training is an indispensable solution. You can also channel your dog’s daggers into tough toys, just like the five we reviewed below.

How to stop destructive chewing among dogs

If you keep on going home to shreds of paper, foam, and other things, it’s time to address the problem. Take note that scolding will not do any good for a canine with aggressive chewing. You have to consider the following steps:

-Obedience training

Most of the time, canines that chew incessantly lack the basic sense of discipline. It’s why you should subject your pooch to basic obedience drills once it received all the necessary shots. Through this, you can hamper any negative behavior.

For dogs with the chewing instinct, obedience training will help in limiting their chomping. Aside from that, you should teach your dog that chewing is excellent as long as it’s done on the right object. This is where the toys for dogs that destroy everything come handy.

-Dog-proof your home

As much as you have to correct the behavior, you also have to condition the environment toward the resolution of the chewing habit. Hide your shoes in the closet, lock cabinet doors, put away rugs, and secure other objects that your dog could chew on.

-Consider bad-tasting repellents

For the worst case of aggressive chewing, some dog owners will use bad-tasting chewing repellent. These are safe solutions sprayed on the object the canine loves to chew. So the next time they try to take a bite, they will taste a bitter flavor. This makes the object less appealing for chewing. Soon enough, your dog will assume that other objects aside from the chew toy are ideal for munching.

-Give the dog exercise and playtime

Like what we said earlier, aggressive chewing could be a developed behavior due to boredom. It will help to take your dog to long walks and give them enough playtime. This will remove the extra energy that they might use on chewing things.

-Give some chew and destructive toys

 Most of all, assign an object that your dog can chew. This way, you can teach the pooch which is allowed for chewing and which is not.

Moreover, chew toys are made to suit the chewing level of each dog. So depending on your pooch, it could be soft, mild, or tough. These toys for dogs that destroy everything are also safe since it’s less likely to chip off your pet’s tooth, unlike other hard objects at home.

Top 5 toys for dogs that destroy everything

OUR TOP PICK: KONG Extreme Dog Toy

Product Name: KONG Extreme Dog Toy

Product Description: When it comes to toys for dogs that destroy everything, our top pick is the KONG Extreme Dog Toy. This is the quintessential dog toy for massive chewers due to its solid material. Also, KONG toys have a shallow middle where you can stuff treats, peanut butter, or kibble. It’s a great toy that will keep your doggo busy. A lot of pet owners have proven the durability of KONG toys against the sharp daggers of their dogs.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Strength
  • Chewiness
  • Value for Money


Aside from saving your couch from being shredded, KONG toys also promote better dental health. It’s also dishwasher-friendly, making it a low-maintenance dog chew.

You can also freeze this KONG toy to make it more challenging for your pooch.


✔️Durable and almost indestructible

✔️Can be stuffed with treats



❌It will smell like rubber at first (totally safe, anyway)


Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

toys for dogs that destroy everything

If your dog doesn’t find the KONG toy appealing, we recommend the Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy. It’s made from natural ingredients and real bacon, making it both a tasty and a chewy toy.

Take note that only the outer layer of Benebone is flavored. No matter what happens, your dog shouldn’t ingest any of the hard material.

Since this bone toy is smelly and tasty, your doggo will not resist it. This is ideal for keeping them busy and away from chewing your possessions.

However, remember that Benebone toys come in tiny to large sizes. Make sure that you size it properly to your pooch.

This chew toy can take the beating of your dog’s sharp daggers for a couple of weeks.

✔️Real bacon flavor
✔️Designed for continuous chewing
✔️Available in chicken and peanut butter flavors as well
❌Always supervise your dog when chewing this as the nylon material gets shredded over time.

Nylabone Dura Textured Chew

toys for dogs that destroy everything

Nylabone is probably one of the most famous chew toy brands. One of their excellent offers is the Dura Textured Chew. It has raised bristles that promote teeth cleaning and satisfying chewing. Besides, dogs will be crazy with its peanut butter flavor.

If you have a dog that’s about 50 pounds large, this is the chew toy you should consider. It’s made of durable nylon guaranteed to last long, even with aggressive chewers.

Aside from peanut butter, this chew toy is also available in other flavors including chicken, beef jerky, bacon, and Nylabone’s original flavor.

Just make sure that you don’t leave this lying around because stepping on this chew bone is worse than stumping on a lego.

✔️Available in tasty flavors
✔️Made for large dogs
✔️More affordable than other chew bones
❌Like most nylon bones, you should replace it once the material is badly shredded

oneisall Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers

Does your dog love bacon? If so, it will go crazy on the oneisall Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers. This green-colored delight is flavored with mouthwatering bacon. Your pooch will not let go of it until all the flavor has been licked off.

This is made of food-grade nylon and safe for all dogs. Still, you should replace it after 6 months or when the material is already starting to shred.

Anyway, make sure that you get the right size. This specific bone comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

You can also use this bone chew as a fetch toy during playtime. And if your pooch is starting to gnaw on objects again, this chew will come handy.

✔️Promotes better dental health
✔️Made of food-grade nylon
❌Ideal for heavy chewers only as this is very tough

Goughnut MAXX Indestructible Chew Toy

If your dog love doughnut chews, the Goughnut MAXX Indestructible Chew Toy is the one to get. It’s made of very strong rubber designed by polymer and mechanical engineers. Although it’s tough, it still floats on water, which allows it to be used during pool games.

Goughnuts has a red layer inside. If your dog gets to chew into this layer, Goughnuts will replace your toy for no additional charge. This is the brand’s guarantee that their product is indeed indestructible!

Regardless if you have a German Shepherd or a Pitbull, this Goughnut chew toy is guaranteed to last long. Although you’d have to spend a few more dollars, we can say that this is a great catch for your pooch.

✔️Comes with a replacement guarantee
✔️Made of durable rubber
✔️Floats on water
❌Not for small breeds since it’s too tough

Wrapping Up

Does your dog chew anything that it can find? If so, it’s time to give your Fido the toys for dogs that destroy everything. These are made safe for their teeth, plus it keeps them busy and away from your possessions.

Still, you should supervise your dog whenever you give them any of these chew toys. All chew toys, no matter how safe, can become a choking hazard if overused.

What do you think of our suggestions here? Have you picked a chew toy for your dog already? Let us know below!

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