Where to Buy Dog Diapers? We Have 5 Options for You!

Like baby diapers, dog diapers are helpful when it comes to canine’s incontinence. Aside from that, it also helps pet owners avoid dog marking and other nasty accidents at home. It prevents a stinky mess while allowing the owner to bring their dog anywhere. However, the question is this: where to buy dog diapers? Nowadays, it’s available in most pet stores. But to save you from the hassle, we have scouted five of the best options in the market:

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What are dog diapers?

Like in babies, dog diapers are intended to help pet owners prevent accidents in the house or outdoors. It’s used on dogs so the pet owners will have added peace of mind that their dogs will not make a mess, especially in a public place. However, unlike baby diapers, dog diapers have more limitations.

Also, there are two options if you’re planning to purchase dog diapers: the disposable type or the washable type. Below, we discussed the difference between the two and what you should choose under specific circumstances.

When to use dog diapers

Dog diapers are useful for a wide range of situations, but it’s commonly used on these conditions:

-Your dog is in heat

Female dogs that are in heat will be having its menstruation. With this, dog diapers come handy so the pooch won’t be messing the floor and furniture. Also, it’s a great way to prevent licking from male dogs, especially if you have a multi-canine household.

However, dog diapers aren’t a reliable form of contraception. Male dogs that are also in heat will find a way on the diaper.

-Incontinence is occurring

Canines with incontinence will benefit a lot from wearing dog diapers. Incontinence can be due to old age, urinary tract infection, weak sphincter muscle, and so on. When your dog has this condition, it will have accidents in the house. Worse, it won’t just be urine. Some dogs also experience poo incontinence when they have diarrhea. Usually, dogs with permanent incontinence will have to wear diapers daily.

-You’re still potty training the dog

For pups that are still learning to housebreak, dog diapers will ensure that you won’t have to deal with urine puddles around your home.

Take note that you should housebreak your dog and not rely on diapers alone. Over time, you’d have to ditch the diaper and depend on your dog’s discipline. If not, you’d be spending a lot of money on diapers and your pooch will not grow to be a disciplined canine.

-Your dog is sick

Sick dogs may not have the energy to get up and eliminate outdoors. Until your pooch recovers, you can put them on diapers to prevent any mess on its bed or around your home.

-You have a senior dog

The same with sick dogs, senior canines don’t have the energy to run on the yard to pee. Also, some of them have incontinence, which doubles the reason why diapers are important for old doggos.

-Your pooch has anxiety

Even if your dog is perfectly healthy, anxiety would be a game-changer. Canines with separation anxiety can have accidents in the house. The intense stress can upset their stomach, which can lead to accidents, not just in one spot, but all over your house.

Aside from crate training and other methods to reduce your dog’s anxiety, you can also use dog diapers. This will save you from the burden of looking where your pooch dropped the bomb.

Why baby diapers won’t work

Baby diapers don’t fit dogs because of one thing: canines have tails and baby diapers don’t have holes for it. Sure, you can cut a hole through it during emergencies, but it can turn out to be a gross move.

Baby diapers are filled with cotton and polymer that help absorb fluids. When you puncture a hole through it, the stuffing will come out and make it less effective for absorbing. Also, other dogs will notice it and paw the stuffing out.

Although baby diapers are cheaper than dog diapers, it will actually cost you more in this improvisation. That’s aside from the fact that baby diapers aren’t made for canines.

Tips to keep the dog diaper on

One struggle that you’d have to face when using dog diapers is your pooch’s defiance of wearing one. They will try to back out of it and even chew the diaper away.

One thing you have to consider is the comfort of the dog diaper. It may be too tight that’s why your pooch is trying to get rid of it. Also, your dog probably developed diaper rash, which is why they are itching to remove the nappy.

So if you’re struggling to keep the diaper on, the easy solution is using straps or suspenders. It’s like a dog harness, but for diapers. The suspenders run all over your dog’s torso and connected to the diaper.

Most dogs who have been walked using a harness will not mind wearing suspenders. But for some pooches, it will take some time to get them familiar with it.

Disposable vs. washable/reusable

Here’s another thing that you have to consider if you’re getting baby diapers: choosing between disposable and washable types.

Generally, washable dog diapers are eco-friendly as you wouldn’t dump one diaper after the other on the trash. However, the biggest challenge in using washable nappies is the process of cleaning it.

Let’s face it, dog pee is just fine, but not all of us have the stomach to deal with diarrhea. This is why cleaning a used washable diaper can be a hassle for some.

Still, washable diapers are more cost-efficient. It also allows you to get the best fit for your dog since it’s customizable. Aside from that, the crinkling plastic sound of disposable diapers can be annoying for canines.

On the other hand, disposable diapers are more convenient. You can purchase a whole pack then throw it on the trash after each use. There’s no need to wash poo or urine. However, if your dog has to use diapers regularly, this option can cost you more.

In the end, the choice is yours to make.

How to put diapers on your dog

If you’ve put a diaper to a baby before, it’s no different when putting one in dogs. The only difference is that you have to place your doggos’ tail through the hole on the nappy.

If you’re new to dog nappies, here’s a video guide from American Bulldogs:

The key here is being gentle and ensuring that the diaper is snug, but not choking your dog’s bottom.

Dog Diapers Buying Guide

Looking where to buy dog diapers? Before we dive into the commercial options, make sure that you have thought of the following points:

-Get the right fit

You can get the most absorbent dog diaper, but if it doesn’t fit your dog well, it will not do any good. This is why you should always get the right fit for your pooch by taking some measurements.

Usually, disposable diapers come in extra small to extra large sizes. The key here is checking the sizing chart of the brand to ensure that it suits your dog.

On the other hand, washable diaper sizes may be dependent on the size of your dog’s waist. Most of these products are adjustable, but you’d want to get one that falls within the ideal size of your pooch.

-Male or female?

Another thing you have to consider is if the diaper is for male or female dogs. Take note that there’s a big difference here which will affect the wearability of the nappy.

Male dog diapers are locked at the top to cover their male parts properly. This way, the male pooch can pee without leaking through the diaper. This also comes with a tail hole.

However, if the male dog has poo incontinence, you have to look for a diaper with full coverage so your pet won’t have accidents inside the house.

On the other hand, female dog diapers have an underwear-like design with a tail hole. Since the pee hole and anus of female dogs are close to each other, they use a diaper that’s similar to what human babies use.

Nevertheless, female diapers will work for male dogs, though male diapers will not work for female canines. In case your pets have unique needs, you may need to have a customized diaper or them.

-Check the material

Both washable and disposable dog diapers are made of a highly absorbent filling and a soft liner that touches their skin. The only difference is that the liner on washable dog diaper doesn’t shred and can be used for the whole day.

Overall, you’d want to ensure that the dog diaper has a soft material that will not scratch your dog’s skin. Also, beware of plastic seams as it can cause diaper rash even for canines.

-Consider your dog’s breed

While dog diapers are made for all breeds, some canines like Corgis, Pugs, Frenchies, and Boston Terriers don’t have tails. With this, they can make use of a diaper with no hole. This offers better coverage since the holes can leak.

However, the issue with hole-less dog diapers is it tends to make the tail dirty. But this isn’t a biggie, you should consider getting one for your pooch.

Also, if your dog is a large breed, you’d need a more durable diaper that can stay in place for long.

Where to Buy Dog Diapers? Here are Top 5 Options!


OUR TOP PICK: wegreeco Washable Male & Female Dog Diapers

Product Name: wegreeco Washable Male & Female Dog Diapers

Product Description: If you’re looking for a washable dog diaper, you won’t go wrong with wegreeco. This dog diaper is designed specifically for female dogs. Nevertheless, it’s also available for male canines, which you can buy here. Moreover, this dog diaper comes in small to 2XL sizes that can fit canine waists of up to 27 inches. This is easy to put on and off, plus it comes with a tail hole for a snug fit. What we really like the most here is that it doesn’t have any wrinkly material that will cause rashes or irritation on your dog’s skin. Aside from that, this comes with a hook and loop enclosure that will not pull on your dog’s fur.

Offer price: 18

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

  • Absorbency
  • Comfort Level
  • Material
  • Value for Money


Unlike disposable diapers, this one from wegreeco has sewn pads that will prevent leaks. The inner lining is made of athletic moisture-wicking jersey fabric that will keep your pooch comfy. Also, the exterior fabric is waterproof for the best coverage against leaks.

Also, each purchase of this dog diaper has three pieces of washable diaper that’s available in various prints.

Lastly, these dog diapers are machine-washable and can be tumble-dried below 30 degrees.


✔️Moisture-wicking inner pad


✔️Doesn’t have wrinkly material


❌You may need to size up to get the ideal fit


All-Absorb Male Dog Wrap

where to buy dog diapers

For those looking for disposable male nappies, this one from All-Absorb is a great choice. This boasts 360-degree leak protection that will keep your dog dry. Also, it has a highly absorbent core that will stop leaks and spills.

Also, we like how adjustable these diapers are and you can easily fit it on your dog snugly. Aside from that, the material on the leg area is stretchy and soft. It will prevent any irritation, even if you have a very active dog. Most of all, the material doesn’t stick to the dog’s skin to prevent the formation of rashes.

Moreover, we like that this diaper has a wetness indicator. The color of the wrap will change from the outside once your dog has eliminated. Also, it will help you know when it’s time to change the nappies.

Overall, this is a comfy diaper that comes with repositionable fasteners as well as four sizes that can fit most dogs. This is made for dogs with waist sizes between 6 and 32 inches.

However, this dog diaper is designed only for peeing. If your pooch has issues with defecating, this isn’t the diaper to use. It doesn’t offer coverage of the dog’s anus.

✔️Guaranteed leg lifting comfort
✔️Wetness indicator
✔️Fur-safe fasteners
❌Only ideal as urine diapers, not for stool

Paw Inspired 32ct Female Disposable Dog Diapers 

Looking for total coverage? This Paw Inspired Female Disposable Dog Diapers are a perfect choice. This also works for male doggos, plus it has a tail hole for the right fit.

This diaper has advanced DrySpeed technology that turns urine into gel. This prevents leaks and discomfort on the part of your pooch. Aside from that, it has a very absorbent and softcore with added breathability for all-day wearing.

Even if your dog is active, this diaper will stay on, thanks to its repositionable fur-resistant fasteners. Also, it has leak-proof sides that work for incontinence and menstruation.

However, you have to ensure that you position the tail hole properly to prevent leaks. Other than that, these disposable diapers are easy to use and will prevent any accidents around the house.

We like that it can handle a full-bladder worth of dog pee. It’s great for aging pups and canines with severe incontinence.

PRO TIP: If you have a female cat, this diaper will also work. Just get the right size for the best fit.

✔️DrySpeed Technology converts fluids to gel
✔️Absorbent and softcore
✔️Fur-resistant fasteners
❌It will leak if used on tailless dogs

Vet’s Best Disposable Male Dog Diaper  

Another male dog diaper we recommend is the Vet’s Best Disposable diaper. It has a Comfort-Fit design that wraps around your dog’s bottom. However, it only covers the pee hole of the dog and not the anus part. Still, this is a great choice for doggos with incontinence.

Also, it has a soft and snug fit as well as a wetness indicator. At a glance, you can easily check if your pooch is due for a diaper change.

We love that this has repositionable fasteners that allow you to tweak the fit on your pooch’s body. It’s best to prevent male marking, excitable urination, and urinary incontinence. Take note that this isn’t the best choice for dogs with diarrhea as it doesn’t cover the bum area.

This is also a great choice for senior dogs as it’s easy to put on and off. Overall, it suits canines with waist sizes between 12 and 18 inches.

Overall, each diaper can last a day’s worth of urine. Still, you should always check to prevent spills around the house.

✔️Each diaper last for a day
✔️Equipped with wetness indicator
✔️Repositionable fasteners
❌You need to tape the Velcro fasteners as it may come off

Pet Magasin Washable Dog Diapers

where to buy dog diapers

Another washable nappy that we recommend is the Pet Magasin Washable Dog Diapers. This is hand and machine-washable for your convenience. It also dries fast, which allows you to use only several pieces at a time.

We really like that it has multiple layers of absorbent pads that will hold a large amount of moisture. Also, the outer layer is waterproof to prevent leaks on your carpet and couch.

If your pup is in heat, eliminates out of excitement, still in training, or has incontinence, these washable diapers are must-haves.

Each pack has three pieces of washable nappies that come in green, purple, and blue colors. All of it is soft and doesn’t have any crinkly texture that will irritate your dog.

These diapers are great for old canines and those with a bad case of incontinence. Usually, each nappy can last for a day, though you should still check if your pooch pees a lot.

✔️Quick-drying and moisture-wicking
✔️Hand and machine-washable
✔️No wrinkly texture
❌Not for small breeds

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do diapers for dogs really work?

A: Yes, but only to a certain extent. It works for pee and a small amount of poo, though it’s not a substitute for housebreaking. Just use it as a tool for training so your dog can still eliminate the natural way.

Q: How often should I change my dog’s diaper?

A: It depends on how fast your dog gets its diaper soiled. Once a day is the rule of thumb, but some may need to do it twice if the pooch has a very bad case of incontinence.  If you don’t want to spend money on disposable diapers, you can choose from one of our washable diaper options above.

Q: Can I use baby diaper rash cream on my dog?

A: As much as possible, avoid applying any products made for humans to your dog. Some rash creams may work but use it sparingly. Remember that dogs will lick their bodies and it’s only a matter of time for them to ingest an amount of cream you just applied.

Q: Can I wash dog diapers on the washing machine?

A: Well, if the dog diaper has poop, we recommend hand-washing as much as possible. You wouldn’t want the nasty brown stuff getting all laced up on your machine. Just imagine washing your clothes on it.

Q: Should I purchase dozens of dog diapers right away?

A: If your purpose is incontinence, heat, or bleeding, it’s best to purchase at least a dozen diapers, unless you’re getting washable ones. For washable types, about 3 to 5 would be fine. This way, you have enough supply and you’ll have enough time to wash and dry the diapers in time for changing.

Final words

Where to buy dog diapers? In this post, we have reviewed five of the best options in the market. The wegreeco washable diapers are unbeatable choices, though you can also get disposable ones handy.

Whatever your choice, always check the fit and make sure that your pooch will remain comfortable in it.

Have you used dog diapers on your pet before? How’s your experience? Share it with us in the comment section!