Best Dog Food for German Shepherds with Sensitive Stomachs: What is It?

German shepherds are fantastic dogs to own. They can be incredibly loyal and loving creatures that will stay by your side till the end. They are incredibly smart, which is why so many people train them to be working dogs such as service dogs and police dogs. This breed is also used for military service, as a matter of fact! The German Shepherd is so famous and is such a popular breed that most everybody in the world knows what they look like and what they are. Also, because of how strong they are and their relative size, so many people also choose to use German shepherds as guarding dogs. Sometimes however, you might have a pooch that could have some issues with their health. for example, some German shepherds can have tummy problems. So what is the best dog food for German shepherds with sensitive stomachs?

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If you are here, chances are you have a German Shepherd that is experiencing some issues with their regular food. They might have indigestion or upset stomachs that make it difficult for them to live their lives normally and happily.  If this is the case for you, then we applaud you for looking for a solution to your pooch’s problem. We are also here to help by reviewing some of the best dog food for German shepherds with sensitive stomachs so that you can find the right one for your dog through trial and error.

Are you ready to find the right food for your beloved pup? Here we go!

Best dog food for German shepherds with sensitive stomachs

best dog food for German shepherds with sensitive stomachs

We want to remind you that this list is not in any particular order – we’re not ranking the food in any particular way. Instead, we are giving you options from which you can choose something that is within your budget and is appropriate for your dog in terms of food allergies and the like. With that in mind, let’s get started!

CANIDAE – Dry dog food for all life stages

The first on our list of the best dog food for German shepherds with sensitive stomachs is the CANIDAE dry dog food. This particular kibble was formulated to accommodate all life stages, which means that if you have several dogs in your home you can probably feed all of them with just this brand. Barring any sensitivities, of course. CANIDAE is a brand that is very famous for the excellent quality of their kibble. This particular product contains limited ingredients with a recipe that can certainly accommodate dogs with sensitive tummies.

If you want to know more about this kibble, here is some information about it:

  • It contains lamb meal. As a matter of fact, this ingredient is the first on the ingredients list which means that it is the component that is added in the highest amount. Therefore, it is reasonable to infer that a lot of lamb meal and protein is available in this dog food. Lamb meal is reasonably mild as a source of protein, and on top of that it is also less likely to trigger allergic reactions.
  • This product isn’t grain-free because it contains flaxseed as well as brown rice. If your veterinarian has suggested that you avoid green in your dog’s food then you may want to find another option. However, if your pooch is sensitive to gluten, you will be happy to find out that this kibble is absolutely gluten free.
  • In this kibble, you can find peas as a source of protein and fiber. They are also a green vegetable carrying many different vitamins and minerals to help benefit your beloved pup. You can also find cranberries in the recipe for this kibble. Cranberries are famous for their anti inflammatory properties and the way in which they can protect the body against many different pathogens.
  • After reviewing the ingredient list for this kibble, we can say that it does not contain ingredients that are rather low in quality. This is certainly a positive considering a lot of kibble out there is completely full of fillers.

Pros and Cons of CANIDAE – Dry dog food for all life stages

✔️Great value for money considering it is rather affordable
✔️No grains
✔️No fillers
✔️Helps with inflammation
✔️Has Flaxseed
❌Not enough protein content for larger breeds of dogs

Blue Buffalo (Basics) Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Dog Food

When it comes to dog food, Blue Buffalo is a brand that is well known and loved by many pet owners and their dogs alike. Well known in the canine circuit as a brand that creates healthy and high-quality kibble, Blue Buffalo has taken great care to formulate this recipe to have limited ingredients that can help with even the most sensitive tummies. This is why it is a contender for the absolute best dog food for German shepherds with sensitive stomachs.

If you want to know more about this kibble, here is some additional information about it:

  • This kibble uses deboned turkey as its main source of protein. You will find deboned turkey as the first ingredient on the list if you check the packaging. This means that instead of using fillers and adding a minimum amount of protein like some brands of lower quality dog food might do , you instead have high-quality protein as the biggest component in the recipe. On top of that, the second ingredient on the list is turkey meal which means that you now have recipe fortified with even more healthy and high-quality protein.
  • The reason why the manufacturer chose to use a single source of protein (only turkey) is to eliminate any possible sensitivities. For example, a lot of dogs have allergies and sensitivities to chicken, which is exactly why it was omitted from this recipe.
  • There are no grains in this recipe. Instead, vegetables were included as a healthier source of carbohydrates. As a result, dogs with grain sensitivities will not experience any problems.
  • Pumpkin is included in this recipe not just as a source of fiber but also because it is so helpful when it comes to issues with digestion. Pumpkin is also full of many essential minerals and vitamins.
  • There are also healthy fats included in this recipe such as Omega 3 which is very helpful in many different ways including the reduction of inflammation. Therefore, if your GSD is experiencing an inflammation issue with their tummy this dog food can be incredibly helpful.

Pros and Cons of Blue Buffalo (Basics) Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Before we go ahead and talk about the pros and cons of this product, we want to point out the fact that although Blue Buffalo has done their best to ensure that this product is great and healthy for your GSD, it is not perfect. We have found that in this recipe there are a few ingredients that are not the best quality such as potato starch as well as pea protein. These ingredients are not exactly harmful to dogs unless your pooch is sensitive to them, but still they can certainly be considered to be lower in quality which is why they are often used for fillers.

✔️ Only one (great) source of quality protein to help avoid sensitivities and allergies
✔️Recipe contains limited ingredients to help avoid allergic and sensitive reactions
✔️Contains healthy fats
✔️Has pumpkin
❌Has some fillers

NUTRO Adult Dog Food (Limited Ingredient Diet)

Another great product that we can recommend as the best dog food for German shepherds with sensitive stomachs is the NUTRO. This kibble is different from the other ones on this list because it uses a protein source that is not often seen in dry dog food: venison. Just like many of the other products that we have mentioned on this list, the NUTRO also contains no grains to help avoid any sensitivities in that regard.

If you want to know more about this kibble, here is some additional information about it:

  • This kibble uses venison meal, which is basically concentrated venison protein. It can certainly be considered to be a high-quality source of protein, and many GSD owners have found that their dogs go crazy for it. Most noteworthy is the fact that venison is gentler on even sensitive tummies.
  • This kibble contains no grains in order to help your pooch avoid grain sensitivities. However, to compensate, vegetables have been used as a source of carbohydrates instead . Therefore, in this formula you will find chickpeas, potatoes, and lentils – all of which are full of minerals and vitamins and even proteins.
  • The NUTRO kibble has another ingredient: beet pulp. This adds a lot of fiber to the formula which can really help with dogs that have a lot of digestive issues. Fiber is very beneficial when it comes to the health of the colon.
  • One thing that we can say that may be considered negative about this product is the fact that it contains canola oil, which is certainly considered to be quite the controversial ingredient when it comes to dog food. Some believe that canola oil is great for dogs because it contains Omega 3, but others believe that canola oil can be harmful because it is made from GMO rapeseed which can be harmful to pups.

Pros and Cons of NUTRO Adult Dog Food (Limited Ingredient Diet)

✔️Contains venison as its source of protein
✔️Has a lot of fiber content
✔️Beet pulp is included in the recipe
✔️Overall helps when it comes to promoting health
❌Has canola oil which is considered to be a controversial dog food ingredient


There are honestly so many different brands of kibble out there – so much so that it can be almost impossible to find one that will perfectly fit your dog’s needs. If we were to make a list of all of the possible products you could try, it would probably take us many, many pages that would end up making you more confused. This is why we have only listed 3 possible choices. If you don’t think that the best dog food for German shepherds with sensitive stomachs is on the list above, then please do send us any suggestions you may have so that we can include in to this article. Regardless, we hope that you have found this article helpful and we wish you luck in finding the right food for your GSD.