5 Best Shock Collar for Multiple Dogs (2022)

The first time you hear of the best shock collar for multiple dogs, you might think the dog will always be in pain. However, that is not the case with the shock collars. There might have been some controversy to using the shock collars, but once you understand them, it becomes easier to see why they can be a great choice.

We always recommend that you check out the user guide on how best to use the shock collar. With the correct use, it is always to notice some positive change in the dog’s behavior in a week or so. In this guide, you will all you need to know about shock collars and the top choices to consider.

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PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar Check Price
Funnipets Dog Training Collar Check Price
FunniPets Dog Training Collar for 3 Dogs Check Price
Lu&Ba Dog Shock Collar with Remote Check Price
Pet Control HQ Dog Containment System Shock Collar Check Price

How to Choose the Best Shock Collar for Multiple Dogs

Collar Material

For each collar that you buy, its material is always important. In this case, you need a material that is tough but still flexible. Most of the time, these collars have to be worn for hours during training. If the material is not comfortable, then you end up with discomfort and chaffing of the dog’s coat.

Contact Points

When seeking the best shock collar for multiple dogs, always consider the contact points. These are the points that will be in touch with the dog’s skin to deliver the shock or vibrations when you press a button. These contact points need to be short, but good enough to get through the fur.

Sometimes the cheap collars can have the contact points being made of nickel material. Such a material can lead to irritation, redness, and some other issues. Just make sure that the contact points will not affect the dog negatively.

The Modes

Another important consideration are the modes that come with the best shock collar for multiple dogs. Having more modes means that you get more flexibility when it comes to training the dog. Most of the models would have modes such as vibration, beeping, and shock. Some can have light as an additional mode so that you can locate the dog in dark environments.

It would be great when you have a shock collar that allows for adjusting the sensitivity of the collar. This ensures that you can use the right training that the dog needs at the time.

The Range

The idea of having a remote operated collar is so that you can use it at a distance without much of a problem. So, that depends on the collar that you buy. The range will offer you more flexibility, so go for a model that offers more range.

On average, most models would have a range over 200 feet. Having more range allows you to control the pet even while at the park. You can now find models with a range of over 1000 feet. Always consider checking out several options before making up your mind.

Battery Life

Just as the range is important, so is the battery life. Look at how long the collars and the remote can run on their batteries before recharging. It is expected that many people would want to get a model that lasts for longer to go through several training sessions.

Other than the battery life, you also have to look at the recharge time. You need a model that can recharge faster so that you can get back to training where necessary.

Collar Price

The cost of the best shock collar for multiple dogs is still an important consideration. Take the time to check out several models and compare their prices. You need to get a model that gives you value for money. Getting an expensive model does not always mean the best quality and features. Take a keen look at the features to see if they are worth the extra cost.

Top 5 Best Shock Collars for Multiple Dogs

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar

Product Name: PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar

Product Description: This is a premium dog training collar you can buy today for the money. As much as it is not the cheapest, you will like it for being durable, comfortable, and generally easy to use. This type of shock collar is often recommended by expert trainers. It goes on to show that it can be an ideal collar to help in training your dogs. For its design, you will find that it is easy to train two dogs at the same time. This will help save you money rather than buying separate dog collars. The manufacturer made it to have three training modes. The modes include electric shock, beep trainer, and vibrations. These stimulation modes come with up to 16 adjustable levels. These adjustments depend on the dog’s weight and sensitivity. The shock collar also features the blind operation design too. This design will make it easy and effective for the dog to be trained easily even if you are not looking at the remote. The remote has a range of 650 yards. This range should be enough for most people.

Offer price: 31

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  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Battery Life
  • Versatility
  • Setting Up


This is a premium collar to get for the money. It should easily appeal to many people who want the best collar for training their pet. It is highly effective because you can start to see the difference in the dog’s behavior in a couple of days of using it.

The model also comes with a free dog training guide. This e-book will give you all the tips that you need for training your dog better. The last thing you need is to hurt the dog with your shock collar.


✔️It is highly durable

✔️It offers blind operation design

✔️The package comes with a training guide


❌It could use more channels to include training of more dogs

Runner’s Up

Funnipets Dog Training Collar

To be the best shock collar for multiple dogs, we had to look at its versatility. We find that the model can be used for up to three dogs of different sizes. Thanks to its impressive remote, you should be able to control the different dogs independently.

The collars are also safe for your pet thanks to having the extra conductive silicone for the contact points. This protects the dog from direct shock to keep it even safer. Those who might have been worried about shocking their dogs, just know this one is safe.

Looking at the remote range, we find it being quite the best range for many users. It comes with a range of 2600 ft. This range will make it easy to train your dog both in the park or in the backyard without worrying it might go too far.

The model also comes with a special built-in LED light in the receiver. The light is great for locating the dog even if it is in a dark environment. Also, there is a reflective strap on the collar for more safety at night.

  • It is a waterproof dog collar
  • Impressive remote range
  • Built-in LED for better seeing
  • The remote battery life is not great

FunniPets Dog Training Collar for 3 Dogs

This best shock collar for multiple dogs can handle up to three dogs at the same time. The aim is for you to end up with an easy time of controlling the dogs even better. If you have multiple pets that you need to train, this is a great chance to try out this training collar.

The collar also comes with up to four training modes. These modes include light, beep, vibration, and shock. These modes can be used at different levels of training the dog. The results are that you end up with a great collar set to handle all the training needs you could ever want.

This collar set is waterproof. Even if your dog loves the water, you would not have to worry that it might end up getting destroyed. You can now take the collar to the beach with you and have an easy time controlling the dog.

The neck size is easily adjustable. You will find that it easily adjusts from 7.1 to 25.6 inches. As such, you would end up with a training collar that fits different types of dogs with ease.

  • It has LED lights for visibility
  • It is a safe collar set for the dogs
  • The collar comes with four training modes
  • The lights are not the brightest

Lu&Ba Dog Shock Collar with Remote

One thing that stands out for this best shock collar for multiple dogs is its remote. The remote is small compared to what you get with some models. Well, it might be small but its functionality is still great. On overall, the whole product has a simple and beautiful design.

Another thing that makes it a great shock collar should be that it is easily adjustable. You can always adjust the neck for it to fit different types of dogs with ease. Because of its adjustability, the collar is good for small, medium, and large dogs.

The ergonomic design makes it easy to operate the remote. The buttons are the right size for you to easily operate without even looking at the remote. With the right operation, it is easy to help the dog learn the basic commands and sometimes eliminate some behaviors.

It is going to appeal to many people with its multiple training modes. With the additional 16 sensitivity options, it should be easy to handle the dog better. Simply adjust the sensitivity depending on your dog.

  • Impressive durability
  • Great battery life and waterproof design
  • It has multiple sensitivity settings
  • The remote range is not the best for the money

Pet Control HQ Dog Containment System Shock Collar

If the budget is not an issue for you, then you can spend more to get this best shock collar for multiple dogs. It is designed to work for two dogs so that you can train your dogs all at the same time. This will cut down the amount of time needed to train the two dogs.

The remote range is 492 feet, which should be enough to train the different types of dogs. On overall, you can use it in your yard or in the park without always being in close proximity with the dog.

There are many positive reports of how the shock collar has helped many people to handle the bad habits of their dogs. Within a couple of days, you will notice that some of the behavior is slowly being changed.

The long battery life is what you need for peace of mind. The collar can last for 7 days depending on the usage. This means that you do not have to keep on recharging the collar and remote before usage all the time.

  • Good for handling stubborn habits
  • Impressive battery life
  • Offers dual zone containment system
  • It is pricey


What is the recommended age for you to start using shock collars?

It will depend on the behavior of your dog. Some dogs can be quite aggressive and have other bad behavior such as barking, chewing, and more. It is why you can start to use the shock collars even when the dog is around 10 weeks. It is a training tool, so it can be used from an early age.

What set of shock collar would be ideal for my dog?

The best shock collar for multiple dogs is based on its features. You need something comfortable, quality, easy to use, versatile, and adjustable. These are important features to always have in mind when going for the right shock collar.

Are shock collars expensive?

The price is going to vary a lot depending on the type of shock collar and its respective features. Let us say a model has more remote range and longer battery life. We expect that such a collar would not be the cheapest. The idea is to always end up with a collar that offers value for money. It is still possible to get a cheap collar if you are on budget. Just make sure it is still a safe collar to use.


Now that you know more about the best shock collar for multiple dogs, it is then easier to choose the right one for your dog. Always consider the comfort because the dog might have to wear the collar the whole day. Other than the comfort, its durability, working modes, and ease of use are also important.

We insist that you keep in mind the safety tips that come with using shock collars. This is to ensure that you do not end up hurting your pet during training.