5 Best Shock Collar for Long-Haired Dogs (2022)

Oftentimes, the long hair of dogs prevents the collar from getting in touch with the dog’s skin. This is generally the worry of every pet owner of dogs with long hair. Their pet may not be able to receive shocks for keeping inside the yard or in order to obey some commands. Well, there’s no need to worry as we have here the best shock collar for long-haired dogs.

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If in case, you bought an inappropriate shock collar, the dog may have to continue its bad behavior. In order to help you find the right shock collar for dogs with long hair, we have here some recommendations for you. Moreover, we will also share the advantages and drawbacks of using a shock collar. Check them out below.

Perks and Drawbacks Using a Shock Collar

Generally, the use of shock collars for dogs entails lots of controversies. There are even countries that totally restricted this kind of dog training device. Aside from that, the animal welfare organizations and many activists are protesting for the inhumane and painful effect of shock collars for dogs. 

However, some of the professional dog trainers find this device an advantageous one. Yet, there are still some drawbacks that should be taken into account. Here are the perks and downsides of using this dog training device.

Perks of using shock collar for long-haired dogs

◾Improved for safety

Nowadays, there are available shock collars that are designed considering the safety of dogs. With this, the dogs may experience no pain at all while wearing this device. Aside from that, the updated versions of the shock collar for long-haired dogs have sounds and vibrations without the shock modes. However, the shock modes are still available for other versions which can only be used during emergency cases

◾With wide ranges of stimulations

The stimulation range is one of the easy ways to make the taste customizable depending on your preference and of your pet. Moreover, it has a quick training result.

Drawbacks of using shock collar for long-haired dogs

Despite the advantages that this device may offer, below are some of the downsides that it entails:

  • May lead to physical and mental stress for dogs
  • Dogs may suffer in case the collars are being misused
  • Cause injury within the physical and emotional aspect
  • May cause a counterproductive effect which can cause anxiety, fear, and aggression 

What to Look for When You Need to Buy the Best Shock Collar for Long-Haired Dogs?

Shock collar for long-haired dogs is actually different depending on the variety available in the market. When choosing the best one for your dog, check for the following considerations.


Generally, the safety of your pooch is the first thing in mind for great considerations. As a pet owner, you don’t want something that will cause injury, may hurt your pet, or make them traumatized. Rather, it is more preferable to get something that can effectively train the dog.

This way generally helps in getting rid of unwanted behaviors. Moreover, it is an excellent choice to pick a shock collar with sound and vibration modes. Aside from that, shock collar manufacturers advise using static shock collars in dangerous times only.

Dog size and temperament

Another important thing to consider is the proper fit of the shock collar for long-haired dogs. It is very much crucial to opt for the one that is really adjustable. Most of the products available in the market are suitable for a smaller pooch. 

Aside from that, also take into account your dog’s hair. In case the hair is stubborn, better prefer to go for shock collars that have great stimulating property. Moreover, the shock collar must not offer cruelty and danger. 


Generally, for long-haired dogs, people often think that wearing out of the collar can get so quick due to the presence of more fur. However, that’s not always the case, there may be instances that you will groom your dog on a regular basis and clean the inside collar. Aside from that, this applies true to most dogs utilizing shock collars of any kind.

Based on studies, the latest versions of shock collars are actually safe to make a stronger bond among the trainer and the dog. But, in order to achieve this, it must be properly utilized in a way that complies with the label.


Most of the time, long-haired dogs seem to demand the extra feature in terms of the shock collar. Yet, the prongs have to be sufficiently long. Moreover, the power that it offers should not be most of the concern especially when it fits on your dog. 

Charging capacity

The shock collar may generally be charged completely at its fullest after each use. A longer charging session is highly required for those dogs with long hair that have real shaggy coats. However, always remember that there is no need for extra power in case the prongs fit properly within the neck of your doggy. 

Yet, the difference is not that notable as it seems. There are some shock collars that come with a remote control which only need standard household batteries. If the situation would always be like this, you might need to invest over a charger and a few pieces of rechargeable AA or AAA batteries which might allow saving some bucks.


Most of the available shock collars have a range capacity of about 30 yards maximum. However, there are other models that have a greater feature. As a matter of fact, some shock collars for agricultural use may reach up to 10 times of that said distance.

Knowing this, it is better to invest for something like this if the purpose of training is something related to major outdoor activities. Some research shows that this kind of dog training tool is generally used by hunters for training the dogs for sport. 

Meanwhile, there are also researches which find that the most commonly abused shock collars are those with longer range. For example, in the UK, dogs in that place who received corrections on the electronic transmission ended up on a more tense result even when they are resting. 

Moreover, take note that the dog’s coat might not hinder the range pathway of the collar. Remember that even the dog with most of the shag doesn’t have sufficient fur to prevent any incoming radio waves.


Dogs might also wear shock collar during the rainy season or snowy times. This simply means that you must go for a shock collar that has the ability to resist any water splash. Additionally, you might find some collars that can able to submerge in the water.

Type of shock collars

Basically, the type of shock collar for long-haired dogs must also be highly considered as it may also tell you to address the appropriate issues that your dog might be facing.

❇ Electronic collars

This is highly suitable in treating the dog’s problem of barking. However, the dogs barking habit might be addressed using some appropriate solution or device. Yet, there is actually a good reason behind the dogs barking behavior.

In addition, barking or making noise is one best way for dogs to communicate. There may be something that they might want to tell you that needs to address the problem immediately. 

❇ Sound collars

The sound collars are actually the ideal one for long-haired dogs. This is generally important if you consider the interfering act of the traditional shock collars. Basically, the shock collars only utilize a training buzz sound to correct the dog.

Moreover, always remember that the ears of the dog are highly sensitive. At around 45 to 60 kHz, the dogs have the ability to hear sounds compared to humans that can only hear about 13 to 20 kHz. Additionally, dogs also have the ability to perceive more than 100,000 air vibrations per second.

❇ Non-shocking collars

Non-shocking shock collars for long-haired dogs, how could that be? Actually, there are manufacturers that produce shock collars with citronella spray or other substances that can trigger the dog to act appropriately. This technology is more profound over automatic anti-bark collars. However, this is also present on some remote controls.

Moreover, opting for this kind of shock collars, you might highly take into account the sense of smell of the dog. Keep in mind that this four-legged animal may be overpowered by those good smelling products. Yet, the scent system might be overuse as you do not know that you actually do any harm to your pooch. 

5 of the Best Shock Collar for Long Haired Dogs

OUR TOP PICK: Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Collar
  • Durability
  • Ease of use
  • Reliability


Despite its 100 stimulation levels over the two contact points available, this Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Collar is actually a perfect fit. For a fast recharging time, you can use it immediately once you need to train your doggy right away. However, like any other product, it comes with some drawbacks.

Generally, it is really expensive and as pet owners, you might not experience multiple dog capabilities. Aside from that, it does not include an adjustable collar which can generally snuggle on your dog’s skin.


  • The range can reach up to ½ mile

  • There are two contact points available

  • Have around 100 stimulation levels

  • Rechargeable

  • Needs only 2 hours of full charging


  • Somehow expensive

  • The collar is non-adjustable


SportDog Sport Hunter

Best shock collar for long-haired dogs

Another best shock collar for long-haired dogs on the list is the SportDog Sport Hunter. If you have small dogs with long hair, this is really a great choice. Its level of intensity is generally low enough so that they do not experience any harm.

Despite this, the remote that it includes is an excellent one because it entails various intensity levels. Because of this, you may have the option to look for the appropriate level that may dissuade your dog while preventing them to get hurt. A good feature of this dog training device is that a maximum of three dogs can be handled by this single transmitter. 

Yet, the downside for this shock collar is, again, quite expensive. Moreover, you initially need to try the shock collar over your own arms. This way, you may able to test if the level is too intense for your dog.

✔️ Applicable for dogs weighing 8 pounds and bigger
✔️ Rechargeable
✔️ With multiple dog capabilities
✔️ Waterproof
✔️ Contains 3 modes for behavioral aspects
❌ Quite expensive
❌ High-intensity levels may be harmful to small dogs

Dog Care Charging Collar

Best shock collar for long-haired dogs

Dog Care Charging Collar is the next on our list of the best shock collar for long-haired dogs. This is actually perfect for your pooch with long hair as it entails various features and adjustable strap. Due to this, the collar has the ability to fit snugly over the skin of your dog regardless of the length of its hair.

The training modes available under the Dog Care Charging Collar have three options. This will generally allow you to decide on using alternative methods such as vibration or tone prior to subjecting your dog into a shock. With a great price, you can manage a maximum of 9 dogs at a time with the remote of this Dog Care Charging Collar. Moreover, the unit is completely rechargeable and waterproof as well.

✔️ Have three training modes
✔️ Rechargeable
✔️ Waterproof
❌ The charging battery does not hold up

Mendota Rolled Leather Dog Collar

A great feature of this best shock collar for long-haired dogs is its material that comes from premium quality bridle English leather. Because of this, the Mendota Rolled Leather Dog Collar is one of the best-rolled leather collar available today. Extra features that make this one a popular dog collar are its appealing design, durability, and comfort. 

Despite being highly perfect for long-haired dogs, this Mendota Rolled Leather Dog Collar is also excellent for an aggressive pooch. Made of solid brass material, it also includes a center buckle, center ring, and a D ring. Moreover, this is exclusively made in the USA.

✔️ Made of high-quality English Bridle Leather
✔️ Do not leave any stain on the fur when wet
✔️ Adjustable for a measurement of 20 to 24 inches
❌ Some people report that it is staining on the fur

Dogtra Remote Dog Training

Dogtra Remote Dog Training is one of the best shock collars for long-haired dogs. It is highly suitable for aggressive and working dogs. Actually, working dogs highly demand an extreme level of stimulation.

Moreover, aggressive dogs may find it helpful to use the Dogtra Remote Dog Training as it generally needs stronger stimulation. The levels of stimulation of this collar are actually as high as 127. So, this simply means that it is highly applicable for almost any dog breed. 

Aside from that, this best shock collar for long-haired dogs can handle multiple dog capabilities. Meaning to say, the Dogtra Remote Dog Training can be used for at least two dogs.

✔️ Waterproof
✔️ Stimulation levels of as high as 127
✔️ Suitable on working dogs
❌ Expensive
❌ The vibration mode is not adjustable

Final Thoughts

The best shock collar for long-haired dogs is actually helpful to train your pooch. This dog training device entails different types and materials. Basically, buying this product needs to consider the safety, reliability, range, strength, charging capacity, and other features that come with it.

Moreover, when we speak of a shock collar, buying a premium quality one is the ideal choice for investment in the long run. So, rather than to go for an affordable one, it is actually good to place your money on a shock collar that keeps its durability over the years.