5 Best Shock Collar for Medium Sized Dogs – The Buying Guide and Reviews

The best shock collar for medium sized dogs is what you need for handling your dog better. The shock collar is an important accessory when you need to teach a dog about basic commands. Such collars are also important for dealing with some unwanted behaviors.

It is always important that you take the time to know how best to use the shock collar. The last thing you need is to startle the dog that is wearing the collar. With the right and consistent training, it is easy to end up with a well-trained dog on overall.

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How to Choose the Best Shock Collar for Medium Sized Dogs

The Stimulation Modes

Depending on the type of shock collar that you buy, it is likely to have different modes to choose from. There is no doubt you would want a model with several modes to make training easier.

The most common modes include tone, light, and vibration. At first, you would start with the light mode before using the other types of stimulation. This is the safest mode before you can introduce the dog to the other stimulation modes.

The Stimulation Levels

Now that you know about the stimulation modes, you still have to control them effectively. The shock technology needs the right levels for your dog’s application. So, look at what the manufacturer offers in terms of the adjustment levels. The most common would be around 100 levels of intensity. So, even if it is a small or large dog breed, you can train it using the right intensity it can take as a dog.

The Remote Range

Sometimes people may overlook the remote range factor, but it is also important to keep in mind. You need it so that you can even train the dog while at a distance. Even if you are in a park, you are always sure of being able to control the dog at a range.

Manufacturers are always proud of this figure, so they would have it in their product description. Many models coming out right now will have range of around 1000 feet. This gives you the best control on overall.


Another thing you have to keep in mind should be the ease of using of the shock collar for medium sized dogs. It is best if you can get a shock collar that it is easy to use.

The ease of use will be in terms of the controls. Are the controls easy to use? Are they clearly labelled? These are some of the things you will have to ask yourself before deciding which one would be ideal for you.

Some models come with the buttons set in different colors. The aim is to make sure that you can use the shock collar without hurting your dog.


You cannot neglect to consider the comfort of your shock collar for medium sized dogs. The comfort is mostly based on the adjustments offered by the collar. It will be ideal if the shock collar comes with several adjustment options.

So, if the dog is larger, you can adjust the collar to fit it perfectly. The same goes for a small dog breed.

The materials used to make the collar can also determine the comfort. The synthetic materials are often not soft enough and may lead to chaffing. That is something you always have to consider.


When choosing the best shock collar for medium sized dogs, consider if it is waterproof too. This is a handy feature for those who have dogs that love the outdoors. Being waterproof makes it easier for the dog to play in the rain, water, or ice conditions. Look at the waterproof rating to see how good it would be for your pet.


The battery is necessary to see how long you can use the shock collar before you have to recharge again. Depending on the model, you are likely to have one that lasts for days before recharging. So, look at this figure before making up your mind. You always need one that can deliver on the best battery life.

Top 5 Best Shock Collar for Medium Sized Dogs

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Dog Care Dog Training Shock Collar

Product Name: Dog Care Dog Training Shock Collar

Product Description: This is a top choice for those who want to train their dogs better. With its 3 training modes, you should find it being a great option for training. These modes are efficient and safe. You do not have to worry about using the shock collar to effectively train the dog. There are times you might have accidentally used a warning with the shock collars before. That is not much of a problem with this one. This is because it is designed to prevent such accidental presses all the time. You can now carry the remote in your pocket without worrying about accidental warning. The model comes with up to 9 channels. Having these many channels will on overall help with maximum control. Unlike other models that would only work for two dogs, this one can support up to 9 dogs. This allows you to control the different dogs with just one remote. The model is also adjustable to suit dogs of all sizes. This allows you to use the same model for either the small or large dogs. The material is also waterproof considering that it is made of IPX65 material. You should now have better control and flexibility of the shock collar.

Offer price: 33

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  • Remote Control
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality
  • Control
  • Vibration Strength


This is a top consideration to get right now for the best training of your dog. With its 9 channels, it is easy for you to handle up to 9 dogs with ease. There is no doubt many more people would want to get this one to train their dogs better.

The collar is still easily adjustable. This is to help you use the same shock collar on different dog sizes. They can vary from 15 to 100 pounds. This means that the collar can work on any type of dog breed.


✔️It has 9 channels for versatility

✔️No more accidental pressing

✔️It comes with three training modes


❌The battery life is not the best

Runner’s Up

GROOVYPETS 1100YD Remote Dog Training Shock Collar

This is another best shock collar for medium sized dogs that you can buy right now. On overall, we find it being ideal for training several dogs at the same time. The manufacturer claims that you can train up to three dogs individually. The best part is that you have up to 1100 yards of control when using this shock collar.

You will like this shock collar for being fully waterproof too. It will then be ideal to use in different weather conditions without much of a problem. The remote is also easily rechargeable so that you can enjoy using it more often.

The rugged construction is great for dog use. The last thing you need is to keep replacing the shock collar just because it breaks down. That is not something to think of when using this type of shock collar.

It might have a simple design, but we find it being quite effective. It might be the reason many would want to use this type of shock collar on their dogs.

  • It is good for training up to 3 dogs at once
  • It has a rugged construction for durability
  • The collar is simple but effective in terms of performance
  • Sensitivity adjustment is not easy

Yimtech Dog Training Collar

This dog training collar should be a nice consideration for many people to get right now. With its three training modes, many find it being an ideal solution to anyone who enjoys training their dog. The modes include sound, vibration, and electrostatic pulse.

You can always recharge the training collar before using it more often. Thanks its battery life, you do not have to keep recharging the collar and remote. The remote has a standby battery life of 90 days, while the collar has 14 days.

The model is easy to adjust in terms of the size to suit different dog breeds. The collar strap can fit from 8 inches to 26 inches. This means that it can be perfect for dogs over 10 lbs.

Many people also find it being easy to use this shock collar for medium sized dogs. This is because you get a manual with all the important details you need to start using it.

  • It is a versatile shock collar
  • The dog collar is waterproof to deliver on good performance
  • The collar is easy to use
  • The auto bark mode could use more fine tuning to make it effective

Petspy M686 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar

This is a premium dog training collar you should consider getting today. This is because it is made to live up to your needs for a high-performance shock collar for medium sized dogs.

It is effective as it can help you convert the dog’s behavior within a couple of days. It is why expert trainers and first-time dog owners would want to use such type of shock collar.

The model comes with 4 training modes. These modes include continuous correction, 1 sec correction, beep trainer, and vibration. There is also up to 8 levels of adjustment depending on the dog’s weight and sensitivity.

Another thing you will like should be the blind operation design. This is good to ensure that you have an easy time training the dog without necessarily looking. The collar range is 1100 yards. This should make it easy to train the dog at a distance.

  • The package has a training manual to follow
  • There are four modes to choose from
  • It has the blind operation design
  • The battery life is not the best

PetLevelUp Shock Collar for Dogs

The model is ranked as one of the most effective shock collar for medium sized dogs because of its effectiveness. Within a couple of days, you should start to notice some differences in the behavior of your pet.

The model comes with several modes to choose from. The vibration mode has up to 100 levels of adjustment. This means that you can change the vibration mode to suit your needs.

The interface buttons are easy to operate. Since they are different in terms of colors, then you can always know what each button does with ease.

This shock collar is also good in terms of range. The remote can work up to 1000 feet. This will allow you to train the dog in your backyard, the park, or anywhere within the stated range.

The shock collar also has a flashlight. This helps you to see better in the night when walking the dog.

  • It is a safe shock collar
  • The remote has a long-distance range
  • The collar is waterproof
  • It takes too long to recharge


Can shock collars work on aggressive dogs?

Yes. These shock collars are meant to help in changing the dog’s behavior and that includes that of an aggressive dog. You will need to adjust the stimulation level to get the dog behaving just as you want.

Are shock collars effective on barking dogs?

Dog trainers sometimes recommend the use of shock collars to train the dog not to bark all the time. Each time it barks unnecessarily, you stimulate it to sound as a warning. With time, the dog will know when it barks it gets the stimulation.

Are shock collars safe for your dog?

This has been something controversial for a while now. Based on the experience of dog trainers, they always say that the shock collars are safe when used correctly. It is why you need to take the time to learn more about their safe use before applying them to the dog.


The best shock collar for medium sized dogs will help you train the dog better. Once you have mastered the use of the collar, it will be easier to control the dog. The ideal training is not to hurt the dog, but rather help it get better. It is why you need to get a top-rated collar. From the guide above, we have discussed the best models to buy today. Take the time to check them out in detail before deciding.