Different Breeds of Golden Retrievers – Which 1 is Better?

The Golden Retriever is actually a wonderful dog breed that makes everyone fall in love with it. It is no surprise that it ranks as one of the most popular dog breeds. If you like to have a dog with extreme affection and generally trainable, then the Golden Retriever is the right one for you. But, based on the different breeds of Golden Retrievers, which one is the best?

We have here the detailed characteristics of each different breed which make them unique from the rest. Moreover, the similarities and differences of the breeds are also here to help you know this breed better. But, before we dig in, let us first take a quick glance on the origin of the Golden Retriever.

Golden Retrievers’ History

different breeds of golden retrievers

During the 19th century in Scotland, the Golden Retrievers were naturally bred. At that time, the dogs were task to collect game like the birds which resulted from hunting. But, the dogs are not able to collect such from the distance where new guns could reach. Aside from that, the dogs during that time could not able to retrieve game from lakes.

Because of that, the breeders had to come up with a new dog breed. The first Lord of Tweedmouth, Dudley Marjoribanks, accepted the challenge. He combined the yellow Retriever and the Tweed Water Spaniel. Their litter was four puppies in which were again crossed with another dog breed including the Irish Setter and Bloodhound.

Within 50 years time, Tweedmouth started to produce a new breed of dog. The appearance basically had a coat that was thick and fluffy for the purpose of maintaining them warm. In addition to that, they generally love water and excellently obedient with a sweet disposition. Because of those traits, it tends to be the perfect hunting dog.

And that was the birth of the Golden Retriever. Their popularity began in 1970 within the US and the public was much attracted with the dog Liberty of President Gerald Ford which resembles the Golden Retriever. Moreover, this dog eventually became included in the American Dream.

Different Breeds of Golden Retrievers – The Primary 3

Actually, when it comes to the different breeds of Golden Retrievers, many people become confused about this information. Basically, there is an existence of the different breeds of Golden Retrievers but the question lies behind their distinction. Generally, there are 3 main varieties of this dog breed. Their differences are actually minimal that greatly involve the physical aspect. When it comes to the temperament and their health, all of these 3 share the same thing.

1. Canadian Golden Retriever

The first main breed that belongs to the different breeds of Golden Retrievers is the Canadian Golden Retriever. Compared to the other two different breeds of the Golden Retrievers, the Canadian breed is somewhat distinct in appearance.

Their coats are generally shorter in length and finer. Aside from that, it is not feathery unlike the other two different breeds of Golden Retrievers. Basically, the unique feature of the Canadian Goldies compared to the other two different breeds of Golden Retriever is that it is taller by about two inches. Moreover, among the different breeds of Golden Retrievers, the Canadian breed shades of gold are acceptable by the Canadian standard for dog breeds.

2. British Golden Retriever

One of the different breeds of Golden Retrievers is the British Golden Retriever in which the coats are lengthy and feathery cream. Compared to the Canadian variety, the British one is quite smaller. Moreover, there is also a slight difference between this Golden Retriever variety and the American type.

Both of these two different breeds of Golden Retrievers share the same size and coat. Aside from that, they also have the same temperaments. Perhaps, in terms of their physical appearance, the distinction between the British and the American breed of Golden Retriever is highly noticeable. The skull of the British breed tends to be broader and their forequarters are generally powerful.

However, among the different breeds of Golden Retriever, this one tends to be heavier. The rump is flatter and has broader features. Aside from that, they also do have a wider and deeper muzzle.

3. American Golden Retriever

The American Golden Retriever has lesser muscle unlike the other different breeds of the Golden Retrievers. Having dark golden coats, it is basically darker than that of the British breed. Moreover, the coats are also long and wavy. In contrast with the coats, their eyes tend to be basically lighter. The shape of their body is generally triangular or slanted-shaped.

Moreover, they are also lighter in weight rather than the British Golden Retriever. Additionally, the American Golden Retriever is also patterned from the American breed standard. Because of this, it accepts the mid-golden shade while makes the too light or too dark coats undesirable.

Different Breeds of Golden Retrievers: American vs Canadian vs British

Here is a quick summary of the distinction between the three different breeds of Golden Retrievers:

 American StandardCanadian StandardBritish Standard
HEIGHT (Males)23 – 24 inches23 – 24 inches22 – 24 inches
HEIGHT (Females)21.5 – 22.5 inches21.5 – 22.5 inches20 – 22 inches
WEIGHT (Males)65 – 75 pounds65 – 75 poundsNot specified
WEIGHT (Females)55 – 65 pounds60 – 70 poundsNot specified

Based on the table, it generally shows that the British standard recognizes Golden Retrievers that are shorter in length. Moreover, the British Kennel Club also approves the cream as an acceptable color of the Golden Retriever. This applies basically true with the English Cream Golden Retriever.

The Start of their Breeding

Basically, all of the Golden Retrievers all over the world have the same look and appearance until during the 1930s to the 1940s. Right after World War II, the different breeds of the Golden Retrievers started to rise. Their birth was first witnessed within the United States, UK, and Canada. Generally, this was observed through the various changes within the breed standards of those countries.

Expectations from the Different Breeds of Golden Retrievers

Regardless of the variety of Golden Retrievers, they generally share the same temperaments. Usually, with this dog, you can expect to see the loving, athletic, and affectionate dog. However, speaking of the Golden Retriever, what will generally come first to your mind is the American or the British breed. This is due to their long wavy coat that is the main feature of this dog regardless of the different breeds of the Golden Retrievers.

Colors and Shades

different breeds of golden retrievers

Basically, the feature that makes the Golden Retriever unique is their luscious coat that is generally has a shiny golden hue. Perhaps, among the different breeds of the Golden Retrievers, you may actually see the very minimal variation in terms of their color. Compared to Labradors that entail three unique coat colors, the Golden Retriever remains within a restricted range of color spectrum.  

Generally, the gold color has three main categories – the light golden which also includes the cream, the golden, and the dark golden. These categories are typically strict, most likely for show dogs. In case a dog fails to be within this spectrum range, it will be able to compete or recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Breeders basically aim to achieve the gold color but most of the dogs fall outside the spectrum. This is the reason why there are Golden Retrievers that have pure white or mahogany coat color. Although rarely seen, but you may generally find them. However, keep in mind that these colors are not accepted as the different breeds of the Golden Retrievers.

The thing that takes out the beauty from these colors is its being hereditary. This basically means that the Golden Retrievers can have puppies fall under a similar color range. With just the color of their parents, you can generally guess the color of their offspring.

Their Shared Features

Since all of the 3 different breeds of Golden Retrievers have distinct features, they also possess commonalities within their characteristics. They generally have the same temperaments. And all of these breeds of Golden Retrievers are affectionate, friendly, and intelligent.

The Golden Retriever is basically a good family pet as it is pretty much perfect on every family type. This applies true most likely if they are given the opportunity to exercise and run around on a daily basis. Aside from that, the Golden Retriever also needs lots of stimulation of their mental aspect because they are really intelligent. The fact that all the different breeds of Golden Retrievers fall under one origin and bloodlines, it basically means that they are also susceptible to similar health issues.

Their Health

Below are some of the major health issues in which the Golden Retriever are more prone to:

  • Cancer
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Generally, choosing a good breeder is of big help in addressing these issues within the Golden Retriever breed. A reputable breeder is willing to tests such health problems in order to guarantee a healthy Golden Retriever puppy.

Other Types of Golden Retrievers

Aside from the 3 different breeds of the Golden Retrievers, there are also other types of Goldies based on their coat color and no more than that. Moreover, these are the types of the Golden Retrievers in which most people think of.

English Cream Golden Retriever

different breeds of golden retrievers

Other Names: White Golden Retrievers, Rare European Platinum Retrievers

Basically, the English Cream Golden Retriever is an adorable light-colored Goldies. However, numbers of myths come out about this Golden Retriever type like they are generally healthier, possess better temperaments, and they are a rare type. Aside from that, most of the people think that they are not actually Golden Retriever.

Keep in mind that the most important thing that matters is the dog’s pedigree. This is regardless of their coat color. But, getting a puppy of the Golden Retriever necessitates you to go after a reputable breeder. Basically, you can assure a healthy and guaranteed genetic disposition of puppies coming from them.

Despite the numbers of myths about them, there are also lots of facts about the English Cream Golden Retrievers. These include their appearance having blocky heads and thick coats. They are also stockier and come at a great price.

Field Bred Golden Retriever

Generally, the Field Bred Golden Retriever resembles the purpose of breeding the Goldies – for hunting. However, this type of Golden Retriever falls on the smaller side of the range. They have a shorter coat and the color ranges from gold to red. Perhaps, they are actually athletic and have the eagerness to do things. This type of Golden Retriever is basically full of energy.

In terms of hunting and agility, the Field Bred type really excels. Because of this, they tend to be a good family pet provided that they undergo proper training. Aside from that, they are also mouthy as they are bred to retrieve using their mouth.

Red Golden Retriever

You may typically see red-colored Golden Retrievers. It is generally a common coat shade of the Goldies out there. The red and dark gold Golden Retrievers usually belong to the Field Bred Golden Retriever. That’s why it is no surprise if you see them having the same feature with the Field Bred. Some similarities are:

  • Being on a smaller side
  • Have short-length coat
  • Athletic
  • Eager
  • Mouthy

Moreover, the Red Golden Retriever type may basically be large and has a blocky head. Its coats are also lengthy as well.

Show Golden Retriever

Basically, the purpose of breeding the Show Golden Retriever is to achieve a certain look. That look is actually the basis of the judges for the standard appearance that the Golden Retriever should be. Typically, the appearance of the Show Golden Retriever falls to has thick, long coats.

The body is usually built with stocky and big bones having a blocky head. Moreover, this type of Golden Retriever is generally friendly and sociable. However, the Show Golden Retriever may have lesser energy compared to the Field Golden Retriever.

Mini Golden Retriever

In contrary to its name, the Mini Golden Retriever is not actually small in size. Instead, they are a crossbreed of the Golden Retriever, Mini Poodle or Cocker Spaniel. Generally, the goal of the breeders for coming up with a Mini Golden Retriever is to have smaller and healthier Goldies that have lesser shedding. However, the Mini Golden Retriever entails some reservations.

  • This type of the Golden Retriever can be sold for twice the price of the purebred Goldies. Because of this, more breeders become attracted to having the wrong reasons for breeding.
  • Since they are crossbreed, they usually have inconsistency on their appearance. However, breeding two crossbreeds is the best solution to achieve a consistent look. The problem is that it may reintroduce inbreeding which makes the Golden Retriever unhealthy.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the different breeds of Golden Retrievers, this dog is actually a sweet and wonderful creature. It is generally a great family pet as long as there are proper training and enough exercise provided. As breeders also desire to come up with various golden coat colors, they end up having different types of this dog breed. The types of this breed are highly dependent on the color of their coats. Other than that, they usually share lots of similarities with each other as they generally come from one origin and bloodlines.