Do Golden Retrievers Drool? Find Out Here!

If you are the dog owner, then you must be aware that most of the dogs are drooling. It’s one of the very natural things that canines do, especially when they see food. There may also be other reasons that make them drool, such as stress, the arrival of a new dog, or the arrival of unfamiliar faces. You probably also know how much a dog can lose sight of anything that has meat in it. Do golden retrievers drool? 

Speaking specifically of golden retrievers, if you asked this question, “Why do golden retrievers drool?” You should know that golden retrievers are also food-motivated dogs, and therefore drool in the sight of food. They also drool when they see other people eating. Other than their food motivation, they tend to drool when they’re panicking. It is known that golden retrievers with larger jaws drool more than those with smaller jaws. Such dogs are also known to drool more after eating, drunk, or indulging in any kind of exercise.

Do Golden Retrievers Drool: What Causes It

do golden retrievers drool

Mentioned below are a few issues that can cause your golden retriever to drool more than usual. You should keep an eye out for these problems and check your dog if necessary. Do golden retrievers drool? Yes, and these are the reasons why. 

A. Poisoning

This is one of the main reasons that can cause excess drooling in golden retrievers. If your dog has been exposed to any kind of dangerous toxin, it can lead to excessive drooling. If your dog has food poisoning, it may slow down and even collapse in extreme situations due to excess pain.

B. Liver Problems

Liver issues are a very serious issue for golden retrievers. If your golden retriever has any kind of liver problem, it’ll probably start to drool a lot – more than usual. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you get your dog checked by a professional veterinarian if you notice this excessive drooling. Liver problems can also cause your golden retriever to feel weak, have uncoordinated movement, and change its behavior.

C. Heatstroke

If your golden retriever has fallen prey to extreme heat, you might find him overly drooling. Heatstroke can happen if your golden retriever is exposed to the sun for a long period. This is why it is highly recommended that you protect your golden retriever from extreme weather conditions. Because the golden retriever is double-coated, the heat will feel more than other dogs do, so you need to take extra care of your dog. Other conditions that may occur due to heatstroke include fever, vomiting, and redness in the tongue.

D. Dental Problems

If you see your golden retriever drooling excessively, there is a chance that it may have some dental problems. These may include tartar, gingivitis, tooth decay, and tooth fractures. If your dog has suffered an injury to the mouth, it may have swollen or bleeding gums, which may also cause excessive drooling.

If your golden retriever refuses to eat, whines and whimpers excessively, or is just in a bad mood all the time, then visiting a vet is an absolute must.

E. Issues Of The Digestive System

Blocking the intestines or twisting the stomach can cause your golden retriever’s stomach to bloat and dilate. This condition is called gastric dilation-volvulus (GDV). If your dog cannot vomit out the trapped food and water or expel the gas in its stomach, it begins to drool excessively.

This can be because your golden retriever is in a lot of pain due to stomach problems. If you see any such problems, you should have your dog checked by a vet immediately. Being proactive in this situation will ensure that your dog does not have to live in pain for a very long time.

F. Stuck Objects

If your golden retriever has any objects stuck inside your mouth, it can cause your golden retriever to drool too much. Dogs love to chew whatever they find in the house. They can be food items such as a fishhook or a bone; they can also be string or wire pieces. If such materials are stuck in your dog’s teeth or gums, it can cause a lot of pain to your dog, which leads to excessive drooling.

If you notice that your dog is going through a lot, you should probably check its mouth to see if something is stuck inside. Also, if you can’t find anything, take your dog to a vet right away to see any other reasons for excessive drooling.

G. Rabies

This is one of the most serious causes of excessive drooling in golden retrievers. The rabies vaccine for dogs only lasts for some time (about a year or so), after which the dog needs to be vaccinated again. If you haven’t kept up with your dog’s vaccination needs, getting it vaccinated for rabies is a good idea. Remember, rabies is not just bad for your dog; if your dog bites you or anyone in your household, it can lead to rabies becoming infected.

H. Damage To The Nerve

If your dog has a damaged trigeminal nerve due to injury or tumor, this may be a problem. Dogs with this type of injury may not be able to close their mouths completely, which may cause them to drool excessively. Nerve damage can also hinder the ability of your dog to move its facial muscles properly. Because of this, you might have a lot of trouble eating and drinking.

I. Motion Sickness

This may also be one of the reasons behind the excessive drooling of golden retrievers. If you make your dog sit in a car or a bus to take him along with you somewhere and you notice that he’s starting to drool because of this, then the right medication will be needed to help the dog deal with motion sickness.

A vet who has experience in the field can tell you which medicines can help your golden retriever overcome this problem. Medicines can calm the nerves of your dog and make it feel calmer.

J. Anxiety Or Arousal

If your golden retriever feels the slightest bit excited or anxious, it can cause the dog to start drooling. However, this is not the case with most golden retrievers. Some are more anxious than others, and these are the kind of dogs you can see more than drooling.

Your dog can be excited about anything, whether it’s by seeing more food or seeing other dogs or other humans that it loves. This extra excitement may also cause your dog to drool.

Do Golden Retrievers Drool: What You Can Do

do golden retrievers drool

Do golden retrievers drool? Yes. You can do some things to reduce how much your Golden Retriever is drooling and mitigate its effects.

1. Keep It Cool

If you think the heat is likely to cause your Golden Retriever’s excessive drooling, then you should take steps to ensure that your Golden Retriever can stay cool.

To do this, you can do things like giving it access to a lot of water, giving it access to a lot of shade, grooming it more often. You can also lower the temperature of the air conditioning in your home. It would also help avoid allowing it to be out in the sun for too long and to walk in the morning or evening.

2. Reduce Your Anxiety

If you think your Golden Retriever might get anxious when you’re not around, then you should take some action to prevent it.

You can try to do this by first leaving it alone in a certain room for a few seconds, and then rewarding it for being well behaved with a treat, and then gradually increasing the amount of time you leave it alone for. You can also try doing the exercise before you have to go so that it will be more sleepy while you’re away.

If it seems to be anxious for various reasons, it would also help reduce its anxiety. I wrote more about why your Golden Retriever might be anxious and what to do about it in this post.

3. Reduce Access To Poisonous Things

Another thing you can do is limit your access to things that you might eat or lick. You can do this by blocking certain areas of your yard. Once you’ve been able to teach it the “leave it” command, you can tell it to “leave it when it comes to eating, licking, or drinking something that isn’t supposed to.

4. Take It To Your Vet

If your Golden Retriever started drooling a lot all of a sudden, it was acting strange, or you can’t figure out the cause, the best option would be to take it to a vet. By doing so, you should obtain expert advice tailored to your particular Golden Retriever and rule out the possibility that it may be due to illness or medical condition.

Do Golden Retrievers Drool: When Is It A Problem?

do golden retrievers drool

In Golden Retrievers, drooling becomes an issue when it becomes excessive or unnaturally common. If you see your golden retrievers drooling every time you check them, you might have a problem. An underlying health problem often causes excessive drooling, and while often harmless, it is still worth paying attention to.

What Is Rabies?

Rabies is a preventable viral disease most commonly transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal. The rabies virus infects the central nervous system of mammals, ultimately causing brain disease and death. The vast majority of rabies cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) occur every year in wild animals such as bats, raccoons, skunks, and foxes, although any mammal may have rabies.

Rabies virus belongs to the order Mononegavirales, viruses with non-segmented, negative-stranded RNA genomes. In this group, viruses with a distinct “bullet” shape are classified in the Rhabdoviridae family, including at least three genera of animal viruses, Lyssavirus, Ephemerovirus, and Vesiculovirus.

Final Words

The truth is, in the real world, your dog’s drooling is rarely going to happen, and it’s even rarer to be caused by something serious. However, knowing what the causes may be and what to do in every situation can help quickly diagnose possible issues. Issues that are identified and quickly diagnosed are much easier to treat and deal with.

In conclusion, drooling is a natural phenomenon in dogs, and if your Golden is drooling a lot, there is no reason to worry too much about it. However, it’s a good idea to have your puppy checked by a vet if the drooling is excessive. Your vet will identify the issue and provide advice on how you can address the issue effectively.