3 Best Dog Backpack Carriers for Motorcycles – Cute Options Here!

Are you planning to take your dog on road trips? Instead of carrying the pooch in your arms, you can now get a dog backpack carrier for motorcycles. Your doggo will ride at your back while both of you enjoy the experience. Be it for hiking, trekking, or motorcycling, doggie carrier backpacks will never let your pooch miss the fun. Below, I reviewed three of my best picks that you can also get for your dog:

 My Top Pick! 
Saddlemen Pet Voyager
Carrier Backpack
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Clover Pet Luxury
Bubble Pet Carrier
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Pet Gear I-GO2
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What are dog carrier backpacks?

Dog carrier backpacks are used to carry pet dogs around. It’s designed with a soft liner and special construction to keep the doggo comfortable. Your dog will be secured and comfortable while the two of you cruise on the highway.

Dog backpacks come handy when transporting your dog. For example, you can’t bring your doggo to the subway unless enclosed in a bag. It’s also a convenient way to carry your small doggo around safely and while keeping your hands free.

These backpacks also have smaller pockets where you can stash your dog’s leash, treats, water bottle, and more. While you can improvise with your old backpack for school or work, it’s best to get one that’s made especially for dogs.

Do I really need a dog carrier backpack?

If you’re planning to bring your dog to motorcycle rides, carrier backpacks are indispensable. It will secure your dog while you cruise at high speeds. Besides, it’s illegal to carry a dog on a motorcycle in the open.

Dog carriers will keep your pet still. This will prevent distractions on your part, especially if you’re on a busy highway.

These carriers will also keep your dog comfortable on a long trip. As you know, motorcycling will expose your dog to various elements. It could be overwhelming if they don’t have something to protect them. Aside from that, the carrier will satisfy your pet’s denning nature, similar to being crated.

If you’re looking for the best options, below are three of my personal picks:

Dog Backpack Carrier For Motorcycles – Top 3 Picks


OUR TOP PICK: Saddlemen Pet Voyager Carrier Backpack
dog backpack carrier for motorcycles

Product Name: Saddlemen Pet Voyager Carrier Backpack

Product Description: If you're looking for the best dog backpack for motorcycles, you'll never go wrong with the Saddlemen Pet Voyager Carrier Backpack. It's tailored to fit at the rear of your motorcycle that you can also convert into a backpack using its detachable straps. This has a spacious compartment with a washable bottom as well as a resting pad. It ensures that your dog is comfortable inside during the ride. There are also food and water and water trays with special compartments. Your doggo won't starve even on long drives. The most important part of this Saddlemen dog carrier backpack is its multiple vents. This is very important, so your dog won't get suffocated inside. Your doggo can still enjoy the breeze while staying safe inside.

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Currency: USD

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  • Material
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Value for Money


Moreover, this includes two mounting systems. It has a seat harness and a sissy bar strap that lets you secure the bag on your motorcycle’s luggage rack. There’s also a bonus backpack strap so you can carry your doggo around with total ease.

Aside from that, this Saddlemen dog carrier backpack is water-resistant. Even if it trickles in the middle of the trip, you still have time to find shelter without your dog getting soaked.

This is suitable for small dogs, not to mention that it comes with excellent storage options. The only thing I wish is that there should be an additional hard foundation. Other than that, this is a rugged dog carrier backpack.


Spacious compartment

Water-resistant shell

Multiple air vents


The foundation can be harder since it’s wider than the seat


Clover Pet Luxury Bubble Pet Carrier

dog backpack carrier for motorcycles

For those with small pups and toy breeds, the Clover Pet Luxury Bubble Pet Carrier is a good option. This is a backpack that will keep steady on your back as you drive. It also has a semi-sphere window that lets your dog see outside without being exposed to risk.

Aside from that, this has built-in mesh panels, security leash, and ventilation holes all over. Your dog will feel the breeze so that the pup won’t suffocate. The padding inside is very soft for your pet’s comfort.

This is suitable as an in-cabin carrier, but it pays to check the airline regulations to be sure. Overall, this carrier is 14.2″ long, 12.2″ wide, and 19.3″ tall. It also has reinforced and specially designed straps that keep the bag close to the body.

Unlike cheap dog carrier backpacks, this one has durable zippers and micro leather shell. This carrier opens to the side, which is an easy way to load your dog inside.

I also like the sturdy bottom of this dog carrier, which is very much needed as the bag is suspended on your back. Anyway, I suggest placing a small pad inside for long drives so your dog won’t soil the carrier’s lining.

Lastly, the bonus part is that this chic dog carrier backpack is available in a variety of fancy colors like pink, rose, mint green, blue, and more.

  • Semi-sphere clear window
  • Multiple air holes
  • Airline compatible
  • Quite cumbersome, but not a big deal

Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack

dog backpack carrier for motorcycles

For short trips around the neighborhood, I recommend the Pet Gear I-GO 2. This works as a carrier backpack, roller bag, tote, and car seat for your pooch. You will also get a tether so you can keep your dog safe inside the bag.

Moreover, this has telescoping handles that you can use to carry your dog around on a suitcase-like carrier. It also has expandable sides to give your dog more space.

You can also use this as an in-cabin carrier, but then again, make sure that you check with the airline to avoid any hassle. It’s an excellent motorcycling, hiking, and trekking backpack for your small dog. Your dog can look outside and feel the breeze, which is an excellent choice for nervous doggos who don’t do well on enclosed carriers.

Overall, this carrier is spacious and a budget-friendly choice. It fits 20-pound pets easily with enough space to move around and lay down.

The zippers of this carrier seem strong and can put up with regular use. You can also use the extra straps to mount this at the rear of your moped. It may not be as stiff as other carriers I reviewed here, but it does its job for small trips. For most dog owners, it’s more than enough.

  • Can be used in-cabin carrier
  • Budget-friendly dog carrier backpack
  • Can be mounted at the rear seat of the motorcycle
  • Not for high-speed motorcycling

How to choose a dog carrier backpack

To find the best dog backpack carriers for motorcycles, I recommend checking the following points:

✔️Check the size

The first thing you should check is whether the dog carrier backpack is suitable for the dog’s size. Aside from having enough space to accommodate your dog, there should be enough room to move around.

Most carrier backpack for motorcycles is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs only. This is a matter of safety since it’s hard to secure a large doggo on a small vehicle like motorcycles.

I recommend checking the dimensions and comparing it to what your dog needs.

✔️Consider the material

Next is the material. This is critical to ensure that your dog will be safe inside despite high-speed driving and outdoor elements. The backpack should have a strong frame that will keep the bag in shape despite gusts of wind.

Aside from that, it should be durable enough to resist scratching of your pooch. I also look for a form of padding that will catch any poo or pee of your dog.

✔️Opt for strong straps

Another important consideration when shopping for the best dog backpack carrier for motorcycles is the straps that come with it. The backpack strap should be strong and durable since you’ll be carrying your dog’s weight and the additional weight of the bag.

Aside from that, I always appreciate dog carrier backpacks that come with mounting straps for motorcycle. This lets you convert the backpack into a tote or a roller, which is a neat feature. The dog carrier backpack will also serve as a car seat for your pooch.

Strong straps are necessary for your dog’s safety. It must be durable enough to carry the weight of both the dog and the bag itself. Above all, it should be comfortable to wear for extended periods.

✔️Look for durable zippers

The next thing you should check is the enclosure hardware of the bag. This is very crucial, especially if your dog is a master escapist. It should be industrial-grade and won’t give off easily. Also, there should be a way to lock the zippers so your dog won’t open it while driving.

✔️Consider a window

A dog carrier backpack’s window allows your dog to peek outside. This will make the motorcycle experience more enjoyable. Aside from that, the windows serve as additional ventilation for your pooch.

Most bags use mesh windows while others have a semi-sphere, clear window. This is good, too, since it gives your dog a clear view of the outdoors.


Lastly, the dog carrier backpack you’re going to purchase must have enough ventilation to keep your dog comfortable. Ventilation can be in the form of small holes and mesh parts that let air in. This is one thing that sets dog carrier backpacks apart from typical bags. It keeps your dog inside without the risk of suffocation.

Safety tips when motorcycling with your dog

Motorcycling is fun, but you have to observe safety measures to ensure that you and your dog will not figure in accidents. Here are some of the things I recommend:

  • Use a durable carrier. You’re not supposed to carry your dog on a motorcycle without any carrier. The pooch can fall anytime and get hit by incoming traffic. The three carriers I reviewed above are great options.
  • Prepare your dog. Like humans, dogs must be prepared before riding the motorcycle. Also, train your dog to stay put and start with very short and slow drives around the neighborhood. If your pooch becomes cranky, end the ride and call it a day. Repeat this until your pet acclimates to being contained inside a carrier for long periods.
  • Check state laws. Before you take your dog to a road trip, make sure that state laws in your area allow animals to be transported through a motorcycle. This will save you from being in tangles with the law.
  • Take it slow. Remember that you’re riding with a dog and not a human. Always take it as slow as possible so your pooch won’t suffer from motion sickness. Also, some dogs might become scared of the loud noise from the motorcycle.
  • Gear up. If you’re wearing a helmet, your dog should, too. Get your dog canine goggles, helmet, doggie jacket, and booties. This will protect your pooch from the weather outdoors as well as potential accidents. Still, you should consider the weather before layering up your dog.
  • Take small breaks. During long rides with your dog, it’s important to take short breaks. This way, your dog can rest and go potty. You should also bring some food and water to fill your dog up. If your pooch shows any negative symptoms, I suggest ending the ride.
  • Go small. Only small dogs should ride motorcycles. Large dogs are difficult to contain, and they can mess with your balance while driving. If you need to transport a large pooch, I suggest using the car instead.

How to maintain the dog carrier backpack

Maintaining the dog carrier backpack will extend its lifespan. Here are some of the things you can do so your dog will enjoy more rides on its carrier:

  • Clean it up. After each use, you should clean up the carrier. You don’t have to wash it entirely unless your dog detonated an “explosive bomb” inside. Simply wash the padding and disinfect the insides with a pet-friendly spray.
  • Store it properly. Dog carrier backpacks have stiff frames, so never place it on cramped spaces. This will mess with its shape, which will deem the carrier less safe for your dog. Instead, put it on top of your closet or a corner where it won’t get crushed.
  • Don’t go past the weight limit. Each dog carrier backpacks have weight ratings. Going beyond it will cause premature damages and discomfort on your dog. Always size up the carrier based on your dog’s height and weight.
  • Make it exclusive. As much as possible, keep the carrier exclusive for your dog only. This will reduce wear and tear. Many pet owners tend to use the carrier as a storage space for other items, which damages them easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are dog backpacks good for dogs?

A: Yes, since it wraps around their bodies that help give them a calm feeling. It’s also the safest way to carry your dog around without having a heavy crate in tow. Just make sure that you get the backpack that suits your dog’s size.

Q: Is it okay to carry your dog around?

A: Yes, it’s okay to carry your dog around on a backpack, but you shouldn’t do so too frequently. If so, your dog will always demand to be carried around as such. It’s easy to spoil your dog by carrying them on a backpack, so use this carrier only on special trips.

Q: Can I use an old baby carrier to carry my dog?

A: Old baby carriers suit small dogs as long as the pooch is mellow and well-behaved. However, I don’t recommend baby carriers for long trips because your dog’s legs stick out. I suggest getting a dog carrier backpack for this purpose.

Q: How long can a dog stay in a backpack?

A: If your dog’s head is sticking out of the backpack, it can stay there for an hour or two before getting cranky. Mellow and more behaved canines can stay put longer. However, I suggest putting the dog down so it can stretch and eliminate. The last thing you want is your dog pooping on your backpack.

Q: Is it legal to take dogs on a motorcycle in the United States?

A: Technically, yes, as long as the dogs are small and can fit in durable carriers. However, you should always check the laws on your locality to prevent any brushes with the authorities. It’s also important to get your dog checked by the vet before the ride to rule out any health problem.

Final words

A dog backpack carrier for motorcycles will let you bring your pet to adventures safely. Just make sure that your pooch is ready for the ride. Also, you should get the right carrier that fits your pooch and its needs.

 What do you think of these dog carriers? Have you used any of them? Let me know below in the comment section!