9 Best Covers & Dog Blankets for Car Seats

If you own a dog, you probably know how messy it can get while driving with your Fido. The back seat will be filled with hair and drool; worse, poop and pee. Still, the mess shouldn’t stop you from bringing your doggo to more adventures. To save the day are dog blankets for car seats that will shield your precious car seats from the nasty muck. Below, I reviewed 10 of the best dog blankets that also double as a hammock to keep your doggo from intruding the front seats.

I’ve sifted through 50+ car seat covers to find these 10 gems for you and your dog:

 Our Top Pick! 
4Knines Crew Cab Seat
Cover w/ Hammock
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Plush Paws Car
Seat Cover
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PetSafe Happy Ride
Cargo Liner
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Emanuele Bianchi
Petego Car Seat Cover
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Kurgo Dog Hammock
Car Cover
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Plush Paws Hammock
Car Seat Cover
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Cover Seat
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Just Pet Zone Dog
Hammock for Car Seat
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Barkbox 2-in-1 Dog
Car Seat Cover
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Bulldogology Dog Car
Seat Cover
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Top 10 Dog Blankets for Car Seats


OUR TOP PICK: 4Knines Crew Cab Seat Cover w/ Hammock
dog blankets for car seats

Product Name: 4Knines Crew Cab Seat Cover w/ Hammock

Product Description: If you're looking for dog blankets for car seats, I highly recommend the 4Knines Crew Cab Seat Cover. This one suits Toyota, Ford, GMC, and Chevy cars. It's made of multiple material layers to ensure that your car seat will remain dry and clean. This car seat cover has a 600D polyester top layer treated with a PU waterproof coating. Beneath that, it has a cotton padding, colorfast polyester insert, solid waterproof layer, and non-slip backing. These multiple layers make the 4Knines car seat cover durable.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Material
  • Coverage
  • Comfort Level
  • Durability
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money


What I like the most about this car seat cover is it lets you access all the features of your backseat. Moreover, it has a patented design with an opening to use the armrest. It can also be used as a hammock by lifting the skirts that protect the seat’s sides. You can also get this car seat cover in three different colors, including black, tan, and gray.

Aside from that, this has a quilted design that makes the cover more durable. It’s also dyed naturally without any harmful chemicals. This is also machine-washable, which is a big convenience, especially if the cover seat gets muddy after visiting the dog park.

I think one thing that seals the deal for me with this seat cover is its lifetime guarantee. For its price, this is an important warranty.


Multiple material layers

Lifetime warranty

Convertible to hammock


The fit can be tricky


Plush Paws Car Seat Cover

dog blankets for car seats

Another car seat cover I swear by is the one from Plush Paws. It’s a heavy-duty seat protector made of premium materials. This will shield your seat cover from scratches, hair, mud, fur, accidents, and dander. It’s also customizable and compatible with most vehicles like sedans, SUVs, and even trucks.

I also like that it has a center console cover that you can unzip for full access. Its non-slip backing keeps it in place even if your dog is having quite a ruff time on the back seat. Overall, this can be used for both kids and pets since the material is quilted and guaranteed to be waterproof.

The Plush Paws car seat cover is very easy to put on your car. It has a Velcro opening for the seat belts as well as seat covers, headrest straps, buckles, and an elastic skirt. You can also unravel the skirt to use the cover as a hammock for your dog. And with five-seat anchors, this is guaranteed to stay snugly on your car seat.

For your convenience, this car seat cover is machine-washable. You can also spray it with a hose to remove any poop or drool that has gotten on the surface.

Another thing I like about this car seat cover is that the hair is very easy to remove. You won’t even need a lint roller because a microfiber towel can wipe the hair.

  • Convertible to a hammock
  • Non-slip backing
  • Machine-washable
  • Changes have to be made for the middle seat buckle access

PetSafe Happy Ride Cargo Liner

dog blankets for car seats

If your dog keeps on distracting you at the driver seat, I highly recommend getting the PetSafe Happy Rider Cargo Liner. This is made to shield your seats from muddy paws, hair, drool, and sharp claws.

This is a quilted hammock that prevents your dog from lunging into the front seat. It’s also stylish and complete with leather headrest straps to secure it in place. This is complete with seat anchors and non-slip backing, so it stays in place even as your dog moves around.

Another neat feature I like about this seat cover is its dual storage pockets. You can use this to pack your dog’s toys, leash, and waste bags. Just avoid putting food in it, or your doggo will dig through the pockets.

Moreover, I like the SmartFit system that makes it suitable for almost all vehicle backseats. The multiple attachment points make it more stable, and it also reduces wear and tear.

  • Premium leather straps
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Machine-washable
  • Not for very large dogs

Emanuele Bianchi Petego Car Seat Cover

dog blankets for car seats

For those looking dog blankets for car seats, the Emanuele Bianchi Petego Car Seat Cover is a great choice. It’s suitable for SUVs and other vehicle models.

This is made of polyester canvas with a waterproof membrane to prevent spills. It also has an anti-skid mesh underneath that prevents the cover from slipping. Aside from that, it has neoprene belts so you can easily anchor the cover on the seat.

What I like about this seat cover are its clever headrest belts. If your backseat doesn’t have a prominent headrest, you can loop it on the seat shoulder instead.

Overall, this seat cover is 58.75″ wide and 64.25″ long. And even with this cover on, car seats and seatbelts work well. You can also use this for your little kids who are still on children’s car seats.

Since this is large, it can fit a Belgian Malinois at the back comfortably. It’s also quilted, which reinforces the top layer against scratches.

This is a well-made and well-designed seat cover that’s also machine-washable. It’s very sturdy and can put up with rough use, muddy paws, and intense shedding. The bonus part is that this seat cover from Emanuele Bianchi has a sophisticated look.

Even though it’s at a higher price, I wouldn’t mind splurging a little bit for this quality.

  • Compatible with children car seats
  • Anti-ski mesh backing
  • Machine-washable
  • Suitable for newer car models

Kurgo Dog Hammock Car Cover

dog blankets for car seats

If your dog has sensitive skin, you should consider the Kurgo Dog Hammock Car Cover. It has a dura-suede top layer that’s similar to those used on most dog beds. This will help calm down a nervous dog and prevent scratches on your seats.

Moreover, this comes with six attachment points that will keep the hammock in place. Overall, the cover is 55″ wide and 56″ long, which is a perfect choice for sedans and subcompacts. It will work for SUVs and trucks.

Another thing that I like about this dog car seat cover is its adjustable leather straps and grommets. It’s also fitted with a paracord that prevents the pup from sliding in the back seat.

This Kurgo Dog Hammock Cover has easy seatbelt access, so you wouldn’t have to sacrifice any security level. It also has a water and stain-resistant membrane to suit any kind of adventure – from the dog park to a long-distance hike.

This seat cover also comes with a bag for your dog’s supplies. The top layer isn’t slippery as well, so your dog won’t fall over if you hit the brakes.

However, I noticed that the slots for the seatbelts don’t align well with some cars. So if someone is to ride on the backseat, they will find it hard to clip the seat belt. Other than, I don’t see any major niggles on this well-made car seat cover.

  • Adjustable leather straps
  • Bundled with a bag for dog supplies
  • Soft suede top layer
  • The seatbelt slot may not align well on some cars, but it still works

Plush Paws Hammock Car Seat Cover

dog blankets for car seats

This second Plush Paws Hammock Cover is made of a multi-layered material. Its top layer is made of 660D oxford fabric infused with PU to make it waterproof. Underneath, there’s a chemical-free fabric reinforcement followed by a waterproof membrane and a non-slip backing.

Moreover, this car seat cover has side flaps to cover the backseat entirely. It has seat anchors and clip headrest buckles. There’s also Velcro around the seatbelt opening to make it easier to clip in.

Based on my experience, this will work well on SUVs, trucks, and sedans. Nevertheless, you can get this in two sizes: regular and extra-large.

This Plush Paws car seat cover will prevent hair, moisture, and muddy paws from getting into your backseat. It’s much easier to clean than having your upholstery serviced, which will cost a lot of money.

Aside from that, this car seat cover is chemical-free and tear-resistant, so your dog will be safe while you’re driving. It creates a high barrier for the front seat so your dog will not bother you while driving.

You will also receive two free seat belts and two harnesses in the package. This is value for money and great additions to fit the cover to your car.

Lastly, this car seat cover is machine-washable, making it easy to clean even if extremely soiled. 

  • Multi-layered material
  • Comes with extra harnesses
  • Adjustable side flaps
  • I don’t recommend machine-washing the straps because it will be shredded fast

PAWBEE Dog Car Cover Seat

dog blankets for car seats

Is your dog making a mess even on the car doors? If that’s the case, you should get the PAWBEE Dog Car Cover Seat instead. It has a box-style design that will contain your dog within the backseat. It will also prevent your pooch from soiling or scratching the doors.

Aside from that, this can be adjusted as a hammock or a seat cover. It’s a pretty versatile car seat cover for both dogs and kids.

Moreover, this is made of 600D oxford polyester with a waterproof coating. It will prevent dust, moisture, dander, hair, and mud from seeping through your car seat. Despite being protective, the material remains soft and comfortable for your doggo.

In addition, this is 54″ wide and 58″, which suits trucks, SUVs, sedans, and even limousines! You can use the side flaps to spread it to your backseat for excellent coverage.

One thing I like about this seat cover is the mesh window that lets your pooch see you on the driver seat. This is an essential feature for nervous dogs who get anxious if they don’t see their owners for too long.

Some little details that make this seat cover stand out are its non-slip backing and bonus seat belt that you can attach to your dog’s collar. It’s added safety, especially if your dog likes jumping through barriers.

  • Bigger and longer side flaps
  • Mesh window
  • Bonus seatbelt to connect to the collar
  • The pouch on the cover doesn’t have a zipper

Just Pet Zone Dog Hammock for Car Seat

The Just Pet Zone Dog Hammock for Car Seat is a three-piece cover that will shield your seat from nasty dirt. It’s composed of the main seat cover and two flaps that you need to zip in. This will protect your dog from slipping or falling off the car seat.

Another thing that I like about this cover is its high side flaps that will protect the car door from scratches. It also has a mesh window that you can unzip if you wish so. There’s also small pocket storage where you can keep your dog’s toy or leash.

This cover has four layers of materials. Also, it has a 600-denier oxford fabric, thick yet soft polytech fill, 210-denier Ripstop lining, and non-slip backing. All these materials make the car seat cover 100% waterproof and tough against scratches.

All of these are easy to put on most standard cars. Specifically, the cover is 54″ wide (not counting in the flaps) and 58 inches long. It has also sewn headrest straps with buckles. To add, there are nylon openings that give way for the seat belt in case you’re using it as an all-around cover.

This car seat cover comes with a storage bag with a drawcord. For its price, this is a steal with this level of quality.

  • Mesh window with zippers
  • Large side flaps to protect the doors
  • Four layers of durable material
  • Not for wriggly and rambunctious dogs

Barkbox 2-in-1 Dog Car Seat Cover

From being a monthly box subscription item, you can now purchase the Barkbox dog car seat cover individually. It’s made of 600-denier oxford microsuede to keep your dog comfortable without any snagging on their paws.

Aside from that, this car seat cover from Barkbox has six nylon straps that you can adjust to suit your car. It also comes with a bungee nylon seat belt to keep your doggo safe during sudden brakes.

The best part about this cover is it’s bundled with two bolster pillows. Your dog can bury its face on the pillows and sleep soundly while you drive. This is a bundle I haven’t seen in other car seat covers and a quality quite impressive for this price range.

Moreover, the car seat cover has a storage pocket (with no zipper, though) and a mesh window. I also want to highlight that side flaps are high and have its own mounting strap to make a box enclosure for your canine.

Overall, this car seat is 54″ wide and 58″ long, which fits most vehicles. It has seat anchors, too, as well as seat belt openings, so your back seat remains usable even with the cover on.

However, if your dog is large and quite energetic, this may not be the ideal car seat cover. I suggest getting dog blankets for car seats with no mesh windows that may get ripped.

  • Bundled with 2 bolster pillows
  • Mesh window
  • Covered by Bark Box Happiness Guarantee
  • Not for highly energetic and strong dogs

Bulldogology Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover

Last but not the least, I recommend the Bulldogology Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover. This is a large cover, measuring 60″ wide and 64″ long for SUVs, trucks, and other larger cars. It’s made of GSM Oxford material that doesn’t rip easily, not to mention that it has a stylish quilt stitching.

This cover works as a bench seat cover and a hammock. You can put it on for less than 30 seconds since it has adjustable straps, soft seat anchors, and a non-slip silicone backing. You’ll also get a bungee seat leash to secure your dog. Overall, this is a premium seat cover that you can get for a low price.

Aside from that, this has side bucket flaps and incredibly strong construction. If you have a strong dog that keeps ripping mesh windows, this might nail it.

If there’s one thing I love the most about the Bulldogology cover, it would be the 100% money-back guarantee. They will give you a refund if you or your dog isn’t happy about the product, no questions asked. Moreover, this is machine-washable and can compatible with children’s car seats.

However, I noticed that it’s quite tough to clean. If the cover got a lot of dog hair, I suggest using a lint roller first to remove most of it before throwing the cover to the washing machine.

  • Double quilt stitching
  • 100% money-back guarantee; no questions asked
  • Excellent coverage
  • Takes an extra step to clean

How to choose a dog blanket for car seats

To find the best covers and dog blankets for car seats, you have to check some features. Remember that there are many seat covers in the market, but not all are worth the money. To get the best deal, you should check these first:

Cover type

Car seat covers and blankets come in different types. The following are the most common in the market:

  • Bucket cover

Bucket covers are usually used in the front seat. It only covers the seat surface and the backrest and nothing else. You can also use it in one of the back seats, but it won’t guarantee 100% protection. If you have a large dog, this isn’t a practical option.

  • Bench cover

Another popular option is a bench cover. This covers the entire back seat, including the backrest. However, it doesn’t have additional flaps that will block your dog from entering the front seat. It’s effective in preventing mud, hair, and other muck from getting into your seat. However, it’s only suitable for well-behaved dogs that won’t lunge on the front seat.

  • Hammock

If you want the best protection for your car seat, you should get a hammock cover. For the most part, this can be used as a bench cover and converted into a hammock. It comes with an additional panel that blocks the front seat. Hammock car seats will also prevent your dog from falling should you suddenly hit the brakes.

  • Cargo cover

Lastly, there are cargo covers or liners. These are much bigger than hammocks and made to protect a truck’s cargo or an SUV with the back seat folded. It’s also called ‘cargo capes’ and suitable for very large canines.


Once you chose the type, the next thing to consider is the size. Take note that this should be based on the size of your car’s back seat. Manufacturers of car seat covers often list down car brands or models to which their covers are suitable. Still, it’s worth getting specific with the dimensions to prevent any surprise.

Most dog blankets for car seats are 55″ to 60″ long. Too small and it will not fit your car; too big and it will not keep your dog comfortable.


The material of the car seat cover is very critical when you’re shopping for one. The most common are oxford polyester, microsuede, and neoprene. All of these offer comfort and can be machine-washed.

Just make sure that the cover has a waterproof membrane that will prevent dog pee from getting into your car seat.

I also like quilted material because it reinforces the fabric to prevent ripping. Car seat covers also have zippers to connect the flaps or open the mesh window. Make sure that it’s tough and, if possible, waterproof as well.

Lastly, there should be a non-slip backing to prevent the cover from moving.

Door guards/flaps

Another feature I look for is the side flaps. If you have a dog that loves scratching everywhere, I suggest getting a car cover with tall flaps. This will cover the entire door while keeping the window accessible for your pooch.

Most of these side flaps are removable through hidden zippers. It should also have separate straps to prevent your dog from shoving it away.

Aside from protecting the door, the side flaps also prevent any dirt from dripping on the seats’ sides.

Straps mounting hardware

The straps are very important in securing your dog. Most of the time, there are headrest straps with adjustable buckles. Some covers use grommets and removable straps, which is also fine.

Another thing you should check is the opening for the seatbelts. Sometimes, this can be a deal-breaker, especially if you’re using the cover for your kids with installed car seats.

With or without windows

Another bonus feature you should consider is whether you want a car seat cover with or without a mesh window. Mesh windows are ideal for nervous dogs who get anxious when isolated at the back seat.

However, I don’t recommend such a thing for playful and large dogs that can easily rip the material. Nevertheless, it depends on your preference and how behaved your doggo is.


While this isn’t a requirement, extra pockets are always great to have at your disposal. You can use it to store your pet’s leash, toys, and other small items. It’s a great addition, but I don’t mind not having one if the car seat cover is of high quality.


Lastly, the dog blankets for car seats should be machine-washable. This will save you from the hassle, especially if the cover got very muddy or if your dog has pooped on it.

How to clean your dog car seat cover

Once you have a durable car seat cover, you must learn to maintain it. This will extend the lifespan of the cover for more road trips with your doggo. Here are some of my tips to keep that cover clean and fresh:

  • Lint roller first. Before you toss the car seat cover to the washing machine, remove the excess hair using a lint roller first. This will make cleaning easier, not to mention reducing lint blockages on your machine.
  • Add vinegar. I always add a quarter cup of white vinegar to the wash to remove intense odor. This is very effective, especially if your doggo drools a lot. While it will not make your car seat cover smell like roses, vinegar will reduce the foul dog odor.
  • No to machine drying. As much as possible, air-dry dog blankets for car seats. Machine-drying will cause shrinkage and may potentially damage the material.
  • Consider an enzyme cleaner. Before soaking the cover on the wash, I recommend using a pre-wash made of water and enzyme cleaner. This will help remove stubborn stains and any smell of poo and pee that may cause further accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I protect my dog from the back seat?

A: The best way to protect your dog at the back seat is to use a hammock. These car seat covers are designed to contain the dog at the back seat. It’s also waterproof to protect your car seats from spills should your dog experience accidents while driving.

Q: Can I machine wash dog seat covers?

A: As long as the label indicates that it’s safe to machine-wash, you can toss it to the machine. However, some car seat covers for dogs may shrink, so it’s best to hand wash. Remember, always check the washing instructions of the specific car seat cover that you have.

Q: Are neoprene seat covers good for dog hair?

A: It’s more difficult to remove dog hair from neoprene car seat covers than leather or vinyl. Nevertheless, it’s great to shield your seats from the claws of your dog. Most neoprene car seat covers are waterproof, too, which is a big plus.

Q: Will dogs scratch leather car seats?

A: Definitely. Your dog will have fun clawing at your leather car seats, especially if you have a habitual digger. As much as possible use, a car seat covers to protect your leather seats from scratches. These covers will also catch dog hair, which will save you from interior cleaning.

Q: What are neoprene car seat covers like?

A: Dog car seat covers made of neoprene are soft and comfy. It’s also effective in containing spills, hair, and your dog’s claws. Just make sure that you get one with durable stitching for it to last long. Consider thick covers, too, especially if you have a large canine.

Final words

Dog blankets for car seats will save your vehicle from the mess. It will also keep your pet comfortable during a long ride as compared to sitting plainly. Just make sure that it has the right size, material, and construction to last long. And if possible, invest more bucks for a car cover that will offer the best value.

What do you think of these car seat covers? Does your dog have a personal favorite? Let me know your thoughts below!