The Best Golden Retriever Toys For Chewing

Every owner of a Golden Retriever knows about dogs chewing stuff. They’re one of the best breeds when it comes to vetting bills for ingesting things that they shouldn’t have. Of course, being a retriever, they should be expected to put things in their mouths – but that doesn’t mean they’re going to have to ruin all of your stuff! Whether it’s an adult or a puppy, Goldens may have a chewing problem. The following is how to teach your Golden Retriever to stop chewing on your things and a list of the golden retriever toys for chewing.

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Golden Retrievers And Chewing

golden retriever toys for chewing

Before you try to avoid chewing a golden retriever puppy, you must first understand that chewing is a normal trait in puppies. They’ll chew things whenever they’re bored, or because they’re teething, and besides the chewed shoes and other things he might have chewed on, chewing is good for strengthening the overall health and strength of the puppy’s gums.

Because of the positive implications of chewing, you might not want your puppy to avoid chewing them all together. You might be better off focusing this urge to something other than shoes and socks. There is a range of toys made for this, which are specifically adapted for puppy teething, and will give it something to play with if your puppy is bored and tries to chew your shoes or slippers.

Golden retriever teething goes on once they have their adult teeth. This generally occurs until they’re six months old, but even then, it’s normal for golden retrievers to keep chewing through their lives and there’s not much of an issue, and it’s pretty safe, and as long as they have their toys and bones to chew, they’ll leave your shoes alone, if they’re trained, of course.

Why Golden Retrievers Need To Stop Chewing Excessively

During their time as a puppy, dogs go through a period of time called teething, which is why pups are driven to find something to chew on to ease their teething sensations or pains. Since most people forget about it and don’t give them the toys and bones needed for teething, they end up getting a pair of shoes, slippers, or something else that’s appropriate enough to relieve the teething sensations.

Chewing is normal and popular among dogs. Because of that, some people think they can let the dog keep chewing as they see fit. Others do the opposite, beat and scream at the poor puppy. Of course, by doing this, you have a fair chance of preventing the chewing problem and creating all kinds of hard treatment problems. 

The pup will grow up to be an aggressive dog, or the contrary, a very submissive and complacent living being robbed of his identity as a dog, one when we look at the eyes. We get a distinct feeling that hurts and fears.

More Information

By being too harsh on your dog, you cannot only stop golden retriever puppy chewing, but you can stop most, if not all, of dogs’ behaviors characteristic. It is particularly with golden retrievers who respond poorly to harsh treatment and fall more easily on this kind of mind as described earlier than most dogs. 

On the other hand, being too sweet and gentle can often prove to be detrimental, trying to have a medium-term and not going beyond yourself, trying to find the best solution to your Golden Retriever in particular, but we encourage you to try a nice way. First, it generally pays off and never be rough or harsh to a puppy.

They don’t need to stop chewing. You just need them not to eat your shoes or anything else you want. This isn’t the reason why you read this. You just need to apply the same concept and allow your dog to eat your toys or bones and leave your shoes and socks alone.

How To Make A Golden Retriever Stop Excessive Chewing

golden retriever toys for chewing

There are good ways to avoid your puppy’s bad chewing habit, but before you do that, you need to remember several stuff, to begin with, not to treat your puppy unfairly, no matter how upset you are or what he may have chewed this time. This will only scare and confuse you, and he’s not going to realize what he did wrong.

Dogs love to chew, and you’re not expected to try to deter them entirely. Chewing relieves discomfort, educates, entertains, and also cleans the teeth. What you want to do is deter your Retriever from chewing items you’d like to keep intact, such as shoes, rugs, and furniture.

With that in mind, here are several methods that you can use to help end disruptive chewing in your house.

Replacement Goal

It’s possible to avoid chewing entirely, but how hard it really is much of it depends on your dog’s breed and personality. With that in mind, golden retrievers are commonly considered to be chewers during their entire life. Because of this, instead of trying to stop golden retriever puppy chewing, it will certainly be best and easier to replace the target of your puppy chewing habits. There are a lot of toys and more tasty bones that your puppy will surely prefer. 

So, when you catch your puppy chewing your shoes, it would be a good opportunity to move your shoes to a toy. Remember to do it in front of your puppy while he’s chewing on your shoes or something he’s used to chewing on, so he’ll see this more plainly than in any other way and realize that the toy is for chewing and the shoes aren’t. 

It might take a couple of times like this to get your puppy used to the idea, but with each passing time, you’ll see it go longer and longer until the next time it comes, and finally, there won’t be any more times.


To help stop your dog from chewing stuff he’s not allowed to do, you should try to keep him from getting bored. Bored dogs chew to keep themselves involved and occupied. They enjoy watching TV or reading a newspaper. Golden retrievers are a fairly active breed, which can get bored very quickly if you don’t exercise properly every day, so it’s suggested to regularly exercise your dog and has stimulating toys to play with when you’re not home.

Crate Education

If your Golden Retriever gets into your things while you’re away from home, the crate will prepare them so that they don’t have such unrestricted access to the whole house. You can also restrict your access to a single room if you’re not at home.

Aversion Sprays

Aversion sprays are very effective, and it’s a safe way to keep your dog away from things that he or she isn’t supposed to chew. These sprays are added to the object itself, giving them a poor and bitter taste, a taste that most dogs can’t find because this will inspire your dog to stop chewing something you sprayed. This can be used along with the instruction to effectively deter your puppy from chewing stuff.

Out of Sight

The best thing you can do to prevent those things from being chewed is to position them where they can not be found. If you’re planning to add a dog to your home for the first time, walk (or crawl!) around and search for something that may seem to be a tempting tooth target.

If the object is small enough, move it to a different location. Examples include throwing pillows (which I dislike anyway), knick-knacks, and anything small and loose on a low shelf or table.

Garbage cans are also a fascinating source of chew toys for dogs. Keep small bins inside cabinets if possible, and use a lidded container if it has to be available.

Get used to putting things away when you’re done with them. Remote controls, mobile phones, and Nintendos do not complement the Golden jaws. Chew training is a vital part of your dog’s upbringing. Done right, she’s meant to take the lesson into her childhood and into adulthood. Teaching your dog what it can and can not chew will set the stage for fewer later life issues.

Supervise The Puppy

The classic destructive chewing scenario is coming home to find the scattered remnants of a couch cushion, or something like that, all over the place. You don’t see that ever happen, do you?

A watchful eye is going a long way to reducing chewing. As they say, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,’ and if you’re there to correct your puppies when they start chewing or discourage them from chewing, it might never be a problem.

Of course, nobody would reasonably expect a puppy to be tracked 24/7. If you have to leave a dog behind, confine it to a room where you can’t get into trouble, or hold it in a crate, if you’re a crate trainer. Leave a couple of toys that are okay to chew on to keep the puppy happy.

Chew The Right Thing

As described above, you can’t stop a puppy from chewing, so make sure it chews something that’s right. Have a variety of chew toys suited to your lab on hand. (If it’s too large, it can’t be chewed properly, and if it’s too little, it’s a choking hazard.)

Have a few things in your chewing arsenal designed to support dental and gum protection. It only makes sense to make the best of the actions where you can! Remember to choose golden retriever toys for chewing.

Choose toys that don’t look like things you don’t want to chew, such as shoes/slippers, human food, or stuffed animals (if you have kids with their own stuffies).

Distracting & Redirecting

When you catch your puppy eating something unwanted (and you will), you first want to get his attention and divert him from what he’s doing. Create a loud noise, then scold your Retriever. We use a combination of a stern voice and a pointing index finger around our house to express dissatisfaction.

Remove the object that is chewed from the immediate region, or drive the dog away if it is a larger or immovable object.

Of course, removing the object does not eliminate the need to chew, so the next step is to provide a suitable replacement for your chew toy collection. If your puppy takes the item and starts to chew on it, give sincere and genuine gratitude for being so sweet.

Repeating this method will show your puppy that it’s okay to chew, as long as the right things are gnawed.

Choosing Golden Retriever Toys For Chewing

golden retriever toys for chewing

Golden retrievers are some of the most playful, fun, and trustworthy canine companions around, but they may be very heavy chewers if they have one minor flaw.

As ‘retrieving’ dogs, they love to hold stuff in their mouths, and, when they’re in there, they might as well have a nice chew on it!

With so much playful energy, their vigorous chewing can often be harmful. There’s no rawhide or chew toy to hand. Your shoes, furniture, and curtains could turn out to be completely battered in a matter of hours.

That’s why investing in genuinely high quality. A sturdy chew toy would be one of the best choices you make as a golden retriever owner. Not only can it squeeze some destructive chewing, but it will also provide the mental and physical stimulation that your dog requires to invest their energy and have a nice time doing so.

There’s a massive amount of chew toys on the market, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by options. Here’s what you need to worry about golden retriever toys for chewing before you buy it.


As always, with dogs, protection is the most important law to be followed. There’s no point in making a fun and entertaining toy if they’re just going to smash it into bits. Choking hazards are a real danger of chew toys that are not long-lasting enough.

Whatever toy you pick, it’s very important to keep your dog under control while they’re enjoying it. Even if it is called ‘indestructible,’ there is always a risk that pieces might be broken and swallowed.

As well as potentially choking on them, broken toys can also cause a host of internal issues.

Stable Products

The best golden retriever toys for chewing are sturdy and durable, but there are a few other things you should be looking for when you make a decision.

If possible, always look for toys made from non-toxic materials. That way, if they chew and swallow any of them, the internal harm can be somewhat mitigated.

Also, look for toys that have a little bounce back in them and are not too hard: not only will their teeth thank you, but your dog will be more able to interact with the toy if they can really dig their teeth into it.

Do The Toys Last Forever?

Never trust the ‘indestructible’ label that some of these toys are branded as such. If you see bits sticking out of a toy or a noticeable decline in its size, it’s time to chuck it in a bin and get a new one.

For so many heavily advertised products these days, the only way to determine what’s only for your Golden Retriever is to see what works for others. Read feedback online, chat with other owners, and check out posts like this.

Be Prepared To Pay For Quality

Not all costly dog toys are high-quality, but most high-quality dog toys are more costly than the run-of-the-mill toys that you can pick up at your local store for $5.

It’s best to see a chew toy as an investment. Spending a little more money now to buy a reliable, safe, and fun toy is better in the long run than having to regularly replace inexpensive toys that can be ruined by your dog within hours.

Like any other product, the best materials will inevitably cost a little more. Some materials lend themselves to longevity – one of the most critical aspects of a high-quality chew toy for golden retrievers.

The Very Finest Fabrics For Chew Toys

Not all products have been made equal when it comes to chewing toys. Look for these if you want consistency with golden retriever toys for chewing.

  • Strong rubber

While there is no such thing as indestructible when it comes to chewing toys, hard rubber is about as close as you’re going to get.

Favorite brands like KONG and Goughnuts make some of the toughest and most durable toys on the planet and use special hard rubber formulations to achieve this.

Golden retrievers and other heavy-chewing big dogs are the best customers for hard rubber toys – resilient enough to handle a few rounds of strength chewing while providing enough excitement to keep them engaged.

Some of the best hard rubber chew toys will last years if you’re lucky!

  • Rope Toys

Many dogs love to play tug-of-war with the large balls of rope with are near seconds to hard rubber. Their sheer thickness offers enough of a tough surface for the retrievers to really get their teeth through and, if the strands start to fall off, they’re quickly moved into your dog’s digestive system (and even float their teeth for them!).

They’re easy to wash, too, and a great interactive opportunity for you and your dog.

Chew Toys To Avoid

There are some products with strong chewers that just do not cut the mustard.

If you’re looking for a sturdy and secure toy, avoid these:

  • Plush toys

Although plush toys are definitely getting tougher with multi-stitched seams and stronger threads, they still don’t match the jaws of a golden retriever who wants to get stuck in a good chewing session.

The pelvis can be easily torn apart and swallowed. Any stuffing and squeakers can also be swallowed – a definite choking hazard and something that may cause internal harm.

  • Vinyl and latex

Although vinyl and latex are sometimes marginally stronger than stuffed plush toys, they still do not cut it in the durability stakes.

Like chewing toys, a power chewer can easily chew them apart in a few hours, and the possibly included squeaker is likely to cause health issues once swallowed.

  • Plastic

Although plastic is often just about strong enough to withstand the jaws of a heavy chewer, it scratches quite easily and, if it splits, might see your dog swallowing sharp bits of plastic.

It also doesn’t allow the same ‘bounce-back’ that hard rubber does, making it much less enticing and fascinating than a toy.

The Best Golden Retriever Toys For Chewing

Our Top Pick
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Price
  • Effectiveness


KONG is one of our favorite dog toy brands, but if your Golden Retriever doesn’t like the original shape, the “bone” is a perfect substitute. This sturdy chewer is KONG’s severe rubber — their more rugged line than the original red toys — and features spots to treat.

On a more serious note, it’s a good idea to audit your dog’s toys from time to time. Throw out any broken toys that may cause injury, and wash away any that has become grubby.

Toys that live outside should be washed at least weekly with a mild antibacterial product to remove bacteria or worm eggs that may have been deposited with snails and slugs.

If you enter the game, your golden Retriever will be far more interested in his toy. Think about it; a ball gets a lot more fun if you throw it, and your dog gets to chase down the “prey” while it’s squealing away!

If you’re fortunate enough to be a Golden Retriever parent, you’ll know they’re a fun-loving band! In reality, Golden Retrievers are among the most playful and active breeds of dogs. Yet, they also have interests when it comes to how they spend their time playing. 

Each breed has its own unique characteristics that affect the toys they’re most entertaining with. Therefore, to ensure that your dog swipes right on the toys you purchase, it’s best to choose those that match the breed’s inherent qualities. Here are the best golden retriever toys for chewing!

Nylabone Dura Chew Power Chew Textured Bone

  • Low cost
  • Great for dogs who like to gnaw
  • Made in the USA
  • Can be too hard for some dogs

The Nylabone Dura Chew Power Chew Textured Bone is a low-cost chew toy manufactured in the USA and comes in a delicious chicken flavor that your Golden Retriever is sure to love.

This Nylabone is one of our favorite budgets chew toys. The cost is minimal, but these chew toys will give your Golden chewing hours of pleasure. These chewers are ideally suited to dogs who like to gnaw but are a bit less aggressive.

We like Nylabone not just for a low price, but because it’s made in the USA and has a delicious chicken taste that your Golden Retriever will love. This feature lets your dog associate a chewing toy, which can help keep it entertained longer.

Nylabones also have grooves and bumps built to assist with your dog’s dental hygiene. Many vets recommend these dental toys along with brushing your pupa’s teeth, so if safe gums or fresher breathing are a concern for your Golden, we recommend looking at this product.

Angelland Rope Toys

  • Variety of ways to play
  • Cotton and linen
  • Machine-washable
  • Might wear faster

Angelland Rope Toys is made of cotton and linen, which is machine-washable. It’s got knots for chewing and loops for the war pull.

If you’re Golden is more drawn to chewing fabric products, and you don’t click rubber toys or fake bones, here are some of our favorite rope toys. Some dogs just don’t like fuzzy rubber chewers. We love these rope toys for the pups since they’re made of natural cotton and washable linen.

This three-pack provides variety, too, to dogs who get bored with a single toy or shape. Tug-of-war loops make it fun to play with your Golden, and solid knots offer an ideal place for your dog to gnaw to alleviate anxiety.

These rope toys are a little more valuable than those on our list, but for three ropes in one pack that are robust and reliable, we think the cost is worth it for pups who love non-rubber chewers.

KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy

  • Very durable
  • Can be filled with treats
  • Will take time to get treats out
  • Might be flimsy for some dogs

The KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy is another great choice for the Kong brand. These toys have a place to use and are incredibly durable.

KONG is one of our favorite dog toy brands, but if your Golden Retriever doesn’t like the original shape, the “bone” is a perfect substitute. This sturdy chewer is KONG’s severe rubber — their more rugged line than the original red toys — and features spots to treat.

Every end of the bone has an opening where you can place nut butter or a crunchy treat inside to distract and occupy your dog. One significant advantage of getting two separate recovery places is that you can buy a little more time while you’re trying to distract your Golden. They have to struggle to get their snack out of one side, but they still have the other side to struggle on once they get their care.

We love this dog toy with a serious separation disorder that wants to come with you every time you step out the door. Stuff both sides with your favorite Golden cookie, and you’re going to buy yourself a moment to leave without your doggie trying to sneak outside with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the golden retriever toys for chewing.

May I send children’s toys to my Golden Retriever?

We do not recommend this, as children’s toys are not designed for chewing canine teeth, and your Golden will unintentionally chew harmful bits.

Will my dog’s toys be washed away?

Yes, in most situations. Rubber toys, such as KONG chewers, can be soaked and cleaned with soap dish and water. Rope toys may usually be thrown into the washing machine, but be sure to read the manufacturer’s directions first.

If my dog only chewed off a few bits of nylabone, is it still safe?

If your dog chewed past the normal bite marks and the bits were missing, take the toy away. Tiny shards of hard nylon could damage the digestive tract of your dog.

What dog toys are better suited for teeth cleaning?

Most toys are equipped with groove and massaging numbs with the aid of scraping plaque away from your canine teeth and gums. Rope toys are also one of our favorites for this reason, as the fibers will act in the same way as the bristles on your toothbrush if your dog chews them enough. You may rub a small amount of flavorful dog toothpaste on a rope toy to facilitate cleaner teeth chewing.

Golden retrievers are lively, smart dogs who love to play, particularly when you enter the game! When finding the right chew toys for golden retriever puppies or adults, remember to choose one that doesn’t crack or crack. Soft toys can be given to your golden Retriever, but watch them make sure they don’t tear the toy and eat the stuffing!

Final Words

When golden retriever puppies are teething, toys are necessary to fulfill their natural urge to chew. Choose one of the perfect chew toys for golden retriever puppies. They’re not going to be too rough, as this may be too difficult for sensitive gums.

Durable chew toys, whether they’re rubber, nylon, or cotton cords, seem to fit well with Golden Retrievers because these faithful dogs love to chew and hold favorite toys when they get excited. Look for products made for larger dogs, particularly extreme chewers, with non-toxic ingredients. Your Golden One is going to love them!