Dog Dishes That Slow Down Eating

If your canine baby ingests food at a fast rate, a slow feeder is helpful. Dog dishes that slow down eating are amazingly effective for all dogs and not just those that eat fast. Similar to humans, chewing food slowly boosts and improves digestion which will minimize bloat, gas, and reduces regurgitation. It also prevents choking and promotes overall gut help. Furthermore, using a slow feeder bowl will stimulate your dog mentally. Mental stimulation is vital but is often neglected. Getting a slow feeder bowl can add something fun to the routine of your dog’s life, making them healthy and well-balanced.

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Dog dishes that slow down eating–dangers of eating too fast

Dog Dishes That Slow Down Eating

Puppies that come from large litters learn early on in life that they can only get a huge piece of the cake if they scarf it before their brothers do. This survival strategy is something they carry over to adulthood, even after they have been separated from the litter. Eating fast becomes a lifelong habit.

In multi-dog households, this is especially a problem. Although it may not look it, eating fast is dangerous for your dog.

One reason why eating fast is dangerous for dogs is that the dog might swallow air while eating. Gas problems will develop after eating, and it can also increase their chances of regurgitation, vomiting, and stomach trouble.

In larger breeds with deep chests, eating too fast and ingesting air with the food is highly dangerous because it can cause and develop a disease known as gastric torsion commonly known as bloat.

Bloat happens when your dog’s abdomen gets filled with the air and causes the stomach to churn. Because of this, it cuts off circulation to critical organs. Without prompt treatment, bloat can be a fatal condition.


One other reason that eating too fast can be harmful to your dog is that it can increase the possibility of choking. When your dog eats at a fast rate, they will likely chew their food less. The possibility that food will be stuck in their throat increases. Stuck food might block their airway. 

Eating fast has also been connected with canine weight gain. When your dog eats rapidly, they finished their meal before the brain ever gets the signal that the stomach is already full. Because of this, they will overeat. Your dog is also vulnerable to an increased risk of indigestion and abdominal pain that might interrupt their activity, preventing them from burning off the calories.

Tips to Slow Down Your Dog’s Eating– dog dishes that slow down eating

Dog Dishes That Slow Down Eating

If you want to slow down your dog’s eating, it is crucial to buy top reviewed dog dishes that slow down eating. You might also benefit from simple tips and tricks that you can apply to slow down your dog. 

One trick you can do is to feed your dog using a puzzle feeder toy. These toys release food a few pieces at a time, so it will slow down your dog further than a slow feed bowl would. These treat-dispensing toys also give your dog mental exercise to keep their brain sharp and also saves them from boredom.

Another strategy you can apply to slow down your dog’s eating is to use mealtimes as a training session. This is particularly a good method for puppies. During the training session, just give pieces of kibble as rewards instead of treats.

Aside from making your dog eat slowly, this strategy also stops your dog from chowing down additional calories from treats. This is critical because weight gain is extremely dangerous for canines, and even a few additional pounds can cause heart diseases.

You might also just feed your dog their meal using your hand without having a training routine.

Although your dog may have a lot of fun chowing down their meal in big bites, it might not be healthy for them in the end. Eating too fast promotes digestive issues and may increase the risk of choking. You don’t want these things to happen to your dog.

If your dog tends to eat too fast, it may be time to think about investing in a dog dish that slow down eating. You might purchase one or make one yourself. 

How Does dog dishes that slow down eating work?

Dog Dishes That Slow Down Eating

Dog dishes that slow down eating will have separations and obstructions around the food. Because of this mini obstacle course, your dog’s eating action is slow down. By presenting challenges during chow time, your dog will become less likely to develop bloats, and their digestion will improve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Wet Food in A dog dishes that slow down eating?

Dog dishes that slow down eating are mainly for dry food. In the case of wet food, simpler slow feeders outperformed models with complicated mazes. Bowls, made of stainless steel and ceramic that have a hump in the middle were the easiest to fill with either wet or raw food while still giving the dog a challenge to slow down and stop them from eating too fast.

Are Stainless Steel dog dishes that slow down eating Safe for Dogs?

If safety is a priority pet food bowls created from stainless steel are the best option. Stainless steel bowls are indestructible, highly durable, as well as dishwasher safe and effortless to clean. Other options will include glass, ceramic and stoneware. Similar to stainless steel, these materials are sturdy, nonporous, and easy to maintain.

Which dog dishes that slow down eating is Best For My Dog?

What you need in a dog dishes that slow down eating is somehing effective, non-toxic and tough. The following are some of the features you should look for in dog dishes that slow down eating.

Puzzle Style and Difficulty

You might be asking which dog dishes that slow down eating puzzle shape is best. Based on our personal experience, puzzle shapes that push the food at the bowl’s center might be the best. As the food is pushed towards the center, the level of difficulty increases. That being said, the puzzle of most dog dishes that slow down eating are comparable to each other. They will come in different shapes and complexities, which will present dogs with challenges. If your dog obtains food at one particular puzzle shape, you might want to switch it for a different puzzle. Doing this will give your dog a new challenge.

When you place food into these dog dishes that slow down eating make sure it is in the bowl’s outer rim


One of the considerations for finding the best dog dishes that slow down eating is the size. Many products will work well for dogs of most breeds such as larger ones like German shepherds to smaller medium-size one such as bagels or pug. If you have an extremely large or small dog or a short-snouted dog, you can still find dog dishes that slow down eating if you scour the market. 

Slow feeders can also be used for water. If your dog’s scarfs down water at a fast rate, you might consider placing it in a slow feeder as well. You just have to make sure you do not fill it beyond the inner puzzle.


You will find that many dog dishes that slow down eating are made of plastic. Plastic is moldable, and we believe that this is the best material for dog dishes that slow down eating. Plastic material has great features such as durability, affordability, and variety. It comes in almost all known shapes and sizes and patterns. Majority of the dog dishes that slow down eating recommended by experts have non-toxic or BPA free materials. This feature keeps every dog safe. If you prefer dog dishes that slow down eating made from other material you will find that there are options on the market, but they might come at a higher price point.

Top three dog dishes that slow down eating



Product Name: Outward Hound Fun Feeders

Product Description: Outward Hound dog dishes that slow down eating is a popular brand in the pet industry. They create beautiful high-quality products of which dog dishes that slow down eating is the most well-known. Their feeders come with a durable base and tough rubber feet. It stands on the floor and doesn’t slip easily. This dog dishes that slow down eating has deep grooves and high borders. Based on our tests, this dog dishes that slow down eating are excellent at reducing the speed your dog chows down food compared to other brands. It also comes in various shapes and colors. You might consider getting more than one piece to give your dog different challenges. This dog dishes that slow down eating can accommodate up to 2 cups of food while the larger size will hold up to four cups. Although all their styles are effective, you might want to go for the orange spiral-shaped feeder, since it is the best. It really pushes the food down at the center of the bowl and encourages your dog to think of strategies and ways to get to the food.

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  • Materials
  • Durability
  • Puzzle


This dog dishes that slow down eating has deep channels and complex patterns; these feeders are one of the most challenging and most suitable for fast eaters. It will really slow down your dog significantly.


  • help dogs eat slower
  • naturally improve digestion 
  • Vet recommended


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Happy Hunting Bowl

Dog Dishes That Slow Down Eating

We especially like the patterns this dog dish uses. It is said that this model is specifically designed to imitate the hunting course in nature. Although we really cannot prove this, we do find that the inconsistent inner ridges can be a real challenge for dogs. However, it is not so complicated that the dog will just give up.

This dog dish has a base which is much wider than the bowl’s top, making it unlikely to topple over. Although it is also equipped with rubber feet which can also provide stability, they are tiny and bigger feet would have been perfect. Overall, this is still an amazing dog dish that comes at an affordable price point. 

This dog dish encourages healthy eating and can be adjusted according to your pet’s weight which will prolong the mealtime and minimize indigestion. With this dog dish pets will chow down their food in a healthier manner. 

The reasonable distance between the ridge and the deeper parts of the bowl can effectively interrupt a dog that is chowing down food too fast. The mouth’s smooth design keeps your dog from being scratched.

  • promotes healthy eating
  • delay the pet eating speed
  • anti-skid pads
  • No negative reviews so far

Amazon Basics Dog Pet Slow Feeder Bowl


This dog dish from Amazon is a great product. Amazon has come up with a well-built and high-quality dog dishes that slow down eating for the money. This dog dish comes with a tic-tac-toe pattern uses a simple layout making it effortless to clean, easy to fill, and yet still gives your dog a challenge. However, it is a slightly less challenge compared to deeper and more complicated patterns of other brands. Still, you might consider this dog dish for dogs with short snouts like French Bulldogs.

A lot of dogs simply eat way too fast, which causes indigestion. This dog dishes that slow down eating gives a fun and easy way for your canine to slow it down during chow time.

The exceptional tic-tac-toe design has nine tiny compartments that your dog will need to figure out to get to their food. This challenge helps promote a more slowed down pace. This bowl encourages the dog to use their natural hunting instincts which can make chow time more fun and stimulating.

This dog dishes that slow down eating is made from food-safe plastic and is dishwasher safe. It comes as no surprise why it is on top of the Amazon bestseller list. 

  • unique tic-tac-toe design
  • Helps prevent bloating
  • can be used with wet food
  • No negative reviews so far

Final Thoughts

Your dog tends to get crazy during chow time. They want to get to their food and scarf it down their bellies fast. It may be amusing to watch, but fast-eating dogs will develop health issues. When you present their food using dog dishes that slow down eating your dog might get perplexed at first, but they will eventually get the hang of it. Your dog will look forward to mealtimes as a chance where they can literally play with their food.