Extra-Large Dog Water Fountain – 5 Best Options for the Money (2022)

We all know that pets sometimes are not the easiest to hydrate. They need a bit of enticing to get them into drinking their water. That is how you are likely to end up with the extra-large dog water fountain to keep your dog entertained and hydrated.

Once you have set up the water fountain, it would be easy to notice some differences in how the dog responds to drinking water. With more encouragement to hydrating, you end up with a healthier dog.

Below, we look at the top options for dog water fountains in summary before we can look at them in detail later in the guide.

FountainBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
PetSafe Drinkwell Big Dog Pet Fountain Check Price
OWNPETS Pet Drinking Fountain for Dogs Check Price
PETKIT INSTACHEW Smart Water Fountain 3.0 for Dogs Check Price
Wonder Creature Pet Water Fountain - Porcelain Check Price
HoneyGuardian Pet Fountain for Dogs and Cats Check Price

How to Choose the Best Extra-Large Dog Water Fountain

The Materials

Here we are talking about the materials used in the construction of the extra-large dog water fountain. You need to pick a durable and safe model. This means that the material should be able to withstand constant use and abuse from the dog. Also, the material needs to be safe. Let us say you opt for a plastic model, then it should be BPA free.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Depending on the type of dog water fountain, it can be easy or hard to clean and maintain. You always have to consider the cleaning and maintenance of the extra-large dog water fountain before buying.

Luckily, there are those that can disassemble for cleaning. This allows you to get deep into cleaning the water fountain even better. Also, some come with cleaning brushes. This means you do not have to worry about getting the brushes separately.

The Filter Type

The filter type is also important to consider because it affects the overall water quality of your pet’s drinking water. On overall, you would want something that keeps the pet safe while at the same time improves its overall water quality.

Different models would come with different filter types. If the filter is good, then look at what the manufacturer claims it can do. You need a filter that can remove odor, contaminants, and much more. The idea is to give you the best performing filter type for your dog to enjoy.

Working Modes

Depending on the unit, some can have different types of working modes to check out. It is always good that you end up with a model with multiple modes for an extra-large dog water fountain. The aim is to help your dog enjoy the different modes depending on what it likes even more. Once you find out what the dog likes, then you can set it up as the default operating mode.

The Water Pump

We cannot forget about the water pump. This is necessary for the fountain to work great. Without the water pump, you cannot have the multiple water streams coming out of the fountain.

Under water pump, you need to look at its operating noise level. The aim is to end up with an extra large dog water fountain that still has a quiet operation. With a quiet operation, the dog will not be disturbed each time it drinks water. Also, anyone sitting in the room will not find it irritating having the water fountain running all the time.

The Reviews

The reviews are important to help you learn more about the fountain. The idea is to end up with a high quality and performance water fountain. You do not have to get the water fountain if other people claim that it is not the best. It can be easier to learn from the experiences of other people.

Ease of Operation

Depending on the model, you might find some that are easy to operate while others are hard. The aim is to get a model that makes it easy to operate. The good news is that most of them would have simple controls to use. Even if you are new to using them, you will always find it easy to operate the water fountains.

Top 5 Best Extra Large Dog Water Fountain

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: PetSafe Drinkwell Big Dog Pet Fountain

Product Name: PetSafe Drinkwell Big Dog Pet Fountain

Product Description: This is a great choice for anyone who needs a large capacity dog water fountain. We find it being designed to deliver on the best size so that you do not keep on refilling it with water all the time. Because of its design, we find it being great for different sizes of dogs, cats, and other household pets. As such, it is a highly versatile water fountain to own right now. The free-falling stream of water will encourage hydration by enticing the pets to drink the water. As a result, your pet should not have to deal with urinary and kidney diseases as there is better hydration. Another benefit of this water fountain is that you end up with filtered water. This means that the water will taste better and remain fresh for long. The carbon filter will get all this done so that your pet enjoys drinking the water more often.

Offer price: 23

Currency: usd

Availability: InStock

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Easy to Clean
  • Noise Level
  • Durability
  • Easy to Install


This is a top consideration for anyone who needs the best dog water fountain. For its capacity, the dog should have enough water to last it for several days. Still, you will find it being easy to clean. This is because the manufacturer claims it is dishwasher safe.

Even if it is made of plastic, it is still BPA free. This should give you a peace of mind that the water fountain is a safe product for your dog.


✔️The water stream encourages hydration

✔️It is easy to clean

✔️It offers customizable water flow


❌It could use more filtration stages

Runner’s Up

OWNPETS Pet Drinking Fountain for Dogs

This is a good choice as an extra-large dog water fountain to buy for your pet right now. One thing that you will like should be that it is good for your dog’s health. This is because its free-falling water streams will entice the pet to drink the water. The result is that they end up with better hydration.

The super quiet motor of the fountain will make it possible to operate the water streams without necessarily being an issue of noise in the room. Pets also do not like when the water pump is too loud.

The dog water fountain comes with a double layer filter. There is the pre-filter sponge that will catch all the hair and other large particles. This will prolong the life of the water pump. The carbon filter will remove the bad taste and odor from the water for a better tasting experience.

The water fountain is easy to clean and maintain on overall. This is because all the parts will be easy to assemble and start using. They can easily disassemble when it is time to clean them.

  • Encourages hydration in pets
  • It comes with a double layer filter
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • The top part could be sturdier

PETKIT INSTACHEW Smart Water Fountain 3.0 for Dogs

For someone who is in the market for an extra-large dog water fountain, then this is another top choice for you. From its design and construction, we find it being durable and secure for the dog to enjoy using it even more often. This makes it perfect for years of use without necessarily having to change the water fountain.

It comes with an inbuilt battery so that you can end up with independent power supply even if there is power outage for seven days.

Looking at its design, you will like how ergonomic it looks. We find it being better than the previous generation. The aim was to make it easier for your pets to use it. Also, the design is all about enticing the pet to hydrate even more.

The water will also have to go through different filtration stages. The aim is to ensure that the water is safe and tastes good for your pet to enjoy even more.

  • It is durable and secure for the pets to enjoy
  • It comes with an ergonomic design
  • The model has the best water filtration system
  • It is pricey

Wonder Creature Pet Water Fountain - Porcelain

If you still want variety in terms of the extra-large dog water fountain, then this is a nice consideration too. Its classic design makes it stand out from the other generic designs that you get with dog water fountains. It is always nice to has something different.

You will also like it for being hygienic. Being made of porcelain means that you get to enjoy something durable, scratch resistant, and most importantly safe. You cannot expect the safety to be lower than those models made of plastic.

The sound of the water fountain is low that sometimes you are not even sure it is working. The aim is to keep the operation smooth and comfortable for your pet. The noise of the water pump remains below 40 decibels. Unless you are trying to hear it run, that is when you can know it is working.

The model also comes with a hassle-free maintenance. This is because it comes with the cleaning brushes for ease of cleaning the various parts of the water fountain.

The dual filtration system is another reason to get the water fountain. This is because it has the charcoal filter important to filter and purify the water that your pet needs.

  • It is extremely quiet
  • Its maintenance is hassle free
  • The dual filtration system improves the water taste
  • Not many would like the cupcake design

HoneyGuardian Pet Fountain for Dogs and Cats

The overall clear design gives it a clean look. Anyone would want their dog to have the best looking water fountain. Being an extra-large dog water fountain, people will love it for its size. No need to keep refilling it with water all the time.

The model has several modes to choose from. You simply have to press the power button and then change the working mode. Some of the modes include induction mode, continuous mode, and run smart mode.

The integrated water pump is ideal for those who want to have a great time watching the water streams. Just as you might like the water streams, the same happens to your dog. The result is that your dog would be enticed to hydrate more often at the water fountain.

There is also the circulating filtration system. The aim is to make the water taste good and smell nice so that the pet can enjoy it. The filter also removes hair, dirt, and food particles so that they do not affect the water pump.

  • It comes with several working modes
  • It has an integrated silent water pump
  • The filtration system removes bad tastes and odors
  • It is prone to scratches


Is it easy to clean an extra-large dog water fountain?

Yes. Depending on the unit, you can always find it easy to clean with soapy water and a few cleaning brushes. Some manufacturers would even send you the cleaning brushes with the unit to make it easier for you.

Are dog water fountain water pumps loud?

It depends on the model. You are likely to find that most of them would be whisper quiet. The idea is to keep the water fountain running efficiently without necessarily disturbing the peace.

How good is the filtration system of the dog water fountains?

This is something else that depends on the model. There are some that come with high quality filtration systems which ensure that the water can be cleaned better before the dog drinks it. The water filtration process is also important for removing the bad taste and odor from the water.


The extra-large dog water fountain will make it easier for you to hydrate the pet. It provides all the enticing that the dog needs to get close to the water fountain. Since most models would have a whisper quiet water pump, then they will not startle the dog. As such, the dog can drink all the water it wants and avoid having some urinary tract diseases.